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									Best Top Plugins for WordPress

All in One SEO Pack – Automatically optimizes your blog for Search Engines (Search
Engine Optimization) – Downloads 1,603,368

Google XML Sitemaps – Create a Google sitemaps compliant XML-Sitemap of your
blog – Downloads 954,459 Stats – You can have simple, concise stats with no additional load on your
server by plugging into‘s stat system – Downloads 712,71

WP Super Cache – A very fast caching engine that produces static html files –
Downloads 492,637

Automatic upgrade – Allows a user to automatically upgrade the installation to the latest
one – Downloads 288,600

Sociable – Automatically adds links to your favorite social bookmarking sites to your
posts, pages and RSS feed – Downloads 284,117

Simple Tags – The successor of Simple Tagging Plugin and is THE perfect tool to
perfectly manage your WP tags – Downloads 254,353

Google Analyticator – Same as the one above, enables Google Analytics tracking –
Downloads 229,970

Sidebar Widgets – Adds ―Sidebar Widgets‖ panel under Presentation menu –
Downloads 221,024

podPress – A dream WordPress plugin for podcasters – Downloads 207,491

WP-PageNavi – Adds a more advanced paging navigation your blog – Downloads

Best Social Networking WordPress
admin | Mar 27, 2011 | Comments 0

Best Social Networking WordPress Plugins collection:
Twitter Tools - ‘This plugin creates an integration between your WordPress blog
and your Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets
on blog posts and from within WordPress.’ As Alex King simply puts it on his
webpage. Simple is the word here. If you haven‘t got a Twitter account, I strongly
suggest you get one. The plugin allows you to dispaly your latest tweets in your
sidebar. Simple.Download it

Social Bookmark Creator – For every Social Bookmark site there seems to be 10
plugins. This is the simplest that I have found, it is the plugin I use for It can display image links, or as I like it, as text links. It can even
do it as a dropdown list. It blends with your sites CSS style very well, and its
options menu is very easy use and configure. The links can then be placed
anywhere you want it show up. Download it

FeedBurner FeedSmith - For those who don‘t know, this allows you to track
everyone that subscribes to your RSS feeds, giving you many stats and useful
information, Download it.

Facebook “Like” WordPress Plugin – Free WordPress Plugin will use the
simple script provided by Facebook, which creates a fast and easy way for your
visitors to ―Like‖ your page and have it appear on their wall. If you‘re leveraging
Facebook for your website, this is perhaps the best plugin to do it with.

Twitter ReTweet – Free WordPress Plugin. TweetMeme created this widely
popular ―ReTweet‖ badge for Twitter that you‘ve undoubtedly seen in all corners
of the web. When installed, it will display this clickable counter badge directly in
your post, wherever you specify. Download it

Digg Plugin – Free WordPress Plugin. This is the official Digg plugin, allowing
you to display multiple kinds of ―Digg It‖ buttons that will appear in all of your
WordPress posts in an area that you choose. Digg is a great site to entice visitors
to suggest your site on, if it deals with offbeat news or interesting/unusual articles.

Sphinn “SphinnIt” Plugin for WordPress, Free WordPress Plugin. If you‘re
running a marketing news blog, you‘ll really want to get attention on
Luckily, they have their own neat little clickable badge for WordPress that will
display in all of your posts. It makes it easy for Sphinn members to approve of
your newest article, and inches you a bit closer to being one of the topics of the
day on Sphinn.

Google Buzz – If your users primarily have Gmail accounts, that means they ALL
have Buzz accounts, too. If you‘d like to have people ―Buzz Up‖ your pages, it
       would be worth installing this Google Buzz plugin for WordPress. Make it appear
       however you wish: multiple icon options and areas.

       Digg Digg Persistant Social Icon Bar – Free WordPress Plugin. Have you ever
       seen those ―persistent‖ social bookmarking bars on the left side of a website that
       scroll with you as you scroll down a web page? That‘s what Digg Digg does, and
       it lets you pick and choose which social networking badges you want to appear on
       it. Cool!
       Get Digg Digg for WordPress

       Add Related Posts To Your Feed – Will automatically add related posts to your
       blog‘s feed. [Full Review]

       FeedCount – Allows you to display a numerical version of your Feedburner feed
       count without using the Feedburner chicklet. [Full Review]

       Feed Footer – Allows you to use HTML to add a custom footer to your blog‘s
       feed. Plugin also supports randomizing up to 10 different footers. [Full Review]

       RSS Footer – Basic plugin that allows you to easily add copyright notice, etc.
       [Full Review]

       RS Discuss – Plugin that allows you to easily integrate a forum into your existing
       WordPress blog. [Full Review]

       Share This -
       Adds the social media links for every posts and pages.

       Fluency - Changes the whole User Interface in WordPress and creates a great
       experience for every user.

       Sociable - This plugin lets you add social sharing and bookmarking icons to the
       bottom of posts and/or pages. There over 100 icons you can add and it‘s done
       easily using check boxes to activate or disable the ones you want and drag and
       drop to assign the order. You can easily decide which types of pages you want
       them added to, use your own icons instead of the default ones provided and
       integrate with bookmarking API‘s. Unlike Add This it doesn‘t self promote in the
       sharing links (so lame Add This!).

       WordTwit – pushes new post information out to Twitter automatically.

       Site Unavailable – Displays a message which alerts your visitors that your
       website is unavailable. The message is customizable.

Best Administration WordPress Plugins
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Best Administration WordPress Plugins collection:
       FireStats – I get different visitor stats from my Web Hosts control panel, Google
       Analytics and Alexa. So tracking visitors accurately is not an exact science, as it
       should be. FireStats is the closed thing to accuracy that I can find, its accuracy is
       on a par with Google Analytics, which will do me.

The configuration can be a little bit tricky for the novice, but they do have great help on
their site. Have a look at the FAQ section before you install it, it will give you an insight
into the functions that you can use as well understsand the installation procedure.
FireStats ( and FireStats Charts -
Firestats is without a dub my favorite plugin for gathering statistics about the traffic that
comes to my blogs.

       Admin Menu Editor -
       Easily customize the Admin Menu as you like.

       Database Size WordPress Plugin -
       Displays a small and non disturbing message text which contains information
       about the size of your WordPress blog database.

       Hide Admin Panels

       Favicons Chooser -
       We all know how important a first impression is and without a dub, the favicon
       you have on your website is vital and probably the one that remains in your
       visitors head. Favicons Chooser helps you to easily add or choose a Favicon.

       Broken Link Checker

Is pretty messy to find out that the post or page you are looking for is missing or is
broken. Broken Link checker helps you to solve this problem and warns you when you
should change links.

       Digital Raindrops Style Sheet

The admin can easily change the style sheet of each page from the theme directory.
If you are running a collective blog, this plugin will help you to restrict some permissions
for different types of members of your blog. You choose who sees what.

       WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a must have plugin for any respected website or blog. It generates
static HTML pages for your every page and post so when you have tons of traffic the
bandwidth will handle it and you will not have any problems. Speed up word press using
Super Cache which ―generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After
an html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the
comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.‖

       Google XML Sitemaps – ‘This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant
       sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by, Google,
       YAHOO and MSN Search.’ This will make it easier for your site to be indexed
       with google.

       All in One SEO Pack – As they say, this plugin is streamlined for best SEO
       practices for WordPress. Actually very easy to install, and the user interface is
       easy to fill out. Recommended for the serious blogger.

       WP-Cache 2.0 – WP-Cache is an extremely efficient WordPress page caching
       system to make your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching
       Worpress pages and storing them in a static file for serving future requests directly
       from the file rather than loading and compiling the whole PHP code and then
       building the page from the database. WP-Cache allows to serve hundred of times
       more pages per second, and to reduce the response time from several tenths of
       seconds to less than a millisecond.

       WordPress Database Backup – WordPress database backup creates backups of
       your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same
       database. Better safe than sorry.

       WP-PageNavi 2.20 – Adds a more advanced paging navigation your WordPress
       blog. Example: Pages (17): [1] 2 3 4 » … Last ». Very useful if you have a large
       blog with many posts. Download it here:

       WordPress Global Translator Plugin – Global Translator is a free and open
       source WordPress Plugin which is able to dynamically translate your blog in the
       following thirteen different languages:
       English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean,
       Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Dutch.
       The number of available translations will depend on your blog language and the
       translation engine you will chose to use.

       Backup Buddy – All-in-one solution for backups, restoration, and migration. The
       single backup file created by the plugin can be used with the importer script to
       quickly and easily restore your site on the same server or even migrate to a new
       host with different settings. Whether you‘re an end user or a developer, this plugin
       is sure to bring you peace of mind and added safety in the event of data loss.

*free plugins:

       Gamer‟s Pack – Makes your blog viewable using the Nintendo DS, Nintendo
       Wii, and PSP gaming systems.

       GoCodes – Easily create redirects from your WordPress Dashboard that point
       anywhere. Great for hiding affiliate links. http://www.webmaster-

       Google Sitemap – Creates a fully-compliant sitemap for search engines.

       Greet Box – Identifies where traffic is being referred from and displays the
       appropriate welcome message to them, encouraging to subscribe to your feed,
       Digg or Stumble your posts, etc.

       In Series – Allows you to easily group a series of posts into a series.

       MobilePress – Optimizes your WordPress blog for mobile phones including the
       popular iPhone.

       No Self Ping – Prevents your blog from sending pingbacks internally to your
       other posts.

       WP-o-Matic – Allows users to collect feeds and auto-generate posts on your blog.

       WordPress Backup – Plugin that backups up your WordPress themes,
       WordPress plugins, images, and other non-database stuff. Works with WP-DB

       WP-DB Manager – Plugin that gives you full control over your WordPress
       database backups. Works with the WordPress Backup

       WP Sticky – Allows users to feature a post at the top of their homepage for a day
       or permanently.

       WP-Super Cache – Creates a cache of your posts to avoid server load. Great for
       surviving a Digg.
       Author Exposed – Adds a full featured display of the authors profile. Great for
       multi-author blogs.

       Role Manager Plugin – Allows you to control the various WordPress user roles
       can and cannot do.

*free plugins:

       Server Buddy – ServerBuddy tests server configuration to look for problems with
       hosting configuration and determine compatibility with various WordPress themes
       and plugins. Additionally it provides easy to understand explanations of various
       server settings and generates reports and samples of what to ask your hosting
       provider if a problem is found with any server configuration that needs fixed.
       ServerBuddy is designed to be extremely powerful but still provide information in
       an easy to understand way for even a novice.

       WordPress Automatic Upgrade – Allows you to easily upgrade your WordPress
       installation to the latest version.

       Custom Admin Branding -
       Many people consider this plugin not very useful, but I consider that once with
       your blog evolution there will be more people to write for you or just more people
       logging in to your blog and if you are like me you want your own logo to be the
       one that dominates your creation.

       Google Analyticator – If you are a Google Analytics user this plugin saves you a
       lot of time but if you are not, than you should definitely go and start using it
       because is the best option for your website traffic statistics.

       Admin Management Xtended -
       To save more time, Admin Management Xtended brings new Ajax forms to
       automatically change or add content to your blog without having to reload the
       page and lose time.

       Genki Pre-publish Reminder

This is very useful if you are that kind of guy who forgets what to do before posting a
new article. If you forget to post an a category for your article or just need to add SEO
tags you just have to add those into the Genki Pre-publish reminder.

       WP-Cache – An extremely efficient WordPress page caching system to make
       your site much faster and responsive. It works by caching Worpress pages and
       storing them in a static file for serving future requests.

       WPtouch – Implements a custom theme for iPhone users on your site. WPtouch
       automatically transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style
       theme, complete with ajax loading articles and effects, when viewed from iPhone,
       iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung touch and BlackBerry Storm/Torch
       mobile devices. Helps reduce load and improve responsiveness of your WP sites

       WordPress Automatic Upgrade (link) — You‘d think that now that WordPress
       has automatic upgrade built in, you wouldn‘t need this plugin, but I‘ve never
       gotten the built-in upgrade function to work (perhaps it‘s how my server is set up,
       I don‘t know). The old WordPress Automatic Upgrade works. That‘s all I have to
       say about that.

       GTranslate – This module uses Google Translate automatic translation service to
       translate your web page with Google power. With 58 available languages your site
       will be available to more than 98% of internet users.
       Visit for more details and features like
       translation editing and SEO URLs.

For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

Best Advertising WordPress Plugins
admin | Mar 27, 2011 | Comments 0

Best Advertising WordPress Plugins collection:

       WP125 Ads - Free WordPress Plugin. Display ad spaces in one or two-column
       format, and let visitors ―buy‖ ad space without ever having to personally interact
       with you. They can be shown as static or random, and each one can have a set
       ―end date‖ once the payment term is up. A truly great solution for WordPress on-
       site advertising. Get WP125 Ads

       AdSense Integrator - Free WordPress Plugin. A very in-depth but easy to use
       AdSense insertion plugin for WordPress. Visually ―check‖ where you want your
       ad to show up on Posts or Pages, and copy and paste your AdSense code in…it
       will do the rest. Choose the number and size of ads, test ads, block IPs, there are
       plenty of options! Get AdSense Integrator

       Billboard + Rotating Images – Two Premium WordPress plugins that allow you
       to easily add images like advertisements, photos, featured homes and social icons
       to your widget-ready sidebars and feature areas.
       OIO Publisher – Complete plugin that removes all hassle for bloggers who
       manage advertising. Automates banners, text links, paid reviews, and collects the
       money for you.

*Affiliates plugins:

       Auction Thumbs – Plugin that allows you to easily integrate eBay Partner
       Network ads into your WordPress Blog.

       PHP Bay Pro – Premium plugin that integrates eBay auction ads into your
       WordPress blog.

       WP Affiliate Pro – Allows you to manage your affiliate links from within your
       WordPress dashboard. Also allows you to mask links and a number of other

       WP Ninja Affiliate – Similar to WP Affiliate Pro plugin, but provides some
       additional features including multiple keywords and caching.

*free plugins

       Chitika Premium Ads – Plugin that allows you to easily integrate Chitika
       premium ads into your WordPress blog.

       Got Banners – Plugin allows you to randomize your advertising banners. Ideal
       for 125×125 banners.

       Max Banner Ads – Plugin that lets you control your advertising from the
       WordPress dashboard. Also allows you to rotate multiple advertisements in a
       single spot.

       Show125 – Plugin that specializes in managing your 125×125 block

       Shylock AdSense – Allows you to easily insert Google AdSense code into your
       WordPress blog.

       AdRotator -
       Helps you to add any type of ad banner anywhere you want and also it helps you
       to keep a statistics page for them.

       Ajax Spell Checker -
       One of the most powerful Spell Checkers created for WordPress.

       Custom Write Panel -
       This plugin helps you to select the way that your WYSIWYG panel looks like and
       choose what elements to show and which not.
               Google Sitemaps Generator – Automatically generates xml and gz
               extension sitemaps for your blog which is very important for indexing
               your pages by Google.

       Adsense-Deluxe – Support for AdSense ads and allows you to add ads to posts.

       MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja – This WordPress plugin is amazing as it
       massively cuts down on the amount of time it takes to promote affiliate products
       throughout your site. It converts keywords that you identify, tracks clicks, and
       much more. You won‘t have to keep chasing down your affiliate links when
       they‘re all stored in your WordPress dashboard and doing the work for you.

For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

Best SEO WordPress Plugins
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Best SEO WordPress Plugins collection:

       All In One SEO Pack – Free WordPress Plugin. One of the most popular
       WordPress plugins of all time: this is the original site-wide SEO management
       plugin that makes defining your META tags easy, and allows you to do so on a
       post-by-post basis since WordPress still refuses to include this feature. Also
       includes individual nofollow/noindex commands per page. Set it up for the client
       and it will run on autopilot populating the meta data and page titles automatically
       for every page and post.
       You can choose which elements of the post and pages it uses to produce the data
       and the format it gets presented in so the client doesn‘t have to worry about
       populating the SEO settings as they go along. Every post/page also has an option
       to overwrite the pre-defined settings on a page by page basis for the more on-site
       SEO savvy clients or for times you want to help them really optimise some killer
       content they want to utilise to the fullest.

       Platinum SEO Pack – Free WordPress Plugin. The #1 alternative to All-In-One
       SEO Pack. This plugin performs all of the same functions, but it also manages
       automatic 301 redirection for renamed pages, employ canonical URLs, and add
       tons of other SEO-related features to your site as well. It also adds a new drop-
       down menu to your WordPress Posts & Pages. Get Platinum SEO Pack

       All In One Webmaster – Free WordPress Plugin. This free plugin lets you
       manage Google Webmaster, Yahoo Site Explorer & Bing Webmaster Central so
       that you can submit your sitemap to all of them at the same time without having to
       log into each one every time you add a new WordPress page. It also updates, Alexa, BlogCatalog and FB Insights, too. Get All In One Webmaster

       Pingback Optimizer – One problem with link building is that not every link you
       build gets indexed, which means no link juice for your site. This plugin takes all
       the pingbacks/trackbacks pointing to your site (your backlinks) and gets them
       indexed by creating an RSS feed of them and submitting the feed to RSS
       aggregator sites. It works great, and my backlink indexeing rate has improved
       dramatically since I started using it on this site.

       Google Video Sitemap – What‘s the easiest way to get top rankings in the search
       engines? By using the Google Video Sitemap plugin to promote your videos. Do a
       query for SEO Link Vine Review. The 2nd result is a video from that‘s using the Google Video Sitemap plugin. Notice
       it‘s not just a Youtube video. It‘s actually a video embedded in the site itself. The
       plugin is super easy to use and there‘s not a lot of competition for most keyword
       terms. If you do video reviews, this is a plugin you need to get.

-Google XML Sitemaps- Free WordPress Plugin. This plugin will create a full XML
sitemap that automatically updates itself every time you add a new WordPress Post or
Page, and it also notifies all major search engines, as well. The plugin should have
excluded the word ―Google‖ from its title, as these sitemaps are compliant for all
browsers. This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search
engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog.
This plugin generates an xml sitemap when once activated notifies Google and other
search engines when a new page or post is created and helps them find your content by
keeping them up to date with the structure of your site.
You can set the frequency that pages on your site are updated, choose which types of
pages to include or not in the sitemap and which search engines you want to update either
automatically as your site is updated or manually if you prefer to have more control over
the process.
Awesome plugin to leave running in the background. Clients don‘t have to touch it and it
keeps Google updated with what they do on the site. Get Google XML Sitemaps

       Redirection- Free WordPress Plugin. Redirection manages 301 redirections by
       automatically redirecting a page when its URL is changed. It has advanced 404
       redirection monitoring and logging tools, as well as an RSS feed to keep up with
       your 404 issues.

       Scribe SEO – Incredible full featured WordPress plugin which analyzes your
       posts and offers tips for improving search engine optimization.

       WP SEO Sniper – Extreme SEO plugin designed to give people conscious of
       SEO full control over their blogs from the WordPress dashboard. Significant
       upgrade to the All-in-One SEO Pack plugin.

       Permalink Redirect – Creates a 301 Redirect to avoid duplicate content penalties
       with search engines. Also includes a Feedburner redirect.
       HeadSpace: WordPress SEO Made Simple - Free WordPress Plugin. Smart and
       filled with tons of SEO options, Headspace is a top contender for your quasi-
       automated SEO efforts on any WordPress site. It has an intelligent tagging system
       that generates META tags based on content with a one-click interface. Run
       plugins or themes on individual pages, implement nofollow/noindex, and insert
       tracking codes. Move over All in one SEO. There‘s a new guy in town.
       HeadSpace provides you with the features you need to drive your site to the top.
       People spend way to much time working on SEO and too little time writing great
       content. This plugin let‘s you put your focus back where it belongs. It takes care
       of all the SEO work that your blog will need.

       SEO Smart Links – Do you inter-link your articles? You should. Linking within
       an article to other articles is a great way to build Page Rank throughout your site
       and it‘s a great way to get readers to find your other articles on similar subjects.
       This plugin will interlink keywords to your other articles for you.

For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

Best Post-Page WordPress Plugins
admin | Mar 27, 2011 | Comments 0

Best Post-Page WordPress Plugins collection:

       WP-PageNavi – Those ‗Older Posts‘ and ‗Newer Posts‘ links are boring. With
       WP-PaveNavi you can get page buttons so users can go directly to whichever
       page they want. Plus they look a lot better than plain little links.

       Widget Context – With the Widget Context WordPress plugin, you‘ll be able to
       pick and choose which pages you want sidebar widgets to appear on. You can
       literally create different sidebars for different pages and sections of your site with

       WordPress Related Posts -
       This plugin automatically inserts a list of related posts to the end of your posts and
       feeds to keep people on the site for longer and help them easily find related
       If there are no related posts you can either display nothing, a list of random posts
       or posts with the most comments count.
       You can manually insert where the list appears using a snippet of code or have it
       automatically appear at the end of posts.

       WP Post Ratings – This adds a rating system add the bottom of each post,
       allowing each user to have there say on how good your post is. It is powered by
       Ajax, making it very unobtrusive, and to be honest, configured correctly, can be
       very elegant. You also have (my favourite option) the option to style the ratings
star images with you own. You can also show the rating results in the sidebar, this
is also done in an elegant way.

Democracy AJAX Poll – This plugin places an ajax poll in your wp blog. Very
simple to use and configure.

Page Links To – Free WordPress Plugin. Have you ever wanted to permanently
forward a WordPress page over to some other URL? That‘s what Page Links To
will do for you. Install the plugin, and a new feature shows up for your WordPress
Pages that lets you specify what link the Page should send you to when clicked (it
can be external, too!) Get Page Links To

WP Review Engine – Theme and plugin combination that allows you to create a
fully featured website which makes it easy to provide information on a range of
products, include thumbnail images, and link out the products. Ideal for affiliate

WP Review Site - Simply activate theme and plugin to create a full-
featured review website. No additional work needed, allowing you to make a
number of these sites quickly!

Best Posts Summary – Automatically generates a daily, weekly, or monthly
review post. Includes both post titles and brief descriptions.

BreadCrumb Navigation XT – Allows you to provide your readers with
additional blog navigation.

Get Firefox Banner – Shows a banner to IE6 and IE7 web browser users
recommending they switch to Firefox. Great for blogs whose WordPress theme is
optimized for Firefox.

Popularity Contest – Monitors your website traffic and gives you reports on your
popular posts. Plugin is fully customizable allowing you to set the values used to
calculate your posts popularity.

WP-Email – Allows you to add an ―Email This!‖ button to your WordPress blog.

Related Posts – Uses keywords in your post URL‘s to display a designated
number of related posts.

Related Posts by Category – Uses category to locate and display related posts.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) – Currently the ultimate/best
related posts plugin available for WordPress users. Includes related posts for your

Better Tags Manager – Allows you to better manage your tags, as well as
convert your categories to tags.
       Recommended Tags – Looks at your post‘s content and recommends tags.
       Includes additional features.

       Pop Up Domination - if you‘re going to use use popups, then this plugin is the
       best one.

       LinkWithin – is a blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related
       stories from your blog archive, link contains post image.

       WP Paginate – Create pagination for pages. It is the best plugin for that makes
       navigation easy with many static pages.

       Old Post Promoter – This plugin draws one post periodically, according to
       admin‘s preferences, to post onto the home page in the first or second position.
       Talk about a way to generate traffic. I give this plugin 5 stars. Very simple to use
       ―out of the box.‖ It‘s a wonderful way to resurrect old posts.

       Page Links To – This plugin lets you create a page that actually links elsewhere. I
       find this useful to promote my other websites, giving those sites the prominence of
       a page. The Page Links To plugin creates a field at the bottom of a post, where
       you can supply the link and action attributes. Very simple, unobtrusive.

For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

Best Mobile WordPress Plugins
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Best Mobile WordPress Plugins collection:

       WP Touch - Free WordPress Plugin. A true solution for anyone looking to have a
       mobile version of their self-hosted WordPress site. WP Touch transforms your site
       into a ―mobile friendly‖ version. It‘s also built to make your site easy to update on
       a mobile device, and you can choose to display either calendar icons or dedicated
       images per post. Get WP Touch
       WordPress Mobile Pack – Free WordPress Plugin. This WordPress plugin will
       let users choose between the original or mobile version of your site from their
       blog, and comes with multiple themes for different phone types (Android, iPhone,
       etc.) Also includes tools to make mobile blogging easy for you, and a few other
       treats like a mobile ad widget for Google Mobile AdSense. Get WordPress Mobile

For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

Best Media WordPress Plugins
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Best Media WordPress Plugins collection:

       All-in-One Video Pack – All-in-One Video Pack includes every functionality you
       might need for video and rich-media, including the ability to upload/
       record/import videos directly to your post, edit and remix content with an online
       video editor, enable video responses, manage and track your video content, create
       playlists, etc.

       Post Video and Photo Galleries – Being able to create photo galleries and adding
       videos to your WordPress blog is just perfect for any type of blog you manage.
       This plugin helps you to easily do that and also integrates a small button in the
       visual editor of your post writer.

       Plug „n‟ Play Google Map – This is a plugin that links your post to the relevant
       geographic location on your Google Map page and it will only show up on posts
       that have latitude and longitude data associated with them. To show this button,
       you will need to edit one of your templates. Navigate to Presentation > Theme
       Editor. On the right hand side, click on Single Post. Where you put the button is
       up to you, but as an example, lets make it so the button appears after the main
       content of your post. How cool is that. I am going to, some day, make a website
       just for this. This is for all you world travellers out there. (One of you commission
       me to make this site).

       Lightbox 2- Lightbox is the best effect you can find for an image gallery. Not just
       for galleries but even for a single thumbnail image. Like all good plugins you can
       style the CSS until your hearts content. If you haven‘t, you should.

       flickrRSS – This plugin for WordPress allows you to display Flickr photos on
       your weblog. The plugin supports user, public and group photostreams. It‘s easy
       to setup and configure via an options panel. It also has support for an image cache
       located on your server. Integrate the photos from a flickr rss feed into your site.
       Show flickr photos on your website.
       Easy Tube – Need YouTube or Google Videos on your WordPress blog without
       all the hastle of playing with HTML code? Then the EasyTube plugin is for you!
       The EasyTube plugin allows you to take control of your video content by using
       one simple tag!

       JW Player – Free & Premium WordPress Plugin. This has always been the
       largest video plugin for WordPress, and it has blossomed greatly in the past few
       years. Supporting Youtube, Vimeo and other formats as well as your own FLVs, it
       now features an in-video advertising system and support for HTML5 video. JW
       Player is most widely supported video player anywhere; many WordPress themes
       require it!

       My Video Poster – Premium plugin that automatically publishes any videos you
       upload to YouTube on your WordPress website/blog.

       WP lightbox 2 – Overlay images on the current page for WordPress. You can
       turn it on and all images are now working with it.

       NextGEN Gallery – is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with
       a slideshow option. Before I started writing the plugin I studied all the existing
       image and gallery plugins for WordPress.

       Video playlist and gallery plugin – Post video players, slideshow albums, photo
       galleries and music / podcast playlist. One professional plugin for all your multi-
       media needs.
       * Add Image galleries
       * Add Slideshows and photo albums
       * Add Video
       * Add Music playlists
       * Publish iTunes Podcast and mp3 playlists
       * Add Menus and much more
       * Media Library
       44 skins and more – slideshow, video players, playlists, flash, full-screen,
       Cooliris, lightbox and wedding skins etc.

For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

Best Form WordPress Plugins
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Best Form WordPress Plugins collection:

       Contact Form 7 (link) – Free WordPress Plugin. Create and customize multiple
       WordPress forms that your users can fill out in order to contact you. It‘s code-
       driven and doesn‘t have any kind of user interface, but you can type in calls to
       create certain form elements, like type-in boxes, dropdowns and other things. It‘s
       a popular plugin and a component of many WordPress themes. Posting your e-
       mail on your blog opens you to spam attacks. Having a contact form eliminates
       that concern. As of this writing, Contact Form 7 is the third ―most popular‖ plugin
       at The reason is quite simple: the plugin is easy to use. Multiple
       forms can be created and manipulated to suit any webmaster‘s needs. The ―Really
       Simple CAPTCHA‖ plugin integrates with Contact Form 7 for added protection.

       Akismet ( – Is a spam filter that checks your comments
       against the Akismet web service to see if they are spam or not, also checks the
       trackbacks for spam.

       CForms 2 – Cforms is an awesome plugin. I think it‘s the most advanced, flexible
       and documented plugin I‘ve come across.
       The plugin allows you to create forms for your site using a visual editor to create
       the fields and decide on the behaviour of the form. You can almost do anything
       you can think of that you could create without the limitation of a typical plugin.
       Cforms 2 is the first plugin I activate in any WordPress Installation. It is not just a
       contact from, if you need it to be it can be configured into any type of form you
       can think of.
       Don‘t be put off by the functions list, these are understood by the pro,and taken
       for granted by everyone else, upon using the plugin you will see how easy this
       plugin is. Functions: , Ajax supported form submission, Full localization support
       (see section below), Tell-A-Friend functionality, see Help documentation, File
       attachments / Upload, fully configurable per form, Multiple upload fields allowed,
       Backup & Restore, Role Manager support, Database based tracking of submitted
       data, Cloning / duplication of forms, Drag and drop form management, Fully
       integrated with TinyMCE and default WP editor (via button), Submission limits
       (e.g. registrations). As with all the best plugins, you get an option to style the form
       to integrate seamlessly into your theme.

       Disqus for WordPress – Free WordPress Plugin. Disqus is a 3rd party
       commenting system. You can have it ‗override‘ your WordPress comments so that
       it is entirely run by the Disqus engine. This application is a huge network, and is
       found on many top sites‘ commenting areas, such as It allows
       anyone with a Disqus account to post using their already existing profile.
       Simple Facebook Connect - Free WordPress Plugin. If you‘re looking to add a
       second option to your WordPress comments area where your users can post via
       their logged-in Facebook account, this plugin will do it for you. It includes the
       ―Connect With Facebook‖ bar, as well as giving you a multitude of ―share‖
       options. Get Simple Facebook Connect

       Fast Secure Contact Form – Free WordPress Plugin. A spam blocking,
       CAPTCHA-loaded form builder for WordPress that‘s super easy to use. Create
       multiple forms, and make them appear on whatever Post or Page you want with
       some simple shortcode. Make certain fields be mandatory, too. Get Fast Secure
       Contact Form

       Gravity Forms - Premium WordPress Plugin. The most advanced WordPress
       forms solution out there: limitless form creation options, conditional form fields
       (―if-then-else‖ actions), email routing, pre-filled state/province and country
       dropdowns, custom post fields and tons more. Premium WordPress plugin which
       allows you to build a completely custom contact form for your WordPress

free lugins

       CubePoints – CubePoints allows you to choose a certain amount of points for
       each comment posted by a certain commentator. You can offer premium content,
       allow readers to purchase merchandise or maybe even an advertisement for your
       blog with a certain amount of points.

       Keyword Luv – Adds an extra field to your comments where people can enter
       their website so they don‘t add their website‘s name in the name field for SEO
       anchor text purposes.

       Liz Comment Count – Displays a comment count in a similar fashion to the
       Feedburner feed count widget.

       MyAvatars – Automatically inserts the commentators MyBlogLog avatar next to
       their comment using the e-mail address provided. If unavailable, it will attempt to
       pull the bloggers Gravatar.

       Show Top Commentators – Allows you to display your top commentators
       automatically in a place of your choosing. Great for encouraging comments.

       Smilies Themer – Plugin that offers a variety of smilies styles to place in the
       comments section of your blog.

       Subscribe to Comments – Allows readers to receive e-mail notifications when a
       follow up comment is left.

       Gravatars – Adds a nice looking graphic next to the persons comments.
For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins
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Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins collection:

       WP e-Commerce – Free WordPress Plugin that allows you to create an online
       shop on your WordPress blog. The most downloaded eCommerce plugin for
       WordPress: a full-fledged shopping cart system that integrates seamlessly with
       WordPress. Integrates Google Checkout, Paypal,, Payment Express
       and other methods, has one page checkout and a huge community. Perfect for
       those doing dropshipping or wholesale from home. Used by several premium
       storefront sites.

       Shopp – Premium WordPress Plugin. This premium WordPress eCommerce
       theme works well with other WordPress themes, and seamlessly integrates into
       your site. Meant to create ecommerce sites quickly, but also allows for a great deal
       of tine-tuning. Easy to modify with plenty of documentation and support.

       PHPurchase – Premium WordPress Plugin. Allows you to sell digital and
       physical products easily, with memberships, subscriptions and multiple payment
       options. Track inventory and check postal shipping rates, real-time. Includes
       multiple payment options and per-item inventory tracking! It also integrates with
       Gravity Form.

For WordPress Themes and Plugins we DO NOT offer support nor guarantees of any
kind. Please visit the authors‘ website for more info, technical support, purchasing details
and current market releases. Themes are to be used for only the learning and testing, trial
purposes only.

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