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					                                      CORONADO PWD
                                        817 Margarita Avenue
                                        Coronado, CA 92118
                                       Phone/fax 619-522-0540

Prospective Puppy Owner Questionnaire

In general, Portuguese Water Dogs are energetic, loving, attention seeking, funny, highly
intelligent, and very sensitive. They are working dogs and enjoy nothing more than doing their job,
whether it be fetching a ball or carrying their favorite toys, and receiving approval. If matched with
the right families and placed in the right homes, they will quickly become integral members of their
families. Soon after you start living with one, you will find it hard not to revolve your entire life
around it.

Since the personalities and energy levels of puppies vary, it is important for responsible breeders to
get to know each puppy and to learn as much as possible about the desires and lifestyles of the
potential puppy owners. In this way, he will be able to make the right match. For this purpose, we
will spend weeks socializing, training and assessing each puppy while also getting to know the
puppy’s new family. We look at the temperament and drive of each puppy and try to match it with
the lifestyle of it’s adoptive family.

Please download, print, and read the “Puppy Packet” from the Portuguese Water Dog Club of
America (PWDCA):

After you have studied it thoroughly, please answer the following questions as completely and
honestly as possible:

       1. Why are you interested in purchasing a PWD i.e. pet, companion, show, breeding,
          agility, obedience or water performance?

       2. Do you want a male or female? Why?

       3. What color and coat type do you prefer?

       4. Do you currently have other dogs living at home? If so, how many, what breed, sex, and
          age? Are they intact or have they been spayed or neutered? Where do they sleep? Where
          do they stay during the day?

       5. Have you or your family members or housemates previously owned dogs? If so, what
          happened to them?

       6. Do you have other animals living at home? If so, please describe as per question 4.

       7. Please describe all the members of your family and/or housemates i.e. age, work hours,
          school hours, etc.

       8. Does your home have a fenced yard?              A pet door?

       9. Where will your dog be kept during the day?             Where will he sleep?

       10. Who will be responsible for the following: Primary care of the dog?

           Feeding?                    Exercising?                      Training?

           Cleaning up poop?                 Bathing and grooming?

       10. Do you have a regular veterinarian?

       11. Do you have a swimming pool or a convenient place for the Waterdog to swim?

       12. Are you aware of the ongoing responsibilities and expenses that go along with owning a
           PWD i.e. food & supplements, vaccinations, preventive veterinary care, regular
           grooming, toys, socialization and obedience classes, pet care when you travel…?

Your names: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________


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To be placed on our waiting list, please return this completed questionnaire along with a $200
deposit. The deposit will be held in our bank account and used as part of the purchase price. The
price for a pet quality PWD is $2000 plus $50 for micro-chip. If we are unable to provide you
with a puppy, the deposit will be returned.