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									                          BHUTAN GAYUL (LAND OF HAPPINESS) TOURS

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   Thank you for visiting Bhutan through our company. We hope to have met your expectations. We
   are continuously striving to provide all our guests with the best services. In this effort we value
   your feed back. Your honest and frank views are appreciated.

   Kadinche (Thank you) and safe travels.

   Please tick where appropriate


       On an average how would you rate the accommodation facilities

                Poor        Satisfactory        Good          Excellent
       The best accommodation was at Paro/Thimphu/Punakha/Trongsa/Bumthang/Phobjikha

       The worst accommodation was at Paro/Thimphu/Punakha/Trongsa/Bumthang/Phobjikha

       Any comments:

   2. FOOD

       How did you find the Food?

                Poor        Satisfactory        Good          Excellent

       Any comments:


       How did you find the comfort of travel in the bus/vehicle?

                Poor        Satisfactory        Good          Excellent
       How would you rate the performance of the driver?

                Poor        Satisfactory        Good          Excellent
       Any comments

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                            BHUTAN GAYUL (LAND OF HAPPINESS) TOURS

   4. GUIDE

      How would you rate the overall performance of your guide?

                Poor         Satisfactory          Good        Excellent
      Can you list his -
                           Strengths                                       Weaknesses

      Any comments


      What was the highlight of your tour?

      Was there anything that you disliked?        NO               YES
      If Yes, should you like to mention

      In overall how satisfied are you with the tour?

            Extremely         Dissatisfied        Neutral      Satisfied        Extremely
            Dissatisfied                                                        Satisfied

      Any comments

   6. OTHERS

   Any further comments either related to the tour or on overall tourism development in Bhutan

                                             Kadinche (Thank you)

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