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					Guiding Principles

That all things exist in interdependence is an age-old wisdom, and we at Bhutan Observer have
taken this principle to heart. We recognize that we are an integral part of this society and have a role
to play in reporting the news in a fair and balanced way. Our sole objective is to uphold and
strengthen the values and principles that bind this small, but great kingdom. We are a voice with a
conscience, and our efforts are honed at enriching people’s lives through unbiased content intended
to inform, educate and entertain.

The world is in constant flux, often changing at a confusing pace, and only through recognizing our
relationship with our surroundings and by active participation in events that shape our lives can we
create conditions for a positive future. As a media outlet, we are in an honoured position to provide
opportunity for such reflection and interaction, and so in addition to our regular features we have
introduced online ‘Letters to the Editor’ column, ‘Reader’s Voice’ page, Citzens’ News and ‘On-line
Forum’. Through these outlets, our readers are encouraged to freely express their opinions about
events that touch them personally as well those that affect the nation as whole.


Democracy was a daunting prospect for many of the kingdom’s citizens, and to assist in the
transition and ensure that a vibrant and healthy parliamentary system ensues, the Fourth Druk
Gyalpo envisioned establishing a private print media. Bhutan Observer humbly accepted the
challenge, and on 2 June, 2006 the nation’s first ever private bilingual newspaper hit the stands.

Dzongkha Edition

Druk Nelug is the Dzongkha edition of Bhutan Observer. Financially, this wing of our organization
is a liability. Yet, we feel it is our social obligation to promote our national language and provide
news to citizens who cannot read English, especially those in rural areas. Druk Nelug is circulated in
all corners of the kingdom, and we continue to publish it with renewed vigour and commitment.


Bhutan Observer is a private limited company operating with 47 staff in editorial, commercial,
administration, and management sections. Much has been accomplished since our inauguration, but
we are not complacent. Instead, we continuously and vigorously strive to improve and up-grade the
quality of our paper, and to achieve this end we have not shied away from enlisting some of the best
professionals in the print media field. Providing the public with unbiased and objective news is our
passion and our goal. To this, we remain steadfast.

We remain staunchly independent and are not accountable to shareholders or aligned with any
group, whether political, commercial, social, cultural, religious, linguistic, regional, communal, and
ethnic or gender based. In this way, we are able to remain true to our founding principles and
provide unbiased news and act as a social watchdog. A free and unbiased press is crucial to a
thriving democracy. We pride ourselves at being at the heart of such a process.

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