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                                      THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF
                                                                                           DECEMBER 2004
CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE                                         CVSS UPDATE
                                 It is with great            Under the IDB Institutional Strengthening Project
                                 pleasure, that I extend
                                 to members,                   •    Diagnostic Reviews have been completed
                                 volunteers, the wider              for twenty-five NGOs.
                                 NGO community and
                                 other stakeholders a          •    Three consultants have been assigned to
                                 Blessed and Merry                  twenty-five agencies to assist these
                                 Christmas.                         agencies in developing 5 year strategic
                                It is with pride that I
                                reflect on the                 •    Twenty-five NGOs, CBOs and volunteers
                                performance of                      are now participating in NGO management
Council for the year under review. Through the                      training programme in collaboration with
successful implementation of over six major                         the UWI School of Continuing Studies.
projects during 2003 – 2004, there has been
significant organizational development and                     •    Twenty-five persons completed the first leg
institutional strengthening for the CVSS and its                    of the pilot of the Practical Training
Member Agencies. You no doubt will reflect on                       Programme on November 24, 2004.
your Agencies’ achievement and feel justly proud                    Twenty-seven persons are expected to
of the contributions you are making towards                         complete training in December. Modules
national development.                                               will cover Project Management, Proposal
                                                                    Writing and Fundraising, Financial
My sincere appreciation to our staff and volunteers                 Accounting and Budgeting and Strategic
for their continued hard work and dedication which
                                                                    Planning and Performance Management.
at times were beyond the call of duty.

As we look to 2005, I wish to reassure you all that            •    Three workshops have been held over the
we are committed to our mandate of building the                     period August – October, 2004. Focus
capacity of our members. We are embarking on one                    areas were Information Technology and
of the most exciting phases of CVSS’ history and                    Financial Reporting, Organizational
we should be announcing some significant                            Development and Human Resources
developments during 2005.                                           Management and Strategic Planning.
                                                                    Approximately thirty agencies participated
May I adopt this medium to wish you all a                           in each workshop.
prosperous 2005.
                                                              Phase I of the project of the National Registry of
Carlton E. Levy                                            Volunteers ended officially on September 30, 2004.
Chairman                                                   EFJ has approved funding for Phase II. The project
                                                           is now located in the Secretariat.

                                                             Three agencies, Youth Opportunities Unlimited,
                                                           Woodside Workshop and Jamaica Association on
                                                           Mental Retardation, have been awarded grants
                                                           totaling $1.5m by Alcoa Foundation to develop
                                                           social ventures for income generation in NGOs.

CVSS Secretariat 122-126 Tower Street, Kgn. Tel. 922-9365-6 E-mail:                           1
The Jamaica Business Development Centre will               THE JAMAICA RED CROSS -
work with these agencies to ensure that objectives
                                                          EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE FOR
are achieved as outlined in Business Plans.
                                                         EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES
  CVSS is collaborating with Child Development

Agency on a p ublic awareness campaign funded by                 he Jamaica Red Cross, in its capacity as a
EFJ on the Child Care and Protection Act.                        disaster and emergency response
                                                                 organization is always ready to respond to
   CVSS is collaborating with the Child
Development Agency with grant funds from EFJ to          Hurricane Ivan’s coming to Jamaica on September
install bio-digester units in three children’s homes,    10, 2004 was no different.
Summerfield Boys’Home, St. Augustine Place of
Safety in Clarendon and Granville Place of Safety in     While most persons were caught up in their own
Trelawny. This is a pilot project to deal with waste     interests, the members of the Jamaica Red Cross
management.                                              were busy ensuring that the interests of others were
                                                         well protected.
   A workshop in networking and advocacy is being
planned for January 2005. You will be informed of        The commitment and dedication of the staff and
registration.                                            volunteers was profound during and after the
                                                         disaster. The epitome of selflessness was captured
                                                         in the word s of Ruth Chisholm, Director of
   Thirteen CVSS affiliates received grants from the
                                                         Emergency Services & Communication of the
United Way of Jamaica Restoration Fund to effect
                                                         Jamaica Red Cross, “We were here right through the
repairs to damage caused by Hurricane Ivan.
                                                         hurricane…. ensuring that everyone and everything
                                                         was in place and ready to respond after the hurricane
THE CVSS SALUTES OUR OLDEST                              The Jamaica Red Cross has been playing a vital role
AFFILIATE                                                in the Island’s restoration process by responding to
                                                         various needs islandwide. Volunteers served and
2004 marks the 110th year of existence of the Boys’      managed over 100 of the 285 shelters across the
Brigade in Jamaica.                                      island.

Several activities were planned to celebrate
Founders’ Day, which began with a Road Run from
King’s House to Brown’s Town, St. Ann.

The Governor General’s message which heralded
the start of the Road Run, was delivered by The
Honorable Canon Weeville Gordon, on the morning
of October 22, 2004.


                                                           RED CROSS REP. CONDUCTING NEEDS ANALYSIS

                                                         Contributed by the Jamaica Red Cross Society

CVSS Secretariat 122-126 Tower Street, Kgn. Tel. 922-9365-6 E-mail:                      2
                                                                 isability Awareness Week was celebrated
                                                                 November 28 to December 3, 2004 under
                                                                 the theme, “Nothing about us without us”.
    •   Roxanne Daley who has Down’s Syndrome            A wide range of activities were planned by the
        has not allowed the disability to stifle her     Ministry of Education – Special Education Unit,
        creative abilities. Roxanne is a past student    Combined Disabilities Association and Jamaica
        of the Jamaica Association on Mental             Council for Persons with Disabilities. Celebrations
        Retardation (School of Hope) and is              took place mainly in three parishes; Kingston,
        presently an Assistant Teacher. Roxanne          Clarendon and St James.
        received the 2004 Youth Musgrave Award
        for excellence in dancing from the Institute     The CVSS congratulates the agencies involved in
        of Jamaica.                                      making the week the success that it was. Some
                                                         highlights were:
Hats off to the following persons who received
awards at the National Heroes Day Ceremony on                            November 29
October 18, 2004.                                                  Canadian Paraplegic Foundation,
                                                            Nat ional Commercial Bank and Bank of Nova
    •   Dr. Edward Lee, Chairman of the Scouts’            Scotia, handing over 12 wheelchairs to St. John
        Association was awarded an Order of                           Golding Centre and JCPD
    •   Hermoine McKenzie, President of the                                November 30
        YWCA was awarded an Order of                          Keynote speaker – Minister Horace Dalley
        Disticntion.                                       Interviews with talk-show host Barbara Gloudon
    •   Grace Duncan of the Jamaica Association                          Speech competition
        on Mental Retardation was awarded an                       Special forum on disability issues
        Order of Distinction                                        The Jamaica Conference Centre
    •   Joyce Campbell of the National Consumers
        League was also awarded an Order of                                   December 2
        Distinction.                                           Lunch hour concert – Emancipation Park.
    •   Juanita Bernard from the Girls’ Brigade                              1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
        received a Badge of Honour.                             Handing out awards to recipients of the
                                                                      Maragaret Moodie Awards
                                                              3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. – Evening of Elegance

        Christmas Cards                                                   December 3
                                                                   Blind cricket match - 1:00 p.m.
           to support our children.                           Mona Bowl, University of the West Indies
   Order Christmas cards with colourful
         Jamaican designs in aid of                                     INTERNATIONAL
  Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.).                              VOLUNTEERS’ DAY.
   Designs donated by Patrick Waldemar
             and Sonia Richards.                                    December 5 is International
 To order your cards please contact Y.O.U.                       Volunteers’ Day. Take the time to
       4 1/2 Camp Road, Kingston 4                             show appreciation to the volunteers
                                                                  in your organization. During the
         Telephone (876) 759-2080
                                                                 month of December 2005, send in
          Tele/Fax (876) 759-2081                               the name of your most outstanding
                                                                  volunteer to the Custos in your
                                                               parish, so that the volunteer can get
                                                                 his/her United Nations’ Volunteer

CVSS Secretariat 122-126 Tower Street, Kgn. Tel. 922-9365-6 E-mail:                       3
       DIABETES                              CANCER &                            CALENDAR OF EVENTS
      AWARENESS                             NUTRITION:                              December 4 & 11
                                          A CRITICAL LINK                                Addiction Alert
TAKING CARE OF THE                                                                Sports Day (Remedial Group)
                                               ancer can affect most parts
                                               of the body. The most                    December 5
                                               common cancer sites are            International Volunteers’ Day

        iabetes continues to be
        among the common health         the prostate, breast and cervix.
        problems facing us.                                                             December 8
                                        It is often believed that avoiding          St. Andrew Care Centre
                                        the disease is a matter of luck,          Awards and Recognition Service
Dr. Owen Bernard, Chairman,             while others fear that developing it         Knutsford Court Hotel
CVSS Health Sector Committee,           is inevitable.
underscored the need to pay
special attention to the care of the    The good news is that cancer is                December 10
feet. He further explained some         largely a preventable disease. It is      Scouts Association of Jamaica
common foot conditions, which           estimated that one in every three         Governor General’s Luncheon
require the attention of a trained      cancer deaths may be related to the
surgical chiropodist:                   food choices we make daily.                    December 11
The involuted nails (curving of the                                                  Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade
                                        Nutrition Related factors include
                                                                                 Joint Carol Service – Scots Kirk
nail). Nails become bent under the          • Body size
influence of heat, moisture or              • Fat
pressure, especially if they are not        • Physical activity                        December 11
properly trimmed and cared for.             • Fruits & vegetables                            Y.O.U.
                                            • Foods                               Adolescents’ Christmas Party
Corns (helomas) can be very
                                            • Alcohol
painful and if not properly treated,                                                   December 15
can result in septic or
                                        NUTRITIONAL                                 St. Andrew Care Centre
inflammatory conditions.
                                        RECOMENTATIONS                              Prime Minister’s Treat –
                                           • Maintain a healthy body                      Vale Royal
Onchogryphosis (thick crusty
nails). A thickened nail is difficult
and if allowed to grow, can                • Eat mainly plant-based                    December 19
                                              diets. Limit processed               Children & Community for
become moulded by shoe.
                                              foods.                                         Change
Diabetes can cause damage to the                                                  Treat for children and parents
                                        FOOD PREPARATION
nerves of the feet reducing the            • Do not eat charred food
ability to feel and fight infections.      • Avoid food additives
                                           • Limit alcohol intake
Early signs of foot problems
should be identified and treated        Flair Magazine, October 4, 2004             PENSION SCHEME
                                        Congratulations to the staff and
     Daily Gleaner, Thursday,                                                  The CVSS has established
                                        volunteers of the Jamaica Cancer
      November 11, 2004                 Society for the service they are       a Pension Plan to serve its
                                        providing.                             members. Please contact
                                                                               the Secretariat for
                                                                               application forms.

     CVSS Secretariat 122-126 Tower Street, Kgn. Tel. 922-9365-6 E-mail:                  4

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