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11      MR                   Airbrushing for Model Railroaders Kalmbach          40      Learn
airbrushing techniques by video. After an explanation of how an airbrush works, you'll see tips
on painting and weathering, preparation of models and a complete demonstration on a model.

21         MR                     Basics of Model Railroading Kalmbach        54     Learn the
techniques you need to build your first model railroad. Benchwork, scenery & smooth operation
- it's all here as the experts take you step-by-step through each phase of layout construction.

32       MR                     Building Reliable Model Railroad Track       Kalmbach   52
        Avoid Basement derailments! This entertaining show reallygoes into detail, with basic
instructions andterrific tips on weathering, turnouts, hand laidtrack, and more.

99       MR                     Model Railroad Layout Tour #1        Kalmbach        60     Visit
five of the finest model railroad layouts in the country, watch them in operation, and hear their
builders discuss the fine points of model railroading, general and particular.

100     MR                 Model Railroad Layout Tour #2       Kalmbach      60    Visit
David Barrow's Cat Mountain & Santa Fe; Don and John Santel's Ohio, Michigan & South
Shore; Herb & Mike Danneman's HOn3 Denver & Rio Grande Western; Allen McClelland's
Virginian & Ohio; Doug Taylor's East Broad Top; and Chuck Hitchcock's AT&SF.

101    MR                     Model Railroad Video Layout Tour #3        Kalmbach      60
      Journey to the Union, Hoboken & Overland of the New York Society of Model
Engineers, and the layouts of Earl Smallshaw, Al Kalbfleisch, Don Clerke and the Rensselaer
Model Railroad Club.

258      MR                    Lionel: The Movie TM Books           30      Here's a treat for
anyone who appreciates the postwar Lionel classics. You'll see Hudsons, F3s, GG-1s and more,
plus tons of Lionel rolling stock     and accessories in action. Also, contains the B&W short
film „Iron Ponies'.

302      MR                   Basics Of Model Railroad Wiring Kalmbach           53      Take
the mystery out of wiring reverse loops, wyes, switch machines & turntables with this useful and
entertaining show. Expert Bruce Chubb explains the complexities of multi-train operation.

316      MR                 Weathering Model Railroad Models Kalmbach            49      All
you need to know about weathering rolling stock, structures, locomotives and scenery - Step by
step instructions.
326   MR                    Model Railroad Video Layout Tour No. 4 Kalmbach                  60
      Six outstanding model railroad layouts are featured; video and content are up to
Kalmbach's usual high standards.

340     MR                       Building Model Railroad Wood Structures Kalmbach      40
        Selecting tools. preparing & sanding wood, dry brushing and many other techniques are
taught in this fine tape for the serious modeler.

359     MR                  Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2       Hopewell        60
       "George Sellios's magnificent ""Franklin & South Manchester"" is featured in this fine
show, which uses Hopewell's ""micro-cam"" to great advantage."

422     MR                   Great Model Railroads, Vol. 3       Hopewell        56     Dean
Freytag's South Ridge Lines and C.J. Riley's Kanawha & Western Allegheny are featured in this
captivating video,    and Hopewell's microcam puts you at track level for the guided tour.

478      MR                    Lionel Repair, Vol. 1 Act Video       60      A detailed guide for
today's Lionel train collector with step-by-step repair techniques covering commonly
encountered problems; how to achieve peak operating performance Whistling tenders, smoke
units, trucks, etc.

505      MR                    History Of Lionel Trains, The          Lionel Video 44       This
program recounts the first 89 years of Lionel trains, how the name grew to become an American
tradition, and serves as an ongoing tribute to the spirit of American invention and enterprise.

529     MR                      Sierra Pacific Lines Pentrex           60     A visit to the gigantic
HO layout built and operated by the Pasadena Model Railroad Club. This pike boasts 10,000 feet
of hand laid track and a train that takes about an hour to traverse its 1750 foot long main.

617     MR                     Iver Jacobsen's Santa Fe Railroad      Jacobsen, Iver 110    This
578 square foot layout has almost 1/10 mile of mainline, & you'll see 100-car trains in action as
well as a multitude of structures and scenery. Grest layout, fine entertainment.

631     MR                    Great Model Railroads, Vol. 4         Keller, A    54      The
Utah Midland of Al Lindop This layout features beautifully detailed steam engines and first
generation diesels pulling coal trains through exciting canyon scenery.

632     MR                  Great Model Railroads, Vol. 5         Keller, A    60      This
program focuses on Don Cassler's M&K Division of the B&O Railroad, with its working signal
system, mountain grades & incredible detail throughout Creative camera work adds excitement.
633      MR                     Great Model Railroads, Vol. 6       A. Keller    60      Dick
Elwell's Hoosac Valley is a bridge route that interchanges with the Boston & Albany, the D&H,
the New Haven and the NYC. Top rate modeling is everywhere in evidence on this 40x26 ft.
layout, and early diesels are the main power.

707     MR                   ALP Way Freight       Carstens        30      A visit to Whit
Tower's HO gauge Alteras & Lone Pine RR. We follow a freight around the layout, setting out &
picking up loads with an ingenious system of waybills, tending realism to the operations.

741      MR                   Great Toy Train Layouts Of America, Part I TM Video         45
        1) Ward Kimball's collection, with its many classic pieces 2), Ralph Johnson's O-gauge,
featuring a 40-foot mountain range, and 3), Michael Prinack's O-gauge layout, with the spotlight
on realistic operation.

742      MR                    Great Toy Train Layouts Of America, Part IITM Video        60
       Visit the layouts of Stan Ray, with 32 trains on three levels, and Chuck Brasher with his
outstanding Classic Period standard gauge trains: the Blue Comet, State Set, and Presidents'

743    MR                    Great Toy Train Layouts Of America, Part III        TM Video
      60      Two Pennsylvania layouts. Phil Klopp's in Easton, with Lionel trains and Bruce
Manson's in Lancaster, with American Flyer. Amazing detail in both these excellent pikes.

744     MR                    Lionel Classic Locomotives: The Fairbanks-Morse Train Master
       Waller Bros. 35        All nine varieties of this most collectible production of the Lionel
Co. are covered in this well-done video, which is as entertaining as it is useful and informative.

745      MR                     Making Of The Scale Hudson, The TM Books & Video 44
        The Making of the Scale Hudson (Lionel/TM Productions) MR 44 min. - Step-by-step
coverage of the creation of this Lionel classic, from concept to reproduction. Full of fascinating
details and well edited, this program will hold your interest from start to finish

785      MR                   Toy Trains In Action Toy Train Video '85 60         Toy Fair
promotions, 1950's TV programs and commercials, plus theater intermission contests and short
subjects. An entertaining show with a wide variety of S and O-gauge trains in contemporary

817      MR                    San Diego Model Railroad Museum Pentrex '92        30        Visit
the largest indoor model railroad exhibit in the US. Four big layouts are showcased in this
engrossing program, it features both completed and un-completed segments & reveals the
craftsmanship & detail in spectacular closeups.

892    MR                    Iver Jacobsen's Santa Fe Railroad, Vol. 3, Wheel Test        I.
Jacobsen       33      When Iver installed KD-520 wheelsets on his freightcar friction and
derailment problems ensued. Watch as this advanced HO modeler experiments with various
rolling stock and gets his 100-car trains rolling smoothly again.

906     MR                      Toy Train Revue No. 5, Spring 1992 TM Books  60
        Trainland USA; Lionel's Showroom Layout; Lionel Super Train, and more. Plenty of
action and variety in this entertaining hour for Lionel fans.

975      MR                     Toy Train Revue No. 6           TM Books      60      1.) 1993
Lionel in action on the new Lionel showroom layout. 2.) A nifty 2500 sq. ft. G-gauge garden
railroad. 3.) Oscar Fox's toy train collection. 4.) Scenery, structures & accessories on Lionel's
showroom layout. 5.) Marx - a top-notch 1949 Wards set.

976     MR                    Toy Train Revue No. 7      TM Books        60      1.) Lionel,
Book Two, 1993. 2.) Warren Frost's outstanding S-gauge layout. 3) A classic toy train layout
around a Christmas tree. 4.) Hesston Steam Museum. 5.) Variations of Lionel 6464-150 Missouri

977     MR                  Toy Train Revue No. 8           TM Books      60       "TOY""
TRAIN REVUE is a snappy 60-minute video quarterly devoted to every aspect of model trains.
Each hour-long program features interviews, layouts, tips on operating and collecting, new
products, and more. Welcome to our eighth show.

CHUCK ROEHM has two layouts. One is 24X36-feet, the other is six miles long. One features
Lionel T-rail track and postwar Lionel trains. The other, two 150-ton SW-1200 GM switchers.
Chuck, along with his son, is part owner of the Crab Orchard and Egyptian short line railroad.
The CO&E operates in Marion, Illinois, handling local freight traffic for the Burlington Northern
and Union Pacific. Roehm & Son is a story of daring to dream and then putting rivets in those
dreams. JOHN POTTER favors the prewar era, when train makers were concerned less with
realism and more with simply making toys which would appeal to kids. ""Lionel created a live
art in these trains and the art is really in the colors, in the way they move, the noise they make
slammin' down the rails, the clickity clack, and the rattle-trap sounds."" WARREN CHIESA,
QSI's man in the midwest, explains how electronics has affected the way today's trains operate
and sound. PRODUCT REVIEWS We wanted to get an expierenced operator to review products
so we asked Stan Roy, the man who operates 32 trains simultaneously, to give his opinion on
some recently produced Lionel engines and accessories. HOWARD SMITH operates an
excursion train out of Blissfield, Mi. The train is headed by a GP-9 painted to match the GP-9
which came with the Lionel 90th Anniversary set produced in 1990. Most people's reaction: ""I
thought Lionel only made toy trains."""

989      MR                   Redwood Valley & Golden Gate Live Steamers            Pearson Prod.
        45     Fun for the kids - a ride oT another miniature steam train, and a tour of live
steamers club Some pretty neat live models here. Then, we take a walk through a fascinating
railroad museum (Western RR Museum}.

1160    MR                     Model Railroads in Action      Kalmbach '91 45
1161    MR                    Building Model Railroad Scenery With The Experts Kalmbach '85

1302    MR                    Great Outdoor Railways        Pentrex         60

1461 MR                       All Aboard - America's Best Model trains      Goodtimes Home
Video 30

1462    MR                    Weathering and Aging with Pastels NMRA Video 34

1491    MR                    Tracks Ahead - Episode #303 Milw. Pub. TV            30

1632    MR                    Utah Western Model Railroad           Gandy Dancer 60

1633    MR     LS             Big Little Railways    Film Service 75

1645    MR                    Micro Trains Line Factory Tour        Micro Trains ?

1705    MR                    Custom Painting Brass Locomotives Hobby Video ?

1782   MR                   N-Scale Model Railroading in America            Varda '94      30
       The layouts of Don Kriegbaum anfd F. Parks

1794 MR                       Train Mountain Museum         Green Frog      45     Live steam on
a 200-acre layout

1797 MR                       Great Layouts You Can Visit, Vol. 1 O-Gauge          60      Four
different O-Gauge pikes

1801 MR                       Great Model Railroads, Vol. 13        Allen Keller   60      The
Stoney Creek & Western

1870 MR                        SDXX Test Iver Jacobsen             Watch realistic HO gauge
freight operations on Iver Jacobsen's large Santa Fe Railroad. The videography is good, with
dramatic closeups, and HO gauge modellers will find the detail top notch.

1871 MR                         Atlas U36-C Locomotive          Iver Jacobsen         A well-made
amateur tape showing a precisely tuned HO gauge locomotive doing switching chores, making
up a train, and then pulling a very long train, all at scale speeds. Pretty impressive!
1873    MR                     Wiring For Command Control            Green Frog '95        30
        No. 5 of the 'Building A Model Railroad' Series, this tape shows how to install decoders
in Atlas, KATO, Proto 2000 and Walthers locomotives. Wiring a reversing loop is covered,
ground throws for turnouts, etc.

1874     MR                    Calvert's HO Scale Model Railroad Tour, Vol. 1         MVP '99
        90      Featuring the best sound system ever heard, a terrific collection of Southern
Pacific locos and passenger cars, all highly detailed, closeups, explanations, etc. -- a great model
railroad video.

1875    MR                   Calvert's HO Scale Model Railroad Tour, Vol. 2     MVP '99
       80     Another great video from one of the best HO scale layouts in the world.
Benchwork details, scenery, Tehachapi Loop, 1950s roundhouse, tunnels, bridges, and the best
sound system you ever heard.

1876     MR                    Secrets of Model Railroad Sound Systems MVP '99            60
         All the information you need to put together audio components from Radio Shack, IRC,
etc., to make sound systems with real sounds at price levels you can afford. An excellent how-to

1885 MR                        Toy Train Accessories, Pt. One       McComas '98 55       Lionel
coal and lumber accessories, Lionel bridges and Lionel cranes; all new footage of each accessory
in action along with original boxes and tips on operation.

1900 MR                      M.T.H. Electric Trains         M.T.H. '98               1998 product
video from this maker of high quality O-gauge electric trains.

1901 MR                        Toys Of The Past - The William Furnish Collection TM Books &
Video '98      55      Trains, planes, cars, boats, games, banks, toy soldiers -- this may be the
world's best collection of antique toys. Visit it with acclaimed videographer Tom McComas.

1954    MR                    Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 1      Testors Corp. 120
       Four complete 30-minute programs: the Dodge Daytona Turbo, the space shuttle, a diesel
tug boat, and Richard Petty's NASCAR Pontiac. Step by step progress through each model.

1955   MR                    Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 2       Testors Corp.
      "The F-14 Tomcat (seam firtting, sanding, painting); USS Yorktown (masking and sub-
assembly); Truss Railroad Bridge (alignment and design); Stephenson's ""Rocket"" steam

1956    MR                   Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 3           Testors Corp.
       Modeling projects covered: an airport terminal, a commercial jet aircraft, a '32 Ford
Vicky, and the Star Trek Enterprise. Step by step tips with interesting sidelights.
1981     MR                    Re-making Of The 1949 Lionel Showroom Layout TM Videos
        50       Tom McComas, producer of over 30 books and videos about toy trains, brings
this famous layout back to life and tells the story of how it was duplicated right down to the
smallest detail.

1982 MR                     Great Lionel Layouts, Pt. 1 TM Videos 55              Fritz Von
Tagen's Lionel Hudsons, Merle Levitt's multi-gauge, multi-level layout, and high lights from the
Tom Snyder-Tom McComas CBS Christmas special.

1983 MR                        Fun With Lifelike       Jacobsen, Iver (A)      60      Not yet

2061 MR JU                        I Love Toy Trains 7 TM Books & Video '00              30      Kid
vid for the little train lover in your household, featuring the great streamliners of the '30s, Big
Boy steamers, Lego layouts and much more. Exciting toy train action throughout.

2062    MR                     Classic TV Train Commercials of the 50's and 60's Alpha '93
       30       Original, uncut TV commercials featuring the toy trains we grew up with: Lionel,
American Flyer, etc. Many of the items shown are now desireable collectors' items. Great
nostalgia tape!

2075    MR                      Station At Citicorp Center, The          TM Books & Video 40
        An enthralling visit to a really neat exhibit: 25 electric trains operating on three levels
against 12-foot backdrops, with 17 animated scenes, 200 buildings, 5000 trees and shrubs, 17
bridges and 2 skating dogs. Kids and adults alike will love it!

2078 MR                          Painting Backdrops Green Frog '96         80      Many tips are
provided here, from selecting brushes and paints, preparing the surface, choosing colors,
preliminary washes, to how to paint trees sky, clouds and buildings. Greg Gray, with 30 years
experience, is host to this instructive show.

2082    MR                     Toy Trains & Christmas        TM Books & Video '97   50
       Famous Christmas Layouts at the Henry Ford Museum, the Hancock Building, and the
Hammacher Schlemmer Christmas catalog layout. We enjoy the Lionel Visitors Center layout
and several others, with trains and accessories from every era.

2083     MR                   Lionel The Movie II TM Books & Video '97            48
        'Wonderful World of Trains (1960)', 'Railroad Story (1951', and 'Cavalcade of Trains
(1962)', featuring many prototypes and views of the Lionel factory and showroom layouts.

2084   MR                      A Century Of Lionel Trains TM Books & Video '00         120
      From Joshua Cowan's first train -- a crude wooden gondola made in 1900 -- to today's
awesome scale models, Lionel has provided generations of toy train lovers with enjoyment. This
two hour tribute does justice to Lionel's Magnificent contribution.
2122    MR                      Railroading in a Land of Giants - 20th Century Steam
       Paragon Productions 60           "A full hour of live steam, the ""giants"" being the
operators of beautifully finished, fire-breathing model steam locomotives. This is an enjoyable
program for all railfans, but the live-steam enthusiast will really love it."

2132 MR                        Lionel - The Movie III        TM Books '97 50        Here's a toy
train video that features footage of the scale Dreyfuss, Hiawatha, Rail Chief, Shay, Turbine, the
Commodore Vanderbilt, and more. In addition there are out-takes and commercials. The whole
family will love it.

2162 MR MS                    Tracks Ahead, Vol. VII        PBS/Pentrex '00       180    Six
episodes on two cassettes of the popular PBS series, with many interesting segmants including 6
or 7 on model railroading. You'll also visit the Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad, Union Tank Car
Co., Steamtown, White Pass & Yukon, and other attractions.

2163 MR                       Tracks Ahead, Vol. VIII         PBS/Pentrex 210    Seven action-
packed episodes on two cassettes from the 4th season of America's favorite PBS series on
railroading. 28 different segments for a full 3-1/2 hours of entertainment.

2189 MR                         A Lionel Christmas TM Books '95 55           A great mix of stories,
toy train action, and beautiful Christmas music that will help you relive those magical Christmas
mornings when there were Lionel trains under the tree. Very enjoyable!

2202     MR                     Welcome to TRAIN MOUNTAIN Pearson Prod. '02                55
        "A visit to the incredible 7-1/2"" gauge railway at Chiloqin, OR with a ride on Dick
Bartel's KCC engine over the entire 23 miles of track. Garden railway fans will marvel at this
fastidiously manicured layout, with its many beautiful little locomotives."

2229      MR                      Train Mountain 2002 - Chiloquin Oregon Bartel Thomsen
         61      The films of Jack Pearson with a good narration make this a great program on the
amazing 20-mile outdoor railroad. You'll enjoy a complete trip around this amazing pike, which
is said to be the largest of its kind in the world.

2345    MR                     Virginian & Ohio Afton Division Finale         Pentrex 2001 76
        One of the most famous model railroads – the Afton Division of Allen McClelland‟s
Virginian & Ohio – is now gone, but before this HO layout was dismantled, Allen invited
Pentrex to videotape the last days of its existence. Using special lenses and real, prototype sound
effects we transport you into the amazing lifelike world of the V&O for an absolutely incredible
viewing experience. Railfanning the line as if it were a real railroad, we travel to scenic
locations to catch the action during a typical day on this Appalachian coal hauler. Heavy trains
with rear end helpers slug it out on mountain grades. A local freight stops to switch a coal mine.
Perishable freights, junk freights, foreign power, and Amtrak are seen from the best “photo op”
locales. The V&O operated realistically, complete with commercial, geographical, and logistical
concerns. Allen McClelland describes how he created this “beyond the basement” approach to
model railroading and takes us on a tour of the road many have never viewed.
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       Producer     RunTime      Description-1st              Description-2nd        Copies owned

2299 MR                         JOHN ALLEN‟S GORRE & DAPHETID Sunday River 36
         Two weeks after John Allen‟s death in 1972, fire destroyed his model railroading
masterpiece – a project to which he had devoted almost his entire life. It was believed that only
Allen‟s slides had survived the fire, and that the films taken by Richard Reynolds and Glenn
Beier had been destroyed. Thanks to the recent discovery of these films, this video offers you
the ultimate display of model railroading: a vast network of standard, narrow and mixed gauges –
even a trolley line. More than 100 bridges, no two alike, some soaring more than five feet above
the floor, others crawling the labyrinthine canyons of the Akinback Mountain Range, complete
with working cable cars and water wheels. John‟s own slides are used to magnify the exquisite
detail, from snow capped peak to ocean car ferry, and bring to life the thousands of miniature
people and working railroad artifacts that surprised and delighted so many.

2343 MR                         "Introduction to 1"" Scale Railroading, An" Iron Pony
        Here is a very entertaining garden railroading video produced by Iron Pony before it was
purchased by Riding Railkits Inc, The program is loaded with informative narrative on the scale
models, which we explore inside and out. These RTR or build-it-yourself kits are an excellent
option for the beginning garden railway modeler. Here we visit several working layouts, with
close looks at the rolling stock and video tours of the layouts, including “cab rides”, i.e., footage
shot from the moving trains..We also interview the owners who detail the history of their layouts.
Run time undetermined.

2344 MR                         Great Model Railroads, Vol. 32       Allen Keller, 1999     60
        THE Model Railroad Club of Union, NJ is a legend in the hobby and has provided 50
years of innovation and enjoyment for its members and the public. The HO railroad is probably
the largest club layout in the country. When the expansions are finished the layout will be 70 x
140 feet with 500 locomotives. The current HO layout is 40 x 40 feet and is based on railroads
that served the industries and commuters of New Jersey. The main railroad is the Hudson
Delaware and Ohio. It interchanges with the Rahway River Railroad and the Trenton Northern,
an electric interurban. A smaller N scale layout is under construction. Paul Mallory, one of the
hobby‟s pioneers, created the original concept of the club‟s layout in his basement. Paul, a
prolific model railroad author, reminisces about the early days of the hobby and the club..

        Digital Image Works, 1996 40         "Your hosts in this video are model railroad
operators Jim Hertzog, Lehigh New England Railroad; Bill Gruber, Reading Lines; and Ken
McCorry, Pennsylvania Railroad. These masters of operations show how on and off line
""Interchange"" traffic is generated. You will follow specific cars across each layout as they are
prototypically interchanged between model railroads. Hear each host explain realistic operations
using car cards, crew assignments, Digital Command Control and dispatching. All color,
graphics, narration, prototype sound."

2397 MR                        GREAT MODEL RAILROADS VOL. 10 Allen Keller
Productions, 1992      60      The Cumberland Valley System of Bill and Wayne Reid is
undoubtedly the most famous N scale layout ever built. The Reid brothers have taken a 22x40
foot area and built a railroad that not only looks fabulous but runs with the reliability of the
larger scales. You'll learn some of their methods for obtaining this level of performance. The
CVS is actually a system of 5 railroads-the Western Maryland, the Pennsylvania, the Norfolk &
Western, the Reading and the B&O. Only the WM and the Pennsy are fully modeled, the other
roads provide interchange traffic and operating interest. Bill and Wayne have designed the
layout so the scenery dominates the trains thus creating a feeling of distance. They'll show you
tips for tracklaying, rock carving, and kitbashing stuctures. Bill and Wayne enjoy working on
and sharing this layout with others. The two brothers are prophetic proponents for the ongoing
improvements in N scale. The Reids have modified the layout over the years to improve
operation. They've never been afraid to use new techniques or to rip out completed sections. In
the process they've created a Great Model Railroad.

2398 MR                        GREAT MODEL RAILROADS VOL. 14 Allen Keller
Productions, 1993        60    "The Allegheny Midland of Tony Koester is an operations oriented
railroad that hauls coal through Virginia and West Virginia. Although based on the Nickel Plate
and the C&O, Tony refers to his style as prototype freelancing. The HO scale AM has changed
era at least five times. Tony has now settled on 1958 while steam still reigns in the mountains.
Elaborately painted first generation diesels are making inroads. This careful attention to history
is evident throughout the layout because Tony really enjoys historical research. He has
succeeded in making the Allegheny Midland a believable railroad that follows standard
prototype operating rules. An Appalachian railroad needs thousands of trees and lots of tunnels.
Tony will show you how to make these elements quickly and realistically. He will also explain
methods of modifying common plastic kits into one-of-a-kind structures. The Allegheny
Midland is a Great Model Railroad because of the ""Trains of Thought"" that its builder has put
into it. Tony, the former editor of Railroad Model Craftsman, champions an intellectual
approach to the hobby."

2399 MR                        GREAT MODEL RAILROADS VOL. 11 Allen Keller
Productions, 1992       60     The Virginian & Ohio of W. Allen McClelland needs little
introduction to long-time model railroaders. This world-class HO railroad is always included in
the list of legendary layouts. Careful planning and fidelity to the prototype are two of the
reasons for its fame. This Master Model Railroader has built more than a Great Model Railroad;
he has built a following among fellow modelers because of his innovations - walkaround
operation/design, interchange with other railroads beyond the basement, the good-enough
philosophy, and pioneering command control work. By listening to Allen, you'll learn that
challenging the conventional hobby wisdom of the 1960's was not easy. At times his ideas for
prototype design and creating a railroad that did work by actually traveling between two points
were considered revolutionary. Allen shows you his weathering and car distressing techniques,
and a new method for building open car loads. These techniques stem from his overall
philosophy that no facet of the hobby outshines any other. All aspects of the hobby must blend
into a cohesive package. Like a real railroad, the 31-year-old V&O stays current. New
operating ideas, track arrangements, and time periods are part of the railroad's continuing growth.
2400 MR                        GREAT MODEL RAILROADS, VOL. 50 Allen Keller
Productions, 2005       60     "The Argentine Industrial District Railway of Chuck Hitchcock is
his answer to the question ""Is it possible to outgrow a famous 30 year old layout?"" His former
Santa Fe Argentine Division was famous as one of the first layouts to be operated in a prototype
manner. Yet Chuck and his operators knew there had to be more. The Industrial District began
as an idea ten years ago. Since he and his friends really enjoyed switching industries, he decided
a layout could be built without a mainline. And so Chuck again became a pioneer in operation.
The 54 x 26 foot HO railroad represents a Santa Fe line around Kansas City in 1963. All trains
are operated within yard limits, and work without a dispatcher. This fiftieth volume in the series
is a return to Chuck's work that Allen first recorded 22 years earlier. In a way the work of
preserving Great Model Railroads has come full circle. Many of the layouts in the series no
longer exist except on video. Chuck has found that this new HO railroad has renewed his
interest in the hobby, and made upkeep of the layout easier as he ages. He will show you how to
lay track without spikes or nails, add signs to urban buildings, and create switch lists from
waybills. The Argentine Industrial District Railway is a Great Model Railroad because Chuck
has never been afraid to change things while seeking innovative solutions."

2509 MR                        Re-Making of the 1949 Lionel Showroom Layout TM Books &
Video, 1994 50         "Baseball has Babe Ruth. Art has Van Gogh. Lionel enthusiasts have the
1949 Lionel Showroom Layout. The Jackson, Mississippi Society of Model Engineers, in
association with Lovebilt Inc., a division of the Ronald McDonald House of Mississippi,
attempted to recreate the 1949 Lionel Showroom layout, whose memory is still revered and
treasured by an entire generation of train buffs. Lee Price of Cincinnati, Ohio, worked for Lionel
in 1949 and saw the original showroom layout many times. Recently, he saw the new version.
His reaction:

""It was as if I just came out of a time machine. Suddenly I was 22 again and I was in the
Lionel's New York Showroom. There was the 115 Station above the ten red-roofed 156
passenger stations. Before I could blink, two GG1‟s pulling Madison cars roared past below. I
could see the control panel and JLC's factory. The roundhouse. The double-reverse loops on the
top level. Everything was just as I remembered. The Turbine. Those gorgeous green passenger
cars. The Santa Fe freight. All the bridges and accessories. These guys did a magnificent job.
This layout is a dead-ringer for the original. I expected Josh Cowan to walk in any moment.""
Tom McComas, producer of over 30 books and videos about toy trains, brings the 1949 Lionel
Showroom layout to life and tells the story of how it was duplicated right down to the smallest
detail. You've seen the photographs. Now see all the action live and in color - the GG1, Santa Fe
F-3 and 726 Berkshire roaring down the rails, whistles and horns blaring, plus all the other sights
and sounds of the most famous Lionel layout of them all."

2534 MR                         I Love Lionel TM Books Video, 2000           30       A tribute to
Lionel's® 100th Anniversary. Features the same sweet spirit as our I Love Toy Trains series, but
with all Lionel trains and accessories. See Lionel classics in action including the new Century
Club Hudson, Flying Yankee, Big Boy, Spirit of the Century set and many more. We say it's for
kids but we know it will be enjoyed by you older kids, too., Includes sensational new special
effects. See Jeff in the cab of a Santa Fe F-3 as it rumbles down the track. You'll also meet
Lenny the Lionel Lion, the first animated character ever in a toy train video. Jeff and Lenny mix
it up with log loaders, coal loaders, and the gateman. Great fun combined with exciting train
action, bloopers, educational segments and five new songs by Jim Coffey. Prepare to be amazed.

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