; Philadephia Senatus 40th Anniversary presentation
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Philadephia Senatus 40th Anniversary presentation


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									   Philadephia Senatus
     40th Anniversary
“Highlights of Our History”

     Edel Lukens, Senatus President
          September 18, 2004
• In early 1955, Mary
  Phelps (now Peffley)
  moves to Philadelphia
  from South Bend,
  Indiana to work with
  the Legion
• In summer 1955,
  Florence Gorman is
  sent from St. Louis by
  Concilium to do
• Archbishop O’Hara
  welcomes them

First meeting: October 16, 1955
  First president: Mary Phelps


            Philadelphia Curia

Nov. 1955: New York Senatus
        is established

         By Feb. 1956:

              New York Senatus

   New York     Pennsylvania     New Jersey
Fr. Ignatius Szal was
  especially involved in
  the early days of the

He attended the first
  curia meeting.
January, 1956:
Msgr. Cletus J.
 Benjamin, ex-
 Chancellor of the
 Archdiocese is
 appointed Spiritual
 Director of the
 Philadelphia Curia.
Letter to Mary Phelps from Frank
Duff, dated 7/30/56:
“My dear Sister Phelps,”
   . . . (I have been hearing) . . . “a good deal
  about Philadelphia and the state of the Legion
  there at the moment. Apparently things are
  going quite well. The praesidia are becoming
  more numerous and they are getting dug into
  good work. Of course the need for Legion
  expansion in that mighty city is infinite.”

• Mary Phelps (Peffley) 1955-1958
• Bill Peffley 1958-1960
• Al Norrell 1960-1962
          A CURIA

December, 1956:
Frank Duff makes his only trip to the United States
to receive the Marianist Award in Dayton, Ohio
Philadelphia Legionaries meet
   Frank Duff in New York
April 9, 1957:
    Conferences for Priests
    are held in the Archdiocese

   Msgr. Benjamin – Philadelphia
     Fr. Faunce – Allentown &
    Patricians begin in

  1st meeting held at Msgr.
Benjamin’s parish with 60 non-
  legionaries in attendance
1961: First Legion “Operetta”

   These were performed locally (in Norristown and
  Philadelphia), in Baltimore, Cincinnati, New York, and
 1961: Archbishop Krol is named
 new Archbishop of Philadelphia
after the death of Cardinal O’Hara
             in 1960.

  He immediately sends a letter to all pastors
      encouraging them to start the Legion.
1961: Bishop Benjamin dies

Archbishop Krol appoints Fr. Thomas B. Falls Spiritual
  Director of the Philadelphia Curia.
(Msgr. Falls would be Spiritual Director until 1998 and then,
  Spiritual Director Emeritus until his death in 2004.)
• First Meeting: March 18, 1962 (#78)
• First President: Al Norrell
• First Spiritual Director: Fr. Falls

• The Pottstown Curia moves to Norristown
  and is attached to Philadelphia
• This is followed by the formation of four
  more curiae
       Curiae attached to the
      Philadelphia Comitium:
• Norristown Curia (established 1960)
• Philadelphia Junior Curia (May, 1962)
• Delaware County Curia (Dec, 1962)
• Bucks County Curia (June, 1963)
• Immaculata Curia (North Philadelphia)
 (Sept, 1963)
      COMITIUM (1962-1964)
• 1962: First Philadelphia trip to Dublin
Legionaries met Frank Duff & Fr.
      McGrath on this trip
Frank Duff acted as Tour Guide
Legionaries attended meetings and
       Irish entertainment
1962: Legion Songbook is
            • Letter from Frank Duff
            “I note that you are working
               hard on the
               entertainment side of the
               Legion . . . Most earnestly
               do we commend you in
               that. The Legion is not
               supposed to be a sour-
               faced affair, but a thing
               of real riotous
1963: First Legion Retreat

• Held in Elkins Park
• By 1965 two annual retreats were being
  held: spring and fall
• 1968 retreat was given by Fr. McGrath
• 1972: retreats were moved to
                Annual Retreats

•   First Legion Retreat at Malvern was Nov. 5-7, 1976
•   Retreat Master: Msgr. Charles Moss
•   300 retreatants
•   First weekend retreat at Malvern open to women
•   29th retreat: Nov 5-7, 2004
  We begin hearing talk of raising
    Philadelphia to a Senatus:
• Sept, 1963: The
  raising of Philadelphia
  to a Senatus is
  approved at the
  Concilium meeting

• 10/10/63: A letter
  from Concilium
  informs us of this
• 11/2/63: Letter from Frank Duff to Mary
 Peffley: “I am looking forward with
 keenest interest to the inauguration of the
 Senatus for Philadelphia. You know that it
 is you who have been the foundation
 stone of that great event.”

• 2/9/64: 1st meeting of the Philadelphia
 Senatus (#101)
• Senatus Meeting (2 bishops, 50 spiritual
  directors, & over 700 legionaries
• Mass at Cathedral celebrated by Bishop
• Banquet with speakers: Fr. Reynolds
  (New York Senatus), Fr. Falls, Al Norrell
• Musical Entertainment
• Fr. Reynolds: “We in New
  York feel like parents seeing
  their children go off to start
  families of their own. It seems
  to us that the growth of the
  Legion in Philadelphia has
  been due primarily to two
  things: first, the very patient &
  painstaking work done by all
  the people involved; and
  second, your sense of
  responsibility, which has not
  been blind obedience but a
  mature cooperation and an
  intelligent loyalty.”
First Senatus Meeting
Mass at Cathedral
    Letter from Frank Duff:

• “I will pray that it will be a momentous
 day, not merely for America but for the
 whole world. Each of us lives in the
 Mystical Body, and therefore a Senatus is
 big in that same body. It is not a matter
 of influencing its own great area alone.”
      Councils Already Attached &
       Councils Added that day:
•   Norristown Curia            •   Altoona-Johnstown Curia
•   Philadelphia Junior Curia   •   Erie Curia
•   Delaware County Curia       •   Gettysburg Curia
•   Bucks County Curia          •   Greensburg Curia
•   Immaculata Curia            •   Harrisburg Curia
                                •   Oil City Curia
                                •   Pittsburgh Curia
                                •   Scranton Comitium
  After 40 Years, the Senatus has
grown to have 9 attached comitia…
•   Altoona-Johnstown Comitium
•   Camden Comitium
•   Erie Comitium
•   Greensburg Comitium
•   Harrisburg Comitium
•   Metuchen Comitium
•   Norristown Comitium
•   Pittsburgh Comitium
•   Trenton Comitium
…and 11 attached curiae:
•   Allentown Curia
•   Bucks County Curia
•   Delaware County Korean Curia
•   Delaware County North Curia
•   Delaware County South Curia
•   Holy Family Curia
•   Mater Dolorosa Curia
•   Philadelphia Korean Curia
•   Philadelphia Spanish Curia
•   Scranton Curia
•   Wilmington Curia
Spiritual Directors of Senatus:

                 • Msgr. Falls appointed
                 •   Becomes Spiritual
                     Director Emeritus in 1998
                 •   Dies 2004
                 •   Fr. Francis Lendacky
                     appointed assistant
                     spiritual director in 1986
                 •   Becomes spiritual director
                     in 1998
•   Al Norrell 1964-1966
•   Pat Brady 1966-1969
•   Al Norrell 1969-1975
•   Bill Peffley 1975-1981
•   Walter Brown 1981-1987
•   Don Taggart 1987-1993
•   John Mosley 1993-1998
•   Edel (Peffley) Lukens 1998-2004
Cardinal Krol: a great friend of the
 Reply to monthly report by Msgr.
“As you can imagine, my desk is piled high
  with telegrams and letters. But, I had to
  find time to thank you for your monthly
  report of the Legion of Mary and to assure
  you of my gratitude for the work which
  you and the legionaries are doing in the
  Archdiocese of Philadelphia.”
       Letter to pastors (1967):
“…I have found the Legion of Mary to be truly apostolic
  and completely in accord with the decrees and the spirit
  of the Second Vatican Council. This most modern of our
  parish societies is extremely effective in any parish,
  where it receives direction and encouragement from the
  pastor. I strongly recommend the Legion of Mary to
  you, and urge you to offer your parishioners this new
  way of participating in the Lay Apostolate. The Legion
  of Mary, including its programs for the Lay Apostolate,
  has my complete endorsement.”
1st Annual Report of the Senatus to
    Archbishop Krol (12/31/64):
• Total active membership in Archdiocese:
  1791 (1127 seniors and 664 juniors)
• 29,079 auxiliaries
• 188 praesidia (129 senior & 59 junior)
              Works Included:
• Home visits
• Instruction of non-Catholics
• Hospital, nursing home, mental hospital, prison,
    & factory visits
•   Apostolate to Youth
•   Apostolate to the Crowd
•   Street girl contacts
•   Patricians
            Some Results:

              In 1964 . . .

• 21 active members entered the religious
• 262 adults & 353 children were baptized
• 541 returns to the sacraments
    The Report showed an increase
      from 1963 to 1964 of . . .
•   3 councils
•   35 praesidia
•   310 active members
•   6,417 auxiliary members
•   16,100 apostolic visits (for a total of 105,139)

Through the 1960s there were
reports of many challenging works:
• 3 praesidia in Center City were doing Apostolate to the
    Crowd, Bookbarrow, contacting street girls & drug
    addicts, and working in Skid Row
•   State Mental Hospitals
•   Prisons
•   Patricians
•   Juniors
•   Door-to-door
•   Visiting juvenile delinquents referred by police
•   Brotherhouse Social & overnight shelter
•   Viatores Christi
Fr. McGrath to Senatus (1967):
“Philadelphia has been one of my pet
  subjects . . . since I saw you here the first
  time. It was one of the first instances I
  give of people tackling difficult work. . . .
  This is the kind of thing that is going to
  bring grace to you and has brought it to
  you already. . . . I am seeing the Mystical
  Body of Christ acting through the United
         Emphasis on PPC

• Mary McFadden (now Brady) – first PPC
• Later, Dick Currie ran many PPCs
• Now, PPC committee is headed by Joe and
  Eleanor Lang
         Some of our PPCs:
• Jamaica in 1967 & 1969
• In 1970: South Dakota, West Virginia, &
  Tremont, PA (Allentown diocese)
• Puerto Rico, Canada, & Trinidad in 1972
• Msgr. Moss & his juniors went to England,
  Germany, Iceland, Italy, & Scotland
• Most years there was a PPC to West
1964: Second trip to Dublin
   1964: First Extension Worker
         from our Senatus
Joan Spillane
 (later Taggart)
 was sent by
 Concilium to
              Some others:
Later, Chris Pfeiffer
  (now Coakley) would
  go to Canada as an
  Extension Worker

And Gilda Cellini (now
  Shade) would go to
  Iceland as an Incola
    1965: 10th Anniversary of the
       Legion in Philadelphia
 Conference at the
 Hotel featuring
 Fr. McGrath and
 attended by
 legionaries from
 all over the
 United States.
1967: Legion has float in St.
   Patrick’s Day Parade
     1967: Peregrini come to
Philadelphia from Ireland for PPC
 1967: Dick Currie’s play
  “Farewell to an Envoy”
performed for the 1st time
     1968: Joint Acies held for
          “Year of Faith”
•   Cardinal Krol
•   11 spiritual directors
•   1300 legionaries
•   Legionaries made “Pledge of Loyalty”
 1968: Dublin Trip
• All Senatus Officers went
• Total of 237 legionaries
• Meetings with Frank Duff
• Side trip to Rome/Lourdes with papal
1969: Living Rosary Rally for
 Peace at Independence Mall
1970: 15th Anniversary of
the Legion in Philadelphia
  1971: Trip to Dublin
• 300 legionaries
• Msgr. Moss
• Fr. Farrell
• 50th Anniversary of the Legion
 1973: First Senatus meeting
     in our new building!
• 4/19/64: permission from body to buy a
• Building Fund started
• 1964-1972: many buildings looked at,
  some bid on
• Dec, 1972 N. Broad St. Building purchased
• 5/20/73: first Senatus meeting in building
 Legion Buildings: Philadelphia,
Norristown, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh
1976: Eucharistic Congress
      in Philadelphia
             • Marian Mass at
                 Veteran’s Stadium
             •   Homilist: Bishop
                 Fulton J. Sheen

             • Legion display at Civic
Legion Control Center
  at Old St. Mary’s
           • Briefing Center
                • Assignment
                • Partner
                • Sacramentals

           • Dressing Rooms
                • Colonial Costumes

           • Debriefing Center
                • Reports
•   Bookbarrow
•   Tourist Apostolate
•   Nursing Home Visits
•   Hospital Visits
•   Night Apostolate
• Over 3000 legionaries were involved in the Eucharistic
    Congress in some way
•   Local legionaries housed 719 legion visitors
•   850 legionaries from 34 states & Bermuda did 1208
    assignments (2541 hours) from Control Center
•   24,700 contacts made (almost 14,000 were non-
•   386 auxiliaries & 8 active members recruited
•   2 returns to the sacraments at the Control Center
•   Over 200 possible converts followed up on
•   Over 30,000 miraculous medals distributed
Jim & Doreen Cummins were the
official Concilium representatives
• Letter from Frank Duff to Peffleys (10/12/76):
  “…discussion of your mighty congress has been
  the fashion. Going by what has been relayed to
  us, especially in the account given by what you
  call the Cummins team, your Congress was the
  best ever from certain points of view. Certainly
  it was unique from the aspect of apostleship….
  It would seem to be that the success of the
  apostolic side will constitute a new pattern for
  these events.”
Through the 1970’s and 1980’s
AFC (“Adventuring for Christ”)/
 VFC (“Vacationing for Christ”)
Also through the 1980’s:
   Vacation Apostolate
            • Projects at St. Francis
                Xavier, Holy Child, St.
            •   Door-to-door
            •   Bible School
            •   Open House
1978: Philadelphia takes over
responsibility for distribution of
Maria Legionis in USA and Canada
1979: Msgr. Moss and TV team go
 to Dublin to interview Frank Duff
     1980: 25th Anniversary of the
        Legion in Philadelphia
• 5 officer training
•   Junior Congress
•   Vacation Apostolate
•   Retreat
•   Weekend Conference
    at Holiday Inn
•   Mass of Thanksgiving
    at Cathedral
25th Anniversary
1981: Dublin Trip
1989: 25th Anniversary of Senatus
     1996: 75th Anniversary
            of the
        Legion of Mary
Mass at Miraculous
 Medal Shrine in
1998: Spiritual Directors’
2004: 40th Anniversary of the
    Philadelphia Senatus
     Let’s Look Forward . . .

• Now: an informative, spirit-filled weekend
• Soon: 50th Year of the Legion in the
  Archdiocese of Philadelphia (2005)
• Beyond: Achievement of our Goals
• Extension

• Evangelization

• Enthusiasm
• Ideas

• Enthusiasm

• Hope for the Future

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