Which Babolat Tennis Racket by anamaulida


									Babolat Tennis Rackets are renowned for quality, balance and the ability
to transfer power with accuracy. With over 130 years experience Babolat
Tennis is certainly steeped in history. Many of the great players in
history celebrated success with Babolat in hand. Of the current players
Rafa Nadal and Andy Roddick both use different Babolat rackets. Both of
these players have celebrated great success recently.For advise on which
Babolat racket is correct for you, please read on......Rafa Nadal won his
first ATP tour event in 2004 aged just 17 years. He has been using
Babolat Rackets since he was 8 years old. He sees this as a very long and
trusting partnership. In recent years he has switched from the Pure Drive
to the Aeropro Drive. With Babolat as his weapon of choice he has
dominated the French Open and won an epic 5 set thriller at Wimbledon
against his main rival - Roger Federer.Andy Roddick, or A-Rod as he is
known on tour has been using Babolat since 1999. He has always used the
Pure Drive. He started winning tournaments in 2000 and his first ATP win
came in 2001. He has won numerous tournaments over the decade and is
widely regarded as one of the most liked players on tour.Caroline
Wozniacki has been using the Babolat Aeropro Drive for the past 5 years.
She is destined to win numerous slams and have a tremendous career. The
Danish beauty is destined to lead Babolat's charge towards the future.

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