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Piracy – The Bane Of The Digital Age


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         <p>Copyright infringement is a very serious issue that is
plaguing the modern world. Many individuals engage in piracy unknowingly
because they have got used to downloading things for free on the
internet. However, there is no difference between this form of piracy and
any instance of petty theft. Piracy is a serious issue and it has serious
consequences. There is an entire industry of individuals who are affected
by piracy; the men and women who have worked hard to create the materials
that are being pirated are the ones that suffer as their income stream is
severely jeopardised by this phenomenon. Piracy in all of its
manifestations is something that needs to be completely eradicated from
the world we live in.<br>
The New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft, or NZFACT, is an
organisation that is committed to ensuring and protecting the rights of
the New Zealand film and television industry, retailers, and movie fans.
Copyright infringement has a wide number of manifestations and is
something that applies to a vast number of scenarios. NZFACT has several
members which include, but are not limited to: <br>
Village Roadshow Limited<br>
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, New Zealand<br>
Paramount Pictures Corporation<br>
Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation<br>
Twentieth Century Fox International Corporation<br>
Universal International Films, Inc<br>
Warner Bros. Pictures International, a division of Warner Bros.Pictures
NZFACT works with enforcement agencies and government officials to ensure
the copyright infringement and piracy of any kind do not take place in
New Zealand. Tony Eaton, a former police prosecutor in the New Zealand
Courts, is the Executive Director of NZFACT. For more information about
issues such as copyright infringement laws and regulations, legal
penalties for copyright infringement and piracy, how to contribute
towards the upkeep of <a rel="nofollow"
href="">copyright laws</a> and regulations, how to
ensure that you protect yourself and/or your corporation from potential
litigation, please visit <a rel="nofollow"
href=""></a></p>         <!--

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