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					                                    Group Project
                             Business Opportunity Format

1.0 Executive Summary (Must write last!!)

      1.1 Objectives:

      1.2 Mission

      1.3 Keys to Success

2.0 Company Summary

      2.1 Company Ownership (sole proprietor, S-Corp, LLP, etc.)

      2.2 Start-up Summary (Potential Strengths & Weaknesses,)

      2.3 Company Location and Facilities (home based, address,) (Internet business,
      brick and mortar storefront, etc.)

3.0 Products or Services

      3.1 Competitive Comparison

      3.2 Technology (use of technology)

      3.3 Pricing and Payment

4.0 Market Analysis Summary

      4.1 Market Segmentation

      4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy (profile/describe customers,)

      4.3 Market Needs

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

      5.1 Industry. Discuss the industry in detail. Much of this discussion will require
      that you cite all sources from external literature (see Internet exercise for APA
       ("industry dynamics or characteristics" for your industry or industries: (1) general
      industry characteristics, (2) competitive characteristics, (3) potential substitution of
      new products or new technologies, (4) entry and exit of firms to or from the
      industry, (5) industry concentration, (6) industry growth or life cycle position, (6)
      new sub industries likely to evolve from this and similar ventures, (7) industry
      distribution, vertical or supply chain characteristics, (7) expected threats,
      opportunities, risks, trends, in the industry's future, (8) other expected changes
      within the industry.)

      5.2 Competitive Edge/Advantage

      5.3 Sales Strategy (Promotion/Advertising Plan, Distribution,)

            Branding, newspapers, community green sheets, etc.

      5.4 Social Networking Promotional Plan

            Blogs, MyFace, create buzz or viral marketing

6.0 Management Summary

      6.1 Personnel Plan (Who will you hire and how much will you pay, remember each
      person you hire costs $30,000 to $50,000 per year!)

7.0 Financial Plan

      7.1 Startup Financial Requirements: (How much will it cost to start and where will
      you get the money?)

      7.2 Pro forma Income Statement Year 1 (by month)

      7.3 Pro forma Projected Cash Flow Year 1 (by month)

      7.4 Break Even Analysis

9.0 Bibliography

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