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					Regression India
                                   Although there are may therapists that you can search and find on the
                                   internet or through your friends and family, one most important factor
                                   that we have realized is beyond just the study of Regression and Past
                                   Life Regression. While it is a science and has all scientific tools to work
                                   on the subject and the client, from our experience we have noticed that
                                   the healing multiplies multi fold if you are in the right hands. So, what
                                   is that element that changes everything? What is that one thing that
                                   multiplies healing in a big way, well it is actually "Compassion &

It has been noticed from our past experience of referring many clients to multiple therapists in the
country, that the clients who were referred to therapists who had the sixth sense and were much more
higher on the spiritual elevation and were more compassion driven, while the other skills being same,
have had the best healing so far.

It is extremely important to choose the right therapist, when it comes to getting healed. There are two
choices, one is to do the search and research and maybe spend some time, effort and resources on trying
to find out which therapist is good and which one will help you get healed, the other alternative is to take
our advice and reach the best in the field through our research and experience.

One such therapist is Deepa Arora, based out of Delhi (NCR), Deepa Arora is someone who exudes
compassion in her whole being, she is a spiritually elevated person, who understands life way beyond the
                                                                                    commercially driven, but
common man's understanding. It is very difficult to find therapists who are not commerci
are doing this truly to heal people who come in contact. Some of the other benefits of visiting Deepa Arora
is that she is also an expert on the following, which are very interrelated therapies apart from Regression
Therapy & Past Life Regression Therapy, that help in complete holistic healing:

Aura Cleansing

Chakra Balancing

Crystal Healing

Spiritual Hypnosis

                 Deepa Arora can be reached on +91 9910092128, in case the phone goes
unanswered, then the therapist is in a session, in case the phone is switched off, the
therapist is travelling abroad for a session, in such case, please leave a text message and
wait for response….Happy Healing !!

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