5 Soft Skills for Business Success

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					5 Soft Skills for Business Success

When we talk about business skills there are normally 2 categories that we discuss. The
'hard' skills like technical skills, sales, financial. And then there are the so called 'soft'
skills. Here are 5 'soft' skills you will need to have for business success.

First of all, I don't really agree with describing them as 'Soft' because these are actually
some of the hardest skills to acquire if you don't know where to start and who can help
you. Nevertheless that's what they're generally known as so what are the essential 'soft'
skills for business success?


You need to have a vision for where you want your business to be, and where you
personally want to be (more on that later). It's great to have a long term vision but make
sure that you have some mid-term (say six month) targets to hit so that you have
something that is almost in reach to help keep you motivated.


You will need to be aware of what is happening around you, what's changing n the world
and where the opportunities and risks are going to be. Maintaining awareness makes it
easier to anticipate and plan. To seize the advantage when something changes in your
chosen market place, or indeed when a new market place opens up.


This is one of the most underrated and massively useful skills. Listen to what your
customers are saying. Not only will they tell you what they want but, if you listen
properly, they will tell you exactly how to sell it to them. One of the keys to selling is to
remove the barriers, to make it easier to say yes than no. if you listen well then your
customers will tell you exactly what barriers they see to buying from you and you can
then proceed to remove them one by one.

Making it Personal

Don't make it all about your business. Instead of focusing just on what you want your
business to be spend some time considering what sort of a person you want and need to
become in order to achieve what you want out of life and out of your business.

This is one that can benefit you in two ways. First of all if you exercise your imagination
you will be able to develop more creative solutions, be more innovative, and find new
ways to sell. Your imagination can also be a powerful tool in your own motivation.
Imagine how your life will be when you have achieved your business goals (remember to
think about what it means to you and make it personal). If you imagine this strongly it
will help to increase your motivation and make it easier to overcome any obstacles along
the way.

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