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									     Innovation at Its Best is Found in GN Resound

                                  If you are familiar with Bluetooth headsets at all,
                                  you’ve probably heard of Jabra. Jabra headsets, well
                                  known for their comfortable fit and exceptional
                                  flexibility are a popular choice for the tech-savvy
                                  hands-free cell phone user. What you may not have
                                  heard is that the European headset company GN
                                  Netcom, managed by GN Store Nord of Denmark
                                  produces Jabra.

GN Store Nord also owns GN ReSound, one of the most successful hearing
aid manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. Some of the success GN ReSound
has seen in recent years has been from its innovative technology.

One of the more notable innovations GN ReSound brought to the hearing
industry came to market in 2003 with the release of the first ever open-fit
hearing aid. The Air quickly became the instrument of choice as it provided
hearing aid wearers with a cosmetically appealing instrument that didn’t
block the ear canal, instantly improving wearer satisfaction.

In 2008, another innovation called “be by ReSound” introduced the concept
of “remote microphone” placement. In this model, the microphone is
separated from the custom-made body of the hearing aid by a tube that
wraps around the bowl of the ear and tucks up into what is known as the
helix lock, effectively blocking wind noise interference.

In 2010, ReSound introduced the Alera, a premium digital hearing aid that
set new standards for wireless connectivity with external audio devices such
as cell phones and televisions. The Alera incorporates GN ReSound’s
trademark sound processing technology called Surround Sound.

It works just like a surround sound system, splitting sound streams into bass
(low frequencies) and treble (high frequencies) while distinguishing
differences in directionality in order to locate where sounds are coming from
more successfully. Surround Sound provides the listener with distortion-free
sound quality and optimized speech clarity.

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While the constant pushing of the envelope to develop innovative technology
has led to improvements in sound quality and speech understanding in
hearing aids, GN ReSound offers increased freedom, smaller sized
instruments and ease of use to its customers. It is no wonder that GN Store
Nord, through its daughter company GN ReSound, is one of the most
successful hearing aid manufacturer’s in the U.S. and Europe.

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