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Jl. Sunter Indah X Blok HE-2 No. 9, Jakarta Utara
      P: 021-7097 1921 F:021-6583 3730
Unlike other traditional truckside advertising companies that only offer "over the road"
advertising, GSA offers Advertising solutions with creative and innovative ideas to
produce a reliable ad quality and as required Advertiser by Mobile Advertising. Mobile
Advertising has the advantages by visiting crowded areas so that in accordance with the
market that will be reached and Mobile advertising is more interesting viewed as
projecting the advertising messages in a unique way.

Mobile Advertising is a car ad with the concept developed from the creative ideas that we
made attractive as possible in accordance with the concept Advertiser, that's what
differentiates us with other Advertising. Mobile Advertising assist The Advertiser in
promoting its products, telling your story in a big way. High resolution, seamless graphics
can depict logos, photographs, illustrations and more in great detail, providing excellent
marketing exposure.

With concepts and creative ideas that we have, we are ready to manage your advertising
from concept, design, until the taxation process.
Cost Efficiency
Media Ads are like electronic media, Billboard
advertising is a medium that requires a lot of cost. By
comparison of the existing advertising media in
Indonesia today. Advertisement offering mobile
advertising infrastructure with lower cost to the
Advertiser, more audience, more flexible, more
unique and appropriate target market.
Creative & Refreshing Concepts
GSA presents a different product, concepts created
and developed based on the concept for the
promotion advertiser or advertiser demand.

GSA assist Advertiser in optimizing its product
promotion such as Outdoor Promotion, Road Show,
Grand Launching, Special Events, Outdoor Exhibition,
and many other activities.
Reach & Frequency Audience
Mobile Advertising moving toward a broad target
audience in crowd. With a unique and creative
concepts made by GSA, Mobile Advertising able to
attract many people from a distance so what is in the
Advertiser can convey by a good understanding with
the prospective customer.
GSA presents advertisers with flexible
exposure routes that best suited to
their targeted markets. Advertiser are
welcomed to propose their chosen
route or free to choose from GSA
predetermined routes. Vehicle may
operate at all areas throughout
Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi and more
others area.
Graphic Presentation
Graphics are printed on Vinyl material with double strike ink to enhance graphic
presentation at day and night hours. The vinyl material is water and sun resistant.
Graphic is back-lighted with sufficient lightings positioned inside an advertisement box.

Every vehicle on road start 08.00 a.m stil 08.00 p.m per day from Monday to Saturday
and 08.00 a.m still 05.00 p.m on Sunday. Vehicle do not operate on public holidays.
Global Positioning System [GPS]
In line with our concepts of mobile
advertising, GPS enhances our integrated
services offered to clients. GPS allows
client to locate any of client’s promotion
vehicles and acquire the status of the
vehicle in real and past time. this gives our
clients an effortless monitoring method of
their promotion vehicles.
Specification :
•   4-Tires Truck
•   Global Positioning System [GPS]
•   Light Box Advertisement on 3 sides
•   Front Neon Box Nice Transparent
•   Sticker Vinyl on Bottom Deck
•   Back-Lighted Material on Every Light Box Advertisement
Specification :
•   4-Tires Truck                                      • Sticker Vinyl on Bottom Deck
•   Global Positioning System [GPS]                    • Sound System (On Demand)
•   Light Box Advertisement on Top and Right Side
•   Front Neon Box Nice Transparent
•   LCD Projector Presentation Advertisement
•   Back-Lighted Material on Light Box Advertisement
Specification :
•   4-Tires Truck
•   Global Positioning System [GPS]
•   Rolling Advertisement on Every Side
•   Front Neon Box Nice Transparent
•   Sticker Vinyl on Bottom Deck
•   Back-Lighted Material on Rolling Advertisement
As a minister and helped draft the promotion company, we have a complete package to
promote your products. Outdoor Promotion, Road Show, Grand Launching, Special
Events, Product Sampling, Outdoor Exhibition, Product Knowledge is part of our effort to
provide comprehensive services to advertiser involved do not have to worry about what
to do when promoting their products widely.
Belanja Gratis Bersama “Coca Cola”
“Citibank” Maxi Save (Cash-e-cash)
Liburan Bareng Keluarga “Lotte Xylitol”
Car Free Day “Flexi” Bersama Walikota Jakarta Pusat
“Smart” Roadshow
“Pringles” Fun Day At the Movie
“Coca-Cola “ Powerade Isotonik
“Smart” Event
Nonton Bareng Bersama XL “Pirates of Carribean 2”

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