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					Location       Belarus (Minsk)
Partnership    The host project only wishes to work within its established networks
Theme 1        Social exclusion (in general)
Theme 2        Youth leisure
Target group 1        Youth and children
Target group 2
Inclusion      With less opportunities

Working environment
A.      The boarding school № 10 is created for training, education, correction of infringements
in development and adaptation of children with intellectual insufficiency.
There are two departments:
     The first department for pupils with easy degree of intellectual insufficiency.
     The second department for pupils with moderate degree of intellectual insufficiency.
Along with performance of functions of a special school, the boarding school also provides
accomodation for children. All pupils get the food free of charge.
              The school is working 5 days a week (from Monday till Friday). On the 6th day of
the week there are some workshops and cultural activities organised for children. The pupils can
live here since Monday till Friday if their parents want. It is open from September till June (there
is also a summer camp after).
      There are no children who are not able to move or to go without anybody’s help.
      This school provides children with scientific knowledge, knowledge necessary for
everyday life, medical and psychological treatment. In addition school orients pupils for
choosing future profession according to their intellectual ability and labour-market.
      There are 160 pupils in total. Among them:
      The first department – 117 pupils;
      The second department – 43 pupils.
      Number of classes: 18
      Average number of pupils per class in 1 department – 13 pupils, in 2 department – 6
      There are 54 teachers in the school. All experts have higher education.
      The school is situated in the south-east of Minsk, in “Zavodskoy” district. Minsk is the
capital and the biggest city in Belarus (2 million inhabitants). Minsk is also the major cultural
centre of Belarus. Minsk is located in the area of mixed forests typical for most of Belarus.
Pinewood and mixed forests are still present at the edge of the city, especially in the north and

The volunteer will be a part of school staff. He/she will be an assistant of professional teachers.
It means:
     Going for a walk with the children;
     Organizing for them different activities between and after lessons;
     Assisting them to meal;
     Helping the children with the less opportunities to integrate into society.
Both the children and the volunteer will get a benefit from this job. The volunteer will get to
know how to communicate with ill children, organize for them leisure-time activities and study
them things necessary for future adult life. The children will have a great chance to
communicate with the foreigner using not only native language and to know more about other
    B.         The volunteer will be working both in the school and also around 27% of working
time per week (6 hours) the volunteer will spend in New Faces office.
      BYPU "New Faces" runs several activities like international youth exchanges, training
courses, conferences, educational seminars, campaigns, cultural festivals, workshops,
publications on youth matters, partnership work with NGO's of Belarus (Development of the
Network of the social organizations working with disadvantaged youth) etc.
      Mission: BYPU "New Faces" being based on the principals of openness, tolerance and
equality, by using alternative ways of work promotes the building of an active civil position of
the young people of Republic of Belarus in order to give them an opportunity of their self-
development and realization.
      The aims of the BYPU "New Faces" are to support youth initiatives in the sphere of
culture, education, information, ecology, to assist the development of youth movement in
Belarus. "New Faces" is striving to the international understanding and cooperation between the
young people. It contributes to the volunteer movement development, promotes peace and
struggles against intolerance and discrimination.

The EVS volunteer will perform the following duties:
    Taking part in one of the long-term project of our organization;
    Doing a part of the job of our international secretary;
    Will have the possibility to develop his/her own small project within our organisation
      according to his/her interests.

Project environment
      At School the volunteer will work with a supervisor who speaks English. He/she will also
have an English speaking mentor (a person not from the school and experienced in EVS) who
will be responsible for monitoring the whole project and help the volunteer to integrate into
working environment, including the volunteer in social events and other activities.
      The volunteer will also have the opportunity to meet lot of local young people as he/she
will work in New Faces and participate in some of the NF projects. All active members of NF
are open, creative and friendly people who will be happy to help make the volunteer’s stay an
unforgettable experience in Belarus. It will be a great opportunity for them to learn about the
other culture from the volunteer and also share their own.
     The volunteer will be offered to attend the Russian language courses in a language school.

Target group
    We are open to volunteers from 18-30 years of age from any country within Europe. We do
not have any specific requirements on the level or field of education, however in order to
communicate sufficiently with the volunteers we require a reasonable knowledge of English for
the non-russian speaking applicants.We are looking for a person who is open and curious to
work with handicapped children. He or she should be able to work on his/her own. For now we
can offer only short-term EVS project- 3 months.
    Special needs: None.

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