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Vorwerk “CASTELLO”
Created exclusively for the fascinating realm of the world’s top hotels,
the new “CASTELLO” Axminster hotel collection from Vorwerk is
being    presented     in all    its   magical    beauty and    breathtaking

Hamlin, January 2009 ─ There are certain places on this planet that are not
„of this world‟. They are almost magical spots, full of luxury and everpresent
inspiration for the senses. Venues from a different time, an age of
deceleration and taking pleasure in things. They are the grand hotels of
major metropolises, the five-star luxury accommodations at the most
beautiful and thrilling places this world has to offer. Together with renowned
textile designer Ulf Moritz, Vorwerk has now developed the “CASTELLO”
Axminster hotel collection for these very special edifices. A collection that
exhibits first-class quality, exclusive style and the finest arts of design,
because nowhere else are the expectations and demands placed by
investors and guests as high as at the world‟s top hotels.

With its first collection for hotels in the luxury class, Vorwerk Teppichwerke,
one of Germany‟s leading brand manufacturers of exclusive and design-
oriented carpets, is once again setting off on new paths by offering
architects and interior decorators its extensive know-how in the designing
and manufacturing of uncompromisingly high-quality carpets for the first
time in this segment of the contract carpet business, too. At the same time,
Vorwerk is enlarging its offer in woven carpet production through the
addition of the “Axminster” line, worldwide one of the highest-grade
products on offer in the field of textile floor coverings.

According to Johannes Schulte, CEO of Vorwerk Teppichwerke: “With the
„CASTELLO‟ hotel collection we are now transporting the luxury strategy for
the Vorwerk brand to business in the hotel and contract sectors as well.
For us, entering straight off at the very top of the market with individualised
and custom-made products for hotels is merely a consistent step, though a
key prerequisite along the way to placing Vorwerk as a desirable brand in
international markets that are new to us, for instance in France, the
Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, but keeping England, Russia or the
USA in mind, too.”

“CASTELLO” ─ Enjoying rooms with all the senses

Velvety-soft   surfaces,   luxurious   volumes    and   a   dense    structure
characterise the fascinating carpets from the new Vorwerk “CASTELLO”
collection weighing up to 2,400 g/m2. Woven from high-grade threads with
an 80 per cent proportion of pure virgin wool, all of the carpets belonging to
this collection display a maximum of comfort and durability alongside
optimal attributes which typically qualify them for the contract carpeting
sector. With “CASTELLO” Vorwerk is offering a total of 3 product lines.
They have been specially tailored to match the various surface areas in use
at hotels. Whether in the lobby, the hallways and conference areas or on to
the rooms and suites themseves, the collection covers all sectors of a hotel
to which guests have access.

Together with Ina Struve, head designer at Vorwerk, art director Ulf Moritz
has created 6 theme worlds that are both individual and stylish. For
example, “POINT” banks completely on a world of colour in black-and-
white. Dots, circles and waves reduce design to the essentials and set the
stage for a modern, cosmopolitan look. In contrast, the “GOBELIN” theme
equates with opulence; colours and shapes set the accents. Here luxurious
ambience is conveyed in a refined „British‟ style. “VILLA” holds something
completely different in store: Playfully scattered ornaments and cheerful
colours generate a lively atmosphere with refreshing lightness and feminine
elegance. “GLEN CHECK”, “ROCOCO” and “PALAIS” present further

highly commendable suggestions for design, each of which sets its very
own creative impulses.

The basis for boundless designing ideas

The design worlds presented in the collection mirror the wide diversity of
possibilities with which an exclusive interior can be thrillingly redesigned,
from stylish design hotels and on to elegant grand hotels. They amply
demonstrate how rooms receive an unmistakable character of their own
through the combination of colour, ornamental elements and structure, and
in the process gain that certain individuality and exclusiveness so
distinctive for the charm and unique atmosphere of the world‟s great luxury

As a choice suggested collection, Vorwerk “CASTELLO” is boundlessly
open to artfully creative designing ideas while offering a one-of-a-kind basis
for bringing individual design to floors ─ fully in alignment with an architect‟s
wishes    ─   in   300   sophisticated    colour   variations.   The   masterful
craftsmanship and paramount competence for design displayed by Vorwerk
based on the knowledge and experience accumulated over 125 years of
manufacturing carpets are your guarantee for incomparable „Axminister‟
carpets at the highest level of international quality.

“CASTELLO” enhances the extensive Vorwerk offer for hotels

In Germany, the specially manufactured wall-to-wall design carpets from
Vorwerk have already made an outstanding name for themselves in the
international hotel trade. Woven carpets from the Vorwerk “Objekt
Collection” can be found today at superior hotels such as the Side Hotel
Hamburg, the Hilton Hotels in Vienna and Barcelona, the Sheraton Tel Aviv
or the Sofitel La Défense in Paris. Besides exclusive carpet weaves,
Vorwerk also has tufted products suited for the highest-quality printing
techniques, luxurious area rugs and ecologically manufactured textile
carpet tiles. For hotels which have devoted themselves completely to

space-encompassing artists‟ designs, in the “Dialog Art Collection” from
Vorwerk they can also find design drafts from roughly 40 artists, architects
and designers, among them such names as Roy Lichtenstein, Robert
Wilson, Jeff Coons or Gerhard Richter. With the Axminster hotel collection
“CASTELLO”, the Vorwerk offer for hotels is once again being clearly
rounded off towards the very top. In short, today Vorwerk is offering a
selection for the international hotel trade whose quality, nature and scope
are one-of-a-kind in this segment. As a result, Vorwerk is advancing into
becoming a new top player among international competitors.

No competition in sight with the new Vorwerk consulting system

Starting now Vorwerk is introducing a uniquely new advisory consulting
concept in order to enable the large breadth and depth of its selection in
nearly all areas of the upmarket hotel business to be experienced by
customers while keeping the selection structured on a manageable scale.
The system is set up in modules and makes it possible to find the optimum
carpet on offer out of the entire Vorwerk hotel selection that matches the
need in question. Together with the respective client the consultant can
define manufacturing varieties, surface structures, materials, colours,
design patterns, areas of application and price sectors until a product is
found that corresponds exactly to the desired attributes in terms of quality,
style, price and usage. While doing so the system takes both carpet from
the roll and solutions involving carpet tiles into consideration.

Until now the architects and interior designers of hotel projects have had to
depend on making queries to many different manufacturers in order to find
out the choice of collections available for their particular project. However,
and especially in the area revolving around luxury furnishings, the offers
were mostly limited, the path to finding the right product strenuous and
time-consuming. At Vorwerk, every planner is now able to find the greatest
possible diversity of first-rate products from one source: an advantage that
saves not only time and money, but also gives architects an optimal and
constant overview of what can be done nowadays in innovative and design-
oriented carpeting.
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