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									Diabetes Mellitus is also simply known as diabetes. It is the disease characterized by a
malfunctioning metabolism and a high blood sugar level. The result can be low levels of insulin
or abnormal insulin resistance. This mixed with inadequate levels of insulin secretion results in

Diabetes Mellitus
Symptoms of diabetes mellitus include increased urine production, excessive thirst, extreme
fatigue, and excessive thirst and weight loss. These symptoms though may not be present in
those people with only mildly elevated sugar levels. Diabetes mellitus includes type 1, type 2 and
gestational diabetes, which occur only during pregnancy. Each type has a different cause and
different severity of symptoms.

But all forms of diabetes are dangerous if not treated. With proper management though, people
with diabetes can live a long, healthy, normal life. The main cause of type 1 diabetes mellitus is
the loss of insulin producing cells in the pancreas. This ultimately
leads to an insulin deficiency.

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