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									1997 ACF Regionals Questions
University of Missouri-Rolla (Hard Core FYM)/Texas A&M

1. A member of the Yiddish triumvirate, this Russian Jewish writer has been called "The Yiddish Mark Twain". He wrote stories
popular all over the world, including The Adventures of Mottel, the Old Country, and Tevye's Daughter. FTP name this writer best
remembered as the author of the basis for the musical "Fiddler on the Roof."
                   Answer: Sholom Aleichem

2. The year's the same: The first Army-Navy football game is played. Wyoming became the first state admitted to the union with
women's suffrage. Jacob Riis's How the Other Half Lives is published. FTP, name this year which saw the passage of the Sherman
Anti-Trust Act and the Battle at Wounded Knee.
                   Answer: 1890

3. Wouldn't it be fun to be so powerful that you could invent a god? After receiving his chunk of Alexander's empire, Ptolemy
invented this god to promote religious unity. He combined elements of Osiris and thus took Osiris' place in the Isis and Horus story.
This god, then got its name from a fusion of the elements of Osiris and the god Apis. FTP, name this god whose name is known in
history as a ship defeated by John Paul Jones.
                   Answer: Serapis

4. After Trafalgar, England had no reason to fear French invasion. Still, Napoleon was a threat, and they began to fund his enemies on
the continent, hoping to rid themselves of him. This plan backfired and the resulting battle, considered by many Napoleon's greatest
victory, gave him control over most of Europe. For 10 points, name this December 1805 battle fought in what is now the Czech
                   Answer: Austerlitz

5. Because it is an alpha particle emmiter absorbed readily by bone marrow,this second trans-uranium element to be discovered must
be handled with care. Its radioactivty also made itthe most important ingredient in the Fat Boy atomic bomb that destroyed Nagasaki.
                   Answer: Plutonium

6. Ironically, Western powers supported his resistance efforts in World War 2 before Stalin did. Even though he was a communist, he
was unknown so Stalin supported the royalist Chetniks of Colonel Drazha Mikhailovic. Meanwhile, Winston Churcill supportedthis
Communist leader because "he was killing more Germans." With Western support he did just that, which is appropriate since he
assumed a name which means "Do this Do that". He would later embarass Stalin by forming a non-Soviet alignedCommunist
government. FTP, name this man who changed his name from Josip Broz and ruled Yugoslavia until 1980.
                  Answer: Tito accept Josip Broz on early buzz

7. In 1835, his poem "Paracelsus" led him to an acquaintance with an actor, and he flirted with writing drama. His plays A Soul's
Tragedy, Stafford, and Colombe's Birthday are all virtually forgotten, but his talents for characterization as in his DramaticPortraits are
not. For ten points, name this Romantic Poet of Fra Lippo Lippi, Andrea del Satro, and My Last Duchess.
                  Answer: Robert Browning

8. His throat is blue because he drinks a cup full of sins in order to save man. He is represented by a lingam, a stylized phallus, and
rides around on Nandi, a white bull. For ten points, name this god of Hinduism whose consort is Parvati and who is the destroyer
portion of the Hindu trinity.
                    Answer: Shiva

9. The Pribnow box occurs just before the starting point of this process. Only one-half of the source molecule is used, genetic
confusion would result if both strands were used. The process is usually halted by a hairpin loop followed by six uridine residuesor the
rho factor. The polymerase molecule binds to the promotor on the DNA chain. FTP, name this process that synthesizes RNA from
                  Answer: DNA transcription (prompt on early RNA synthesis)

10. After completing film studies in Prague, he became a scriptwriter and a director of shorts with the Magic Lantern Multi-Media
group. He directed Buck Henry and Lynn Carlin in his American film debut, 1970's Taking Off. His film version of Hair and an
adaptation of E.L. Doctrow's Ragtime were considered failures, especially when considering they were released between his Oscar
winning films One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus. FTP, name this director who recently received an Oscar nomination
forthe People vs Larry Flint.
                  Answer: Milos Forman
11. In this novel, the title character gets hosed as he accidentally kills a girl and fails to escape the authorities who aren't fooled by his
false ransom note, and hose him off a rooftop. He then recruits a communist lawyer to defend him, and after losingthe case, is
executed. For ten points, Bigger Thomas is the title character of what work by Richard Wright?
                    Answer: Native Son

12. Dutch physicist H. Kamerlingh Onnes discovered this phenomena in mercury in 1911, but it was alittle more than a curiosity until
1986 when IBM researchers found a compound that exhibited it above 30 degreesKelvin. FTP, name this phenomenon that won
Bednorz and Muller the Nobel Prize in 1987.
                 Answer: Superconductivity or Superconducting

13. Joseph Conrad wrote many works about the sea and the wilderness, but he set what many consider to be his greatest novel in the
Latin American country of Costaguana. FTP what is this 1904 novel in which the silver mine of San Tome is inherited by Charles
                 Answer: Nostromo

14. Formerly called the Trucial Staes, its seven members include Dubai, Fjuairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm al Qaiwain, and
Ajman. For 10 poins, identify this oil rich federation located on the Persian Gulf whose best known member is Abu Dhabi.
                Answer: United Arab Emirates

15. Largely self-educated, he appointed professor of mathematics at Queen's College in Cork Ireland in 1849. In 1854 he published
The Laws of Thought, an extension of his earlier work, The Mathematical Analysis of Logic. Today his name is remembered in the
type of Algebra that is the basis of digital electronics. FTP, name this man, the father of symbolic logic.
                  Answer: George Boole

16. He was kidnapped by gypsies at the age of four, but was abandoned and returned to his guardian in Kirkcaldy Scotland. He
would probably have made a poor gypsy, but made great contributions to the field of philosophy like the Theory of Moral
Sentiments.Later, on a trip to France, he met Quesnay and the rest of the physiocrats and became fascinated with another academic
discipline. FTP, what man in 1776 published his Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.
                  Answer: Adam Smith

17. Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary describes it as a motif of folk tales in which a hero comes upon an ill-treated corpse. After he gives
his last penny to help fund a proper burial, the hero meets a traveling companion who aids him in some impossible task. The
companion finally reveals himself to be the corpse that the hero helped. Outside folk tales, this monicker applies to: Bob Weir, Phil
Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, and formerly Jerry Garcia. FTP, give the name that the legend and people have in common.
                   Answer: Grateful Dead

18. When he was 17, he cut off another boy's pigtail, and was dismissed from the choir school of St. Stephen's cathedral in Vienna.
He found a sponsor in Count Morzin, for whom he composed his first symphony and "La Chasse" string quartet. FTP, who was this
classical composer better known for works he composed for the Esterhazy family, including the Cecilia mass, Hornsignal symphony,
The Creation oratorio, and the Farewell symphony?
                 Answer: Joseph Haydn

19. He was editor of Iowa Homestead magazine and served as head of the Board of Economic Warfare from 1942-1943. He was the
Secreary of Commerce from 1945-1946 and an unsuccessful presidential candidate in 1948 for the Progressive Party.For ten points,
name this man who was secretary of agriculture from 1933-1940 and vice president from 1941 to 1945.
                  Answer: Henry Agard Wallace

20. Known as the French Shakespeare, and the Founder of French Tragedy, this rival of Moliere was criticized at the opening of his Le
Cid because it did not conform to the three major unities. He went on to write more conventional works, however, including Horace
and Cinna. FTP, name this French dramatist of the masterpiece Polyeucte.
                  Answer: Pierre Corneille

21. Acetyl Co-A is the input to this process. This process uses many enzymes, and eventually generates a molecule of ATP when
Succinyl Co-A is made into Succinate. The process then returns to oxaloacetateto which another Acetyl Co-A molecule is added. FTP,
name this, one of the main energy generating processes in aerobic cells.
         Answer: tricarboxylic acid cycle, TCA cycle, citric acid cycle, Krebs cycle
22. Scouts said the defenders had built a wall but were few in number. Xerxes assumed they would leave, but after four days the
Persian emperor ordered an attack which three hundred Greeks quickly repulsed. The Greek commander had chosenhis soldiers
carefully. Each was a veteran with at least one son to carry on the family name. Eventually, local traitors showed the Persians a way
to surround the Greeks. Leonidas, the Greek commander dismissed most of his men so that Spartans would receive all the upcoming
glory. FTP, name this 480 BC battle in which Spartans defended a mountain pass to the death against the Persians.
                  Answer: Thermopylae

23. She was born in West Virginia, but most of her life was spent in China as she was the daughter and leter the wife of missionaries.
Her 2nd novel, the story of a Chinese peasant's struggle for land and security led her to win the Nobel Prize in 1938. ForTen Points,
name this American author of The Good Earth.
                  Answer: Pearl Sydenstricker Buck

24. Its area was only 8 square miles, but contained two airfields and Surabachi, a volcano. Lieutenant General Kuribayashi led the
defense which was considered crucial since the island was only 700 miles from Tokyo. For ten points, try to picture the name of this
island which was taken by American troops on February 18, 1945.
                   Answer: Iwo Jima

25. Selim the Second was quarreling with the Venetians over Cyprus. Pope Pius the Fifth obliged the Venetians by calling for a
Crusade against the Ottomans. Charles the Fifth's bastard son Don John commanded the assembled Italian and Spanish fleet.For ten
points, name this 1571 battle which changed the balance of naval power in the Mediterranean.
                  Answer: Lepanto

26. This French writer accompanied Gide to Berlin in 1934 to help the defenders in the Reichstag Fire trial, worked with the
Republican air force in Spain in 1936 and 1937, and later became De Gaulle's Minister of Information. In spite of his busy schedule,
he found time to write a number of novels and works of non-fiction. FTP, name this author of La Condition Humaine and the
four-volume work on the psychology of art, The Voices of Silence.
                  Answer: Andre Malraux
Biscayne Bay in South Florida is the location of extensive tidal swampland. This type of swamp is known for trapping sediment, that
later builds into fertile land mass. You'll get Ten Easy Points if you name these swamps, which share their name with an aquatic
evergreen tree species that grows there.
                    Answer: Mangrove

If you were to head out of the City of Destruction. Run straight through the Slough of Despond, Go through Sinai, Stop off at the
Interpreter's House and leave any burdens you may have at the cross, then Pass through Vanity Fair and cross the mountains to your
destination. For ten points, at name either the destination or the novel which features it by John Bunyan.
                  Answer: _Celestial City_ or _Pilgram's Progress_

This property of a metal is defined as the continuous deformation of a solid material under a constant stress well below its yield point.
For ten points name this property which is also the title of a popular Radiohead song.
                  Answer: creep not youngs modulus
1997 ACF Regionals Questions
University of Missouri-Rolla (Hard Core FYM)/Texas A&M

1. Salmon Chase and Earl Warren are two of the best know Supreme Court Chief Justices. In between came seven men, one of whom
was William Howard Taft. For 5 points each, name the other six chief justices between Chase and Warren. (any order)
        Answer: Morrison R. Waite, Melville W. Fuller, Edward D. White, [William Howard Taft], Charles Evans Hughes, Harlan F.
              Stone, and Fred M. Vinson

2. Identify the English poets who wrote the following poems for 5 points each.
1. My Last Duchess                            Answer: Robert Browning
2. The Ecstasy                      Answer: John Donne
3. Venus and Adonis                 Answer: William Shakespeare
4. To His Coy Mistress              Answer: Andrew Marvell
5. The Windhover                              Answer: Gerard Manley Hopkins
6. Goblin Market                    Answer: Christina Rossetti

3. You'll receive ten points for each correct answer identifying the type of math described.
1. Founded primarily by John von Neumann, this type of math deals with determining the optimal behavior in situations involving
conflict of interest, and includes the study of
scenarios such as the prisoner s dilemma.
                    Answer: Game theory
2. Defined as "the study of classifying singularities of systems whose behavior is usually smooth, but which sometimes exhibits
discontinuities", it is then used to propose mathematical models of discontinuous events in nature, including geometric optics and
wave propagation, as well as political elections, mental disorders, and the outbreak of war.
                    Answer: Catastrophe theory
3. A body of concepts and methods intended to provide a framework for dealing with vagueness and imprecision. It allows a
statement to be partly true and partly false at the same time.
                    Answer: Fuzzy Logic

4. Given the following information, name the fmaous sons of Johann Sebastian Bach, for 10 points each.
1. He lived from 1714-88, and was the third son of J.S. Bach. One of hsi crowning achievements wasw that he was the music director
of the 5 principal churches of hamburg.

         Answer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach or C.P.E. Bach
2. He lived from 1735-82, and was the youngest son of J.S. Bach. one of his accomplishments was that he was organist of the Miloan
Cathedral from 1760-1762.
         Answer: Johann Christian Bach or J.C. Bach
3. He lived from 1710-1784, and was J.S. bach's oldest child. There are 21 cantatas and 9 symphonies to his credit.
         Answer: Wilhelm Friedmann Bach or W.F. Bach

5. 30 pt bonus. I hear Siberia is beautiful this time of year. For 10 points each, show your knowledge of the Siberian beach party
scene by naming any 3 of the 7 seas that border Russia on the North. Exclude the Pechorskoye (Pay-shor-skoy-yeh) sea, since only
dweebs hang out there and don't say the Bering Sea, which boreders Russia on the east and south.
         Answer: Barents Sea, Chukchi Sea, East Siberian Sea, Kara Sea Laptev Sea, White Sea or Beloye More

6. Name the type of acid, all of which are named for scientists, for 10 points each.
1. This acid definition emphasizes proton transfer from acids to bases.
                   Answer: Bronsted-Lowry acid
2. This definition says that acids are electron pair acceptors and that bases are electron pair donors.
                   Lewis acids
3. This type of acid increases the concentration of hydronium ions.
                   Answer: Arrhenius acid
7. Name the Dickens novel to which these characters belong, for 10 points each.
1. Dick Swiveler, Little Nell
          Answer: The Old Curiosity Shop
2. Bill Sikes, Charlie Bates, Fagin
          Answer: Oliver Twist
3. Abel Magwitch, Mr. Jaggers, Estella, Miss Havisham
          Answer: Great Expectations

8. It's time for a question about SNM--The Saturday Night Massacre. Answer these people involved in Richard Nixon's attempt to fire
Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox.
1. 5 pts: Name the attorney general who resigned his office instead of fulfilling Nixon's request to fire Cox.
           Answer: Elliott Richardson
2. 10 pts: This Deputy Attorney General also refused to fire Cox.
           Answer: William Ruckelhaus
3. 5 pts: This Solicitor General fired Cox and it came back to haunt him. His sometimes evasive answers during confirmation hearings
cost him a spot on the Supreme Court and caused Mark Russell to remark he was "so complex that his favorite color was plaid."
           Answer: Robert Bork
4. 10 pts: Who replaced Cox as Special Prosecutor?
           Answer: Leon Jaworski

9. We've all heard our share of questions about Norse mythology. For a change of pace identify these members of the ancient
Egyptian pantheon. Given an Egyptian deity, identify the animal whose head they are usually depicted as wearing.
1. 5 pts: Bast            Answer: cat
2. 10 pts: Thoth          Answer: ibis
3. 5 pts: Anubis          Answer: jackal
4. 10 pts: Hathor Answer: cow

10. For fifteen points each, name these two men involved in the movie The Killing Fields (1984).
1. Portrayed in The Killing Fields, he was an aide to New York Times correspondent Sidney Schanberg during the Vietnam War.
He was imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge regime that killed        millions of Cambodians.
         Answer: Dith Pran
2. The first nonprofessional actor to win an Oscar since 1946, he portrayed Dith Pran in the film. This February he was shot and
killed outside his Los Angeles home, perhaps in retaliation for his recent humanitarian work in Cambodia.
Answer: Dr. Haing S. Ngor (pronounced Nor)

11. For 15 points each, identify these Roman emperors.
1. He ruled the empire from 211 to 217 and gave Roman citizenship to those living in all parts of the empire to increase his tax
         Answer: Caracalla
2. He was Marcus Aurelius's son, but did not share his father's philisophical leanings. His rule was erratic, but that's to be expected
when you think you are Hercules. He ruled from 180 to 192 when he was killed by his wrestling coach.
         Answer: Commodus

12. There are four levels of protein structure. Given a description, give the level of structure referred to, ten points apiece.
1. Mainly the distinction between alpha helix and beta pleated sheets.
         Answer: secondary
2. Caused by the interactions between R-groups of amino acids; including hydrogen bonding, disulphide bridged, and hydrophobic
and hydrophillic interactions.
         Answer: tertiary
3. The sequence of amino acids
         Answer: primary
13. Identify the recently deceased author for 30 points on the first clue, 20 on the second, or 10 on the third.
1. She wrote 35 novels between 1943 and 1995. Among the more famous were The Kidnaping of Lol V. Stein (1964) and
Savannah Bay (1983). Her 1950 novel Dam Against the Pacific is based on her own family's struggles with the seasonal flooding of
the Mekong River.
2. She was born in 1914 in the former French Indochina. She attended high school in Saigon and the region inspired several of her
3. Her 1984 book L'Amant (The Lover) won France's top literary honor, the Prix Goncourt. The novel is the story of a 14-year-old
girl from a poor French family in Indochina, who becomes the mistress of a wealthy Indochinese notable's son.
                   Answer: Marguerite Duras

14. The Democratic jihad to get Newt has left some members of Congress under investigation for a number of felonies. Answer these
questions about the illegal eavesdropping on one of Newt's phone conversations for the stated number of points.
1. 15 pts: This Florida congresswoman representing areas around Ft. Lauderdale was the first to obtain the feloniously recorded
conversation from the Martins, forwarding it to the Democratic Leadership.
          Answer: Karen Thurman
2, 19 pts: This Washington Democrat and ranking member of the House Ethics committee resigned after allegations that he was the
one who feloniously forwarded the tape to the New York Times.
          Answer: Jim McDermott
3. 5 pts: At the center of the scandals lies the Michigan Democratic Minority Whip responsible for most of the attacks on Newt. His
staff supposedly directed the illegally taped phone conversation from Thurman to McDermott.
          Answer: David Bonior

15. 30-20-10 Identify the art movement.
1. It lasted from about 1898 to 1908 and the members held their first exhibition in 1905, after which the movement had the name we
use today.
2. Andre' Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck are two men who practiced
this art form.
3. The style was been characterized by raw, vibrant colors with
bold black outlines and a moderately distored perspective. It's leader was Henri Matisse.
                   Answer: fauvism or Les Fauves

16. 30-20-10 Identify the American author from works.
1. These Thirteen and Knight's Gambit
2. Mosquitos and A Fable
3. Absalom, Absalom and The Unvanquished
                  Answer: William Faulkner

17. From the description given, name the metal for 10 points each given one clue, after two clues for 5 points.
1. 10 pts: Its principle ores include scheelite.
5 pts: This metal has a melting point of any element.
           Answer: Tungsten or Wolfram
2. 10 pts: This ferromagnetic metal is used along with element number 48 to make cheap rechargeable batteries.
5 pts: Along with chromium, it makes up Nichrome, an alloy used for heating elements.
           Answer: Nickel
3. 10 pts: The largest use of this element is in its dioxide form, which is used as a brilliant white pigment.
5 pts: It is is used extensivly in the aerospace industry because of its light weight and high strength and has atomic number 22.
           Answer: Titanium
18. Medieval popes had a lot of power; some even got medieval. Many historians have even ranked Innocent III as one of the most
powerful men in history. Answer these questions about his reign as pope which lasted from 1198 to 1216.
1. In 1210, Innocent excommunicated Otto, the Holy Roman Emperor and dictated the election of the youthful King of Sicily.
Innocent's successors would regret this as this youth grew into a strong willed, strangely modern emperor. Name him.
                  Answer: Frederick II
2. Innocent III called for a Crusade to the Holy Land but the crusaders sacked Constantinople instead. What is the number of this
                  Answer: Fourth or 4
3. Innocent III once placed all of England under the Interdict and excommunicated the English king. Name that king.
                  Answer: John

19. Name the philospher from works on a 30-20-10 basis.
1. History of the Stuart Reign
2. On the Natural History of Religion
3. Treatise on Human Nature
                   Answer: David Hume

20. Given the position equation X of t equals four X cubed plus three X squared minus seven X plus two: Find the following for 10
points each.
1. the position at t equals 2.
          Answer: 32
2. the Velocity at t equals 5
          Answer: 323
3. the acceleration at t equals three quarters.
          Answer: 18

21. Charlemagne's successor Louis the Pious divided his kingdom among his three sons. For ten points each name these three men
who signed the Treaty of Verdun.
        Answer: Louis the German, Charles the Bald or Charles II, and Lothair

22. 30-20-10 Name the nation from clues.
1. Manuel Roxas was elected president in 1946, the year it gained its independece.
2. The republic was temporarily halted due to the imposition of martial law in 1972 because the president said he needed powers to put
down a revolt of the Islamic Moros.
3. Clark Air Force base was destroyed there in 1991 by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo.
                  Answer: Philippines
Name these commonly used film terms derived from French for ten points each.
10) Making use of hand held cameras and interviewing for the stated purpose of providing a realistic view, this technique was given a
name meaning, literally, cinema truth.
Cinema verite
10) This much used French term is used to refer to the arrangement of objects and subjects in front of the camera.

Identify the economist on a 30-15 basis.
30 pt clue) He once shocked student David Heilbroner (later author of theWorldly Philosphers) by telling them the Depression was
nothing more than a cold douche to the capitalist economy.
15 pt clue) He is the Austrian economist who wrote Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy.
Joseph Schumpeter

Amino acids are classified into four standard groups based upon their structures and electrical properties. FTP each, given examples
of a group of amino acids, name it.
10) Tyrosine, Glutamine, Cysteine
Polar uncharged
10) Lysine, Arginine, Histidine
10) Proline, Glycine, Alanine

7. Name the novel, 30-20-10
30) Originally titled "L'affaire Lettuceberg," it presents a satire about dust bowlers.
20) Its characters include Rose of Sharon and Tom Joad.
10) This 1939 Pullitzer prize winning novel remains John Steinbeck's most famous work.
The Grapes of Wrath

10. 20 pt Bonus. Answer these questions about terms in Jainism for ten points each.
a) This word means great conqueror and is the name given to Jainisms founder.
) This principle means abstinence from injury of any living thing.

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