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to the world’s leading
 Pulp & Paper event

  May 17–19 2011
Stockholm, Sweden
A Brand New Concept:
The Magic Future of Pulp & Paper!
     he essence of the con-
T    cept is simple but im-
portant – making it easier
for people to meet.
   Gone are the separate
exhibition halls and distant
conference locations as
well as conference fees. In-
stead we have, after liste-
ning to both exhibitors and
visitors, chosen to focus on
the following key words:

      Time Efficiency
  Closeness to Customers
    Power to Influence

The heart of the event will be the three squares in Hall    conference committee as well as the project group
A. The squares will hold all major conference activities    responsible for square design. Visibility in the overall
and entertainment during the three-day-long event.          marketing of the event is included. Slot-time is reserved
The Magic Future Square in the middle features all the      for you at the Magic Future Square and at either or
key note speakers, while the two smaller squares, East      both of the smaller squares.
and West, will have more of a technical orientation,            Exhibitors located elsewhere in the Hall have the
with shorter presentations running non-stop throug-         possibility of becoming Magic Future Event Partners
hout the day.                                               if they book a Magic Future Event Package.
   Want to become a Magic Future Event Partner with         As Event Partner East/West you will have one of the
the possibility to influence what goes on at the squares?   smaller squares next to your exhibiting space. Slot-time
Exhibitors surrounding the Magic Future square will         is reserved for you at either or both squares.
have direct access to the event’s biggest meeting area          We would like to invite all companies to take a more
which guarantees unique visibility and closeness to         active role in maintaining the event SPCI the best
customers and activities. You will also be a part of the    meeting point in the global pulp & paper industry!
                                                                                Take this oppor-

      Magic Future Event Partner                                                tunity to learn
                                                                                and network.

·   Member of the International Conference Program Committee
    and the Conference Area Project Group
                                                                                Leadership ability
                                                                                is crucial! Loo-

·   Presentation slots – One slot at the Magic Future Square
    (25 min + 5 min), one slot at the West Square (15min + 5 min)
                                                                                king forward to
                                                                                give a presenta-
     and one slot at the East Square (15 min + 5 min) in total.                 tion on the sub-
·   Full page advertisement - Event Magazine/Guide
                                                                                ject at the Magic-Paper roll.

·   Editorial coverage - Event Magazine/Guide
                                                                                                Leif Brodén, CEO Södra

·   Company logotype in all Magic Future Square marketing
    material; advertisements, newsletters, program etc.

·   Possibility to buy a maximum of 20 tickets to the VIP-event at                                 The SPCI event is

    the Vasa Museum on Wednesday May 18, 2011.
                                                                                                   a very important
·   25 complimentary tickets to the City of Stockholm official reception
    in the City Hall on Tuesday May 17, 2011.
                                                                                                   place where we
                                                                                                   gather network
·   Eurosize posters -signage – along the pedestrian walk from
    train station, by the West entrance and at parking areas
                                                                                                   and technology
·   DropPapers/Signage – by the East and West entrances
                                                                                                   Jan Johansson
·   DropPapers/Signage – At the venue when entering the exhibition hall                            CEO SCA

·   Stand space marked with company logotype on all hall
    layout situation plans

·   Wireless Internet access in stand
                                                                                The openness

Price: SEK 198.000                                                              has always been
                                                                                great valued in
                                                                                our industry. The
      East or West Event Partner11-                                             new SPCI forum
                                                                                will walk the talk
                                                                                and Billerud will
·    Presentation slots – one slot at West or East square
    (15 min + 5 min) per day
                                                                                share our new
                                                                                innovations with you from the
·   Half page advertisement - Event Magazine/Guide                              Magic square - so be there!
·   Company logotype in Conference Programme and on event website               Per Lindberg, CEO Billerud
·   Eurosize posters -signage – along the pedestrian walk from train station,
    by the Western entrance at parking areas

·   DropPapers/Signage - At the venue when entering the exhibition hall                           The new SPCI

·    Stand space marked with company logotype on all hall layout
    situation plans
                                                                                                  event opens up
                                                                                                  for new possibili-
·   Wireless Internet access in stand                                                             ties. The idea
                                                                                                  with an open
Price: SEK 49.000                                                                                 forum for confe-
                                                                                                  rence will move
     For further information about these packages, please contact:                                the traditional
     Marina Asp, CEO SPCI, + 46 8 783 84 00
                                                                                                  concept with ex-                                                         hibition and conference to a totally
     Patrik Löwstedt, Exhibition Manager Adforum, + 46 8 749 43 61              new and fresh level.
                                                                                            Magnus Hall, CEO Holmen
The Exhibitors
Since the start back in 1968, thousands of companies have continually
chosen SPCI as the most important forum to meet customers and ex-
changing know-how.
    SPCI 2011 provides you with first class business opportunities in
an international environment and is a great source of inspiration for
exhibitors and visitors alike.
    The world’s leading event in the pulp and paper industry guarantees
that your products and services will get maximum exposure.
    We welcome suppliers to the pulp, paper, board, tissue and con-
verting industries to exhibit within all relevant product categories.

Thanks to the extended main hall at Stockholm International Fairs,
the SPCI event will this time be concentrated to the one hall of a
total 30,000 sqm (320 000 square feet).
                                                 submit your stand by
                                                  today o your applicat
                                                          rm            ion
                                                   bookin ake an on-line
                                                   www.s t our website

                                                                          The world´s leading Pulp & Paper Event
                                                                          • 13 587 visitors from 61 countries
                                                                          • 730 exhibitors (450 of them from 32 diffe
                                                                          • 293 exhibition stands
                                                      The Visitors
                                                      According to our survey in 2008, executed by the Scandinavian Survey
                                                      Group, an independent audit company, the visitors were unanimous;
                                                      SPCI is considered the worlds leading event for the pulp and paper

                                                      • 34% of the visitors came from outside Sweden representing
                                                        61 countries, making it the most international event of its
                                                        kind worldwide.
                                                      • 64% of the visitors consider SPCI the leading pulp and paper
                                                        trade show in the world
                                                      • 58% of the visitors had current purchasing needs and planned
                                                        to place an order within 12 months
                                                      • 62% of the visitors answered that they had major influence
                                                        over purchasing decisions

                                                      Since the first show back in 1968, SPCI gathers visitors from around
                                                      the globe.
                                                          You will meet a wide range of target groups at SPCI 2011, including
                                                      CEOs and mill managers from mill-wide operations, as well as speci-
                                                      alists and managers in various sectors: Purchasing managers, Technical
                                                      managers, Production managers, Maintenance managers, Environment
                                                      managers, Marketing managers, Operators, Transport and logistics
t                                                     managers etc.
                                                          The event will be extensively marketed to the pulp and paper in-
erent countries outside Sweden)                       dustry worldwide by organisers, agents, media partners, trade press
                                                      and co-operating partners.
                           Official results SPCI 2008
General Information
Dates and Venue                                                                    International Representatives
May 17-19, 2011
Stockholm International Fairs
                                                                                   Asia (except Greater China)
Opening hours                                                                      Mr Tan Kay Hui
Tuesday – Thursday 09.00-17.00                                                     Tel: +65 9790 6090
Registration fee, Stand rental and Event partner packages                          Fax: +65 6280 2823
Registration fee: SEK 4,500                                                        E-mail:
Stand rental: SEK 1,960/sqm
Event partner packages: Optional (see previous pages)
                                                                                   Germany, Austria and Switzerland
VAT will be added when applicable
                                                                                   Mrs Annelie Bäck-Heuser
Exhibitor Service                                                                  Bäck+Partner Marketing
All exhibitors are supplied with a special Service Kit with detailed information   Tel: +49-202-283 81 26
and order forms for all available technical services.
                                                                                   Fax: +49-202-283 81 27
Fair Promotion                                                                     E-mail:
SPCI 2011 will be extensively promoted to buyers all over the world. Adverti-
sements and international press contacts will promote the event. Members
                                                                                   Greater China
of key national and international target groups will get personal invitations.
                                                                                   Mrs Grace Mak
Contact Information                                                                E.J. Krause & Associates, Inc. Beijing
The Event                                                                          Tel: +86 10 8451 1832
The Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers (SPCI)                         Fax: +86 10 8451 1829
Box 5515, SE-114 85 Stockholm, Sweden                                              E-mail:
Phone: +46 8 783 84 00, Fax: +46 8 661 73 44
• Mrs Marina Asp, Executive Director                                               Mrs Carla Salaris
Phone +46 8 783 84 86
                                                                                   Lighthouse S.r.l.
                                                                                   Tel: +39 02 54189640
• Ms Camilla Sinivaara, Event Manager
                                                                                   Fax: +39 02 54121746
Phone +46 8 783 82 54                                                          E-mail:

The Exhibition
Adforum AB
SE-125 80 Stockholm, Sweden                                                        Mr Eduardo Teixeira-Alves
Phone: +46 8 749 97 31, Fax. +46 8 749 35 05                                       Tel/fax: +34 96 3122197                                                               E-mail:
• Mr Patrik Löwstedt, Exhibition Manager
Phone: +46 8 749 43 61                                                             South America                                                   Mrs Selma Regina Ugolini
• Mrs Kristin McKechnie, Exhibition Marketing Coordinator                
Phone: + 46 8 749 97 33                                                            Tel: +5511 2218-0005/0422
                                                                                   Mobile: +5511 9904-5350
Adforum Helsinki office, Finland                                                     E-mail:
• Mr Marcus Bergström, Sales
Phone: +358 9 150 9401                                                  USA
                                                                                   Mr Björn Bieneck
                                                                                   Bieneck International
                                                                                   Tel: +1 (540) 372-9800
                                                                                   Fax: +1 (540) 372-1414

Organised by:
The Swedish Association of Pulp and Paper Engineers (SPCI)                         Visit our website at
Stockholm International Fairs