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        It is an agreement between the grower and the consumer. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE BEST AND
FIRST OF THE CROP. We deliver the produce to you as fresh as possible; you’ll taste the difference. On home
deliveries we ask, as the weather gets warmer, you put a cooler out with ice in it to keep the produce cool.

        We take pride in bringing you a wider variety than most producers. Our methods are years of planning
and trials. We offer a unique way of growing our strawberries, so they will be available all summer, our salad
lettuce is grown the same way. All of our leafy vegetables are the freshest you can find. You need to be aware of
the fact the USDA has authorized more radiation of leafy greens going on the supermarket shelves, because of
the scare we had last year. It may kill us as well as the bacteria; no long term study has been done.

       All of our produce is grown organically chemical free.

       Full season of 22 weeks is approx. $19.50 a week. $425.00 total - this can be made in two payments of
$212.50 each, one when you sign-on and the other in June. Home delivery is $75.00 for the season. You may
pick up your produce at no extra charge. We have drop-off sights at 39th and Genessee 5:00 - 7:00 Thursday
evening or Saturdays from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm at the City Market downtown.

       We accept MasterCard, Visa or Discover.

       5 Things You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Sign-Up:
          1. Is there a chance I will be relocated before the season starts?
          2. Can I adjust my eating habits to a CSA program?
          3. Can I remember to pick up my order each week?
          4. How many weeks will I be away this summer? Is there someone to pick up my order for me?
          5. Do I need to block out any weeks for vacation? You are allowed two weeks - deduct them from
             your total bill and be sure to let us know when you book.

                                         APPLICATION FOR 2011

Name ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________________ State ___________ Zip _________________

Phone_____________________________________ Cell _________________________________

MasterCard ___ Visa ____ Discover_____

Home Delivery _______ PICK UP Thurs. _______ PICK UP Sat. ________

          Contact Information: 660-584-2526 (farm) • 816-726-3405 (cell) • e-mail: peacockf@ctcis.net
                                                Peacock Farms
                            12589 Salem Cemetery Road • Higginsville, MO 64037