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					Moonlaugh Marketing Private Limited
Moonlah Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
       Cirtificate of Incorporation

     CIN No- U52190WB2010PTC147990
Moonlah Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
           PAN Card

       PAN No- AAGCM5428D
Moonlah Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
         TAN Cirtificate

        TAN No- CALM11204E
  Real Referral Business Plan

To get this Business opportunity you
 have to purchase Product Package
     of Rs.1200/- only From Us.
Product Package
   Rs. 1200/-
Real Referral Business Plan

      1. Referral Spot Incentive.

    2. Royalty Incentive (Monthly).

    3. Direct Referring Rewards.
   1. Referral Spot Incentive

Up to 15th Level Introducer gets Following Incentive.

                Level          Incentive

                 1st           Rs. 250.00
                2nd            Rs. 100.00
                3rd            Rs. 10.00
                4th            Rs. 08.00
                5th            Rs. 06.00
                6th            Rs. 04.00
                7th to 10th    Rs. 03.00
                11th to 15th   Rs. 02.00
  2. Royalty Incentive (Monthly)

    Silver Royalty   For 1 Year

  Gold Royalty       For 3 Years

Diamond Royalty For Life Time
       Condition to achieve
          Silver Royalty

Direct Refer 5 Persons within one Month


      Direct 5+20 Team Members
Condition to achieve
   Gold Royalty

 Direct Refer 5 Persons


  245 Team Members
Condition to achieve
 Diamond Royalty

 Direct Refer 100 Persons


Above 1000 Team Members
              2. Royalty Incentive (Monthly)
            This Income is calculated as per the following calculation

                            Total no. of New Joining of the Month X Rs. 50/-
Silver Royalty         Rs. =---------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                No. of Silver Achiever

                             Total no. of New Joining of the Month X Rs. 40/-
Gold Royalty           Rs. =---------------------------------------------------------------------
                                               No. of Gold Achiever

                      Total no. of New Joining of the Month X Rs. 20/-
Diamond Royalty Rs. =--------------------------------------------------------------------
                                        No. of Diamond Achiever
            3. Direct Referring Rewards

Direct Referred      Rewards (Gift)         Or

    3                 Wrist-Watch         Rs.     200/-
    8              2pcs. Wrist-Watch      Rs.     400/-
   18                  Dinner Set         Rs.     800/-
   38                   Mobile            Rs.    1600/-
   78               Induction Cooker      Rs.    3200/-
  100                  Diamond                  Nill
Earning Potential From Level

 Level                 Introduce                    Incentive

 1st                         5            Rs.            1250
 2nd                        25            Rs.            2500
 3rd                       125            Rs.            1250
 4th                       625            Rs.            5000
 5th                      3125            Rs.          18750
 6th                     15625            Rs.          62500
 7thto10th PL-2 250000                    Rs.        750000
 11thto15thPL-1 8000000                   Rs. 16000000
               Total Income-             Rs. 1,68,41,250
                                         1%- 1,68,412.5

               Per Month- 14,034/- (Aprox.)

   TDS as per Govt. norms.
      Admin Charges: 5%
       275/- For Pay Card
450/- For Interesting Incentives
 Thank U

 Pvt. Ltd.