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									                                         Interact                            ®

                                         Part of SpeechGear’s Compadre® suite of instant language translation solutions found at

   There are many                         Instant Translation of Conversations
   translation products,                  There are many translation products, but only one that allows
   but only one that                      you to truly Interact. Say something and it’s voiced out loud in
                                          another language; hear something in a foreign language and it’s
   allows you to truly
                                          translated and spoken to you in English. No human interpreter,
   interact.                              no dictionaries, no memorizing of pre-recorded
                                          phrases, no constraints, no expensive translation         Words you say
                                          services; just real-time speech-to-speech                  type or write
                                                                                                   show up here and
                                          translation of conversations.                            are spoken aloud
 Instant bi-directional translation in
                                          Say What You Want to Say
                                                                                                   The translation is
 over 35 languages of whatever you        With Compadre:Interact®, anything you say is            spoken aloud plus
 say, write or type.                      instantly translated. Compare this to other voice-        shown in this
 Automatically generates a                                                                            window
                                          based translators where you can only use a fixed
 transcript of your conversations.
                                          set of phrases and words. With Interact there are
 Choose to use a male or female                                                                                                     A transcript of
 voice for your spoken translations.      no boundaries, no constraints, no limited number of phrases.
                                                                                                                                      the entire
 Headset compatibility enables            Interact comes preloaded with over 900,000 words, plus you can                            conversation is
 hands-free and eyes-free                 even easily add your own vocabulary such as acronyms specific to your place                shown here
                                          of work, or proper nouns such as the last names of your customers. Instant
 Full Duplex Operation: Interact
 listens to what you say while at the
                                          translation of anything you say, hear, type or write with no limits, that’s Compadre:Interact.
 same time voicing translations.
 Continuous repeat mode for use in        Plus Instant Translation of whatever you Type or Write
 crowd control situations.                In addition to speech, Compadre:Interact also instantly translates whatever you type, and if you have a tablet
 Visualize feature allows you to          PC, whatever you write. From Chinese to Russian to Spanish, with Interact you can instantly communicate in
 display and notate pictures, forms
 and videos, further improving your       multiple languages using speech, typing, and handwriting.
 ability to Interact.
                                          A Picture is worth a Thousand Words
System Requirements:
                                          Often communicating is more than simply speaking. With Interact’s Visualize feature you can use pictures
Interact runs on PCs that meet the
                                          such as maps and calendars; photographs of people and items of interest; forms for individuals to read or fill
following minimum standards:
                                          out, videos demonstrating a task the individual should perform, or if you’re using a tablet PC, simply use
  Microsoft’s Windows XP or
  newer operating system.                 Interact’s sketchpad feature. Go beyond simply speaking to truly Interacting.
  1 GB or more of RAM (at least 2
  GB is preferred)                                                            Hands and Eyes Free Interface
  1.8 GHz or faster CPU (a Dual                                               In many situations you need to keep your hands free to perform other
  Core CPU is recommended).
                                                                              tasks – perhaps you are showing a customer how to use a product, a
  At least 2 GB available disk space.
                                                                              teacher helping a student, a doctor providing medical care to a patient, a
  An external microphone.
                                                                              police officer responding to an accident, or an employee working on a
                                                                              manufacturing line. Once again, Interact is your answer. Interact includes a
                                                                              complete hands and eyes free interface where voice-commands and audio
                                                                              cues are all that is needed to instantly translate conversations.

                                          Start Interacting Today
                                          Compadre:Interact runs on your own PCs, or you can purchase a complete preconfigured system directly
     1310 Bollenbacher Drive
                                          from SpeechGear. To learn more about Interact and SpeechGear’ s entire line of instant translation products
      Northfield, MN 55057
                                          including our products for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities, give us a call at 888-664-9123 and
           t: 888.664.9123
                                          ask or the Sales Department, or send an email to, or visit our website at
           f: 775.703.6730
                                 We are looking forward to partnering with you to configure an instant translation
                                          system specifically for your needs.

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