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					The Oscars are coming and the press junkets are out in full force. With
its nomination for Best Film, Inception is back on the mind and
Christopher Nolan is doing the press rounds to drum up support for his
film. The buzz is also drawing attention to his next project, the final
instalment in his interpretation of the Batman story, The Dark Knight
Rises.   With a tentative July 2012 release date, the film is already
hotly anticipated. It's also been subject to false reports. Fake press
releases have been creating waves of spurious reports on celebrity gossip
sites and rumours are flying hard and fast. So what is and isn't true?
Read on for what has been confirmed and what so far is only tabloid
speculation.       The Dark Knight Rises - but only once With the first
two films an unqualified success both with the critics & at the box
office there have been suggestions that Christopher Nolan will direct
another Batman film outside of the original trilogy he signed on for.
However, Nolan has been adamant that this is not the case. Talking to
Entertainment Weekly about the wild success of Inception, Nolan made it
clear that The Dark Knight Rises will be -œthe last chapter of our Batman
saga-•.   He also commented that the [success] of Inception will let him
film the final instalment -œwithout any sense of obligation or duty to
the studio-¦I'm able to go into finishing our story in a very
enthusiastic way-•.   No doubt Nolan and his production team will go out
with a bang.

  Who Has Been Cast - The Truth   First for the truth. Christian Bale
will be reprising his role as the man in black. We'll also see the return
of favourite cast members Gary Oldman, Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman as
Commissioner James Gordon, Alfred and Lucius Fox.    It's also been
confirmed that actor Tom Hardy, last seen muscling around Inception, will
be playing the film's primary supervillain, Bane. In the DC universe,
Bane is physically powerful, a hulking juggernaut who comes to rule
Gotham's criminal underworld.   Anne Hathaway has also been cast as
Selina Kyle. Fans have taken note that unlike Tom Hardy, her character is
pointedly referred to by her civilian name and not her better known
title, Cat Woman. We can only speculate.   Who Has Been Cast - The Lies
There's been a lot of buzz that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard
will be joining the cast. But this might just be celebrity news-mongering
as it was quickly revealed that the news had come from a bogus press
release stating Cotillard had signed up as Batman love interest Talia al
Ghul and Gordon-Levitt would be set to play Black Mask. The latest
official word is that both actors are in talks.   That's the latest then
on The Dark Knight Rises. Be sure to keep an eye out on celebrity news
though. With Michael Caine stating that the script will be done in two
weeks, there will no doubt be more rumours confirmed or denied as the
project moves into production.

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