How To Get Better At Tendering

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					How To Get Better At Tendering

In comparison with traditional tendering, tendering on the internet provides a more
desirable means of finding and registering for public tenders. You no longer have to hunt
through the printed OJEU, and you can have alerts sent directly to your inbox. This easier
means of tendering has meant more and more companies are bidding for public contracts,
which of course means competition is stepping up. So if you currently have no
experience in tendering, you should do some research first of all so that you know how
best to approach it.

Lots of places run seminars and training classes in procurement, so it might be a wise
move to give one a go. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd when tendering,
so a course could give you some valuable tips on how to do so. If nothing else, it can be
helpful to brush up on the vocabulary that is commonly used in procurement, and to
ensure you are aware how the system works.

You should always double check every document you have to read or complete when
tendering. All too often people miss out vital information, or simply choose not to answer
certain questions. Well that's a sure fire way to get your application put in the bin,
meaning you've wasted all the time you ploughed into it. So just make sure you follow
instructions, and that you fully understand the scoring system they have in place. Always
remember that when tendering, your main objective should not be to offer your goods or
services at the lowest possible price. Contracting authorities are not necessarily just after
the cheapest provider. They want to see you present them with an efficient service. Try to
get familiar with the tender specification so you know exactly what they are looking for,
and you can then tender your proposal around it.

One good way of improving your tendering practises is by requesting a debrief if your
government tender is unsuccessful. This feedback will prove invaluable since you can
find out why you didn't win, and what the successful tender did to stand out and win the
contract. Take all of it on board, make some notes and have them handy next time you
submit an application.

Whilst government tenders are certainly becoming more competitive, there are more and
more opportunities cropping up for small through to large businesses, so get yourself up
to speed on how to put your business in the best possible position when tendering.

James Mishreki writes regular articles giving advice on how best to go about tendering
for OJEU contracts. Government tenders present a great opportunity to businesses
looking for some secure work that will also look great as a reference.

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