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									Comings and Goings

Best of luck and many thanks to Teresa Clements, who is planning to leave the
clinic in August. Terri has been providing excellent care to our boarders and
patients since August of 2007. We’ll miss you, Terri – stop by and see us once in

Madeline Memorial Fund

                    As always, many thanks to the generous clients who have
                    donated to the Madeline Memorial Fund:

                     Sandy Rosselet            In memory of her sister & father
                    The Stoody Family          In memory of Whitey
                    Mary Farrell               In memory of Romeo
                    Joanne Bigham              In memory of Athena

                    Amy Saine
                    Mary Lou Guillory

The Madeline Fund hasn’t been too busy these last few months, although spring
always seems to bring us a fair number of animals who need help. In April we
received three motherless kittens who were only days old. Devon and Bonnie are
in the process of hand raising these kittens and provided that they are healthy
animals, they will be ready for adoption about June 8. We have two males and
one female. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a kitten, please
have them stop by to visit!

We would like to make our friends and clients aware of a cat that is very much in
need of a home. Birdstone is a 8 year old female grey tiger whose owner, a
client of ours, died unexpectedly recently. This has left Birdstone in need of a
friend and a new home. She is a very pretty and sweet cat who is
spayed, declawed and up to date on vaccines. Please contact us if
you or someoneyou know might be interested in giving Birdstone a

Taste of UA

      Once again, the clinic will have a presence at the Taste of Upper Arlington
      in Northam Park on Tuesday, August 11th! Those of you who have never
      visited the Taste of UA are missing a great time…the music, food and fun
are always the best. Stop by and say hi – we’ll be passing out free pet food
samples and general pet care information!

New Product Update

       The reason why some dogs eat poop is a bit of a mystery, but any dog
       owner who has experienced this bad habit is eager to make it stop! The
       traditional treatment for this behavior is a food additive that makes the
       poop taste bad to dogs. Unfortunately, this additive was sprinkled over the
       dog’s food which was not always easy or convenient – and you had to be
       certain that the dog ate every bit of the food, so he got all the medication.
       Now we have a much easier option available – Copraban is a beef
       flavored soft chew that you give your dog twice a day. Like the sprinkles,
       the soft chew has a chemical in it that makes the dog’s poop taste bad. So
       if your dog needs a little help with some of his eating habits, give us a call
       and we’ll get you started with Copraban!

Therapy Laser Update

As Wink discussed in his last column, laser light therapy has arrived at
Northarlington! We are using laser therapy more and more – on everything from
arthritis to bad skin to itchy ears – and while the staff continues to be thrilled with
the results that we are seeing, our clients and their pets have been even more
impressed! This is an affordable and effective treatment option that is painless,
has no side effects and does not require sedation. If you would like more
information on how laser light therapy can ease your pet’s discomfort or
accelerate healing, visit our web site at or call us at
(614) 457-4636 and we’ll send you a brochure!

Senior Pet Month Promotions

Speaking of senior pets, September is Senior Pet Month! To celebrate, during
September we will be offering a $20 discount on senior wellness bloodwork (with
purchase of physical examination) for pets over the age of 7 years old. The
senior wellness bloodwork package includes:

      25 chemistry profile to evaluate kidneys, liver, pancreas and electrolytes
      Complete blood count to evaluate red blood cell, white blood cells,
       hemoglobin and platelets (looks for anemia, infection & blood parasites)
      T4 level to check on thyroid function

The regular pricing for these three tests is normally $114.10, but during
September only, we will offer these three tests for $94.10!

According to published research, more than 10% of animals brought to veterinary
clinics for check ups have some type of underlying disease. Testing allows us to
identify medical issues in the early stages so that pets can be diagnosed and
treated properly. Normal test results provide us with baseline data for future
health care needs.
Wink’s Words of Wisdom

                                    Dear Friends:

                                    My words of wisdom this month are ones that
                                    most of us will face sooner or later (if we can
                                    remember them) - brain aging.

                                     Many of you are probably already familiar with
                                     some of the symptoms of brain aging. A
                                     decline in memory is one of most common
                                     signs of brain aging. I don’t know how many
times I’ve sat in the clinic and watched Elaine walk into a room, look around and
ask, “What did I come in here for?” The good news is that memory lapses like
this offer many opportunities for the clever cat, and several times I have been
able to snag a second lunch or avoid an unpleasant encounter with the nail
clippers as the result of a forgetful human.

Brain aging in pets can take a similar appearance to humans (although humans
rarely bark or howl at night, which older dogs will sometimes do). In addition to
vocalizing at night, watch for these other signs of brain aging in your pets:

    Seems confused or disoriented          Sleeping more
    Having accidents in the house          Pacing or wandering aimlessly
    Change in attitute                     Playing less, decreased stamina
    Change in eating habits                Responding less to commands
    Abnormal interactions with owner
   or other pets

If your pet is showing some of these signs, please talk to Dr. Bookmyer or Dr.
See about having a physical exam and senior bloodwork done. You might also
ask them about a new product called Senilife. Senilife is a new all-natural
product that provides safe, quick and effective improvement of abnormal
behaviors seen in senior pets. The ingredients of Senilife include antioxidants
and vitamins that can improve cerebral blood flow and neuron communication
and have a proven effectiveness on cognitive decline.

Senilife comes in a 30-count bottle with two available sizes – one for dogs under
50 pounds and cats, and another size for dogs over 50 pounds. The capsules
contain a cod liver flavored substance (yummy!), so it can be drizzled over some
food. If the pet doesn’t care for cod liver oil, you can just give it like you would a
regular pill (e.g. hide it in a piece of hot dog). Dosing is once a day for cats and
dogs under 100 pounds.

We are hearing some really good things about Senilife – stories of not only
tremendous improvement, but also surprisingly quick response. And if your dog
is howling all night, fast improvement is undoubtedly critical to you (and your
As always, I will close with a special little poem composed just for this occasion:

                        Otis the Beagle had an old brain,
                 His barking and pacing drove his owner insane.
                     Try Senilife said the vet and you’ll find,
                     That Otis the dog has a beautiful mind!

Ah, another happy ending! Until next time, smooches to you all.

                                          Love, Wink

Summer Pet Care Festival

              As some of you already know, we will not be having a charity yard
              sale this year. Instead, we are going to try a different kind of
              fundraising event – a Pet Care Festival! On Sunday, June 7th from
              noon to 4:00 PM, the Northarlington Animal Clinic will play host to a
              wide variety of pet-related events and entertainment:

 Doggie bakeries                   Book sale
 Microchip clinic (only $30!)      Food vendors
 Toenail trims (only $5!)          Bake sale
 Agility dog demos                 Dog wash ($5 self serve, $10 full serve)

 Doggie boutique vendors (collars, leashes, toys, etc.)
 Pet portraits with a professional photographer (2nd floor of the clinic)
 Entertainment
 Many pet care vendors, including day care and boarding facilities, pet sitters
  and walkers, artists and photographers
 Raffles, including an autographed Archie Griffin football, two “Dine Around
  Town” restaurant gift certificate packages and 6-pack of Frontline Plus!

As we get nearer to this event, we will have flyers and posters with more
information! We look forward to seeing you and your dog (on leash!) for a fun-
filled day to benefit the Second Chance Fund of the Capital Area Humane

Interested in vounteering? As always, we’ll need help with this event:

 The morning of the event we will need help with set up of tables &
 We will definitely need some help directing traffic throughout
  the day
 We will need volunteers to collect money and staff the raffle
  table, bake sale, book sale and pet photography studio
 We will need several volunteers who don’t mind getting
  soapy and wet at the dog wash
 We would love to have our clients donate cookies, cakes
  & pies for the bake
  sale (contact Karen Marsh at 529-9859 or
 If you have books or magazines to donate to the book sale, we will collect
  them all through the week prior to the event (June 1 through June 5)
 If you would like to donate any gently used pet related items – leashes, collars,
  litter pans, clothing, cages, crates, toys, photo frames or albums, etc. – we will
  be selling these items with all proceeds to go the the Second Chance Fund.

Because this will be such a big event, we are asking all volunteers and visitors to
plan on parking at the apartment complex across the street (LeMans Village) or
the apartment complex next to the clinic (Lexington Park).

Upcoming Training Classes

We have two upcoming canine training courses:

            Puppy Beginning Obedience                Section #135 DP
                  Start date: Tue, 05/12/09    6:45 – 7:45 PM*
             Instructor: Dawn Pribble of Positive Pups Dog Training
               Teenage Dog Obedience              Section #105 DP
                  Start date: Thr, 05/07/09    6:45 – 7:45 PM*
             Instructor: Dawn Pribble of Positive Pups Dog Training

Puppy Beginning Obedience I               Teenage Dog Obedience I
7-1 hour classes                          7-1 hour classes
Ages: 7 weeks to 24 weeks                 Ages 25 weeks to 2 years
Limit: 5 puppies per class                Limit: 4 dogs per class
Tuition: $100                             Tuition: $100

For registration materials or course outline, please visit our web site at or call us at (614) 457-4636.

                                   We have been sending you the
                                   Northarlington News three times
                                   per year, but from now on, we
                                   are going to a twice per year
                                   schedule. So, your next
                                   newsletter should arrive shortly
                                   after the first of the year. Until
                                   then, have a warm and safe
                                   summer, and a fun-filled holiday

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