THE SENIOR WOMEN’S
    Editor: Linda M. Stude                                                                                         Vol. 8, June 25, 2002

      The Senior Women’s Classic is Moving to Pacific Palms Tennis Center!

              ove to bigger facility was inevitable.                      Adoption Guild, CHOC and Top Gun charity tournaments. Let’s be
              By Linda Stude, Tournament Director                         sure to support our LA County breast cancer charity event!

                                                                          The dates for this year’s SWC are October 23-27, 2002. Entry
               The Senior Women’s Classic (let’s start calling it the     forms will be mailed near the end of August. See you there!
“SWC”) has had a wonderful run at Burbank Tennis Center. Back
in 1994 when Rhea Savin and I came up with the idea to hold a
women’s event, BTC manager Steve Starleaf came to our rescue and
                                                                                       * * * * * * * * * * * * *

allowed us to hold the event there. That first year, we had just 85                   Annual Senior
participants, so court usage was not too much of a problem. Now                       Women’s Classic
that we have approximately 250 participants each year, BTC’s ten
courts just are not enough for us. Last year, the SWC committee
                                                                                      Receives Award!
members and volunteers ran themselves ragged trying to cover four
                                                                          At the Senior Grand Prix awards
sites: BTC, Balboa Park, Brace Park and Cabrini TC. The search
                                                                          banquet held in January 2002 at the
was on to find a new, larger site that would be geographically well-
                                                                          Balboa Bay Club in Newport
situated for players from all over Southern California, but allow us
                                                                          Beach, the Southern California
to keep the event within Los Angeles County.
                                                                          Tennis Association named the
                                                                          Senior Women’s Classic 2001
Several sites were considered and rejected, mostly due to one or
                                                                          Tournament of the Year. Fran
more negative factors: not being able to get courts during prime
                                                                          Wakefield presented a beautiful
time, bad geographical location, courts not good for viewing
                                                                          wall clock to Linda Stude on behalf
matches, too high a cost to rent the courts, etc.
                                                                          of the SCTA.
Becoming very frustrated, I phoned Annette Buck of SCTA to brain
storm a bit about possible sites. She suggested I call Pam Austin,                     * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tennis Dir. at Pacific Palms Tennis Center in the City of Industry.            t is so nice to know that someone cares!
Much to my surprise, Pam was very interested in speaking to me
                                                                                  By Edwina J. Dunlap, Director of Development,
about hosting our event, and, within a week, I had visited PPTC and
                                                                                 YWCA of Glendale
was convinced that this would be a good move for the SWC.
                                                                          On behalf of the Board of Directors, volunteers, staff and especially
Pacific Palms is a beautiful facility! Many of you will recognize it
                                                                          the women who benefit from the YWCA of Glendale’s Encoreplus
by its former name: The Sheraton Industry Hills Resort. They have
                                                                          program Thank You Senior Women’s Classic organizers and
17 tennis courts, including a stadium court; a hotel on-site; plenty of
                                                                          supporters for your ongoing assistance.
parking adjacent to the courts; an olympic-size pool and 2 golf
courses. It is easily accessible from several freeways: the 10, 60 and
                                                                          According to the American Cancer Society, during 2002 it is
605. For those of you who have internet access, you can visit their
                                                                          expected that 203,500 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer
web site at
                                                                          and 13,000 with cervical cancer. That translates to 3 women every
                                                                          eight minutes learning that they have the devastating disease.
I know that some of you who live in the San Fernando Valley (and
were spoiled by having the event in your own backyard for 8 years -
                                                                          Here’s some good news….between 1955 and 1992 cervical cancer
myself included!) might be hesitant to participate this year.
                                                                          declined by 74% and it continues to decline by 2% each year, largely
However, this is the year that we will need your support more than
                                                                          in part due to early detection. The Senior Women’s Classic has
ever! The SWC provides much-needed financial support for the
                                                                          raised funds over the past four years which helps us continue to
YWCA’s EncorePlus Program. It is also one of the few tournaments
                                                                          provide free mammograms and cervical screenings to women over
that receives enough entries to hold draws in the senior age groups.
                                                                          40 years of age who may not otherwise have the financial resources
Many of you make the drive to Orange County to play in the
2 SENIOR WOMEN’S CLASSIC NEWSLETTER                                                                                        June 25, 2002

or health insurance to obtain quality testing. We can also continue        Laurie Watters made follow-up phone calls and visits to most
educating women about health and nutrition. All of the services we         of the restaurants and many other businesses we solicited and
provide are in English, Spanish and Armenian.                              got them to donate lots of ft certificates and in-kind items.

                                                                       Other Volunteers:
More good news…during the last year, Encoreplus provided
screenings to 5,268 women. Six women were diagnosed with cancer        Thanks also go out to all of the many individuals who helped at the
and able to seek treatment and care. All six are alive and healthy     tournament desk, silent auction and player party including:
today thanks to early detection.
                                                                       Our terrific fashion show models are pictured below. Front row left
Since it’s inception the Encoreplus program has served 18,538 women    to right:
and educated over 25,000.                                              Michelle
We look forward to the upcoming Senior Women’s Classic. Thank          Christine Bevis,
you Linda Stude for all you do in the support of the women in our      Gracie Lee, Dottie
                                                                       Knode, Tina
communities through our Encoreplus Program.

 SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR WOMEN’S TENNIS                                  Rear: Gayle
  AND THE ENCORE PLUS PROGRAM OF THE                                   Hensley & Robin
                                                                       Tatro. Not
YWCA OF GLENDALE BY COMPETING IN THE 9TH                               pictured: Coleen
 ANNUAL SENIOR WOMEN’S CLASSIC - A USTA                                Cotti & Wendy
        CATEGORY II LEVEL EVENT                                        Gerber.

              È È È È È È È È ÈÈ                                       Our wonderful emcee for the fashion show and auction, Tina
                                                                       Castaldi (The Master Chief of Castaldi’s Killer Boot Camp).

         hanks to all of the 2001 Event Donors,                        We also thank Lynn Anderson, Patti Devine, Charlene Gosling,
         Sponsors, Players and Volunteers!                             Carol Hartley, Gracie Lee, Judy Nichols & Annabelle Nye, all of
         By Linda Stude, Tournament Director                           whom did not play in the event but gave up a day to help out in
                                                                       some capacity.
The 2001 Senior Women’s Classic was a great success due to the
efforts of many people. If you played in the event, we want to         Extra special thanks to the many lady volunteers from the
especially thank you, because without your support, there is no        McCambridge Park Tennis Club who did whatever we asked
event!                                                                 them to do; the YWCA volunteers who ran the rummage sale,
                                                                       Roxanne Carboni, Nelan Boghorian and Laila Santos.
As in the past we were able to keep expenses down because of the
generosity of our many sponsors and volunteers, which in turn made     The Goody Bag stuffers: Susi Cook, Nancy Garrison, Maria
it possible for us to donate more money to the YWCA. It would be       Gonzalez, Gayle Hensley, Kathy Kelly, Mary Beth Meyer,
impossible to list all of them here, but the following stood out in    Annabelle Nye, Rhea Savin, Emi Serizawa, Linda & Carl Stude,
going the extra mile for us:                                           Pat Tracy, Mary Weaver, and Judy Weigand.

The Tournament Committee Members who did so much behind                The Gift Basket creators: Roxanne Carboni, Nelan Boghorian,
the scenes work:                                                       Lila Santos and Pat Tracy.

    Dottie Edwards coordinated the volunteers for the tournament       Photographers Heidi Broecking, Kathy Kelly, Hans Knoblich
    desk and twisted the arms of car dealers to get them to buy “ad”   and Carl Stude, and web page designer P.J. Rivera for
    space on our car dealer flyer.                                     maintaining a fabulous page for us on her web site:
    Nancy Garrison helped with the suggested seedings and
    making of the draw; ran the Cabrini site for 7 hours on Oct. 12;   Lexus of Glendale, our biggest cash sponsor, and          its sales
    assisted with the auction & prize drawing logistics at the         representative Andy Eisenstein.
    Heidi McAlear brought tennis and workout wear to BTC so            Many thanks to Steve Starleaf and his Burbank Tennis Center Staff
    that we could shop on site. She also coordinated the fashion       as well as the City of Burbank and its Parks and Recreation
    show, donated several clothing items to the silent auction and     Department - especially Garth Nelson and Linda Oseransky.
    donated a percentage of her sales receipts to the YWCA.
                                                                       The terrific people at Cabrini Tennis Club who allowed us to use
    Mary Beth Meyer coordinated the tournament volunteers and          their courts for free during the tournament. Special thanks to Joe
    was on-site every day of the event lending a hand whenever         Malinko of the Cabrini Tennis Club Board of Directors and Ivo
    needed.                                                            Mikulasek, the Cabrini tennis pro.

                                                                       Kenny Rogers Roasters - Ron Phillips (owner) who supports
3 SENIOR WOMEN’S CLASSIC NEWSLETTER                                                                                              June 25, 2002

us every year and serves the greatest food at our luncheon.                           2001 Tournament Revenue & Expenses

Media Print & Copy - Guy Chow (owner) - who gave us a great                    Revenue
deal on the design and printing of our sponsor booklet, newsletter,            Entry Fees                                             $ 7,495
letterhead & car dealer flyer.                                                 Silent Auction                                           7,123
                                                                               Sponsor Program Ads                                      3,900
Lily’s of Beverly Hills for donating a wonderful Lily’s shirt and a            Donations                                                3,299
pair of Fancy Pants for every player’s goody bag; also provided                Rummage Sale                                             1,341
outfits for the fashion show.                                                  Merchandise sales                                        1,714
                                                                               Luncheon Tickets                                           742
Solomon Jolly & Fritz Sproul - our terrific USTA umpires!                      USPTA Sponsor money                                         80
                                                                               Gift Certificates                                          250
We only had to purchase 2 cases of tennis balls thanks to the                                 TOTAL                                   25,944
following very nice people: Penn Racquet Sports (5 cases); Racket              Expenses
Dr. (3 cases), Uta Hegberg (1 case).                                           Player Gifts                                             2,440
                                                                               Prize Money Awarded                                      2,500
The staff and Board of Directors of the YWCA of Glendale who                   Court Rental                                             1,126
made it so easy to coordinate the fund-raising part of this event.             Printing                                                 1,013
                                                                               Postage & Shipping                                       1,025
Of course, as usual I am writing this so many months after the event           Umpire Fees                                              1,136
that I know that I have most certainly left someone out - please               Player Party                                             1,107
forgive me!                                                                    Sanction Fees & USTA Surcharges                            350
                                                                               Misc.                                                       38
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we will again be                 Tennis balls (most donated)                                129
proud to donate the net proceeds of the 9th Annual Senior Women’s                             TOTAL                                    10,864
Classic to the YWCA of Glendale’s Encore Plus Program. Many
volunteers will be needed to make our 5th fund-raiser a success -          NET Donated To YWCA of Glendale                           $15,080
please return the enclosed volunteer sheet ASAP to let us know how
you can help.
                                                                                Save your tennis clothing for our Rummage Sale!
              È È È È È È È È ÈÈ

         our Fund-raising Assistance Is Needed for the
         2002 Event!                                                       Instead of taking your “no longer
                                                                           wanted” tennis clothes to the
          We need items for this year’s silent auction. In the past we     local thrift shop this summer,
have gotten some nice items, such as weekends at La Jolla Beach &          please consider donating them to
Tennis Club, Big Bear, San Diego; new tennis outfits & warm-up             the YWCA of Glendale. During
suits; theater & restaurant gift certificates; gift baskets, etc. We are   the 9th Annual Senior Women’s
asking each of you to think of one thing you could either donate           Classic, there will again be a
yourself or talk someone else into donating. For example: tickets to       tennis clothing rummage sale,
Hollywood Bowl or a play or music event; golf at your country club;        with all proceeds going to the
weekend at a time share in the desert or at Lake Tahoe; maybe you          YWCA’s breast cancer programs.
know someone who owns a bed & breakfast who could donate a                 You may give your donated
weekend package; brand-new outfits you have never worn. If you             clothing items (skirts, tops,
are in the entertainment industry, do you know a studio insider who        shorts, warm-ups, dresses,
could help get us a gift basket or a VIP tour ???                          racquets) to Linda Stude
                                                                           whenever you see her or bring
If you work at a major company, perhaps you could talk them into           them on the day of your first
making a small cash donation ($50, $75, $100, $125.....) to help us        match at the tournament. We
defray some of the tournament costs.                                       will price the items and get them       Kathy Kelly & Gayle Hensley
                                                                           ready to sell during the                displaying rummage sale items
When you send in your entry form, consider adding a modest                 tournament.        Please bring
donation to the total. Think of it this way: let’s say there are 250       clothing that is clean and in good
players; if every player donated just $1, we would have an extra           repair. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes for your donation.
$250 to help defray the tournament costs. Your entry fees alone do         Last year’s sale raised more than $1,000. Questions? Call Linda
not cover the costs of the event. Any amount that you can add will         Stude, (818)509-7713 or e-mail her at We can
really help. Last year, many players added contribution amounts            also arrange to have someone pick the clothing up. Don’t forget to
ranging from $1 to $50.                                                    shop at the Rummage Sale as well. You will find some great
4 SENIOR WOMEN’S CLASSIC NEWSLETTER                                                                                                 June 25, 2002

                                         È           We Need Volunteers!                               È
Please take a moment to read the list below and see if there is anything you could volunteer to do to help with the 2002 tournament. Just return
this sheet to Linda Stude, 6227 Tujunga Ave., N. Hollywood, CA 91606; or fax the page to her at (213)896-6595; or call her at (818)509-7713,
or e-mail her at Respond ASAP because we need the help now! If you are willing to help, but are not sure in what capacity,
please return this form with a note that we can call you! Also, check all areas of interest to you in case we get too many people for one item.

Prior to tournament:

“        We need money sponsors! The YWCA of Glendale will send written acknowledgments for cash donations. If you know any
         company or individual that could donate from $25 - $1,000 (or more) please let us know. Name of companies or individuals:

“        We also need goody bag gifts/raffle prizes/silent auction items. Do you know someone who could donate something? (Some ideas:
         tickets to concerts or sporting events; gift baskets; vacation packages at a resort or bed & breakfast; autographed sports
         memorabilia; new tennis racquets, outfits or warm-ups; round of golf at your club; beauty makeovers or visits to a day spa; tennis
         jewelry; services like cleaning, pet-sitting, performance by musician, catering; weekend at your condo in Palm Springs; etc.)

“        Drive around to pick up prizes and sponsor gifts ( 2-3 individuals)

“        Helpers to affix labels & stamps to entry blanks (2-3 individuals) Sunday, August 25, 2002

“        Recruiters - we sometimes call people to play if we need to fill a draw (we provide names & phone #s)

“        Help make follow-up calls to sponsors we have solicited by mail (this is really important!)

During the tournament:

“        Rummage Sale: price and tag clothing (before event; during event); sell clothing - 4 hr shifts: Thurs, Fri 8-12, 12-4, 4-8; Sat & Sun
         8-12, 12-4)

“        Silent Auction: set up, monitor, take down. 4 hr shifts: Thurs, Fri 8-12, 12-4, 4-8 ; Sat 8-12, 12-4

“        Tournament Desk (check-in players & assign courts) - at least one 4 hr shift on WED, THURS, FRI, SAT OR SUN
         (8:30-12:30; 12:30-4:30; 4:30-8:30)

“        Tournament Desk Assistant (hand out goody bags, post scores, etc.) - at least one 4 hr shift on WED, THURS, FRI, SAT OR SUN
         (8:30-12:30; 12:30-4:30; 4:30-8:30)

“        Run Consolation Events - 1 indiv. 10 AM-Noon and 1 indiv. 2-4 PM SAT AND SUN ONLY

“        Photographers - we need 3 or 4 individuals.; tournament supplies the film and pays for developing

“        Banner Hangers: on Sunday, October 20th (2-3 individuals)

Player Party on Saturday October 26th:

“        Set up tables/chairs; take down after the party (at least 6-8 individuals)

“        Fashion show models - will meet with fash. show coordinator at least twice before the event (6-8 individuals)

“        Decorations and clean-up (6-8 individuals)

After the tournament:

“        Take down banners on Sunday October 27th (2-3 individuals) after tournament is over

“        Help pack up and load Sunday October 27th (2-3 individuals) after tournament is over

“        Someone to help put together the post-tournament newsletter (Preferably someone with QuarkExpress on computer).

NAME:_________________________________________________                         Home Ph:        _________________________________
E-mail: ________________________________________________                       Work Ph:        ____________________________________

5 SENIOR WOMEN’S CLASSIC NEWSLETTER                                                                                           June 25, 2002

              2001 TOURNAMENT RESULTS

SINGLES ( W=Winner; F=Finalist)
                                                                      P    RIZES,PRIZES, PRIZES!
                                                                             Every year we have a prize drawing for those
                                                                      who get their entry forms in by the “early bird”
                                                                      deadline (usually 2 weeks before the actual
30:     (8 DRAW) Amy Alcini (Malibu) def.                             deadline). The 2001 winner was Ilene Dickman
        Christine Behrens (Redondo Beach)                             of Burbank, who won a case of Penn tennis balls. Get those 2002
        1-6, 6-2, 6-4 (W $74; F $50)                                  entries in early!! We also give a prize for the first entry received in
35:     (11 DRAW) Lisa Seemann (Solvang) def. Eva Jackson             the mail. Dottie Knode of Huntington Beach, and Dee Armstrong
        (Saratoga) 6-4, 6-1 (W $100; F $65)                           and Cathie Hall, both of Newport Beach, picked up gift baskets for
40:     (14 DRAW) Tracey Thompson (San Diego) def. Mary               the first entry received in the mail in 2001 (all arrived on the same
        Ryniewicz (La Selva Beach) 6-3, 6-2 (W $132; F $88)           day!). Janet Harpold and Carla Brown each won gifts for being
45:     (21 DRAW) Tina Karwasky (Glendale) def. Sherri Bronson        the person who traveled furthest to get to the tournament (both from
        (Scottsdale, AZ) 7-6 (2), 6-0 (W $190; F $125)                Atlanta, Georgia).
50:     (15 DRAW) Dee Williams-Horne (L.A.) def. Laurie Watters
        (Glendale) 6-1, 6-1 (W $140; F $94)                           The Following individuals won prizes at the Sat., Oct. 13th player
55:     (13 DRAW) Jady Von der Lieth (Malibu) def. Uta Hegberg        luncheon which was held between the semi-finals of the singles and
        (Oceanside) 6-4, 7-5 (W $115; F $77)                          doubles. In addition to these great drawing prizes, we were again
60:     (8 DRAW) Patricia Fraser (Palm Desert) def. Audrey            fortunate to have a huge goody bag of gifts, coupons and sample
        Folden (Claremont) 7-5, 2-6,6-2 (W $74; F $50)                products for each player valued at more than $100 (including a
75:     (4 DRAW) Piyachart Hussey (Laguna Woods) def. Dottie          Lily’s of Beverly Hills tennis shirt; a pair of Fancy Pants; a pair of
        Knode (Fountain Valley) 6-4, 1-4 (ret.)                       K-Bell tennis socks; an embroidered tennis towel; samples of the
80:     (6 DRAW) Eleanor Harbula (Sylmar) def. Dodo Cheney (La        following bars: Dr. Soy, Luna, and Move Free; full-size beauty sun-
        Jolla) 6-1,1-6, 6-1                                           screens from Levlad/Nature’s Gate and Banana Boat; Cinema
                                                                      Secrets lipstick and numerous other sample products and gifts).
DOUBLES (partners split amounts shown)
                                                                      Muriel Bard - embroidered tennis t-shirt - Anonymous
30:     (6 DRAW) Loreta Barlow(Escondido)/Christine Behrens           Sheila Barnes - gift basket - Peets Coffee
        def. Melinda Ainslie-Murray(San Diego)/Darice Carnajae        Klara Betyar - dinner + 2 movie tix -Chevys & AMC Theatres
        (Spring Valley) 6-1,6-2                                       Christine Bevis - $25 gift certificate - Flair Cleaners
35:     (9 DRAW) Jennifer Anderson(Fallbrook)/Lisa Seemann def.       Audrey Boorman - gift basket - Coastal Gourmet
        Karin Huebner (Santa Monica)/Jarilyn Joseph (Pacific          Rosemary Brown - dinner + 2 movie tix - Chevys & AMC
        Palisades) 1-6, 6-4. 7-5 (W $74; F $50)                       Theatres
40:     (21 DRAW) Tina Karwasky/Carolyn Lane (Phoenix, AZ)            Vicki Condon - $25 gift certificate - Racket Dr.
        def. Sherri Bronson/Tracy Thompson 6-1, 6-1 (W $170;          Colleen Cotti - $25 gift certificate - Armstrong Garden Centers
        F $112)                                                       Carole Dade - $20 gift certificate - Eclectic Cafe
45:     (23 DRAW) Jackie Baar(Torrance) / J a net                     Susan Davis - $25 gift certificate - Burbank Bar & Grille
        Bezmalinovich(San Pedro) def. Dorothy Matthiessen/Elaine      Ilene Dickman - $50 gift certif. - The Folk Tree
        Patterson (Pasadena) 6-4, 6-4 (W $190; F $126)                Dottie Edwards - embroidered “Tennis” cloth drawstring bag -
50:     (15 DRAW) Ellen Goodman (Malibu)Dee Williams-Horne            Anonymous
        def. Janet Harpold(Atlanta,GA)/Yuriko Knoblich (W. L.A.)      Kris Fisher - $20 gift certif. - Eclectic Cafe
        6-2, 6-2 (W $120; F $82)                                      Audrey Folden - assorted suncare products - Banana Boat
55:     (15 DRAW) Ellen Goodman/Vicki Condon (Naperville, IL)         Joanne Foley - gift basket - Coastal Gourmet
        def. Norma Laguna (Glendale, AZ)/Darlene Williams(Sun         Lurline Fujii - $25 gift certificate - Burbank Bar & Grille
        Lakes, AZ) 6-0, 7-5 (W $120; F $82)                           Nancy Garrison - gift basket - Coastal Gourmet
60:     (5 DRAW) Pat Fraser/Norma Veal (Newport Beach) def.           Wendy Gerber - dinner + 2 movie tix - CA Pizza Kitchen & UA
        Audrey Folden/Cathie Headley (Glendora) 643, 6-7 (1),10-8     Theatres
        (match Tie-break)                                             Maria Gonzalez- $25 gift certificate - Burbank Bar & Grille
65:     (4 DRAW) Klara Betyar(Murrieta)/Sybil Totten(Studio           Ellen Goodman - apple pie certif. - Marie Callender’s
        City) def. Lois Hunt(Northridge)/Mini Whitt(Lancaster) 6-4,   Joanne Foley - coffee gift basket - Peet’s Coffee
        6-3                                                           Cecilia Gold - $25 gift certif. - Flair Cleaners
75:     (3 DRAW) Round Robin: 1st place Dottie Knode/Rita Price       Ellen Goodman - assorted suncare products - Banana Boat
        (Aurora, CO); 2nd place Dee Armstrong/Cathie Hall             Cathie Hall - dinner + 2 movie tix - Chevys & UA Theatres
        (Newport Beach)                                               Karen Hazama - brunch + 2 movie tix - Castaway & UA Theatres
80:     (4 DRAW) Dodo Cheney/Eleanor Harbula def. Muriel              Gayle Hensley - gift bag - 1928 Jewelry Company
        Bard(Laguna Hills)/Alice Beckenbach (LA) 6-2, 6-0             Mary Hill - 2 tickets to a 2002 season game - LA Sparks
                                                                      Betty Isaak - $50 gift certif. - Racket Dr.
Note: Jennifer Anderson and Vicki Condon donated their prize money    Judy Janc - $40 gift certif. - Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant
back to the YWCA.                                                     Helen Jones - $50 gift certif. - Racket Dr.
                                                                      Jarilyn Joseph - dinner + 2 movie tix - Elephant Bar & UA
             È È È È È È È È ÈÈ                                       Tina Karwasky - dinner + 2 movie tix - Chevys & UA Theatres
                                                                      Prize Winners (cont.)

6 SENIOR WOMEN’S CLASSIC NEWSLETTER                                                                        June 25, 2002

Barbara Kaye - assorted suncare products - Banana Boat
Kathy Kelly - gift bag - 1928 Jewelry Company
Dottie Knode - embroidered tennis t-shirt -Anonymous
Barbara Kobata - choice of appliqued t-shirt - Myrna Comstock
Judy Louie - embroidered tennis t-shirt - Anonymous
Judy Marsh - 2 admission tix - Long Beach Aquarium
Mary-Beth Meyer - $25 gift certificate - Flair Cleaners
Cherie Olson - $25 gift certificate - Love Match
Laura Rice - $25 gift certificate - Racket Dr.                              One Industry Hills Parkway
Gail Rolf - beauty products gift basket. - Cinema Secrets                   City of Industry, CA 91744
Mary Ryniewicz - choice of appliqued t-shirt - Myrna Comstock
Kay Saito - $25 gift certificate - Sheridan Gardens               NEW HOME OF THE SENIOR WOMEN’S CLASSIC
Seleste Sakato - gift basket - Coastal Gourmet                                Tennis Center: (626)854-2360
Jacqui Schmidt - gift certificate - Crocodile Cafe                          Hotel Reservations: (800)524-4557
Betsy Skidmore - embroidered sweatshirt - Anonymous                  
Judy Stark - $25 gift certificate - Tennis Ace                       Special $79/ night room rates will be available
Tracey Thompson - jar of yummy homemade snack + recipe! - Emi        during the tournament. Further information will
Serizawa                                                             be included in the entry forms to be mailed in
Norma Veal - gift basket - Coastal Gourmet                           August.
Laurie Watters - gift bag - 1928 Jewelry Company
Irma Watson - $25 gift certificate - Picahana Restaurant
Mary Weaver - $25 gift certificate - Love Match
Judy Wiegand - gift basket - Peets Coffee                       THINKING OF BUYING A LEXUS??
Darlene Williams - $75 gift certificate - Racket Dr.
                                                                Be sure to contact Andy Eisenstein at Lexus of
                                                                Glendale: (818)535-2046. Mention the Senior
                ************                                    Women’s Classic for special pricing! Lexus of
                                                                Glendale has been a generous supporter of the
                                                                Senior Women’s Classic since 1997!


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