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									1. Name: Ahmadov Nijat

Program: FLEX 2007 – 2008

Dear future and current leaders,
My name is Nijat Ahmadov. I am FLEX’08 and study at a Special Talents Group in Azerbaijan State
Economic University. I work as an accountant at International Republican Institute, American
organization aiming at advancing democracy worldwide. At the same time, I’m a Project Coordinator of
“Model United Nations in Regions,” a team player of various business and social initiatives, e.g. UNDPI,
SIFE, “World Trough Eyes of Down Syndrome Children”, etc.

AAA has been a valuable supporter of FLEX initiatives. If selected as a board member, I will be able to
impact FLEXers’ events and ideas as follows:
FLEX Small Grants - Support FLEXers with implementation of their projects through accessing AAA’s
funds and/or influence.
 Exchanges to Internships – Provide FLEXers with a better quality internship opportunities meeting their
requirements, including new institutions willing to cooperate.
 Collaboration with more experienced AAA alumni - Alumni of Muskie, Fulbright, etc. will engage
young FLEXers in trainings and recruitment.
Expand Partnership with Peace Corps - FLEX has been recently very active in collaboration with Peace
Corps, e.g. ABLE/ GLOW Camps. AAA’s management and financial support can boost up this
FLEX Recruitment. AAA, through its members, will improve ACCELS reaching remote regions to
recruit the best candidates.

2. Name: Gafarov Emil

Program: FSA/FLEX 2001-2002

During my exchange year in Wisconsin, USA I was a Vice-President of FBLA (Future Business Leaders
of America) Club and participated in Close Up Washington Project.
Back in Azerbaijan, I won the US State Department's Small Grants Program and implemented "Capacity
Building in Economics and IT in the regions of Azerbaijan" project in Mingechaur (pilot-city).
I graduated from the State University of Economics and was a member of one of finalist team of Annual
Business Case Competition organized by AAA in 2006.
I currently work in telecom industry.

If elected as a member of the AAA Board I’d like to implement corporate projects on economic
awareness and business skills, bring new ideas for perspective community actions programs. I’d be glad
to assist in resuming annual business case competitions.
I love professional music and attend the Book Club for US Alumni
3. Name: Khanlarov Vusal

Program: FLEX 2000-2001, '01 Class

Bio: Vusal is a graduate of Azerbaijan State Economics University with a Master’s degree in
International Economics; and Bachelor degree in International Economics Relationships. Vusal started
with Junior Achievement Azerbaijan (JAA) 4 years ago at the age of 22 as the Executive Director. In his
tenure, the organization’s student impact has grown by total 1,250% in 2005-2009. Vusal has increased
private and individual foundation giving by in total 423% in 2005-2009, created development alliances in
support of JA Azerbaijan activities among Azerbaijani Government, US Government, and private
companies. Outside of JA Azerbaijan, Vusal is a successful businessman in the field of business
consulting and tourism, is a member of the Azerbaijan US-educated Alumni Association, and is regularly
involved in curriculum development discussions with the Ministry of Education. In the years of 1999 to
2004, Vusal participated personally and administered international reciprocal students and professionals
exchanges between the United States and Azerbaijan. Vusal’s significant volunteer experience includes
activities in support of population rehabilitation and cultural exchange in Azerbaijan and the United
States. During Vusal’s tenure as the Executive Director, he received many honors including Azerbaijan’s
Ministry of Youth Outstanding Youth Organization Leader award and JA Worldwide Growth Award.
As a Board Member of AAA: I will dedicate my expertise of the chief executive to facilitate and create
AAA's strategy plan, fundraising policy, and executive structure to ensure the organizational
sustainability. Using my professional experience, I will contribute to the strengthening of AAA
relationships with the business community. I suggest paying special attention to the project design by
AAA to meet the needs of the business community and to open doors for the AAA members to reach the
opportunities within the business community.

4. Name: Talibova Turan Qazanfar

Program: Future Leaders Exchange Program , Alumni of 2005 year.

I am alumni of FLEX program ’05. After arrival back to Azerbaijan I was admitted to Azerbaijan State
University of Language, English language pedagogy, where I currently study as a fifth year
correspondent tuition student. In 2006 I started working for Project Harmony – a non-governmental
humanitarian organization funded by USAID and was a partner of Junior Achievement Azerbaijan. I
worked there for a year and half as a partnership coordinator, engaging with the educational programs
carried out together with US schools and Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic. In 2008 I
started to work for Norwegian Microcredit LLC as an accountant and currently starting from September
of 2009 I work for PriceWaterhouseCoopers Azerbaijan as audit associate.
I have participated in several projects carried out by AAA and FLEX, have been doing several
volunteering activities in USA as well as at AUL and AAA.
Before running for membership to AAA Board, I have asked several alumni friends what they would like
to see in AAA as members. Most of the concerns were about the alumni in the regions. I would like to
think and come up with the ideas about what we can do as a board to bring the alumni in regions together
and motivate them to be more active. Another concern was about the Exchange for Internships program
carried out by FLEX (ACCELS). Most alumni think that this is a great program and more attention
should be paid to it. Personally, my own idea about activities of Board is that we should motivate alumni
as much as possible to run for governmental positions, for example for municipality elections and urge
alumni to participate closely in social life of their communities. Also, more activities should be carried
out in a community level by alumni who live close to each other, activities like cleaning the streets,
preparing fairs, actions like reading books, flash mobs, visiting orphanages and elderly houses and so on.
This can be organized as creating groups of alumni who live in the same region of the city/ village/
region and try to communicate their work with municipalities in order to be able to carry out activities. I
think as a Board we should use the ideas of our alumni more often, organize open meetings where we can
exchange our ideas with our members and also find out what their concerns and problems are. AAA
should support its members rights in universities and schools, and I believe that this can be done with the
support of US embassy. As AAA needs funds for carrying out activities, and usually it is done by asking
the alumni to contribute for charity activities, the better way for it could be to do fundraising activities.
For example carrying out fairs, where alumni sell their crafts, pictures, art works, and parents also can
participate by preparing pastries and different dishes. The money collected from this can be used for
charity activities. This way we can do multiple activities by bringing alumni together, bringing alumni
close to their community members, raising money, using skillful alumni and motivating them doing the
things they like. Alumni also should be motivated to participate in the lectures carried out by Open
Thought University.

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