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									How to Get Rid of Adult Acne

Probably one of the worst memories of adolescence is having pimples. Some
do not get over it and continue on to adulthood with scars of being the “girl
or guy with acne problems.” More fortunate ones outgrow it but there are
those who get caught off guard when pimples start showing up again when
they reach the age of 20 to 30 just when they’re enjoying a pimple-free life.
This occurrence is called adult acne. It is a mild to moderate type of skin
condition that appears on the face, back or chest as pimples, whiteheads and
blackheads. It is triggered by various factors and understanding these causes
is just one of the ways to treat it successfully.
Females are more prone to having adult acne than males. This is brought
about by cycles that women go through which cause hormonal imbalance.
These cycles are known as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. During
these times, a surge of hormones cause the oil glands to produce a surplus
of oil and this paves the way for acne to develop again years after
adolescence. Stress also tops the charts as the cause of acne for both male
and female. As you grow older, problems become more complex and adults
tend to forget how to take a break and have fun. Lack of exercise also makes
a person stress out easily and in turn, shows up on the face as ugly pimples.
Hygiene plays an important role in a person’s skin and overall health. You
see, blackheads are combined oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria that clog the
pores. They develop into pimples and easily spread when touched with dirty
hands. However, scrubbing your face too clean will do more harm than good
as friction tends to irritate the skin even more. As an alternative, use an
alphahydroxy acid-based exfoliant and cleanse your face with a gentle facial
wash that contains salicylic acid. You may also use some pore strips for a
safe and quick solution in removing blackheads.
Genetics also play a role in the development of adult acne. Just about any
skin problems like acne and having an oily skin type is hereditary. You
should know your skin type by now and if you’ve got the “bad genes,” then
you must be ready to take extra care of your skin. Learn to choose products
that are formulated for your skin type and take all precautions to prevent
pimples from breaking out.
One thing that you have to bear in mind about adult acne is that treating it is
not the same as getting rid of acne when you were younger. Acne products
for teens are way gentler than the ones made for grown-ups. As mentioned
earlier, salicylic acid is an effective ingredient as well as benzoyl peroxide.
Using a skincare product that contains anti-aging and natural whitening
ingredients are also a plus and essentially needed for someone your age. The
skin slows down in producing new skin cells as a person grows older so,
scars and dark spots may take a while longer to vanish. Using products that
target this might give your skin a push to stimulate the production of new
skin cells and reveal healthier skin quickly.
As you grow older, you also get more inclined to experimenting with
makeup. But, be careful in using just any makeup because these are one of
the top skin irritants that can leave your skin blemished. Again, you must
know your skin type and use appropriate cosmetics with it. For oily skinned
ladies, veer away from oil-based makeup and if you have sensitive skin,
make sure that you choose ones that have natural ingredients and are
specifically made for sensitive skin. Also, pick the ones that are
non-comedogenic. Invest in beauty products that are high in quality
including an efficient makeup remover. Never ever sleep with makeup on if
you don’t want to wake up with clogged pores, tired-looking skin and
Also, do not take severe matters to your hands. Consult a dermatologist if
you’re suffering from severe adult acne. Although, there are several acne
treatment kits available in the market today that effectively work on some
people, remember that not all get the same positive effects. So, be careful
with treatments that you try on your skin because they can make matters
worse. Instead, bear in mind the abovementioned tips and find time to treat
yourself to a monthly facial. Proper blackhead extractions, revitalizing masks
and gentle exfoliations coupled with suitable at-home skincare products help
the skin mature beautifully.

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