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									                                                                                                                                                      H A Z A R D O U S M AT E R I A L S T R A N S P O R TAT I O N
                                                                                                                                                C o m p l i a n c e                B a s i c s           S e r i e s
What are the Packaging                                        PHMSA                           MOTs Video Available from the
and Marking Requirements                              Hazmat Safety Homepage                     Pipeline and Hazardous
for MOTs?                                                                                     Materials Safety Administration
                                                    To learn more, visit the PHMSA Hazmat
  Materials of Trade also have packaging                                                       To help you better understand Materials of
                                                   Safety Homepage on the Internet, at       Trade regulations, PHMSA has developed an
and marking requirements that help                 http://hazmat.dot.gov. There, you can     informative video titled Understanding
increase safety. The packaging must be the         order training CD-ROMs, videotapes,       Materials of Trade Regulations. The video
manufacturer’s original packaging or a             and publications. You can also view or    defines Materials of Trade; discusses what
package of equal or greater strength and           download the HMR, copies of the latest    hazardous materials may be transported as
integrity. The packaging must be marked                                                      MOTs; and provides an overview of what
                                                   rulemakings, exemptions, clarifications   hazardous materials regulations apply. It is
with a common name (such as “gas” or               of regulations, hazardous materials       available from PHMSA’s Office of Hazardous
“spray paint”) or a proper shipping name           publications, and training schedules.     Materials Initiatives and Training for a
from the HMR (such as “Isopropyl Alcohol”.)                                                  shipping and handling fee of $10.
Additionally, the following other                                                              The Understanding Materials of Trade
requirements apply to MOTs:                                                                  Regulations video can be ordered on-line by
                                                                                             visiting our web site at: http://hazmat.dot.gov/
• Packagings must be leak tight for liquids and                                              pubs.htm; by e-mail: training@dot.gov; or by
  gases, and sift proof for solids.                                                          filling out the form below and faxing it to:
• Packages must be securely closed, secured                                                  (202) 366-7342, or mailing it to the address
                                                                       GOT A                 indicated at the bottom of the form.
  against movement, and protected against
                                                                      HAZMAT                   Please send ____ Understanding Materials of
                                                                     QUESTION?               Trade Regulations video(s) to:
• Outer packagings are not required for
  receptacles (such as cans or bottles) that are                                             Name:
  secured against movement in cages, bins,                                                   Company:
  boxes, or compartments.                                            1-800-467- 4922         Address:
• Gasoline must be transported in a metal or
  plastic container meeting DOT or OSHA                                                      City:
  requirements (Section 173.6 (b) (4) and                                                    State/Zip:
  Section 173.202 in the HMR).
• Cylinders and pressure vessels must conform
  to the HMR except that outer packagings are                                                FAX:
  not required. These cylinders must be
                                                    U.S. Department of Transportation        E-Mail:
  marked with the proper shipping name and
  identification number and have a hazard           Pipeline and Hazardous Materials          $10 (each video) covers shipping and
  class warning label.                                     Safety Administration             handling.

• If the package contains a reportable quantity      400 Seventh Street, SW, PHH-50          Credit card #:
  of a hazardous substance, it must be marked             Washington, DC 20590               Expiration date:
  “RQ”. Reportable quantities are found in               E-Mail: training@dot.gov            Signature:
  Appendix A of Section 172.101 in the HMR.
                                                                                             We accept:
• A tank containing a diluted mixture (not
  more than 2% concentration) of a Class 9                                                   or personal checks made payable to:
                                                                                                                                                 U.S. Department
  material must be marked on two opposing                                                    USDOT/PHMSA/PHH-50                                  of Transportation
                                                   PHH50-0062-0905                                                                               Pipeline and
  sides with the identification number.                                                                                                          Hazardous Materials
                                                                                                                                                 Safety Administration
                                                                                             What Hazardous Materials Qualify as MOTs?

                                                                                              To be a Material of Trade, the hazardous material must fit into any one of the following classes
            hether you are self-employed     What Are Materials of Trade,                    or divisions:
            or work for a large company,
            you may be carrying hazardous
                                             and What Regulations Apply?                     Class or Division                                    Examples
                                              Materials of Trade (MOTs) are hazardous
materials as part of your job. A hazardous                                                   Flammable Gases (Division 2.1)                       acetylene, propane
                                             materials, other than hazardous waste, that
material is “a substance or material
                                             are carried on a motor vehicle:                 Non-flammable Gases (Division 2.2)                   oxygen, nitrogen
which has been determined by the U.S.
Department of Transportation (DOT) to be     • to protect the health and safety of the       Flammable or Combustible Liquids (Class 3)           paint, paint thinner, gasoline
capable of posing an unreasonable risk to      motor vehicle operator or passengers,
                                                                                             Flammable Solids (Division 4.1)                      charcoal
health, safety, and property when              such as insect repellant or a fire
                                               extinguisher;                                 Dangerous When Wet Materials (Division 4.3)          some fumigants
transported in commerce.” This definition
is found in the requirements for             • to support the operation or maintenance       Oxidizers (Division 5.1)                             bleaching compounds
transporting hazardous materials known         of a motor vehicle (including its auxiliary
                                                                                             Organic Peroxides (Division 5.2)                     benzoyl peroxide
as the Hazardous Materials Regulations         equipment), such as a spare battery or
(HMR), issued by DOT’s Pipeline and            gasoline; or                                  Poisons (Division 6.1)                               pesticides
Hazardous Materials Safety Administration    • to directly support a principal business of   Some Infectious Substances (Division 6.2)            diagnostic specimens
(PHMSA.) The HMR tell you:                     a private motor carrier (including vehicles   Corrosive Materials (Class 8)                        muriatic acid, drain cleaners, battery acid
• how to classify and package hazardous        operated by a rail carrier) that is other
  materials;                                   than transportation by motor vehicle – for    Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials (Class 9)          asbestos, self-inflating lifeboats

• how the package must be marked and           example, landscaping, pest control,           Consumer Commodities (ORM-D)                         hair spray, spray paints
  labeled;                                     painting, plumbing, or welding services.
                                               Be aware that it is your responsibility to
• how to complete shipping papers;
                                             know if you are transporting a hazardous                                                                lower hazard – that is, if it belongs to
• how to provide required emergency          material and the requirements in the HMR        What Quantity Limits Apply for
                                                                                                                                                     Packing Group II or III, other than division
  response information;                      that apply.                                     Hazardous Materials being                               4.3, or is a consumer commodity (ORM-D)
• whether the vehicle transporting             The regulations that apply to MOTs are        Transported as MOTs?                                    – the maximum amount of material in
  hazardous materials must be placarded      found in 49 CFR Section 173.6. They               With the exception of tanks containing                each package is 30 kg (66 lbs) for solids,
  and the specific placards required; and    include:                                        diluted mixtures of Class 9 materials, no               or 30 L (8 gal) for liquids.
• what training is required for handlers     • general knowledge of MOTs regulations;        more than a combined gross weight of 200              • For Division 4.3 materials (only Packing
  and shippers of hazardous materials.       • quantity limitations;                         kg (440 lbs) of Materials of Trade can be               Group II and III materials are allowed) the
  The HMR are published in Title 49, Code                                                    transported on any one vehicle. Size limits
                                             • packaging requirements; and                                                                           maximum amount of material in each
of Federal Regulations (49 CFR), Parts                                                       for individual packages apply to Materials of
                                             • marking and labeling requirements.                                                                    package is 30 ml (one oz.)
171-180.                                                                                     Trade as described below:
  Certain hazardous materials transported     The MOTs regulations do not require:                                                                 • Each cylinder containing a gas (Division
                                                                                             • If a hazardous material is a high-hazard              2.1 or 2.2) may not weigh more than 100
in small quantities as part of a business    • shipping papers;                                material (Packing Group I), the maximum               kg (220 lbs.)
are subject to less regulation, because of
                                             • emergency response information;                 amount of material in one package is 0.5 kg
the limited hazard they pose. These                                                                                                                • A diluted mixture of a Class 9 material
                                             • placarding; or                                  (one lb) for solids, or 0.5 L (one pt) for            (not exceeding 2% concentration) may be
materials are known as Materials of Trade.
                                                                                               liquids.                                              transported in a tank having a capacity of
                                             • formal training or retention of training
                                               records.                                      • If the hazardous material is a medium or              up to 1500 L (400 gal.)

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