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					                   Petition for Credit by Examination Guidelines
                                      (Challenging Courses)
Important Note
In order to be eligible to challenge a course, the student must have already completed 12 units at Cuesta
College and have a cumulative Cuesta GPA of 2.0 or higher.
1. To petition for receiving credit by examination, the student will do the following in the sequence indicated below:
   a. Request a Petition for Credit by Examination from Admissions and Records. You can download it from
   b. Have Admissions and Records do a records check to confirm that you have completed 12 or more units at
       Cuesta and that your cumulative GPA at Cuesta is 2.0 or higher.
   c. With the petition in hand, meet with foreign language instructor who agrees to accept the student’s request
       to challenge the course. Except in extraordinary circumstances, a student should not ask an instructor to
       accept a challenge for a course that the instructor is not teaching at the time of the request.
   d. The student and the instructor should make arrangements for the date and time of the examination.
       Normally, the final examination for challenged courses will coincide with the final examination schedule for
       regular classes.
   e. Have the instructor sign his/her name in the Assigned to (Instructor’s Name) line in the For Office Use
       Only portion of the Petition.
   f. Bring your petition to the Languages and Communications Division Assistant, San Luis Obispo campus,
       who will forward it to the Langcom Division Chair for approval. If petitioning from North County, you may
       hand in the petition personally to the Languages and Communications Division Assistant at the San Luis
       Obispo campus or send it to the Langcom Division Assistant either through inter-campus mail or the US
       Postal Service. FAXes are not accepted.
   g. If the Division Chair approves the petition, the Langcom Division Assistant will forward it to the Office of the
       Dean of Instruction - Humanities where the Dean’s Assistant will assign the class a section number and
       forward the petition to either the Langcom Division Assistant (San Luis Obispo campus) or to the Office of
       Student Services (North County).
   h. After a maximum of five (5) working days, the student may pick up the approved petition from the Student
       Pick-up box and file it with the Admissions and Records Office. On the San Luis Obispo campus, the
       pickup box is in the lobby of Building 6200. On the North County campus, the pickup box is in the Office of
       Student Services – N3039.
2. Petitions for Credit by Examination must be completed, including payment of fees, and submitted to the
   Director of Admissions and Records or the Executive Dean for North County Campus within the first four weeks
   of the semester or the first four days of summer session.
3. A student may be enrolled concurrently in a foreign language class and petition for a challenge of a preceding
   course during the same semester.
4. Based on pre-requisite guidelines in the Cuesta College Catalogue, only one challenge per language per
   semester may be taken. Challenges must be taken in sequential order. Students may not petition to challenge
   a level two course and subsequently petition to challenge a level one course.
5. The instructor will select one of the following options:

    a.   Written and oral final examination
    b.   Midterm, written and oral final examination
    c.   All chapter examinations
    d.   Other written and oral work to be determined by the instructor

6. Normally these Challenges are taken during final exam week.
7. Part-time instructors will not be required to accept challenges. However, they may volunteer to accept them.

8. All tenured regular faculty and tenure-track faculty can be assigned up to four challenges per semester. He or
   she may opt to accept additional challenges per semester.

9. If a student does not complete the Challenge, the grade will be recorded as an “F”.

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                                          Placement Formula for
                                  Foreign Classes at Cuesta College
Working at your appropriate level is the best way to continue learning a foreign language.

-The students who do best in foreign language courses are those who are challenged.
-When the course material is new, it holds a high level of interest.
-This sustains a high level of student involvement in classroom activities.

  Students who enroll in a course below their ability level often initially find that the material is not sufficiently challenging to
sustain their interest. They find the material familiar, and so put in less effort in preparing for the class, missing classes or
turning in work late. These students frequently discover that the class has moved out of their comfort zone at some point in the
semester. They no longer already know the material. The easy A that they anticipated becomes increasingly more unlikely.

In the interest of proper placement of students, the Foreign Languages instructors at Cuesta have created the following set of
guidelines for determining the level in which students should enroll:

 If you have completed one year of a foreign language in high school,            French, German or Spanish 202.
 within the last two years, you should enroll in
 If you have completed two years of a foreign language in high school,           French, German or Spanish 203.
 within the last two years, you should enroll in                                 You should not enroll in French, German or
                                                                                 Spanish 201 or 202.
 If you have completed three years of a foreign language in high school,         French, German or Spanish 204. You should not
 within the last two years, you should enroll in.                                enroll in French, German or Spanish 201 o, 202
                                                                                 or 203.

This formula was developed based on the performance of actual foreign languages students at Cuesta.

Spanish Placement Exam
To confirm your level of proficiency in Spanish, you may take the Spanish placement exam, offered during the first week of
every semester. We strongly recommend that you take the placement exam if it has been more than three years since you took
your last Spanish class. Contact Professor Rector-Cavagnaro, or 546-3100 x2772 to set up the Spanish
Placement Exam

For placement recommendations for American Sign Language, French and German, please contact the appropriate

Credit by examination (Challenging a class)
Credit by examination enables students to receive college credits for abilities learned outside the Cuesta classroom. Students
who have learned a foreign language in high school or elsewhere may receive college credit for those courses through credit by
examination. To challenge a course, make arrangements to confirm your ability in that foreign language by taking one or more
written and oral examinations. If you pass the exam(s) you receive college credits the same as if you had enrolled in the class.

To challenge a course you must have completed 12 units at Cuesta and have a GPA of at least 2.0. For additional information
on challenging a course, please see other side of this sheet.

Contact one of the following instructors to arrange to challenge a foreign language course:

  American Sign Language               Betsy Dunn                                 546-3100 ext. 2549

  French                               Sally Girard                             546-3100 ext. 2770
                                       Susan Lloyd                               546-3100 ext. 2770

  German                               Petra Clayton                           546-3100 ext. 3194

  Spanish                              Susan Lloyd                               546-3100 ext. 2770
                                       Tony Rector                              546-3100 ext. 2772
                                       Ralph Sutter                             546-3100 ext. 2694

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                                      Credit by Exam Process-
                                    Language & Communications

        Quick Review sheet
1. Student Section- must be filled completely--
        Quick cheat Sheet
   including the course title and level (e.g. Spanish
   201 or French 202) and signature

2. Records Check must be completed before being
   brought to the Language department

3. Division Approval - Students must meet with the
   faculty member who is teaching the course that
   semester. So if Mr. Rector & Mrs. Lloyd teach
   Spanish 201, and students want to test out of
   Spanish 201- then students should speak to one of
   these instructors.
   --They should find the instructor's office hours, visit
   with the instructor in person and then the instructor
   should sign and date the form.
4. Division Approval- Only then can the form be
   submitted for the division approval.
   Director's Approval- Once the Division chair has
   approved the "secretary" will walk it over to the
   Dean's office. That office will assign a course
5. Registration: usually within 24-48 hours of the
   student dropping it of with the secretary of the
   division, it should be available for student pick-up.
   The student then completes the process by
   delivering the petition form to Admission and
   records and paying any applicable fees.

                                                     Attached are the official Cuesta College documents outlining the
                                                     process for petitioning for a Credit by exam.

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