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									The Prime Niche Guide

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The Prime Niche Guide

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The Prime Niche Guide

                             About the Author

Hello. I'm Nicholas Kemp.

I have been an Internet Marketer and               Spending time with the most amazing
business coach for 5 years. I first started                   person I know.
building commercial websites in 2002.

From 2002 up until 2008 I lived in
Japan running several businesses –
an English school and a large number
of Internet businesses. Living in Japan
was an amazing experience. It is where I
discovered my entrepreneurial drive.

Now, I currently coach privately teaching
people how to succeed online with niche

Prime Niche Marketing

Having an Internet business gives me an
incredible amount of time and freedom.
This allows me to spend time with the
people I love and care about – my family
and friends.

You can do the same.

     “I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices, and we have to
     accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout
     our lifetime.”

                                                                      Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

This is certainly true of niche marketing. Choose a lucrative niche with interested
leads willing to pay money for what you intend to sell and you will soon be
financially free. Fail to do sufficient market research and testing and the niche you
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The Prime Niche Guide
choose will bring you a lot of frustration and have you waste hours of your precious
time and a whole lot of money.

Most people get it wrong and fail.

Imagine you decide to create a product “you know people will want
and go crazy for”.

You spend hours and hours writing or creating your own product,
getting product images made, starting a blog, creating a long sales
page, purchasing an auto-responder service and crafting a series
of emails, sending traffic to your sales page with Google Adwords,
writing articles and so on.

It takes you months to do all this. You tell friends and workmates
of your little internet business that is going to make you hundreds
of dollars in passive income. You launch your product. A few days
go by and no sales. So you tweak your sales page and start paying
Google more to get more clicks. Weeks go by and no sale. You start
having doubts.

A month goes by and still no sale. You are terribly disappointed. You
feel cheated and start believing that making money on the Internet
doesn't happen.

You finally start doing some keyword research and find out your
niche is a dud. All this work and disappointment could have been
avoided with a few minutes of market research on Day 1.

                   Don't Let This Happen To You

                  You Can Make Money Online
Making money on the internet is the most awesome way to make a living. There is
nothing quite like waking up and checking your email or Clickbank account to find
out that you have made a few hundred dollars in sales overnight.

You definitely can make money while you sleep. won't happen over night
with just any online business ideas. There is a lot of work involved and it does take

Making money on the internet begins with this important question; What are
people willing to pay for? If you can answer that consistently then you will make
a lot of money.

                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide

Your online success depends on and begins with finding a profitable niche. This
first step to finding a lucrative niche is extremely important. Every other aspect of
the business follows this. No amount of marketing will do your niche any good if
there are no interested leads who are willing to pay money for what it is you intend
to sell.

                      You want to get it right first time

In this book you will learn how to get Google to give you highly profitable
niches on a silver platter.....well almost. It is easy, fast and exciting

You don't need to know any “insider secrets”. Also, it won't take weeks to find
a profitable niche. In fact, it won't even take days. It can take less than an hour.
Also you don't need any special software or expensive subscriptions to a keyword
generation service
                       What is a Prime Niche?

Before we get started I would like to introduce you to our concept of a Prime Niche.

I want you to imagine a vending machine on one of the many virtual highways of
the world wide web. This virtual vending machine gets plenty of traffic, attracts a
lot of interest and has many customers queuing up to make a purchase. Just this
one vending machine makes you enough profit so that you can live comfortably and
work from home or wherever you please.

A prime niche;

●     has hungry and passionate buyers
●     is pain or pleasure driven
●     is time pressured – people want the information fast
●     and for many is the only option in your target market

Unlike a micro niche, a prime niche will generate enough profit for you to work for
the most important person on the planet - yourself. Actually, a Prime Niche will
generate plenty of profit so that you can work when and where you want. A prime
niche is not overly crowded or competitive, but has the right mix of search volume,
buyer interest and competition.

             The 4 Truths Of Niche Marketing

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The Prime Niche Guide

    1.   There must be enough people actively searching for what
         you intend to sell.
    2.   These people must be happy and willing to spend money
         for what THEY are interested in.
    3.   There must be some competitors selling information
    4.   You must find social proof to validate your niche

                                 Finding A Niche

Finding a niche is one of the most talked about subjects in Internet Marketing, yet it
is often the most misunderstood and most people get it wrong.

There are a few questions you need keep in mind and eventually answer when
starting a online niche business;
●        What is it that you want to achieve?
●        Are you thinking long term?
●        What is an Internet Marketer?

What is it that you are trying to achieve?

My guess is you want financial freedom. You want to have a passive income
stream produced from an online business that is largely automated. Yes, you want
help people and make a difference, but your goal is to profit from the time, money
and work you invest into your online business.

Are you thinking long term?

Most people are very short termed focused when getting into IM. They imagine
they will find a niche, make a product and then sell it thinking they'll make plenty of
money to be free to do what they want. You need to think beyond your first product

Here are some questions you should consider?

Do you want make a brand?
Will you want to grow your business?
Are you willing to trust total strangers, such as ghost writers and virtual assists with
important aspects of your business?
Will you eventually want to sell your business?

What is an Internet Marketer?.

Many newbies misunderstand what Internet Marketing is. They focus on product

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The Prime Niche Guide
creation, content writing, graphic design and whatnot thinking they are Internet

You want to focus on the marketing of your website, product or brand as quickly as
you can.

There are two ways most people go about finding a niche.

●     They pick a hobby, interest or passion that interests them, hopefully do some
market research, make a product and then try to sell it.
●     They brainstorm lots of ideas and then do market and keyword research. If
they are lucky they will find a niche, make a product and try to sell it.

These methods can work well. Many people make a lot of many selling information
products based on their hobbies and passions. Also, you can find some profitable
niches with lots of brainstorming and researching.

However, there are drawbacks with these two methods


There are some advantages to knowing your niche, but your goal is to become an
successful Internet marketer. This means you want to focus on the marketing and
making a lot of money by giving people what they want.

●      Your interests or hobbies won't always be profitable niches
●      Your hobby may be very popular, but too competitive
●      You are unlikely to do sufficient market and keyword research
●      Your ego can get involved leading to bad decisions
●      You may be more inclined to focus on the hobby rather than making money
●      You may get too emotionally attached to the project leading to procrastination
and perfectionism.
●      Less unlikely to admit defeat and move on if the niche proves to be not


Brainstorming and then researching a market idea is very time consuming. It is
quite common to spend hours and hours or even days exploring niche idea after
niche idea and finding nothing that will make you money. I often did this myself
going to book stores or magazine shops to get ideas.

The whole process can be very time consuming and you can lose focus with having
too many niche ideas to research and test.

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The Prime Niche Guide

                              How do we do it?

The way we find niches is a little different. It is very different actually. It doesn't start
with ideas that we think will sell.

Finding a lucrative niche is easy if you can get this into your head:

                   Google Knows Best

To make money online you have got to give people what they want. Not what you
think they want. I hope I don't sound too harsh, but you must understand this.

What you really need to do is...... get Google to tell you what people want and
what they are willing to pay for.

So.....How Can This Be Done?

                     Start With Words Not Ideas

Rather than start of with ideas you would think be profitable, start off with
single words or short two to three word phrases. I call it the “Relevant Word
Association” method. You provide the word and then leave the rest to
with Google's Keyword Tool.

Google's keyword tool will find descriptive words or phrases relevant to the word
or phrase you want to do a search on. This is an amazing tool as it will tell you
monthly search results of any word on the Google search engine.

Do you understand how powerful is this?! Google will telling you the most relevant
words and phrases for the word or term you search for . And,........wait for......they
are doing this for free! Got to love 'em for that.
                            Sorted by relevance
                              What Words?
If you are a big fan of Anthony Robbins like I am then you should know that people
are driven to take action because or either pain or pleasure.

                    Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide

This is certainly true of people who buy things online. People buy ebooks to get
specific answers on how to do things or to solve problems. People are willing to
spend quite a lot of money for information.

Let's take a look at pleasure first

Case Study 1

Let's have a think about what most people do when they have an idea about
something they are passionate about.. The “how to” market is a good place to start.

For example, you might think there is a market for learning how to windsurf. So
a key phrase you would expect people to search for would be “learn how to

Well,.....take a look at the results:

Only a measly 260 searches a month. So you can see going with ideas that you
think will work will in most cases lead you to dead-end niches where no money is

Let's approach things differently. If we take the how to out of “learn how to
windsurf” and do a search just on those two words let's see what ideas Google
will give us.

As you can see we have several “how to” ideas: how to make, how remove, how to
fix, how to video and how to cook to name a few.

Next, we niche down. We choose a verb. Let's go with make. So now we do a
search with “how to make”.

Now we have some really good ideas backed up with very good search volumes.

                    Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide
Wine looks pretty good to me. I think the wine making process would be a little
complicated. I imagine something like a step-by-step guide to making home made
wine would sell well. So let's do a search for the keyword phrase “how to make

Here, Google has given us some additional keyword phrases. Although, the
search volumes aren't so great there is little competition for them according to the
Advertiser Competition bars.

                                                                     This is good news as
                                                                     getting ranked for
                                                                     these terms on
                                                                     Google won't be too

When doing keyword research to look for search volumes using the keyword tool
make sure you set results for “All Countries and Territories”.

Now, we start thinking of other keyword phrases. Let's do a search on “wine

As you can see we have some great results here. Plenty of keyword phrases with
good search volumes. Also, we have uncovered some possible affiliate marketing
opportunities. I am sure there are several wine making suppliers that have affiliate

Now before we get all excited and start thinking about product ideas and domain
names we need to validate this niche. This is very important. We need real social
proof that people are passionate about making wine.

           Validate the Niche – Find Social Proof
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The Prime Niche Guide

Go to Yahoo Answers

This service tells you exactly the kinds of questions your potential customers are
asking today in regard to your niche? This service is great and it is free.

You will need to do an Advanced Search. Type in your keyword phrase and click on
the Advanced option.

Next, make sure you select “all questions” for the question status and set the date
submitted to “within 7 days”. We want to know the kinds of questions people are
asking right now. Also, the number of questions asked in the 7 day period will tell us
how much interest there is and how passionate people are about this niche.

My search for questions regarding wine making has come up with many relevant
questions. Take a look:

                                                                              This information
                                                                              is extremely
                                                                              valuable. People
                                                                              are telling you
                                                                              what they want
                                                                              and the problems
                                                                              they are having.
                                                                              You are having
                                                                              people tell you
                                                                              exactly what they
                                                                              want in their own
                                                                              words. Priceless

                                                                              We can use this
                                                                              information in our
                                                                              sales page, email
                                                                              marketing and
                                                                              even in our
                                                                              product creation.

                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide
                                                               For example,
many of these question can become bullet points on a sales page. Alternatively
they could be used as chapter headings in an ebook.

You should spend time reading all the questions asked and the answers and
comments people provide. You can find out so much about your niche and target
customer this way.

Now, change the date submitted to within 7 to 30 days and look for more relevant

                                                                              There are
                                                                              enough relevant
                                                                              questions being
                                                                              asked on Yahoo
                                                                              Answers to
                                                                              validate this
                                                                              niche. The
                                                                              search volumes
                                                                              are good and we
                                                                              have found
                                                                              social proof that
                                                                              people are
                                                                              interested in
                                                                              making wine.
                                                                              You could
                                                                              certainly make
                                                                              money in this

                                                                     Now we go back
to Google and find out if people are advertising to sell information products
on “wine making”.

We go to

Note: If you are not living in the US, then you need to use a proxy server.

Google Adwords ads are geo-targeted. Meaning ads can be set to only show up in
certain countries. So for example if you are in Australia and do a search for wine
making using ( not , you won't see the same ads that
show up in America despite using the American Google search page. For most of
you, America will big your biggest target market. It is important to see the number of
ads that display in America. We can do this with a proxy server..

                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide
I recommend you use this proxy server:

Type in the field and hit Surf Now!

                                                                       You will
                                                                       now be
                                                                       using as if you were in America. Now, let's do a search for wine making. We
are looking for ads for information products

Here are the results:

                                    So, yes we have ads on wine making. There is
                                    also one advertising wine kits. This could be an
                                    affiliate opportunity we could incorporate into a
                                    wine making guide to make additional income
                                    with commissions.

                                    Now, lets look at where the ads take us. Rather
                                    than click the links I will copy and paste the urls.

Lets have a look at

When looking at competitor sites you need to ask yourself one question- Can I beat
the marketing of this site?

That involves the following:

●     Sales copy
●     Email marketing
●     SEO

If you can beat these 3 factors, then you have nothing to fear.

                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide
I think looks nice, but in terms of a page designed to
sell I don't think it does the job very well.

No headline

No Bullet points

No opt-in email option

No Call to Action

I think the marketing of this site could be beaten quite easily.

Lets have a look at

Please visit the site and study the sales page -

This site is better. It has a strong headline, bullet points and an email/ezine opt-in.
However, I think the marketing of this site can be beaten easily, too.

There are a few problems;

●     No strong call to action

●     The Youtube Video posted below the sub-headline can take visitors away
from the page.

Things are looking good for us. Now, we go to Clickbank and search their
marketplace for info products on wine making.

Clickbank is the largest online retailer for those engaged in developing, selling
and promoting digitally downloaded products and services, with 25,000 daily
transactions from around the world, 12,000 product publishers and more than
100,000 active affiliates.

                    Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide

At Clickbank, we click on the Marketplace link at the top and then do a search
for “wine making”.

Here are the results:

My search returns several “how to” guides. If we look at the stats we can see no or
very few sales have been made. This is most likely due to poor marketing.

It is extremely valuable to study your competitors to find out what they are doing
right, or in the case of the following sites, what they are doing wrong.

           To Access The Video Tutorial Join

                               Same Headlines
It looks like this has Clickbank vendor made two different accounts to try to sell
the same product. This could have been done with a simple split test using a web
optimizer which is free to use with Google Adwords.

The site below looks several hundred years old! Also, the first word in the headline
is a BIG no-no for Sales Copy.

Avoid using “learn” in headlines as most people have negative associations with the

Finally, we find a site that has some good sales copy. To learn more about Sales

                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide
Pages Join

The “how to make wine” niche is an example of a pleasure driven niche.

Case Study 2

The best niches are distressed niches – niches were people are in some form of
pain or have a problem that they must solve. It might sound a little opportunistic
to be searching for distressed niches. However, if you can provide a solution to
a problem that is effecting many people you will be doing the world a whole lot of

This time we will start with a single word to get niche ideas. We are going very
broad and then we will niche down. This is a great approach because you can
stumble upon many niche opportunities. Remember, we are getting Google to tell
us what people are looking for.

                Join Today

Get access to researched and tested “base keywords” and niche

Want all the research is done for you?

If you like one or several of our niche ideas that you would like to
keep for yourself you can reserve it. We will remove the idea from the
members area so you and only you can take advantage of it.

Check out this profitable niche example

I want us to look at the word “children” in this case study. This should pull plenty of
emotional triggers as most parents would do almost anything for their children.

So, lets do a search and find out what Google has for us.

                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide

As you can imagine the search returned many keyword phrases, but Google has
given us some great niche ideas. I think “adhd children” is the best bet of the lot. I
think this will turn out to be a perfect example of a Prime Niche.

Moving on. We now do a search on “adhd children”.

Looking good! When have plenty of keyword phrases and not much in the way of
competition for some of them. And look at the search volumes!! This niche is really
getting me excited.

Now we need to think of similar keyword phrases. Lets see what a search on “adhd
child” brings us;

We have more new keywords and a good monthly search volumes. AAHD is also
known as just ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder. So we can find ourselves more
keyword terms. The more keyword terms and phrases the better it is for your online

Our search result for “add children” brings us more keywords to play with a test.


                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide

a do searches on the phrases:

●     attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
●     attention deficit disorder.

Now, we go to Yahoo Answers – Yahoo Answers

We do a search for all questions on “adhd children” submitted in the last 7 days.

We get a tonne of questions on ADHD. This is great!!

Questions on “adhd children” submitted between 7 – 30 days.

All these question represent an unfortunate situation. You can imagine how
distressed, frustrated and helpless these parents feel. If you provide an answer to
their questions and concerns then you are saving them a lot of daily frustration,
heartache and pain.

Always, try to get inside the mind of your target market. It is very important to
recognize that they are people in need of help.

Now, we read and make notes of the questions and explanations. I have
highlighted parts of the text that I feel are most important. I always look for text with
emotion. We can use this information as emotional triggers in our sales copy.

                                                                               I like this
                                                                               niche. It has
                                                                               good search
                                                                               volumes, it is
                                                                               a distressed
                                                                               niche and we

                    Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide
                                                                              validated the
                                                                              market with
                                                                              social proof.

Let's see if anyone is selling an information product on “ADHD Children”. Off to
Google we go. Remember to use the proxy server if you are not living in the US.

I found several ads for what looked like information products, but they were in fact
for medication.

The ad below was for a natural alternative remedy.

                                   I did several searches using different keywords
                                   and kept getting the same ads.

          Profitable Niche Marketing Fundamentals
      Once you find a lucrative niche your marketing journey begins.

●     High Converting Sales Copy
●     Super CTR Google Adwords Copy
●     Product Creation & Outsourcing Secrets
●     Target List Building Strategies
●     Effective Email Marketing
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Let's go to Clickbank now and see what is happening there and do a search using
the keyword phrase “ADHD Children”. I found several ads, but by looking at the
Stats we can see these products are not selling.

                   Copyright © 2010 – Niche Marketing - All rights reserved
The Prime Niche Guide

Once again we check the sales copy of the sites and see if we can compete with
these sites. For the subject of ADHD these long page letters may come across as
too in your face. I would take a different approach and write a strong personal story
with emotional spin to it.

          Aggressive advertising won't often convert for distressed niches.

There you go. We have found two niches, with little competition with more than
enough evidence to prove that we could make money marketing information

It is all in the words, not so much ideas. And we have the two greatest search
engine companies giving us all the information we need (Google and Yahoo) to
generate a profitable income that we can benefit from for years.

Knowing what words to start searching with is a skill and requires an understanding
of how people think and the nature of the internet. There are many words that you
would think return you some great opportunities, but are duds.

For example, the word “quit” will only bring back keywords regarding quitting
smoking. A niche you wouldn't even contemplate entering. Far to competitive and
expensive to get into.

I trust that you will find this “how to guide” useful. Taking action is the next step for
you now. Believe in yourself and you will get results.

To start making money online visit The members area
has screen capture video tutorials and a large list of researched niches ready
and waiting for you to take advantage of.

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The Prime Niche Guide

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