; WiFi Technology on the Road, Bane or Boon for Commuters
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WiFi Technology on the Road, Bane or Boon for Commuters


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									For many commuters taking public transport, getting from the house to the
office can take anywhere from 45 minutes to more than an hour. These
days when fueling a car and maintaining one can be a burden to the
household finances, it can be a great relief to just go into public mass
transport on your daily commute to the office.    For some, taking the
office laptop with you can be a great help. You can spend your commute
time checking emails or accessing office systems you need to get your job
done. A bus or train coach equipped for Wi-Fi access for free can be a
great service from mass transport companies. Wi-Fi is Key There are
already bus and train companies that offer Wi-Fi access for their
commuting customers. It's a modern day amenity that take advantage of
public wireless technologies to further foster mobile computing among
their "ridership" who often bring their laptops with them. To those with
mobile phones equipped with Wi-Fi access features, the service can be
most welcome. Consumer Welcome No doubt, any form of free access to Wi-
Fi is welcome to consumers and commuters alike. Wasting 45 minutes on
the road to or from work is now a thing of the past. Employers welcome
this development to shave off the working hours or to allow workers to
come in late, provided that work has been initiated while on the road.
That's one of the key benefits of getting work done on a buss or train.
Safety and Security WiFi access is not just confined to commuters. It
can also provide security for commuters and transport operators as well.
Wireless closed-circuit video surveillance cameras can now be installed
in all modes of public transport and through WiFi, can be accessed from a
central transport office to see how things are inside the buss or train
coach at any time.   Real Time Vehicle Performance Monitoring On top of
surveillance cameras, transport systems can be equipped with wireless
sensors that can check engine performance so that remote offices can
perform remote monitoring and diagnostics tests on a regular basis or
when needed. Busses and trains far from the maintenance depot can report
back any problem and terminals can immediately prepare the required spare
parts and have the maintenance crew readied for immediate repairs without
losing precious time for operators to maximize vehicle utilization.
Technical Problems There are associated bandwidth problems. Wi-Fi can
only accommodate only so much traffic even on 3G backhaul data
connectivity to the internet. When you have a bus full of passengers
getting online, you have speed problems that can make this convenience
feature on mass transport systems a cause for passenger complaints.     At
this time, most bus operators thinks that this is not yet a problem as
few people take advantage of WiFi internet access features on their
busses or train coaches. Many are actually afraid to bring their laptops
out into the open when commuting for fear they won't reach their
destinations with them.   But a few do enjoy the immense bandwidth that
Wi-Fi offers at the moment. Anytime this usage increase, many are
hopeful that the bandwidth technologies will already have keep up with
the advances made in 4G technology. GP      ITC Sales is a leading
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