Dirty Talking Examples By How To talk Dirty Blog

					Dirty Talking Examples By How To talk Dirty Blog

If you're like many women, the idea of dirty talk to your partner makes you nervous just thinking about it. This may
be especially true if you have never talked about this with your partner before, or who have received up to that time
still sex. I'm going to give you some tips and examples of dirty talk that will help you complete your skills and

Now, many people may not realize how uncomfortable is the use of some of these examples is doing something
good relationship, and because they are not grown with it and understand how to use this method to be successful.
This is also why I said I do not have the ability, you do not know how or not. People who do not know how to make
a clear example of talking dirty to talk with your partner, find a website, books, etc. This method is fine and dandy
too, but once you learn how the opposite sex are really dirty learning text itself can really drive your partner crazy.

Here are some different dirty talking examples for different situations:

"Come here big boy" - In the bedroom this gives him the perception of the big protector, which turns him on.

"You are sexier/hotter then all of your friends" - After hanging out with his friends this will boost his confidence and
show him you are attracted to him, which makes him more attracted to you!

"No one has ever turned me on like you" - While being intimate, make him feel unique.

"I can't wait to be alone with you" - While at relatives. Tease him! He will be thinking about you for hours.

"You have the nicest X I have ever seen" - Commenting on a body part. Just as you are insecure with certain body
parts, so is he. Expose it, and show that you love it!

"ooh, you smell so delicious I just want to take a bite" (and then you softly put your teeth on his shoulder playfully) -
When he wears his cologne for you, notice it and reward him.

As you get use to hearing yourself saying the words you will become more confident and it will begin to feel more
natural. Also, when you see the effect it will have on your partner and in your relationship you will want to continue
getting more adventurous.

Talking dirty is really nothing more than openly expressing your feelings, desires and needs. You are expressing
yourself and being comfortable with your sexuality. Your partner will appreciate your openness and want to return
the favor.
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