Don’t Forget Your Smile On Your Big Day by yaniwahyudianto


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									Don’t Forget Your Smile On Your Big Day

Weddings are a great excuse to push the boat out, family and friends will buy new outfits, some will
have their hair styled, others will go for full professional make-up to ensure they look great – and that is
                                                   just the guests! For the bride getting ready for the big day
                                                   is a whole different ball game!

                                                 From the very first second they are engaged (in some
                                                 cases even before that) most soon to be brides will have
                                                 one thing and one thing only on their mind – their dress!
                                                 The dress is seen by most brides as the most important
                                                 part of their day and the catalyst for everything else,
                                                 however, when it comes down to it they soon realise that
                                                 creating that perfect wedding day look does require a
                                                 little more effort.

                                                 For weddings there is an almost endless list of options
                                                 available when it comes to bridal accessories. Finding the
                                                 right ones can be a real challenge, but there is one
                                                 accessory that looks good with any wedding dress – a
                                                 beaming smile.

                                                 Your smile will never be more demand than on your
                                                 wedding day. Unless you are a celebrity or sports star it is
unlikely you will ever have as many photographs taken of you in such a short period of time. For what
will seem like the whole day people will be pointing cameras at you trying to coax out your smile from
every possible angle. This can be great fun if you have stunning teeth and lead to some fantastic photos,
however, for those not so comfortable with their teeth it can tarnish what should be one of the best
days of your life.

If you aren’t happy with your teeth then fear not, there are cosmetic treatments available to enhance
your smile for your wedding day. One of the most popular treatments brides go for is tooth whitening.
Professional whitening usually involves the use of lasers, is painless, quick and best of all has results that
can be seen almost instantly.

If you have teeth that are missing or broken, or think you may need some sort of teeth straightening the
best thing to do is to visit your dentist at soon as possible. They will advise of the best course of
treatment and with respect to your big day, they should also be able to give you some idea of treatment
times as with a treatment such as teeth straightening it can take up to 18 months before the treatment
is completed.
It can be nerve wracking visiting the dentist for the first time in a long time, however, not only will going
help you achieve a perfect smile for your big day, it will also give you the chance to have a full dental
health check – so you should end up with a beaming smile and healthy set of teeth and gums.

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