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									Heart of England in Bloom 2007

Foreword by Sir William Lawrence OBE Bt

Some of you may have heard about the difficult decision taken this year by
myself and my fellow directors at the Heart of England Tourist Board to close
the company at the end of this financial year. You will also no doubt be aware
that the Tourist Board has, for many years, co-ordinated the Heart of England
in Bloom campaign and awards ceremony, most recently, on behalf of the
Royal Horticultural Society.

Many of you might be wondering what will therefore happen to Heart of
England in Bloom? I am very pleased to announce today that we are
establishing a new Heart of England in Bloom Committee to coordinate the
campaign and awards for 2008 and beyond. I certainly wanted to continue my
involvement in Bloom, and will act as President of the new Committee. There
will be other familiar faces with Les Goodman, currently the Senior Bloom
Judge, acting as Chairman and other judges taking on various other roles. In
addition, I am delighted to confirm that Jenny Redfern will act as Secretary and
will continue to coordinate Bloom in the Heart of England.

A formal structure and arrangements will be in place later this year, and details
will be available ready for the next Heart of England Bloom seminar. In the
meantime, a new website at www.heartofenglandinbloom.co.uk is now
available for you to find out all the news, information and bloom updates as
they become available.

I know this year has been a tough one all round with many of you having to
deal with your own personal circumstances with flooding, let alone worrying
about the effect on your hard work on Heart of England in Bloom. However,
with the difference you make to the lives of tens of thousands of residents and
visitors, I am sure you know it was all worth it.

Congratulations to you all.

Best wishes,

Sir William Lawrence OBE Bt

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Heart of England in Bloom 2007
A word from the Judges
The introduction to last year’s comments started by saying what a mixed bag of
weather we had when judging in the month of July. I think this year there is
only one word for the weather and that is rain and yet more rain. So once
again congratulations to you all for overcoming some very difficult conditions,
both before and after judging.

The judges are well aware that entry in the Bloom Campaign requires tenacity,
enthusiasm, a great deal of determination and above all a lot of hard work.
However, when you enter this wonderful blooming campaign and you see your
entry come alive with colour and community spirit the feeling is indescribable,
especially when your own community tells you what a difference you are
making to their environment.

You are all aware that Bloom is not all about flowers, because the scoring in
the non floral sections of the judging sheets continues to increase. It is
pleasing to know that the Autumn and Spring seminars are of great value to all
entrants and we will continue to discuss both formally and informally any
issues of concern, as well as providing a forum for any new ideas. We would
once again encourage all entrants to attend. The judges are prepared to attend
your meetings and talk to your committee and residents to discuss any help
you may need upon request.

Could we please make a plea to all entrants to spread the word, to enthuse,
and to encourage your neighbours to help make our blooming Heart of
England even more beautiful with lots and lots of new entries for 2008?

On behalf of all the judges and Jenny, a very big Thank You once again for all
the hospitality, friendship and above all your commitment to making the Heart
of England in Bloom such a great campaign to improve the communities and
environments in which we all live.

Les Goodman
Senior Judge for the Heart of England in Bloom campaign

On behalf of:

Regional Judges for 2007
Roger Bache, Mike Garwood, William Lowe, Angela Pendleton, Graham
Redfern, Robin Russell and David Wassell MBE

Jenny Redfern, Heart of England in Bloom Co-ordinator

                            Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Heart of England in Bloom Standards
Bronze        50-59%
              This is considered a commendable entry meeting the
              sustainable standards required, and has the potential to
              progress to Silver award

Silver        60-74%
              This award is for an above average entry, and has met most
              of the judging criteria & objectives for Britain in Bloom and has
              displayed the potential to progress to Silver-Gilt award

Silver-Gilt   75-84%
              This is given to an entrant who has met the judging criteria &
              objectives with a very high standard throughout, and has in
              one or more areas been exceptionally thorough. This award is
              considered to be a potential Gold award winner in the future.

Gold          85% and above
              This award is given to exceptional achievers who have
              demonstrated a consistently high standard in all areas of the
              judging criteria and objectives of Britain in Bloom.

Neighbourhood Award Standards
Improvement   0-49%
              Making a good solid start with foundations for merit in the

Merit         50-84%
              Good all round performance and shows potential for
              outstanding achievement in the future

Outstanding   85% and above
              Showing promise and the ability to develop further in the main
              Bloom campaign

                          Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Heart of England in Bloom Awards
Judges’ Comments 2007
Alcester in Bloom – Small Town
Gold Award
The Heart of England in Bloom Judges were received by the ‘In Bloom’
Chairman and her husband and presented to the many local dignitaries with
music and the church bells ringing on a bright and sunny morning. What a
welcome! Although the Town had suffered from the flooding, recovery had
taken place and there was an optimistic atmosphere. The tour of the Town
visited many excellent floral displays: the splendid Malt Mill Lane, the
churchyard with new Sensory Garden, industrial areas, the Roman Museum,
nature reserve, schools, residential gardens and local parks. Many volunteers
and children were met and the whole Town was buzzing with excitement. The
weather was lovely and so was the Town of Alcester.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The floral displays in the main street and churchyard
    The Fire Station, Police Station and Library planting
    The roadside and island planting
    Planting at Georgian Close
    The mix of herbaceous, shrub and annual planting in Malt Mill Lane
    The British Legion planting at the Roman Museum
    The planting by the Scouts
    Arrow Valley Nature Reserve and the leaflet produced to inform the
      members about the maintenance
    Our Lady’s School Wildlife Pond
    Cleanliness of the area
    Well maintained street furniture
    Community involvement

Well done and we wish you luck in the Britain in Bloom Campaign as the
representative in the Small Town Category for the Heart of England Region.

Balsall Heath Forum – Urban Community
Silver Award
This area has pulled itself up from its shady past and now looks forward to the
future with great vigour. Parts of the area have further to go but as a whole
they are moving forward with great enthusiasm. At this rate they show the
commitment to make the area a great place to live. The inclusion of so many
school children is setting an example for things to come.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The new flower beds in the park
    Tindall School – the enjoyment and enthusiasm could be seen on the
      children’s faces

                            Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Farm and school plants
      The wildlife flower bed – maintained by the children in the park

Biddulph in Bloom – Large Town
Gold Award & Category Winner
On a rainy morning the Chairman of Biddulph in Bloom greeted the Heart of
England Judges on their visit to Biddulph. Visits were made to parks, excellent
roadside plantings, a butterfly garden and the park at the Knypersley Quarry
the reclaimed open cast coal site. A roadside verge maintained by two ladies
from the Women’s Institute was a delight. Also included was a multi-level
private garden and floral displays in the Town Centre. The whole Town looked
very attractive, clean and tidy and was a tribute to the hard work of the ‘In
Bloom’ volunteers and the Town’s residents in general. Originally a mining
Town, Biddulph has transformed itself in the last few years through hard work
and the efforts of its people.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The floral displays in the Town Centre, particularly at the Town Hall
    The excellent roadside plantings
    Barrier Box planting
    The Fair Trade bedded logo planting
    The large amount of tree planting throughout the Town providing a
      wonderful legacy for the future
    The Knypersley Quarry open cast coal site which has been transformed
      into a wildlife parkland
    The butterfly garden maintained wholly by volunteers
    The general waste management effort by the local authorities
    The clean appearance of the whole Town
    The street furniture was well cared for, with lots of seats in strategic
    The whole Town being aware of the ‘In Bloom’ effort
    The amount of sponsors and the general fundraising efforts within the
      business community and local authorities

Bray’s Lane Neighbourhood Watch – Urban Community
We welcome Bray’s Lane Neighbourhood Watch back into the Heart of
England in Bloom Campaign after a year out due to the major road works that
were undertaken in the area in 2006. This entry started as a neighbourhood
watch group to combat crime in the road and has developed over the years
into a ‘bloom’ action group. It has the advantage of having a school in the road
which is used to encourage the young to get involved in the campaign. It has
now found sponsorship to continue to grow once again as a previous sponsor
has had to leave Coventry.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The front garden competition
    Variety of front gardens

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Sale of the hanging baskets
      The involvement of the children of Sacred Heart School
      The new street trees
      The amount of recycling in the bi-weekly collection.
      The area was clean and tidy
      The amount of sponsorship they have achieved
      The press coverage

Bridgnorth – Town
Gold Award, Category & Overall Winner
The Judges were met by the Town Clerk and after a short visit to Hospital Walk
and Tudor Rooms a welcome by the Lady Mayor, Councillors and Town Crier
took place outside the Town Hall on a sunny afternoon. The Judges viewed a
Fuchsia project which children had created and was on view in the Town Hall.
A tour of the Town took place by vehicle and on foot to view the Cemetery,
roadside landscaping and viewed the flowers at the Severn Valley Railway
Station. The Judges were told of the determined efforts to rebuild the line after
the recent catastrophic flood damage. The next visit on the tour was to the
magnificent Castle Gardens, where the Bridgnorth Youth Orchestra were
playing in the bandstand. The Town looked immaculate and sparkled in the

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The Cemetery
    The flowers in the Castle Grounds and on the Quayside
    The effect of the floral displays throughout the Town
    The landscaping in the Castle Grounds, especially the new sitting area
    The entrance landscaping at the Cemetery
    The roadsides, especially Kidderminster Road, Brandon Island and
      Hospital Walk
    Lavington Gardens was a nice mix of flowers, trees and shrubs and with
      a new sitting area
    The roadside wild flowers
    The recycling system and green waste disposal
    The high standard of overall cleanliness
    The community involvement and efforts of the volunteers
    The level of public awareness and support in Schools
    The level of fundraising and sponsorship in support of the ‘In Bloom’

Bromyard in Bloom – Small Town
Gold Award
The Judges were greeted by the Mayor, Committee Members, local dignitaries
and St. Peters School Choir. A short audio presentation was given before the
walking tour of the Town began, which included visits to the Churchyard,
Wildlife Walkway Project, cemetery and Town centre. The excellent new sports
complex on the edge of Town was included on our tour using the Bromyard

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Omnibus. The whole Town looked well maintained and the floral displays were
excellent everywhere. Despite the rain this was a very enjoyable and
stimulating visit; a result of all the hard work by all sections of the community.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The stone style planters throughout the Town in particular the corner
    Front gardens, Guildway and the Challenge
    The baskets and troughs on the commercial premises
    The memorial troughs at Memory Corner
    The Tanga Tree planting
    The residential front gardens on the new housing developments
    The planting to encourage insects in the borders at the Public Hall
    Railway Walk project
    Recycling effort
    The Churchyard footpath project
    The cemetery access pathway and extension
    General cleanliness of the whole town and quality of maintenance of
      public areas
    The level of community involvement, including commercial support
    The level of awareness in the Town, the support of the local press and
      the new ‘Bromyard in Bloom’ flag

Broseley in Bloom – Small Town
Gold Award & Category Winner
The Judges met at the home the Chairman Gillian Pope and her husband, with
other ‘In Bloom’ members. A dark sky soon gave way to a sunny afternoon as
the tour of the Town took place. This included visits to local schools, scrap
metal recycling sites, public plantings undertaken by children and volunteers
on roadsides, in parks and in the Memorial Garden. Finally we visited the
lovely Jackson Avenue and walked down High Street to view the floral displays
and the refurbished Memorial Gardens. Clearly the whole community is behind
the Town’s effort, which must be very rewarding for the ‘In Bloom’ Committee.
The tour ended with a strawberry tea at the Victoria Hall.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Floral displays in the High Street and Memorial Gardens
    Floral displays on public houses and retail shops
    Front gardens at Jackson Avenue and Sherlock Hoy Close
    The private garden in Cherry Brook Drive
    The overall planting and maintenance of Forest Park at Dark Lane
      Primary School
    The planting by the Brownies at the Church entrance
    The planting at the top of Quarry Road by Mr & Mrs Parker, and planting
      at the entrance to Oakley Arnold
    The Oakley Arnold scrap metal plant and can recycling effort
    General cleanliness and weed free environment

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Most street furniture in good condition
      Involvement in tidy up schemes by youth groups
      The amount of media coverage and general awareness by the public of
       ‘In Bloom’
      The level of sponsorship and in kind benefits obtained

Burton in Bloom – Small City
Silver-Gilt Award
Once again on arriving in Burton we were given a warm welcome. The bedding
display at Stapenhill Park was a pleasure to see; the traditional swan, we
understand, was a few days earlier actually in the river due to the flooding. All
this said the staff has worked hard to put on a fine display for the judges to
see. The visit to St Modwen’s Church to see the floral festival was a delight. If
the comments suggested for future development are addressed the judges can
see Burton progressing to the next level.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Bedding at Stapenhill Gardens
    St Peters Island display
    Quality of hanging baskets
    Input by the community gardeners
    Good to see the fire station back on board
    The work being done by the S.A.N.D. group at the Memorial Garden
    Shrub beds on car parks
    Parkway commercial premises
    Allotment set aside for special needs school
    The general cleanliness of the town centre
    The work undertaken in getting everyone involved in the ‘In Bloom’

Cheadle in Bloom - Town
Silver Award
The Heart of England Judges met with the Chairman and members of the ‘In
Bloom’ committee at a local Memorial Park on a blustery rainy afternoon. The
tour of the Town was on foot and by vehicle and encompassed a recycling site,
parks, nature conservation project for protecting water voles and the floral
displays in the Town Centre. This was the first entry by Cheadle in the
campaign and it has been a very creditable effort, providing a sound foundation
for future progress.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Plantings by the Moorlands Day Service group at Tean Park Memorial
      Ground and the Bowling Green area
    Town Centre flowers, especially Moorland and Greyhound walks
    Planting in front gardens at Hammersley Hayes Housing

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Cecilly Brook Water Vole conservation project was an excellent attempt
       to conserve a rare creature, and a real benefit to the local people and
      Household recycling site was extremely well managed, being very clean
       and tidy; able to deal with a wide range of waste
      The cleanliness of the whole Town and the good condition of the street
      Dog Bin sites throughout the Town
      The level of community projects to encourage youngsters and the wider
       public to become involved
      The ‘In Bloom’ awareness day at the Market and the support by
       businesses and local authorities
      Level of sponsorship and support throughout the Town for a project that
       has only recently been launched

Cheltenham in Bloom – Small City
Gold Award
Cheltenham in Bloom is celebrating 25 years of ‘In Bloom’ and once again
have maintained their high standards in achieving a Gold Award for a 6 th
consecutive year. Montpelier Gardens has been sympathetically restored to its
former glory and is a great asset to Cheltenham City Centre. The floral displays
are maintained to a very high standard and the grounds staff are to be
congratulated, coping so well with the recent adverse weather conditions.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The Promenade Gardens, Imperial Gardens and the Municipal Offices
    The Queens Hotel baskets and planters
    The use of permanent and unusual dot plants
    The bed design for the flower bed sponsored by The Big Sleep Hotel
    The regeneration of Montpelier Gardens
    The University grounds and well maintained trees
    Sanford Park
    The wild flower display in Naunton Park
    Keep Chelt Tidy Group and the general tidiness of the whole City
    Lamp post banners and the general awareness of the ‘in bloom

Coleshill in Bloom – Small Town
Gold Award
The visit to Coleshill took place on a hot sunny afternoon, something of a rarity
this summer. The Judges were greeted by the Town Mayor, Deputy Borough
Mayor, Lord Plumb, Chairman of Coleshill in Bloom, various dignitaries and
volunteers at St. Peter and St Paul’s Church, where a splendid Ladies Choir
sang for everyone. The tour consisted of visits to gardens, walkways, parks,
fire station garden, industrial areas and a new railway station, Coleshill
Parkway. The Town looked very clean and tidy with many public and private

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
flowers and extensive landscaping. The town’s people have really supported
the Bloom Committee and the Town itself is now benefiting enormously.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The tubs and floral displays
    The displays on various shops and hotels, particularly the Coleshill
      Hotel and St. Peter’s House
    The private gardens in many residential areas
    Servite Housing displays and the flowers at the Maisonettes
    The landscaping to Coleshill Business Park
    The garden and landscaping at the Fire Station
    The Hawkeswell Lane landscaping which has solved several problems
      in one project
    The Cole Valley corridor management scheme and the wild flower areas
      being developed in the churchyard
    The waste management scheme which is being expanded in the near
    The well cared for environment which was litter free and well swept
    The condition of street furniture
    The development of the Skate Park, which was a genuine partnership
      between the Police and local youths
    The high level of media and community support and awareness of the
      ‘In Bloom’ effort
    Level of sponsorship set out in the portfolio

Colwich & Little Haywood – Large Village
Silver-Gilt Award
This is a delightful village that has seen the benefit from its bypass which
makes it peaceful but not sleepy. The encouragement of the children is great
to see and is a sign that all in the village are committed to the improvement of
their environment. The village has benefited from all year round colour with the
introduction of spring flowers and shrub planting.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The planting at the Parish Centre
    The flower towers at the entrance to the village
    Some wonderful front gardens full of bedding
    The spring bulb planting
    Maintained allotments
    Railway Crash’s Garden
    Recycling projects
    Church wildlife conservation area
    Cleanliness of the village
    The number of gardens open on the village open day

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Coventry in Bloom - Large City
Gold Award & Category Winner
This year Coventry has combined their entries from the urban regeneration and
large city categories into one entry. The work undertaken by both sections has
proved to enhance the city as a whole. The floral displays are exceptional
considering the weather conditions they have had to work within. This year’s
theme is Coventry's twinning with twenty-six cities under the heading of 'United
in Bloom' and their displays showed this off particularly well.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Floral displays on and outside the railway station
    Lady Herbert's Garden
    The excellent hanging baskets and containers
    Grey Friars Green carpet bed, formal bedding and Wild Flower area
    The traffic islands and floral displays around the outskirts of the city
    Permanent and annual planting mix on traffic islands
    Wild flower meadow at Coombe Abbey
    Overall cleanliness of city centre
    Condition of street furniture throughout the city
    Lack of graffiti and fly-posting
    The exceptional amount of sponsorship
    The enthusiastic way in which Coventry support The Heart of England in
      Bloom is to be congratulated

Erdington in Bloom – Urban Community
Bronze Award
After entering the Neighbourhood Awards last year Erdington have continued
to improve, entering the main ‘Bloom’ campaign. The area has been helped by
the local community especially on planting days, so successful that they
required more plants, and the regular litter picks, which make this a clean and
tidy entry. The involvement of the Ikon gallery in various art projects with the
school children helps them to feel part of the area’s on-going improvement.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The amount of community help with all the planting schemes
    The amount of hanging baskets on shops; with a great colour scheme
    Wild life area at a local school
    The area was graffiti free, clean and tidy

Gloucester – Small City
Gold Award
As we drove into Gloucester we were not disappointed by the outstanding
display of floral features. The baskets and floral displays continue to be of
excellent quality. We started our tour in a canal basin where the barge owners
had put out baskets and troughs to enhance the moorings. The work being
done by St Michaels Square residents' group is to be congratulated and

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Baskets and containers were excellent
    Canal basin barges
    St Barnabas Island with permanent and annual plants
    Business and commercial flowers are well-represented e.g. Fountains
    Herbaceous beds Gloucester Road and the War Memorial at the
      entrance to Gloucester Park
    Westgate industrial estate
    Screen planting along roads adjacent to housing estates
    Barnwood Arboretum and Friends Group
    Robinswood Country Park is an excellent amenity for the city
    The city centre was of a high standard for cleanliness

Halmer End – Village
Silver Award
Halmer End suffers from the decline in coalfield engineering and high
unemployment. The committee has reduced from 9 to 3 as some members
have had to move away. The work of this mature nucleus has to be
commended. The village is attempting to function and the use of flowers and
colour attempts to enhance the area. The use of tubs at the front of the miners’
cottages offers a pleasant surprise to visitors, friends and family entering this

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The miners’ cottages
    Planting at the car park
    The memorial seat to the miners who died in a major pit accident
    Wild life areas

Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham – Urban Regeneration
Silver-Gilt Award
The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham has moved into the main Bloom
campaign from the Neighbourhood Awards. They have done so with great
enthusiasm from both the committee and businesses involved. The extra
baskets and floral displays bring colour and life to the streets. The local
schools get involved with the cemetery nature trail and other events. This must
only be the start of better things to come.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Baskets and window boxes
    The display at the Information Centre
    Sponsorship of the large bed by BMW
    The Tropical bed in Warstone Road
    Use of the churchyard as an educational tool and the interpretation
    The recycling initiative for businesses

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The gap sites were clean and tidy
      The condition of the street furniture
      Lack of graffiti and weeds in hard landscaping

Leamington Old Town in Bloom – Urban Community
Silver-Gilt Award
This returning entry is evolving in a way that could see it go far. The use of
colour and form is enabling the link between buildings and the street scene.
The committee is committed to the enhancement of the area as part the overall
Leamington Old Town revival. The main support from all the areas involved is
the nucleus of young and old working together to lift this part of Royal
Leamington Spa to a higher plane.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The cemetery, formally All Saints Churchyard
    Charles Gardener Square
    A good start made to sponsored hanging baskets
    The new planting at Leamington Spa Railway Station
    The new planting at the children’s playground including spring bulbs
    The various forms of recycling
    The use of St Mary’s allotments for growing fruit and vegetables for the
      Bath Place Co-op

Ledbury – Town
Gold Award
The Heart of England in Bloom Judges were met by the Lady Mayor,
Councillors and members of the ‘In Bloom’ committee at the Market House just
after a severe thunderstorm which fortunately had mostly cleared away prior to
judging. The tour included wonderful floral displays, school gardening clubs,
part of the Town trail, Almshouses, parks and gardens as well as the
Churchyard. The whole Town looked splendid and the hanging baskets and
tubs greatly enhanced the quaint streets and alleyways. A very enjoyable visit
completed in sunshine.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The floral displays, in particular the hanging baskets on many stands
      and buildings
    The individual displays on shops, pubs, hotels, etc, especially The
    The entrance to the Town and the tubs with butterfly plantings
    Burgage Hall front garden
    The Town trail shrub beds and Millennium Garden
    The Excellent Youth Club Garden Project
    The Walled Garden plantings and Sensory Garden adjacent to the
    The gardens at the Queens Walk Primary School, and the Almshouses

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The Queens Walk insect planting and children’s butterfly garden and the
       overall butterfly theme for enhancing habitats
      The waste management and recycling efforts in general
      The Riverside Walk ecology report which sets out future projects to be
      General cleanliness
      The well cared for environment including street furniture
      The level of awareness in the Town of the ‘In Bloom’ efforts
      The creation of working volunteer teams with a project leader
      The level of sponsorship set out in the Portfolio

Leominster in Bloom – Town
Gold Award
The Judges met the Lady Mayor and ‘In Bloom’ representatives at a local farm
machinery supplier. A tour of the Town took place under dark skies, but the
rain held off. The tour included a ‘Green Fingers’ site, where pupils take part in
creating wooden garden features and growing all types of plants. Next a
conservation woodland with a wonderful tiled mural of Dragonflies on the
underpass. This was followed by a walk in the Town centre streets heralded by
the Town Crier. Finally we visited The Grange, a park which contains a
Medieval building and Knot Garden now maintained by ‘Green Fingers’. Also
viewed were the two War Memorials, with a giant oak grown from an acorn
brought back from Verdun by a local soldier. His son recounted the story; a
poignant moment.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The floral displays in the Town Centre on the Barometer Shop and Fire
    The floral displays at Eaton Close sheltered housing
    The Grange Knot Garden, War Memorials and surrounds
    Various plantings of shrub beds adjacent to the Fire Station and ring
    The wild flower triangle and Easter Wood Management Scheme
    The ‘Green Fingers’ project and cloth bags produced by volunteers
    The provision of bat and bird boxes throughout the open spaces and
      support of local tree surgeon for the positioning of these boxes
    The local recycling project in tandem with BPI films
    The overall cleanliness of the Town and the ‘Bloomers at Work’ effort by
    The efforts of the Probation Service in providing help with painting tree
      guards and railing, etc.
    The awareness of the ‘In Bloom’ efforts by the wider public and the local
      media support
    The level of volunteer support and work, and the shop window

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Ludlow – Town
Gold Award
Despite the overcast weather the Judges received a warm welcome from the
Lady Mayor, various dignitaries and Bloom Committee members. The tour
around the town was in a vintage car and included visits to an education
centre, new skateboard development, Weir and Riverside Conservation Area,
a Bio-digester, recycling area and a unique project for building using ‘Straw
Technology’. The Town looked as lovely as ever despite the recent adverse
weather conditions and the loss of a road bridge. This was a very informative
and enjoyable visit.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Tubs and baskets with the unusual plant combinations
    Bedding displays along roadsides and islands
    The floral displays at the commercial premises sites
    The residential gardens
    The community effort in bulb, tree and shrub planting
    The weir and riverside conservation project
    The ‘Straw Technology’ building project using local materials
    The general recycling effort and fine tuning of the Bio-Digester
    The skateboard project
    General cleanliness of the streets, public places and street furniture
    The involvement of the Scouts, school children and volunteers
    The St. Leonard’s Churchyard Project
    The Banners and enthusiasm of the Town
    The support from all sections of the Town

Malvern in Bloom – Town
Gold Award
On arrival in Malvern the Judges were met at Davenham House and given an
excellent power point presentation of the work the ‘In Bloom’ group and
volunteers had undertaken in the past year. This was followed by a tour of the
Town with overcast skies threatening rain which did not materialize. The tour
encompassed the hills, various dressed wells, lovely parks with music by the
school children, the railway station and other places of interest. The whole
town sparkled and the Judges were shown landscape plans for the Library
frontage, showing that plans for the future were well in hand.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The floral dressing of various wells throughout the Town
    The floral displays in the parks and on commercial buildings
    The decorated piano displays and the Elgar treble clef flowers in Station
    Malvern Education Centre gardens and workshop
    The new damask rose bed at Rose Bank gardens
    The plantings adjacent to the Lake at Priory Park

                            Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Bulb planting by children in Station Gardens
      The Barnard’s Green plantings on the island and surrounding the War
      The Conservators work on the hills and common particularly the distant
       views project
      The harvesting of water at Rose Gulley for use on the floral displays
      The cleanliness throughout the Town
      The adoption of the Railway Station and subsequent improvements
      The logo and general awareness in the Town of the ‘In Bloom’ effort
      The posters, banners and shop window competition
      The very high level of sponsorship and support by all levels of the

Meadows Residents’ Association – Urban Community
Silver Award
Meadows Residents’ Association has done sterling work in the area. The
fencing to the local green with its large spade is an eye catching improvement
also making this a safe area for outside functions. The Association has also
fought to save the local old people bungalows from over development. The
entrance areas welcome you into the estate. The planned work to the area
along the stream will complete the picture for the future.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The Meadow’s green has been enhanced by the new railings
    The use of trees and shrubs at the entrance to the bungalows makes a
      delightful feature
    The contributions by the residents are a credit and reflect the cohesion
      generated by the organisers
    The introduction of the new restaurant has improved the entrance to the
      estate and in time, when established, will be a quality addition

Moseley in Bloom – Urban Community
Silver-Gilt Awards & Category Winner
Moseley is a thriving area and is in the throes of a major refurbishment, the
opportunity having been taken by councillors and community members to
develop a vision embracing modern practice to complement mature buildings.
The use of paving of a light colour, fencing, box hedges and street furniture
offers Moseley a chance to look bright and welcoming in the future. The fact
that many of the occupants of the large houses are developing and opening
their gardens to the public is commendable. The use of the outside classroom
for the study of nature and play using the natural elements, for example dirt for
painting, at the local school is quite visionary.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The colourful planters around the village green
    The hanging baskets on the lamp posts
    The re-use of planters at the Police Station

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The new tree planting along the High Street
      The permanent planting in Laburnum Grove and Woodbridge Road
      The new planting at St Columbia United Reformed Church
      Sage Community Garden and Health Food Shop
      Absence of litter generally throughout the village
      The planting behind the public toilets
      The eco School’s project
      The open gardens weekend

Nechells in Bloom – Urban Community
Silver Award
This area has improved a great deal since entering the Neighbourhood Awards
three years ago. From such a small beginning the area is now starting to see
the rewards of all the hard work and with enthusiasm coupled with great
support from all sections of the community, for example residents and
businesses. This area will go far in the near future; the blend of colourful
bedding and new permanent planting shows what needs to be done to strike a
balance for all year round colour.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Cleanliness
    Developing community spirit
    New roundabout
    School monument garden
    Industrial support Smurfit Kappa (Europe’s largest paper recycling
    The Mount Street Park where the 6,000 crocus were planted spelling
      out ‘Nechells in Bloom’ by volunteers
    The introduction of new play equipment in Eliot Street
    Good quality street furniture
    Good use of local business support in kind

Newcastle-under-Lyme – Small City
Gold Award & Category Winner
Newcastle under Lyme again shone through even on a very wet and dull day.
The bedding in the Queens Gardens was a riot of colour, as were the hanging
baskets. The work of the gardeners at Bradwell Crematorium is to be
congratulated, it is exceptionally well-maintained. Newcastle is very good at
involving all of its community, especially the school children in the bloom
campaign. St Georges and St Giles, also St Margaret’s schools all take an
active part.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Queens Gardens bedding display
    The quality of the mixed hanging baskets
    St Margaret’s School bed
    The outstanding planting at the crematorium

                            Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Use of mixed planting on islands - permanent and annual
      The quality of grass cutting
      The management shift to managed meadowland from close mowing
      Excellent nature area at Basford Allotments
      Lyme Valley Parkway - good signage
      The excellent condition of street furniture
      Mini bank recycling sites
      Brampton Park - recycled picnic benches
      The amount of sponsorship attracted

Newent in Bloom – Small Town
Gold Award
The Judges arrived at Picklenash School to be met by ‘In Bloom’ committee
members, Councillors, teachers and the School Gardening Club. Torrential rain
fell before and after the visit but stopped during the tour itself. The visit
included the Arboretum, Allotments, schools with an Eco Lab project, Lakeside
Park and floral displays and landscaping throughout the Town. The year’s
efforts with many volunteers and Town Council work force involved, have
resulted in a much improved environment at only the second year of entry.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The floral displays throughout the Town
    Marinades Courtyard area
    Black Dog Public House and Barclays Bank displays
    The continuing development of the Broadford Arboretum
    General waste and recycling efforts and the children’s poster campaign
      at the Comprehensive School
    The Eco Lab project
    The whole Town was clean and largely weed free, despite extensive
      flooding of the car park and footpaths. A very fine cleanup operation by
      the community
    Shop window competition and children’s posters
    The general level of awareness of the ‘In Bloom’ efforts.

Newport in Bloom – Town
Gold Award
The Judges were greeted by welcome messages on Shropshire Star
‘Billboards’ along the road sides. Although overcast the rain mainly held off and
the tour commenced at the Canal Basin to view the maintenance work being
carried out. After thirty minutes a rousing took place at Adams Grammar
School, with the Judges escorted in by a platoon of Army Cadets. The tour
continued both on foot and by vehicle. The ‘Newport Volunteers’ in splendid
red uniforms escorted the Judges, Mayor of Newport and various ‘Bloom’
members. The whole Town sparkled.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The baskets, tubs and troughs

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The overall community involvement particularly in the Station Road
       Wellington Road, Upper Bar and Masonic Hall areas
      Stafford Road foliage bed gravel garden
      Edgmond Road corner herbaceous bed
      The newly planted gardens at the Cottage Hospital Care Centre
      The tree planting and wildlife habitats at Moorfield School
      Management of lilies at Canal Basin
      Recycling centre at Springfield Industrial Estate, and recycling at
       Moorfield School
      Cleanliness
      The involvement of communities within the Town, particularly school
      Entrance Signs to the Town
      General awareness of the public to ‘In Bloom’
      Shop window displays especially the photographic competition

Norton in Bloom – Village
Silver-Gilt Award & Category Winner
This village is a credit to all those involved in the ‘Bloom’. It is a warm and
friendly village and even the constant rain did not dampen their spirit. The
school children were delighted in telling us how they contributed to this year’s
entry. They use water butts to collect water and this year they have not
needed filling up very often due to the weather conditions.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The school children’s planted floral tubs
    The floral decoration at the bus shelter
    The variety of plants all around the village
    Water recycling at the local bus shelter
    The barn owl boxes
    The absence of graffiti and litter
    The volume of sponsorship

Nuneaton and Bedworth in Bloom – Small City
Gold Award
Nuneaton and Bedworth was a riot of colour with many and varied good quality
floral displays. Bus and railway stations were obviously committed to the
campaign and it showed. The community links were particularly strong from
volunteers at Newdegate Allotments teaching local school children to the
suburb work being done in transforming Stockingford recreation ground led in
the main by a local resident Chris Watkins. The standards of maintenance and
effort at both the Miners Park and Riversley Park were first class.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The many baskets and floral containers seen throughout the tour
    Floral displays at both the train and bus stations
    Miners Park

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Carpet bedding at several sites
      The transformation of Stockingford Recreation ground
      The permanent planting in Roanne Ringway
      The whole of Riversdale Park
      The Nook Nature Reserve, its management and Friends Group
      The use of Newdegate Allotments as a child’s teaching resource
      Cleanliness in general but particular on a very busy market day
      The many and varied litter pick schemes that take place throughout the
      The sponsorship drive which is clearly on the increase

Oswestry – Large Town
Gold Award
The Heart of England Judges met with the ‘In Bloom’ committee members at
the newly restored Cambrian Railway Building for a power point presentation.
The tour of the Town on a rainy morning was by vehicle and on foot. The
Judges viewed a recycling site, restored heritage centre, open spaces, parks,
allotments and floral displays in the Town’s streets. Also viewed were an older
industrial area due for a further environmental uplift and residential front
gardens of a very high standard. Despite the dull wet summer the floral
displays in the streets were very good, but inevitably some plants in the parks
had suffered somewhat. Overall the Town has progressed very well and ‘In
Bloom’ has help to trigger quite a few more social and entertainment events.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Floral displays in the central streets, and on commercial and business
    The Cae Glas bowling green plantings, carpet bedding, new sitting area
      and Laburnum tree planting
    Residential front gardens
    The plantings adjacent to the Cambrian Heritage Centre
    Sainsbury’s Car Park plantings
    The mixture of herbaceous and shrub planting and the landscaping at
      the new Barratt development
    The wildlife corridor between housing areas and the meadow in Cae
      Glas park
    The overall waste management scheme and in particular the waste
      management site at the Cambrian Heritage Centre and Composting
      Scheme at Cae Glas park
    The ongoing Great Crested Newt project
    The overall cleanliness of the Town and condition of street furniture
    The level of involvement and awareness of the ‘in Bloom’ effort and
      Local Authority support which is very strong
    The banners on the lamp posts
    The spin off events now taking place providing an enhanced social
      scene in the Town

                            Heart of England in Bloom 2007
*Pershore in Bloom – Small Town
Silver-Gilt Award
Although a visit to the Town by the Judges was impossible due to the flooding,
an assessment has been made using the portfolio as a guide. Clearly from the
information presented in the portfolio the Town has progressed since last year
with special effort being made with schools, artists and floral displays in the
Town Centre and parks. The strong links with Pershore College are to be

Ross in Bloom – Town
Silver-Gilt Award
The visit to Ross on Wye commenced in rain which quickly changed to
sunshine. The ‘In Bloom’ committee gave a warm welcome at the Ross Court
Nursing Home. A tour of the Town followed, which included visits to Industrial
Estates, Sheltered Housing, the Heritage Centre, parks, a Churchyard and the
riverside area. The Town looked very clean and tidy with good displays of
flowers, shrubs and trees. The team provided a very enjoyable tour of the
Town with many unique features being viewed.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Hanging Baskets at the Heritage Centre
    Goodrich Court and Nursery Road
    The bedding displays in the park adjacent to the bowling green
    The displays at Ross Court
    The tree collection in the Churchyard and Dean Hill Park
    Goodrich House planting
    Traffic islands on the bypass and in Town
    The Riverside Park planting and management scheme
    The Churchyard management scheme
    The general cleanliness, very little litter and weeds
    The repair of damaged and vandalised street furniture by volunteers
    St. Mary’s Garden of Remembrance which has transformed a neglected
      area of the Churchyard
    The Historical Commercial Premises photographic campaign
    The list of sponsors and volunteers is extensive and shows how much
      the Town supports Ross in Bloom

Royal Leamington Spa – Large Town
Gold Award
The Heart of England Judges toured the Town in torrential rain meeting various
officials and members of the public along the way. The tour included the
famous Jephson Gardens which had recently been flooded, roadside
landscaping and allotments. Also included was a visit to Leamington Station to
view the excellent work of the Friends of Leamington Station in landscaping the
surrounds. The weather and flooding had clearly taken their toll on the flowers,
but the recovery and overall effect was still of a very high standard. Finally the

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
tour ended at the Conservatory in Jephson Gardens for tea just as the rain
stopped, and where the Judges met the Mayor and ‘In Bloom’ volunteers.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The school children’s Geranium Train
    The displays in Jephson Gardens despite the flooding and rain
    The flowers along the parade, in front of the Town Hall and commercial
    Whittle Court landscaping and flowers
    The landscaping by the Friends of Leamington Railway Station which
      has given a real lift to one of the main gateways into the Town for
    The planting and maintenance of the Dell
    The mature plantings in Jephson Gardens. One of the most important
      collections of trees in the country
    The Lillington Flood Plain project
    The recycling centre which is extensive and a real asset to the Town
    Well swept litter free environment
    Condition of all street furniture
    The community involvement including school children
    Monthly page in the local paper

Rugby – Small City
Silver-Gilt Award
Rugby in Bloom is no stranger to the Bloom Campaign and after 18 years
continues to perform at a high level. This year sees Rugby representing the
region nationally and massive efforts have taken place in achieving both
sponsorship and co-ordinating efforts from the community in general. Whilst
the horticultural excellence of the Civic and Local Authority displays is superb,
Rugby is to be congratulated in harnessing almost every community group in
one form or another to work towards ‘In Bloom’.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Quality and vibrancy of the barrier troughs in Corporation Street
    Variety and quality of bedding displays in Caldecott Park
    Quantity and quality of floral display within the city centre
    Not one but three excellent carpet beds well designed and planted
    Regent Place shrub bed and its opening onto the independent shopping
    Story Telling Tree in Whinfield Recreation ground
    New housing development in Cawston with its intensive permanent
    The Bluebell Wood Project
    Swift Valley, a low maintenance approach to another piece of land used
      both by wildlife, disadvantaged children and locals alike
    Cleanliness in general and complete absence of chewing gum

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      Acknowledgment that gap sites are an issue and successful efforts to
       resolve those at St Andrews Church and St Johns St in particular
      An improvement in sponsorship and the obvious community spirit that
       Rugby in Bloom has generated in its 2007 campaign
Well done and good luck in Britain in Bloom Campaign as the Heart of England

Sheldon – Urban Community
Silver Award
Entering Birmingham via the A45 at Sheldon gave the visiting judges a chance
to see the magnificent floral barrier planters; quality and quantity in equal
measure. Bloom has also enhanced the many traffic islands in the area,
something other suburbs must envy. Surely the biggest City farm in the country
(260 acres) is a wonderful asset with challenged adults making great use of the
horticulture therapy on offer there. The efforts of the plot holders at Manor
House Allotment site, not only in working their plots but raising money for
award winning facilities and helping and encouraging hundreds of school
children of all abilities, was the jewel in the crown.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The many floral traffic islands in this Birmingham suburb, in particular
      the quality of the display on Garrett’s Green island
    The two or three metre floral strips at the start of each plot on Manor
      House allotment site
    The quality and choice of planting in the barrier planters on the busy
    The involvement of schools in the tree planting at Radleys Park
    The recycling strategy that Birmingham City Council recently introduced
      into the area
    The small wildlife area at Sheldon City Farm

Smethwick in Bloom – Urban Regeneration
Silver-Gilt Award
The regeneration of Smethwick under the auspices of the Bloom campaign is
tremendous. Colourful floral displays and established permanent planting are
the obvious signs of progress. Underpinning this is the enthusiasm and
commitment of a whole range of community groups as well as those working
for Smethwick Environment Group, Green Gym, Warley Woods Trust, Active
Neighbours etc. Sustainability has also been woven in with future green fingers
being ‘potted on’ by the staff of Devonshire Infant School nurturing a fabulous
gardening club. This was a great community effort.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The substantial effort by the Smethwick Environment Group
    The quality generally of the floral planting within traffic islands
    The floral display at the entrance to Molliett Court Industrial estate

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The redesign (with anti social behaviour and safety in mind) of the
       shrubbery on Soho Way returning to grass and specimen trees
      The efforts of ‘Tipper’ with his tropical garden at St Johns in Rood End
      The regeneration of Warley Woods and the tremendous work of
       volunteers of the Green Gym
      The collection process of green waste which is subsequently returned
       back to the community
      A refreshing lack of graffiti and the cleanliness in general
      The Big Spring Clean Up Campaign
      The obvious improvements to the area that the regeneration monies are
       making and using ‘Bloom’ as a vehicle to deliver many of them

Solihull – City
Gold Award and Category Winner
The judges met in Solihull at Dickens Heath Village, this is a new development
which has been sympathetically designed for the area. The nature reserve next
to the site is well managed and an asset to the local public. The town was alive
with colour from the many floral displays decking the streets. Newlands Bishop
Farm is to be congratulated for the work they do, where people with learning
difficulties can learn new skills.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Annual bedding displays in Malvern Park
    Excellent town centre hanging baskets and containers
    Soroptomists’ work at Widney Manor Railway Station
    Permanent landscaping on the large traffic islands
    The high standard of Birmingham Business Park
    Condition of grass cutting.
    Dickens Heath Nature Reserve
    Bulk return of composted green waste back to the borough for re use
    A lack of graffiti in a busy town centre
    Education programme by the park ranger team

Southam in Bloom – Small Town
Silver-Gilt Award
The Heart of England in Bloom Judges met the Mayor, and members of the ‘In
Bloom’ Committee at the Town Council offices. The visit on a sunny afternoon
was by vehicle and on foot and included a peace garden, school gardens, floral
displays around the Town, and the excellent new brick planters at the main
entrances to the Town. Also included was a visit to the heritage site of the
newly restored Holy Well along a lovely valley walk. This well has been in use
since Roman times and is a real asset to the Town. Finally front gardens were
viewed including the local garden competition winners. Southam has improved
markedly during the last two years.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The planters on the main Town entrances

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The hanging baskets and barrier boxes on railings and buildings
      The new seat and planters adjacent to the Grange Council Offices
      The Guides sensory planting
      The Kineton Road Industrial Site landscaping
      The Southam Produce Allotments project
      The Holy Well project which was excellent and provided delightful walks
      Waste management site in the central car park and the School garden
      The overall litter free environment
      The general maintenance of street furniture

St Philips & St Paul’s Floral Trail – Urban Regeneration
Gold Award & Category Winner
The floral trail has once again risen to the challenge of using flowers within the
floral features with new ideas. Innovative developments within both St Phillip’s
and St Paul’s churchyards using the willow angels and Noah’s Ark as focal
points are excellent. The willow spiders and dragon flies encourage the interest
and enjoyment of the children along with the 3D carpet bed lion. The trail is an
excellent entry into the ‘In Bloom’ campaign.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Entries onto the Floral Trail
    Baskets and troughs on the buildings and bridges
    Regeneration of the canal basin with floral decoration is commendable
    Business involvement around St Paul’s Square
    Tree planting especially in Brindley Square
    Use of box for planting under trees where grass won't survive
    Use of permanent planting to complement floral displays
    Involvement with children along the canal basin with the nature project
    Getting the young generation involved for example the Scouts and
      working with schools

We wish you luck in the Britain in Bloom Campaign as the Heart of England
representative in the Urban Regeneration Category

Stafford – Small City
Gold Award
In company with many entrants this year Stafford had more than its fair share
of liquid sunshine. At the start of our tour the judges inspected photographic
evidence of the severe flooding that had occurred only two weeks before. The
trepidation we had as we entered the show piece Victoria Park disappeared
immediately, a wonderful carpet bed and floral displays in general were a credit
to the staff there. The very strong local Stafford in Bloom competitions
obviously underpin Stafford’s entry into the Heart of England Bloom campaign
and everybody involved is to be congratulated on the part they play.

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The sterling work by staff at Victoria Park who restored beds and floral
      displays after serious flooding only two weeks before judging day
    Floral trees and cauldrons in the town centre
    The quality of yellow petunias in barrier troughs in Goal Square
    Prime Point Business Park
    The planting within Falkland Island
    The improved maintenance of permanent planting in general seen
      throughout the tour
    Doxey Marsh Nature Reserve and its linkage right into the town centre
    All singing, all dancing recycling centre situated on Tesco’s car park and
      managed by them too!
    Cleanliness in general and complete absence of graffiti
    The large local school competition and particularly the work of the Eco
      School, Berkswich
    The commitment and in many cases long standing commitment of the
      many sponsors that the co-ordinator of the campaign has sourced

Stone – Large Town
Gold Award
On a lovely sunny morning the Heart of England in Bloom Judges were met by
the Mayor, County Council officers and ‘In Bloom’ volunteers at the Crown
Hotel. A tour of the Town followed which included visits to a bowling green
established in the 1700’s, shortly to relocate, school horticulture projects, the
beautiful Stonefield Park as well as floral displays in the town centre and on the
roadsides. Also included on the tour was the Stone Common Plot which is
managed by trustees, as it was in the Middle Ages. The Trent flood plan has
also provided scope for the development of a wildlife corridor with disabled
access and a newly created open air amphitheatre. Most of the shops
displayed posters from the schools’ Art Competition. The Town looked very
clean and provided wonderful surroundings for the local people.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Stonefield Park, especially the carpet bedding display
    The floral displays throughout the Town, especially ‘Rebekah’ the canal
      boat and the Brewery Pots display
    The plantings surrounding Morrison’s garage and supermarket
    The planting at St. Michael’s School
    The management of the Stone Common project
    The development of the Crown Meadow flood plain as parkland
    The recycling efforts and the proposed new recycling and disposal
    The well swept clean environment
    The street furniture had a well cared for appearance.
    The involvement of youth groups and school children has proved very
      beneficial for the Town

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The Art posters with the large school involvement has been a huge

Stourbridge in Bloom – Large Town
Silver-Gilt Award
On an overcast and cool morning the Judges accompanied by Sir William
Lawrence OBE met the ‘In Bloom’ members at Wollescote Park along with
Friends of the Park and the Dudley MBC Green Care team. The park and
national collections of Ceanothus and Echinacea were viewed along with the
work of local schools. This was followed by visits to a churchyard, Mary
Stevens Park and finally the Town Centre area to view the impressive uplift
given by the replacement or painting of the street furniture, the landscaping
and floral displays. These have helped to transform the newly created central
area, and given strength to the team’s effort at Victoria Passage.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The work carried out at Wollescote Park
    Floral displays at Mary Stevens Park
    Hanging baskets in the Crown Centre
    The floral displays and upgrading by the owners, managers and tenants
      of Victoria Passage
    The newly created shrub and herbaceous border at Wollescote Park
    The new landscaping along the ring road
    The four schools who have entered the spirit of ‘Eco Schools’ with their
      various projects
    The overall recycling efforts and the involvement of the Dudley MBC
      with their mobile exhibition
    The general cleanliness which provided a well swept, litter free
    The painting and renewal programme for the street furniture in the Town
      Centre, especially lamp posts and the underpass to the Station and Bus
      Station which has transformed the Town Centre
    The level of sponsorship and support by all concerned which has
      resulted in such a tremendous transformation of the Town

Stratford in Bloom – Large Town
Gold Award
A sunny afternoon greeted the Heart of England Judges along with the
Chairman of the ‘In Bloom’ Committee and representatives from the Local
Authority’s contracting team. Also in attendance were volunteers who have
spearheaded a geese control project which is environmentally essential for the
Town. A tour followed visiting the many historic gardens, Butterfly Farm, waste
recycling site, nursery project, residential housing, office developments, retail
areas, roadsides and the commercial heart of the Town. Everywhere there
were flowers, landscaping and people enjoying the sunshine; a marked
contrast to a few days earlier when parts of the Town were under water. The

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Judges were led by a piper from the Caledonian Society on their walk through
the Town. A remarkable and determined recovery.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Floral displays were excellent despite the weather
    Floral displays on commercial buildings, on traffic islands and roadsides
    The newly refurbished Memorial Gardens
    The Halls Croft Garden
    The residential front gardens in many areas
    The efforts of the children at Clopton Nursery
    The Goose control project
    The Stratford Butterfly Farm which exports to all parts of the world
    The waste management throughout the Town and the recycling project
      at the Loft Workshop
    The litter free environment considering the number of visitors
    The generally well maintained street furniture
    The efforts of the Contractors and the ‘in Bloom’ volunteers throughout
      the Town
    The ‘In Bloom’ banner and impressive list of sponsors shown in the
    Use of the piper on the Town route

Stroud in Bloom – Town
Gold Award
The judges arrived in Stroud on a sunny morning to be greeted by the Mayor,
‘Bloom’ members and volunteers at the Imperial Hotel. The Town Crier
announced the arrival of the judges throughout the streets during the tour
which took place on foot and by vehicle, visiting a cemetery managed for
wildlife, benefit housing, school projects, delightful parks and the ancient
streets of the town centre. The general enthusiasm of the community has
resulted in the town taking a noticeable step forward this year.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The extensive floral displays both public and private throughout the town
    The bedding plants and hanging baskets at Stratford Park
    Adopt a plot scheme
    The landscape planting in Stratford Park
    The recent landscaping to the new college
    Rose planting along Dr Newton’s Way
    Pocket Park
    Old Cemetery managed for wildlife
    Recently painted metal bollards in the Town Centre
    Well swept roads
    The ‘Secret Garden’ theme by shops and children
    The level of awareness of ‘In Bloom’ which was very high.

                            Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Studley in Bloom – Small Town
Silver Award
The Heart of England Judges received a warm welcome from the Chairman of
‘In Bloom’ and members of his small committee. The colourful ‘Judgment Day’
posters around the Town encouraging residents to improve the area in which
they live were a continuation of the initiative started last year. The tour included
residential gardens, the colourful planters and hanging baskets around the
Town, the infant school with some of its enthusiastic children showing off their
vegetable garden and the churchyard conservation area. The committee
continues to try hard and there was a marked improvement on previous years,
but the Judges hope that more residents will come forward to help either on the
committee or to act as volunteers to continue the good work that has taken

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Colourful planters and hanging baskets around the Town
    The planters at the Bell Public House
    The planters in the Library quadrangle and at the War Memorial
    The residential gardens around the Town
    The permanent planting in Vicarage Gardens and Atcheson Close
    The planting at the Co-op which is now maturing
    The planting at the new Pardoe Court and Marlborough Mews
    Conservation area at the Churchyard.
    The overall cleanliness of the Car Park
    Judgement Day Posters

Tarrington – Small Village
Silver-Gilt Award & Category Winner
The judges were met at the Tarrington Arms for a tour of this delightful village
and what a colourful display it made, setting the scene for the rest of the
afternoon. In the three years since Tarrington first entered the ’Bloom’
campaign the village has come on in leaps and bounds; all areas are a credit
to the local people. The involvement of the children of the village has certainly
helped move things along.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The Tarrington Arms
    Barr’s Orchard housing complex
    The additional planters at the Community Hall
    The spring bulb planting
    The new trees
    Good examples of recycling
    The children’s wildlife area
    The very clean and tidy area with the lack of weeds and graffiti
    The good use of press coverage
    The homemade Heart of England banner

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
*Tenbury in Bloom – Small Town
Silver-Gilt Award
It was a great disappointment for everyone that after trying hard to rearrange
their visit the Judges were unable to judge Tenbury for the 2007 ‘In Bloom’
campaign. The portfolio shows that Tenbury has made great strides in covering
the judging criteria, and their work on the Kyre Brook is to be congratulated.
The information in the portfolio shows that the Town continues to progress with
their ‘In Bloom’ entry and it is to be hoped that the flooding does not
discourage all your efforts for the future.

Tetbury in Bloom – Small Town
Gold Award
The Heart of England in Bloom Judges met the ‘In Bloom’ Committee
Members, the Headmaster, Teachers and children of St. Mary’s School on a
sunny afternoon. A tour of the School followed, led by the children to see the
vegetable gardens, wildlife area and a stone wall enclosed Peace Garden. A
wonderful start to the tour of the Town which also included roadside planting,
floral displays in the streets, newly created gardens, a recycling site, retail and
industrial parks, churchyard and residential gardens. Tetbury is a truly beautiful
part of the world famous ‘Cotswold Towns,’ and the visit was very enjoyable
with many additional works to view.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The roadside plantings are an excellent mixture of floral features and
      permanent planting
    The begonia baskets on the Market Hall and the Snooty Fox
    The floral displays to the frontage of the Close Hotel
    The entrance and signboard troughs
    The Princess Diana Bed and the Bison Roundabout
    The planting at the Fire Station
    The newly planted Anniversary Garden which has provided a wonderful
      green oasis
    West Street toilets which were planted in a sympathetic way
    The St. Mary’s School wildlife area and pond
    The general recycling effort and in particular St. Mary’s School children
      creating and managing a composting system for treating green waste
      from the vegetable plots
    The cleanliness was a very high standard
    The street furniture was well cared for and enhanced the environment
    The involvement of young people such as the Guides in street cleaning
      and weeding
    The increased awareness of ‘In Bloom’

*Tewkesbury in Bloom – Town
Silver-Gilt Award
Disappointingly for everyone the Judges’ visit to the Town had to be cancelled
at the last minute due to the exceptional flooding. However, the portfolio shows

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
that the Town would have covered the judging criteria to a high standard and
this has allowed the judges to mark the entry with some accuracy. It was felt
that this was the best way to treat the entry in the circumstances

Upton in Bloom – Large Village
Gold Award & Category Winner
The judges were greeted by sunshine when they entered Upton upon Severn;
a rare occurrence on this year’s judging tour. There have been many changes
within the committee to Upton in Bloom and it was a delight to see what had
been achieved. This year also sees Upton in the Britain in Bloom campaign
which makes life doubly difficult. Then on top of all that the floods in June
resulted in a lot of replanting having to be done. Well done in this very
challenging year!

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The hanging baskets and planters along the river front
    The planting on the reopened toilets
    The tribute to Elgar in floral features
    The Sensory Garden & Thyme Seat
    Good permanent planting in private gardens
    The use of green compost donated by Seven Waste Services
    Well managed recycling centre
    Clean and tidy area
    Well managed Ham
    New community notice board
    Good use of local business for support and sponsorship

Upton in Bloom is representing the Heart of England Region in the Large
Village Category of the Britain in Bloom Campaign and we wish them well.

Warwick – Large Town
Silver-Gilt Award
The Heart of England Judges were met by the Mayor, Councillors, ‘In Bloom’
Committee members and the Council Open Space Director at the Court
House. A tour followed in the rain which didn’t dampen spirits and included
visits to the central streets, residential areas, contractor’s depot, recycling
centre, and new office landscaping, industrial sites, a cemetery, roadside
landscaping, allotments and finally St. Nicholas Park. The Town presented a
well cared for floral environment, largely litter free, and it was encouraging to
hear the future proposals for St. Nicholas Park, an essential upgrade. The level
of public support was very good and the Town looked attractive both for the
residents and visitors alike of which there are many.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The excellent floral tubs
    The floral displays on various hotels and pubs

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
      The floral displays in the frontages of private dwellings and at Western
      The floral displays in St. Nicholas Park and on traffic islands
      Healey Court which was planted and managed to an exceptional
      The Tournament Fields landscaping to the office developments
      The Kingfisher pools site and the Severn Trent wildlife meadow
      The recycling effort, particularly Glendale’s Depot scheme for recycling
       both green waste and roof water for use in landscaping and horticultural
      The litter free environment
      The street pride scheme resulting in a reappraisal of signage, painting
       street furniture and the appointment of a Street Scene Officer
      The school children’s efforts in the painting competition and the support
       of the local media and residents for the garden competition
      The development and sponsorship achievements for the Eco Centre
       and renovated Victorian fruit and vegetable gardens

Warden Hill in Bloom – Urban Community
Silver Award
It is always a delight to judge Warden Hill; the very friendly atmosphere
overflows from this entry. The Warden Hill in Bloom Association is making its
mark in the area and they are blossoming. The judges feel that the entry will do
very well in the campaign in the future. A walk round the area shows what the
committee’s hard work has already achieved. This makes up for a good all
round entry encompassing the young and old alike.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Hanging baskets on the lampposts
    Bright and colourful front gardens
    The garden plot at Salisbury Avenue
    The village show
    Lincoln Avenue Shrubbery Project
    Large array of daffodils throughout the area
    The planting by young children
    Weavers Field proposals for nature reserve status
    The wildlife garden at the school
    Very little evidence of litter and the cleanliness
    Good use of the local press

Wellesbourne in Bloom – Small Town
Silver-Gilt Award
The visit to Wellesbourne took place on a sunny morning where the Judges
met with ‘In Bloom’ campaigners, Councillors and volunteers. The group toured
the Town by vehicle and on foot to view the many additional projects since last
year and the original projects which had matured further. Visits were made to
view the new cast iron planters placed throughout the Town, a school wildlife

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
project, a well managed recycling site, village green plantings, allotments and
new plantings to the Doctor’s Surgery, Library and shopping area. The whole
community is to be congratulated on taking Wellesbourne forward in such a
positive way.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    The new cast iron planters around the Town
    The new planters at the Doctor’s Surgery
    The Kings Head and George’s forecourt
    The Talbot bed and village green planting
    Pete’s Patch new landscaped bed
    The extensive bulb planting throughout the Town which have
      transformed local housing and roadside areas
    Churchyard maintenance and School wildlife garden
    The recycling effort in general and the Waste Disposal site which was
      very well managed and sold items for charity
    Litter free environment
    The encouragement and involvement of the community especially
      young people
    The awareness and involvement of large numbers of the populations,
      especially the young
    The level of local business support

Wolverhampton – Large City
Silver-Gilt Award
We were met at West Park in Wolverhampton on a very wet Thursday
morning, even so the colour of the floral bedding in the park shone through.
This year Wolverhampton has combined Large City and Urban Regeneration
categories into one with success. We went on to Northycote Farm and Country
Park; this is a farm and natural area which is exceptionally well managed to
include farm animals and wildflower meadows are a very important area for
local school children as they are used as education tools. The art gallery, for its
promotion of the in bloom with their floral art work, is to be commended.

Points that particularly impressed the judges:
    Floral beds in West Park
    Hanging baskets at the Express & Star offices
    Ely House Hotel baskets
    Floral beds in the canal basin
    Permanent planting on central reservation along the ring road
    Bentley Bridge retail park
    Planting on new Science Park
    Coordinated street furniture in redeveloped areas
    Northycote farm

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Neighbourhood Awards

Birmingham & The Black Country
Blakenhall – Walsall                                              Merit Award
A superb first time entry into the neighbourhood awards that centred at the
heart of what was once a deprived neighbourhood. Walsall New Deal,
Neighbourhood Nature Projects and the Community Association have
transformed the area with the help of local businesses, schools, community
centre, church, nursery, youth council, the lot. Extending out from the centre
into wider Blakenhall should be the natural progression into the main Bloom
campaign next year.

Guild Close in Bloom – Birmingham                           Improvement Award
From a standing start and within a very short time the improvements being
made to this area are already being seen. The introduction of hanging baskets
has been the catalyst for the start of some improvements to residential
gardens. The area is very close to one of the main routes through Birmingham
and already plans are being made to plant spring bulbs and introduce barrier
containers for some of the balconies on the high rise flats and maisonette
housing. It is hoped that in future years the area will expand to include Rodney
Close, St Johns School and the pavement around the shopping area. Well
done, a very good start.

Hazelwood Residents Association                          Outstanding Award
Acocks Green, Birmingham
This entry epitomises the whole ethos of RHS Neighbourhood Awards. A
Resident Association formed and almost without exception everyone has got
behind the campaign. The road and environs are a mix of private, rented and
sheltered accommodation that have not only been brightened by ‘bloom’ but
street furniture painted, public art and planters added etc. Sponsorship and
help in kind is in abundance and it was a real pleasure to be invited to judge
what appeared to be the cleanest road in Acocks Green. Well done to all

Highgate in Bloom – Birmingham                                         Merit Award
This area knows where it wants to go, from the small beginning last year it’s
showing signs of moving forward, but still has a long way to go. The new
planting is adding visible signs of regeneration in the area. With the help of the
City Council the fly tipping, graffiti, and general rubbish are being tackled. The
school children showed us their new beds that were planted with the help of
the ‘In bloom’ project. Their enthusiasm is spilling out into the local community.

King’s Heath Floral Trail – Birmingham                          Merit Award
The Kings Heath Floral Trail links the long High Street with the formality of
Kings Heath Park and the informality of Highbury Park. It offers healthy
exercise for those who walk the whole route as it provides the prescribed
10,000 steps recommended to keep us fit on a daily basis. The steering group

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
is made up from local residents and representatives of the businesses in the
area and an excellent start has been made in obtaining sponsorship to brighten
up some ’grot spots’, the best of which are the new barrier troughs which give
a lasting first impression when entering King’s Heath from the city centre.

Ladypool Road – Birmingham                                    Improvement Award
Reparation and improvements have been made to an area badly damaged by
a tornado in 2005. The Birmingham City Council Grant funded floral planters
are having a big impact in this small trading area. The planters in Newport
Road ‘Square’ are particularly impressive. A sense of community pride is
evident, demonstrated by a local worker taking ownership of a planter by daily
watering. Procedures introduced to improve the environment are having a
beneficial effect in particular to remove street litter. We loved the idea of having
a ‘theme’ for this neighbourhood which is renowned for its excellent Balti

Mava, Melbourne & Ventnor in Bloom                          Improvement Award
Historically an area with a dearth of community spirit, the residents, dissatisfied
with the present culture and wanting to change their environment, joined forces
as ‘MAVA’ an energetic residents association with Joyce Hart as it coordinator.
MAVA, in partnership with Birmingham City Council, have entered the
Neighbourhood Award Scheme for the first time. With funding and support from
Birmingham City Council, particularly Maz Dad, changes are starting to
happen. The judges were impressed with the determination, sense of good will
and ownership shown. It was so encouraging to see floral displays at the edge
of properties.

Mere Green – Sutton Coldfield                                         Merit Award
A delightful and colourful first time entry, it was nice to see the involvement of
the local school children in the design and planting of the tree squares. The
mixed shrub and bedding schemes on the road traffic island showed a good
sense of design; with three recycling areas they are well serviced. The clean
and litter free route makes this a very pleasant area to judge and after such a
good start will go far, keep up the good work.

Sedgley in Bloom                                                 Merit Award
The transformation of Sedgley ‘Village Centre’ continues with, once again, the
children of Queen Victoria School leading by example. The Quad area within
the school shows off their talent and commitment and the new, larger, barrier
planters that they have planted to complement the central roundabout bed.
Once again the local traders involved play their part in watering the troughs
outside their businesses. Debbie Moodie continues to be the driving force
behind Sedgley in Bloom, but she now needs more support if the entry is to
progress, as it should, into the main Bloom campaign.

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Shenstone Road - Birmingham                               Outstanding Award
There was an enthusiastic gathering of residents and their families to greet the
judges at the ‘Neighbourhood in Bloom’ street party. Bunting and specially
designed ‘In Bloom’ pennants hung from the newly painted street lamps, ‘art
boards’ painted by the children for the gated entrance, the myriad of planters,
well maintained front gardens, litter and weed free streets gave wonderful
testament to all the outstanding efforts and ‘good will’ engendered by the
residents. Janette Beeston with her team of coordinators, working in harmony
with other residents, have developed a true sense of ownership, in raising the
civic pride of their community. Congratulations!

Soho Finger – Handsworth, Birmingham                   Improvement Award
Using the ‘In Bloom’ campaign to facilitate positive change in improving its
community, Nicola Lewis, resident and Coordinator together with the
omnipresent support of Maz Dad of Birmingham Council, has taken the all
important first steps by entering the Neighbourhood Award Scheme. Council
funding has been used to supply hanging baskets, planters, litterbins, and
specially designed ‘Neighbourhood’ in bloom logos. These efforts have had a
positive impact on residents. An encouraging start has been made to a
challenging and rewarding journey of continuous improvement. We look
forward to returning in 2008 to view the progress and achievements, which
WILL happen.

Stratford Road A – Birmingham                             Improvement Award
Mr Nawaz, a local trader who accompanied the judges, told us that a most
encouraging start has been made to, in Mr Nawaz’s words, ‘lift’ this thriving
main shopping area, at the centre of a vibrant community. This has been
achieved with the help of grants from Birmingham City Council, working in
partnership with the Traders and their Stratford Road Business Association.
The grant funded floral displays certainly make an impressive impact. The
other initiatives that are in place to improve the environmental quality are
having good effect. It is so encouraging to see Traders and their respective
Business Associations taking the initiative. The journey has begun!

Stratford Road B – Birmingham                             Improvement Award
Mr Abdul Vanat, a trader, and leading member of the Stratford Road Business
Association accompanied us in this busy area of the Stratford Road. It has
benefited from the Birmingham City Council grant funded floral displays, which
is encouraging and is making a difference. We were impressed with the
recently installed stylish low boundary metal rails to a car parking area. It is
evident from the judges ‘walk about’ with Mr Vanet and Birmingham City
Council’s representatives that ‘a can do’ attitude has been adopted by the
trader members of the Stratford Road Business Associations which is
praiseworthy indeed.

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Stratford Road C – Birmingham                             Improvement Award
Richard and Nikki walked and talked the area, which is a visually run down
area of Stratford Road. This area is providing housing for refugees and victims
of the Tsunami. Much effort and support is being put into this area to improve
the quality of life and environment for its people and its community. An
encouraging start has been made with grant funding. Birmingham City
Council’s floral displays have had an impact. Much effort is being made to
engage with the community. The all important first steps of the continuous
journey have begun with its entry into the Neighbourhood Award Scheme.

Coventry & Warwickshire
Age Concern Growing Concern – Coventry                          Merit Award
The allotment gardening was started under the auspices of Age Concern and
latterly is being supported by the Probation Service, where young offenders
come to understand respect for nature and horticulture. Four plots have been
enclosed as one; a variety of planting schemes, types and practices, recycling
of equipment and resources were very much in evidence. The scheme has
regenerated interest in the site as a whole bringing benefit to the whole
community – great work, well done.

Charles Gardener Square – Royal Leamington Spa             Outstanding Award
We were told of the serious social issues that this area had to contend with by
Jackie who is a resident. Determined to turn this area into a safe and enjoyable
open space for its residents, the journey began in 2004! With raised funding,
determination and tenacity, working in partnership with the local statutory
bodies and schools, great things have happened. An innovative and bold
design has been used to create a communal garden within the Square. An
outstanding example of how, by adopting a ‘can do’ attitude, a positive and
lasting change can be achieved. Congratulations!

Clapham Terrace School – Royal Leamington Spa                       Merit Award
On entering the school the recycling ethos is evident, the use of ‘used’ fruit
boxes, filled with geraniums and pansies planted by the children is the first
evidence seen. It was encouraging to see the area, at the entrance displaying
materials that can be recycled. Without doubt the enclosed playground, its
innovative use of the hard landscaping areas to create ‘outdoor’ rooms at
different levels with varying planting schemes, is the jewel in the crown. We
look forward to returning in 2008 to see the exciting plans for the conservation
garden realised.

Elizabeth Park – Royal Leamington Spa                     Outstanding Award
It was great to see the children again who have followed this project through to
its culmination. The small changes and improvements suggested at last year’s
judging have been acted upon and the plantings and borders are maturing
nicely. Jan Gilbert will be handing over the maintenance of the park in the near
future to Warwick District Council; we hope that they will continue to keep up
the standards achieved. The award of outstanding is richly deserved.

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Friends of Eagle Rec – Royal Leamington Spa                        Merit Award
The judges met with Jan Searle and Bobby Dee, members of ‘The Friends of
Eagle Rec’, an energetic residents group formed in 2003 to drive forward the
essential regeneration of Eagle Recreation, a dilapidated green space. This
exciting project was conceived through a consultation process across its
diverse community and with the support of ‘Regenesis’, a community
regeneration project group, it was successful in obtaining a funding bid.
Through ‘The Friends of Eagle Rec’ working in partnership with Warwick
District Council an exciting, vibrant recreation and safe leisure area for all, at
the centre of its community is near completion. Congratulations on your efforts
thus far.

Friends of Leamington Station                             Outstanding Award
To the side of Leamington Station, with its steep incline, a challenging and
imaginatively planted, terraced garden has been created, with a firework
display of Hollyhocks in full bloom. Inside Leamington Station, at its platform,
the judges were stopped in their tracks, by the Station Garden, created by the
Friends of Leamington Station, a truly amazing and imaginative project; with a
manicured lawn at its centre, framed with an array of roses, shrubs, and
perennials. Lovingly and enthusiastically cared for, together with meticulous
attention to detail, particularly the street furniture, is a joy to behold!

Hillmorton – Rugby                                                 Merit Award
Hillmorton Volunteers started edging up their village green around 6 years ago
and since then have made great strides to make this much loved area a
pleasure to walk around and enjoy. Activities over the years include yearly
planting of bulbs, additional tree planting to the existing mature stock, raising
money to purchase hanging baskets which adorn the lamp columns and ornate
basket trees. More recently bird boxes have been put up and wildlife corridors
created in the grassland. Litter was non-existent, the area being clean and
tidy. The volunteers are now expanding their sphere of influence which is good
news for this area of Rugby.

Ingle Court – Royal Leamington Spa                               Merit Award
On entering Ingle Court, a wonderful colourful display can be seen of carefully
nurtured front gardens with its manicured green at the centre, makes for a
fabulous impact for any visitor. Each front garden had its own individual style
with each resident, using their own choice and range of summer bedding,
underpinned by sustained planting schemes. The effort’s of all the residents
and their engendered community spirit, with Yvonne Hayward, as the driving
force is praiseworthy indeed. Well done to you all.

Telford Infants School – Royal Leamington Spa                    Merit Award
The immediate impact when entering Telford Infants School is one of vibrancy.
The school’s head, Ali Foster, together with her talented team, embraced the
Neighbourhood Award scheme with great enthusiasm. Using the set criteria of
the scheme they identified a challenging school project that encompassed the

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
curriculum, with full inclusion. The children designed an open-air theatre with a
dry riverbed area and bridge to its front. After many innovative fund raising
events in and out of school hours the school now has a fabulous open-air
theatre, using as its backdrop mature trees and willow arch. Fantastic!

The Dell – Royal Leamington Spa                                          Merit Award
The judges met with two enthusiastic residents groups ‘Friends of the Dell’ and
GALS (Gardening around Leamington Spa), who joined forces in October
2006, their objective, the renovation of the inclined planting areas of The Dell,
indeed a challenge! With great gusto, the ‘north bank’ area has been cleared of
debris and weeds, the newly planted shrubs, perennials and annuals, chosen
specifically to attract wildlife, together with installed bird boxes, will improve the
biodiversity of this tranquil green space. To the GALS and Friends through
your tenacity and sheer determination YOU certainly have ‘made a difference’.
Well done!

Windmill Lane Residents- Balsall Common
This is an idyllic rural retreat being drawn together, as a community, by the
love flowers. The caravan park was an area of compatibility of hard standing
and floral features. The private gardens thrown open for us to see were part of
the larger community regeneration. The attendance of the Mayor and
Mayoress, who took a great delight, in trying to under stand how the judges
work and the needs of the people in the area was first class.

Barton Court – Tewkesbury                                Outstanding Award
On a morning with a dodgy weather forecast residents and staff once again
turned out in strength to meet the judges. The building and grounds were
enhanced by a riot of colourful tubs, baskets and more unusual containers but
there is also sensible permanent planting to complement these. We were
pleased to see the very well tended vegetable garden and greenhouse on the
virtually redundant drying area and the new herb garden. The residents and
staff contribute to the recycling and fundraising with energy that should be
applauded. Well done all.

St Paul’s – Cheltenham                                          Merit Award
St Paul’s in Cheltenham consists of a strong partnership between the local
community of 5 streets and Cheltenham Borough Housing whose enthusiastic
staff are to be congratulated. The focal point is the Community House which
gives everyone a place to meet, plan and carry out a variety of events for all
ages. Events such as hanging basket making, bulb planting for spring and
summer have proved popular. Children are encouraged to become junior
wardens, carrying out supervised litter removal and reporting fly tipping and
dog fouling. The vegetable garden in the rear is educational as well as
therapeutic for the young people. This enthusiasm is now being transferred to
parents who are taking pride in their front gardens.

                               Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Deanhill Park – Ross-on-Wye                                          Merit Award
Deanhill Park has entered the Neighbourhood Awards for the first time this
year and a significant start has been made. Considerable funds have been
obtained via The Round Table and Town Council to replace tired and worn out
play equipment, the mature trees have been lifted giving the area a more open
aspect which is encouraging ‘family time’ once again. There are some exciting
projects in the pipeline, for example the wildflower area, better safety surfacing.
The project will benefit from more participation from local residents in forming a
Friends group.

Eardisland in Bloom                                          Outstanding Award
The judges noted the well cared for church grounds of St Mary the Virgin with
its wealth of mature trees, marigold collection, biblical herb garden and
underpinning of seasonal bulbs; the high standard of ground maintenance
particularly the children’s play area, bowling club and recreation ground,
together with its provision of ‘wildlife corridors’. The residents’ front gardens,
from the traditional cottage gardens, through to the modern style with their
excellent summer floral displays and sustained planting schemes are to be
applauded; as is the enthusiasm shown, and the feeling of engendered civic
pride, demonstrated in a myriad of ways.

Garden of Remembrance – Ross-on-Wye                           Merit Award
The Remembrance Garden within St. Mary’s Churchyard continues to improve.
The small band of volunteers, with help from the Hereford Probation Service
has worked hard over the last twelve months, and despite wanton acts of
vandalism continues with great enthusiasm to improve the Garden of
Remembrance. All the invasive laurel bushes have been removed and grass
seed has been sown on some of the banks. Wild flower seed has been
scattered and bulbs planted for next spring. New shrub beds have been
created and following a generous donation a new fence has been erected to
conceal the large compost area. All the seats have been cleaned and treated.
Let us hope the vandals will realise that this area of peace and tranquillity
needs to be left alone to mature. The volunteers are once again to be
congratulated on all their hard work.

Leominster Flower Pot Kids                                          Merit Award
A project reflecting the support of a small number of adults assisting the young
people with a range of medical difficulties; the work of these young people is
commendable. They have obtained a mowing machine to enable them to raise
their own funds. The example being that they cut grass and lawns in their area
and the funds raised are turned back into the project. The judges believe these
young people should be supported by the area’s communities and not rejected.

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Ross Court – Ross-on-Wye                                     Outstanding Award
The residents and helpers have made a considerable effort to improve on last
year’s entry. The residential home offers all year interest with mature specimen
trees, shrubs, perennial and was made especially colourful by the use of
annuals on the day of judging. Biodiversity has been adopted with gusto by the
residents and staff with a new wormery, bird feeders and water butts. Making
the woodland garden accessible to all will prove very popular

St James & Bartonsham – Hereford                                   Merit Award
The Community Association known as JABA remains strong and has gained
momentum from last year’s entry. The village in the city concept is popular and
everyone we met was very enthusiastic about it. We were shown an
abundance of quality front gardens and also a communal area showing colour
and permanency in their planting schemes. The area was clean and tidy with
an absence of dog fouling. The school ‘quiet garden area’, making up hanging
baskets and efforts on recycling were successful projects over the last year.
We look forward to seeing the contribution of hard work spent on the joint
school/church communal garden.

Tudorville Cemetery – Ross-on-Wye                          Improvement Award
Tudorville Cemetery has become the main cemetery within Ross-on-Wye. The
general appearance was one of a very tidy and well maintained area with good
use of composting and recycling of materials. The Town Council must
encourage local residents to join in and help the adults with learning disabilities
in their improvement work; these include planting an avenue of trees and
improving the infrastructure of the site.

Edgefield Greenfingers Garden Club – Shrewsbury                     Merit Award
The entrance into Edgefield Green was a delight of colour when the judges
arrived to view all the hard work of the Gardening Club; in particular the garden
to the left as you enter the area was well designed and planted and impressed
the judges. There were many individual units each reflecting the occupiers’
own styles and tastes, but when viewed collectively painted a picture of a
contented and happy area.

Silverdale Terrace – Highley                                    Merit Award
Twenty six Old Miners’ houses made up this entry from Silverdale Terrace.
The outlook from the adjoining main road was very colourful with an array of
hanging baskets, troughs and pots all using a communally agreed colour
scheme, even the scaffolding surrounding the end house was adorned with
planting bags full of annuals. The judges particularly liked the way that
previous hanging basket plants had been left to their own devices to grow
along the footpath in front of the houses. The allotment gardens were well
maintained and provided residents with a place to share plants, ideas and to
generally enjoy themselves.

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Vine Close – Shrewsbury                                              Merit Award
This first time entry has really come on in a short time and is a delight to see. It
was a riot of colour from start to finish at this sheltered housing complex.
Some of the members of the youth groups in the area help the residents by
planting the tubs. John Brown has the immaculate garden at the entrance to
the Close and has been the lead in most things to improve the general area
besides looking after his own garden. Ken Prodger is second in command and
has set up the wildlife patch. They have used reclaimed materials and the
sponsored planting has helped this entry.

Weston Park – Weston-under-Lizard                                 Merit Award
This is the private residential area of Weston Park has been improved greatly
with the help of the residents’ into an area of recreational grounds. The new
planting in the old drying area is a credit to all those involved with its
improvement. The involvement of Telford College area shows the involvement
of young people.

Friends of Warwickshire Moor - Tamworth                             Merit Award
The Friends of Warwickshire Moor is a voluntary group of local residents,
established in 2005, in partnership with Staffordshire Wild Life Trust (SWT) and
Tamworth Borough Council. The FWM aims are to improve the access around
the site following the large scale wetland habitat work by SWT, which created a
series of ditches. The judges were met by FWM members, who led us round
parts of this important site. Already access has been made from its entrance
via a series of boardwalks. This, together with the clearance of many
overgrown areas, provides maintained access paths. Impressive in-roads
indeed, have been made to this wonderful wetland habitat.

Hammersley Hays – Cheadle                                            Merit Award
The residents of Hammersley Hays estate are to be congratulated in showing
that community spirit and endeavour can overcome problems that have
occurred over the years. The newly constructed plant containers decorate the
entrances to the estate and the maintenance of front gardens and grassed
areas is of a high standard. The cleanliness and lack of graffiti were noticeable,
mainly due to the efforts of one resident, Carole, a very enthusiastic volunteer.
However what comes over most is the value placed in the youth of the estate
and now that £90,000 has been secured from the Capital Fund (obtained by
them) we look forward to returning to see the new play park in place.

Hodge Lane Conservation Group – Tamworth               Outstanding Award
A local residents’ voluntary group formed in 2004, in partnership with
Staffordshire Wild Life Trust and Tamworth Borough Council. Their aims are to
promote and enhance the wildlife at Hodge Lane Nature Reserve, and promote
understanding and enjoyment through involvement. Members of HLCG met

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
with the judges who were taken through the Dell with its newly enabled access
via its spaced steps and ‘art work’ by local school children depicting the various
wild life inhabitants displayed on posts throughout the dell. Also proudly shown
were their hedge laying project and ‘Kissing Gate’. This was a snap shot tour of
a wonderful cared-for tranquil space.

Keeling Road – Cheadle                                              Merit Award
Considering they started at the beginning of 2007, the area of Keeling Road is
a credit to all who have taken part. The use of tubs on the green and the
regeneration of front garden areas offer a colourful interlude in the life of the
residents from morning to night. The recycling in this area both in materials and
compost, must be an example to all.

Larchwood – Stafford                                            Merit Award
The small group of residents that make up this entry from Larchwood should
be congratulated in their efforts to brighten up the local environment for
themselves and visitors. The judges saw a variety of well maintained front
gardens with good use of shrubs, perennials and annual plantings. The
residents have been very proactive in gaining sponsorship for the materials
required to create their own methods of hanging baskets off lamppost columns
and they have taken it upon themselves to look after the display containers
from the local primary school. New environmental projects are also in the
pipeline, well done.

Lodgefield Park – Stafford                                        Merit Award
Lodgefield Park is made up of 120 static homes for the over 55’s. It was
obvious to the judges that great pride is taken by all the residents in looking
after their own ‘patch’ but also helping others whom are less able. There were
a variety of gardens on display and all exhibited good quality planting and
maintenance giving the site a pleasurable outlook all year round.

Marston Yarlet Gardens – Stafford                                    Merit Award
Two gentlemen at Marston Court have taken it upon themselves to improve the
environment and surroundings in which they and the other residents live. Tony
Woodman and Kenneth Holford are to be congratulated on the work they have
so far done with no outside help; the before and after results are outstanding.
The brightness from the new planting, even through the rain, was uplifting with
its colour. It would be nice if help was forthcoming to assist with the remaining
work to be done, either financially or in kind by the landlords of Marston Court.

Mill Street – Leek                                                 Merit Award
Mill Street is a run down area which is attempting to regenerate itself by
organising most of the residents into action. In phase one they have
developed an area at the rear of the house flats by the use of flowers and tubs
this area now allows the residents who are of an older age to sit and gradually
develop community spirit.

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Oakendale Residents – Tamworth                                       Merit Award
This is an entry from a significant minority of the senior citizen residents of the
sheltered accommodation in Oakendale Road. The small numbers contribute
£1 per week and work is undertaken by three male residents overseen by the
lady treasurer! A communal garden has been expertly tended and offers a
variety of plantings including raised beds, herbaceous borders, a vegetable
garden and even a pocket size wildflower meadow. Bird boxes, composting
and recycling via the Local Authority’s schemes completes the environmentally
friendly picture.

Tameside Wildlife Conservation Group – Tamworth                 Merit Award
A voluntary group, formed in 2006, in partnership with Staffordshire Wild Life
Trust and Tamworth Borough Council. Their aims are to promote and enhance
the Tameside Nature Reserve for the benefit of wildlife, and to promote this
wonderful open space for the benefit and enjoyment of its community. The
judges were taken to view some areas of the reserve. Their Management Plan
is impressive, indeed many of their exciting projects with community
involvement, have been realised, such as the activity days for children and
families, installation of nest boxes, benches and a wooden bridge, crossing a
stream, enabling pedestrian access.

The Anchor – Welland                                            Merit Award
The Anchor Public House and adjoining garden has been a labour of love for
Mr & Mrs Barrett for some time and provides a welcome greeting for their
customers. The building is adorned by choice climbing plants mixed with good
quality annuals in self watering baskets and tubs, some using recycled
materials. The main garden provides a splendid area for eating, drinking and
recreation with a succession of floral interest throughout the main summer
season and good foliage background. Plant material is recycled amongst
regulars and the ‘waste nothing’ attitude is commended.

Lilac Close – Upton Upon Severn                         Improvement Award
The Lilac Close entry consists of 3 houses and 2 bungalows in a very quiet
part of Upton Upon Severn. There is a strong sense of pride and enthusiasm
that is shown by the high standard of 5 very different gardens and a shared
passion with the communal landscaped area which borders the close. The
gardens were well maintained and the close was very clean and tidy.

Madresfield Allotments                                               Merit Award
The Allotment Association on Madresfield allotments is to be congratulated in
encouraging its tenants into making it a site of great interest and community for
up to three generations. Vegetable growing dominates but the companion
planting with its annuals is widespread and other plots are diversifying into
mixed planting using shrubs and perennials. The association has started a
number of innovative schemes among these being the ‘open shed’ scheme
preventing vandalism. The site is strong on recycling with new log/turf stacks

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
and new composting bays being made up, whilst every effort is made to
encourage insect predators with set aside areas where little maintenance
occurs. The award of merit is well deserved.

Malvern Community Hospital                                  Outstanding Award
Another excellent year for Matron, staff and helpers, especially after building
works curtailed the amount of time available to spend in the grounds.
Additional baskets and troughs have added colour to all of the entrances with
new shrub planting replacing worn out rose stock. There has been a
tremendous amount of work put into the more informal areas of the garden,
with information signs about hedgehogs and owls, log piles created and new
composting areas. Patients and visitors must get a great lift from this
wonderful setting but it was good to see the efforts of the staff recognised with
their own relaxation area. Fantastic effort!

Heart of England in Bloom Discretionary Awards

Certificates of Merit
John Brown                          Vine Close, Shrewsbury
Jan Beeston                         Shenstone Road, Birmingham
Litter Management                   Shenstone Road, Birmingham
Queens Gardens                      Newcastle-under-Lyme
Glebe Infant School                 Newent
St Mary’s School                    Tetbury
Telford Infant School               Royal Leamington Spa
Ryan Holland                        Leominster Flower Pot Kids
Moorlands Day Centre                Cheadle
Wildlife Area                       Norton in Hales
Heather Sims                        Wellesbourne in Bloom
Archie Pitts                        Friends of Leamington Station
Annabel Rainbow                     GALS (Gardening Around Leamington Spa)
Greenfingers                        Leominster
Water vole Conservation Project     Cheadle
Holywell Restoration Project        Southam
Broadford Arboretum                 Newent
David Harcourt                      Stourbridge in Bloom
Lawrence Burton                     Oswestry
Hall’s Croft Garden                 Stratford
Bradwell Crematorium                Newcastle-under-Lyme

Special Awards

Heart of England in Bloom Environmental Award
Warwick Town Council & Glendale Managed Services
Warwick Town Council in partnership with Glendale Managed Services is to be
congratulated on their efforts to recycle water and green waste for the benefit
of the floral displays around the Town. Water is recycled from the main garage
building at the Glendale Depot and all green waste generated from their

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
grounds maintenance work goes through various grinding and shredding
operations for use in the floral displays and the courser materials for mulching
shrub beds.

Heart of England in Bloom Award for Outstanding Achievement
John Carrier – Royal Leamington Spa
John has been the Chairman of Leamington in Bloom Committee for many
years and has tremendous enthusiasm for the ‘In Bloom’ concept and Royal
Leamington Spa in particular. His ability to set high standards and inspire other
sections of the community to join in has greatly enhanced the community spirit
in the Town. He has managed to involve all the schools in Leamington in the
Geranium Trains, which have proved a tremendous success. This project has
resulted in a wide variety of community projects of the highest order being
undertaken, resulting in a lasting legacy of environmental improvement.
Congratulations John and well done.

Heart of England in Bloom Award for Outstanding Merit
Glyn Gratton – Newport in Bloom
Glyn has been Mayor of Newport for the last three years and during that time
has spearheaded the ‘In Bloom’ effort, backed by a very able team. He has
managed to inspire not just the Bloom Committee but whole sections of the
community. He is responsible for the Town Centre displays but also for fund
raising for ‘In Bloom’. This has resulted in Newport rising from a Silver Award
to Gold in the Regional Campaign, being placed into the Britain in Bloom
Awards and receiving a Silver-Gilt Award in the finals. The Town has evolved
into a well cared for environment with many high quality projects now
completed and the leadership shown has transformed Newport and created a
firm platform for future successes.

Heart of England in Bloom Award for Litter Management
Hammersley Hays
The judges were very impressed with the overall cleanliness of the entire
estate. There was a complete lack of graffiti and any street furniture (including
the notice board) was clean and in good working order. The residents,
including many children, carry out regular litter scavenges but the majority of
the attention to detail is the responsibility of one resident; Carole is to be given
a big pat on the back for the time and effort she spends on a daily basis,
sweeping and generally tidying the street scene. Everyone should be proud of
their efforts.

Judges Award for Services to Heart of England in Bloom
Maz Dad – Birmingham City Council
Maz Dad, Birmingham City Council’s Ladywood Constituency Environmental
Manager, identifies wholeheartedly the benefits of using the Britain in Bloom’s
Neighbourhood Award Scheme as an effective vehicle for positive change.
Maz has worked tirelessly throughout the year within the communities in which
he serves; his efforts are indeed praiseworthy. Through his natural enthusiasm
and obvious commitment, he has been the driving force for change. Maz has

                              Heart of England in Bloom 2007
shown much energy in supporting and motivating communities, in particular
those who have taken the first and all-important step to improve their
environment by entering the Neighbourhood Award Scheme.

Judges Award for Horticultural Excellence
Wollescote Park - Stourbridge
This park is managed by a very strong partnership between the Friends of
Wollescote Park and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, who are the
owners. The park has a superb collection of mature trees, rolling parkland and
floral displays combined with sports facilities and a wildlife area. Local schools
in large numbers use the park as a teaching resource and the National
Ceanothus, Rudbeckia and Echinacea Collections are held within the walled
garden. The whole park is managed on behalf of the local community with the
friends, who are very active, providing a management brief for the Local
Authority as users. This is a very successful local park, which is a major asset
for the Town of Stourbridge.

School Involvement in Heart of England in Bloom
Berkswich C.E. Primary School - Stafford
Within an unused quadrangle the teachers and children have built an eco
garden and outdoor classroom. The outdoor classroom, when the weather
permits, is used for both lessons and activities. The eco garden is made of
raised beds where vegetables and herbs are grown by the children, water for
the garden is collected from the school roof and stored in tanks until needed
then it is pumped into a self-watering system, the water is delivered into the
system by a solar powered pump. Also in the garden the children have a
wormery to turn their green waste into usable compost.

Chevrolet Award for Exceptional Community Achievement
Fran Lee – Hazelwood Residents Association, Birmingham
Fran and a small team have totally transformed her immediate neighbourhood
using ‘bloom’ to galvanise exceptional community spirit. A first time entry into
the Neighbourhood Awards had all the hallmarks of efforts shown from long
standing entries into the main campaign. Not only is Hazelwood Road surely
the cleanest road in Acocks Green it also boasts public art, new hard
landscaping, painted lampposts and post boxes but wonderful floral displays

British Toilet Association Award
West Street – Tetbury
These toilets close to the centre of Town have been repainted and refurbished
to a high standard. The frontage has been landscaped and the whole street
scene has been transformed. Toilets are an essential provision for tourists and
local people alike, and high quality well cared for ones such as these greatly
enhance the Town’s image.

                             Heart of England in Bloom 2007
Royal Horticultural Society Blooming Wild Award
Naunton Park – Cheltenham
Sowing wild flower mixes can be a hit or miss operation, it is rare to see a
display as it appears on the packet! When the judges walked through Naunton
Park in Cheltenham their eyes were drawn to the display of Poppies,
Cornflowers and a wide variety of other species which were in glorious flower.
The displays themselves were located in a sensible position allowing for
general maintenance to take place easily around them, more locations are
planned and they will be a good asset to this Green Flag park.

                            Heart of England in Bloom 2007

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