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									                  Webinar on Powering Customer Support with Social Media Intelligence

Join us to explore the power of social media’s explosive growth and what it means to consumers and brands. Learn about the new
ways consumers interact with companies and their expectations of engagement through social channels by way of proactive and
reactive engagement (ie: monitoring keywords and following up is more or less common knowledge, whereas identifying statistically
relevant emerging patterns of conversation and taking action is not).

Join experts, our guest Zach Hofer-Shall at Forrester Research and Mark Angel, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
at KANA to capture the view of the Customer Service Manager and better understand:

   1. Goals and how can social (listening, or communities) help achieve them (ie: driving down cost, improving customer
      satisfaction, etc.)
   2. Governance and privacy and how they should address it
   3. Examples of where social is being used really well in customer service

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About KANA
KANA makes every customer experience a good experience. As the leader in Service Experience Management (SEM), KANA gives
managers total control over the customer service process, so they can take care of their brand while taking care of customers. By
unifying and adapting customer journeys across the contact center, web site and social community, KANA's solutions have reduced
handling time, increased resolution rates and improved NPS at more than 600 enterprises, including half of the Global 100 and more
than 200 government agencies. KANA is based in Silicon Valley and has offices worldwide.
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