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                                         UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD
                                          SCHOOL OF NURSING


Present:          Mrs J Wild (Chair)                         Ms P Howe (from item 8)
                  Ms S Beswick                               Mrs C Hynes (from item 4)
                  Mrs J Cappleman                            Mrs J Jenkins
                  Mrs P Dickinson                            Mrs I Jenkins
                  Ms K Doyle                                 Mrs L Lawson
                  Mrs A Gallacher                            Miss R Leary
                  Mrs M Gaston                               Mr C Murray
                  Mrs D Gawthorpe                            Mr M Raynor
                                                             Mrs E Thacker

06.15   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE - are recorded for Dr T Long, Ms L Neville, Mrs E Ashton,
        Ms N Sharples, Mr R Stansfield, Mrs M Dilger, Mrs J Denny and Ms S Wood.

06.16   MINUTES

        Confirmed          that the minutes of the previous meeting (08.02.06) were a correct record of
                           the proceedings. (Document SC/06/12)

        (on item 06.04(6) Noted         Accommodation issues – staff from the 4 Floor, Allerton Building
                                        have now relocated to alternative office accommodation on the 5

        (on item 06.04(7) Noted         Mary Seacole Building – the commissioned sculpture will be
                                        unveiled at a later date.

        (on item 06.10(1) Noted         Professional Doctorate – that no student statistics were available
                                        for the meeting and this will be followed up.
                                        [Action: HoS]

        (on item 06.12(1) Noted         that the entry criteria issue has been resolved and the DipHE/BSc
                                        Ordinary Degree has been approved and will comply with
                                        University entry requirements.

        (on item 06.12(3) Noted         MSc Public Health and Society - this was not approved as a full-
                                        time option because of the structure of the programme which
                                        needs significant amendment.

        (on item 06.12(10) Noted        Quality Assurance and Enhancement Group – that this new
                                        committee has held its first meeting.


        Received a verbal report from the Head of School in which it was noted that:

        Noted        (1)      Staffing – the following new appointments have been made:

                              Prof Tony Warne, Chair in Nursing – commences June 2006
                              Lorna McInulty, Lecturer (Flexible Learning) – commences June 2006
                              Janelle Yoke, Lecturer (Adult Nursing) - commences June 2006
                              Amanda Wiseman, Lecturer (Children’s Nursing) – commences May 2006
                              Cath McQuarrie, Lecturer (Mental Health) – commences May 2006
                              (previously Practitioner Lecturer)

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                              The following Senior Lecturer posts have been appointed:

                              Cyril Murray, Senior Lecturer (Clinical Skills Leader)
                              Helen Franks, Senior Lecturer (Adult Nursing)
                              Bernadette Burns, Senior Lecturer (Children’s Nursing)

                              An offer has been made for a two year fixed term appointment as Learning
                              Facilitator for the MSc Advanced Practice (Health & Social Care)
                              Programme to support the neonatal pathway and confirmation is awaited.

                              The Adult Directorate currently has two Lecturer vacancies, one unfilled
                              post from earlier in the year and 0.70 fte replacement for Helen Franks. In
                              addition 1.00 fte post remains vacant from Phil Ogden’s retirement. The
                              Child Health Directorate also has a 1.00 fte Lecturer vacancy as a
                              replacement for Bernadette Burns.

                              The Mental Health Directorate are looking to appoint 2 Practitioner
                              Lecturers from posts vacated by Cath McQuarrie, appointed to a Lecturer
                              post, and Lisa Evans who has returned to a full-time NHS Trust post.

                              Support staff posts currently being recruited are:

                              1 CS/2 to join the Pre-Registration administrative team/school reception
                              1 CS/3 resource and information assistant
                              1 CS/3 to join the post-qualifying/post-graduate team

                              It was noted that recommendations to recruit to vacancies will be put
                              forward to Faculty, however, a reduction in commissioned student
                              numbers could affect staff recruitment and it is likely that growth in staffing
                              has reached optimum levels.

                     (2)      Finance – that there has been very little change on the budget year end
                              forecast which is likely to show a surplus mainly to the staffing vacancies
                              carried during the year. However, non-pay will show an overspend this
                              year. The non-pay budget is likely to be reduced next year. Recruitment
                              to March 2006 intake has come in on target due to the hard work of the
                              Admissions Tutors and has resulted in a healthier income. There are
                              University wide issues that could affect the budget outturn particularly
                              where HEFCE are making a claw-back on funding. Income is dependent
                              upon student numbers and the CPD contract with the SHA which has yet
                              to be received and which supports approximately £500k for staffing. This
                              situation is being closely monitored by the School Executive. On a
                              national level, the Council of Deans continues to lobby government to
                              safeguard education.

                     (3)      Mary Seacole Building – that the School received 10 staff invitations for
                              the formal opening of the building on 24 May 2006. There will be displays
                              of research, teaching, AE activities and skills demonstrations with similar
                              events taking place by the other Schools in the Faculty. Dame Tanni Grey
                              Thompson has been invited as guest of honour and the day will have a
                              Caribbean theme. The event is being managed by External Relations.

                     (4)      Recruitment – that the 05/06 pre-registration commissioned numbers have
                              been 95% achieved which is an excellent result and well within contract
                              parameters and is due to a great deal of effort by the Director of
                              Admissions and the Admissions Tutors over the year. Commissioned
                              numbers have been rolled over to 06/07 but with a reduction of 40 on the
                              Adult branch. However, this will be taken up by an increase of 50 students
                              taken back from the MMU contract.

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                              First post destinations indicate that approximately 37 (from 190 qualifiers)
                              have not secured posts although reference requests are still being
                              received. The situation is being monitored.

                     (5)      Children’s Community Nursing Specialist Practitioner programme – further
                              to a joint bid with MMU for this programme, MMU have since confirmed
                              that they will not require input from Salford.

                     (6)      Joint Boards of Study – have been established for the MSc Advanced
                              Practice (Health & Social Care) programme with the School of Health Care
                              Sciences and for the BSc (Hons) Professional Studies in Nursing and
                              Social Work (Learning Disability) programme with the School of
                              Community Health Sciences and Social Care.

                     (7)      Accommodation – issues around furniture, lighting, heating and ventilation
                              should be referred to David Southwell as Faculty Facilities Project
                              Manager. Audio Visual equipment is installed in approximately 12 rooms
                              and due to a difficult with power supply there has been a delay in installing
                              the data projectors and realistically it will not be until the Autumn that
                              teaching rooms are fully functional. The equipment cannot be used until
                              training has taken place. Disabled access is poor and issues are being
                              referred to Bill Pearson, Estates Division. Work on signage and room
                              numbering is ongoing. It was thought that it would be useful to apprise
                              staff of the current position and to remind all staff of building evacuation


        Considered            a report on research and scholarship activities prepared by the Associate
                              Head of School (Research) (Document SC/06/13)

        Noted                 that it was thought the Faculty research training programme was aimed at
                              staff assessed on grade 2 of research bandings and this will be clarified
                              with the AH(R).
                              [Action: HoS]

        Agreed                to accept the report as presented.


        Considered            a report on quality issues presented by the Strategic Lead – Quality
                              (Document SC/06/14)

        Noted        (1)      that there are many issues relating to the recently published interim
                              standards. New standards for implementation in 2008 will be issued. It
                              was particularly noted that 10 standards have been reduced to 7 but it is
                              unclear whether all standards are looked at as part of OQME activities in
                              06/07. Each of the NHS Trusts have now identified a QA Lead.

                     (2)      the implications for student bursaries where relearning is required has yet
                              to be resolved and at present each case is assessed by the SHA
                              individually and personal mitigating circumstances taken into consideration.
                              Up to now, students have been able to step-off the programme and rejoin.
                              The University is currently looking at its policy and it may be that the
                              clause which says the opportunity to relearn or relearn without attendance
                              is reviewed. Students may need to return to the programme in order to
                              relearn which has associated bursary implications and this is being
                              monitored by the Associate Head of School (Teaching).

        Agreed       to accept the report as presented.

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         Considered           a report on teaching, learning and assessment activities presented by the
                              Associate Head of School (Teaching) (Document SC/06/15)

         Noted       (1)      Non-Medical Nurse Prescribing – that there is some pressure from the
                              SHA and Health Care Professions to take programme development
                              forward and it is hoped that this can run from February 2007

                     (2)      MSc Public Health and Society – that this programme was not approved
                              with a full-time route. Some significant amendments were required and
                              this will be reviewed towards the end of the year.

                     (3)      Mathscope – this scheme is progressing well and the excellent service
                              should be promoted to students. Some specific workbooks are being
                              prepared for non-medical nurse prescribing students and it may be that
                              tuition can be arranged.

                     (4)      PDP – feedback on the implementation of the scheme is awaited.

                     (5)      Blackboard/Flexible Learning – a ‘Good Practice’ day is being arranged in
                              July 2006 funded through HEFCE monies linked to teaching and learning
                              and staff development and Blackboard technology continues to be
                              promoted with staff to build confidence.

                     (6)      Subject Groups – Professional Leads are asked to follow this up and
                              decided a way forward for these groups.

                     (7)      that a student experience working group chaired by Michael Garrity, Pro-
                              Vice Chancellor has been established Concerns around catering and
                              other facilities not available to students at certain times of the academic
                              year have been raised. The Students’ Union is represented on the group.

                     (8)      that there are likely to be a number of changes to academic regulations
                              next year and a summary of key issues has been requested. Any changes
                              would need to be approved by Senate and reported in student literature.

                     (9)      that there are complications with the Student Information System with
                              regard to pass or fail marks and how this affects practice assessment
                              which is being looked into.

                     (10)     that item (1), Page 1 should read ‘…BSc (Hons) degree’

                     (11)     that the Independent Learning module falls within the summer period and
                              restricts students going on international visits as many overseas schools
                              are closed. The School Programme Approval Committee will look at
                              placing this in Year 3, Semester 1. A minor change can be actioned
                              following the approval event.

Considered           (12)     on the recommendation of the School Executive, an amendment to the
                              criteria for the award of School prizes at graduation (Document SC/06/16)

Noted                (13)     that section 1 ‘Pre-Registration Programmes’ final paragraph should read
                              ‘The Strategic Lead will notify the graduation office’

Agreed               that the amended criteria be approved with the identified amendment.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\65cfb53a-e72b-45a2-a907-114afe0112cd.doc                                Page 4 of 6
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Noted                (14)     that the September 2003 cohort will graduate at the first ceremony and the
                              March 2003 cohort will graduate at the second ceremony. Dr Beverley
                              Malone, General Secretary, RCN will be awarded an honorary degree by
                              the University at the 1.15pm ceremony.

                     (15)     that the Head of School expects every effort is made by academic staff to
                              attend the graduation event, particularly the first ceremony.

Agreed               to accept the report with the amendment identified on page 1.


         Considered           a report on academic enterprise activities presented by the Associate
                              Head of School (Academic Enterprise) (Document SC/06/17)

         Noted       (1)      that the schedule of AE projects is regularly up-dated. The diversity of AE
                              activity that members of the School are engaged in was acknowledged.
                              The projects identified on page 4 relating to NHS reconfigurations reflects
                              the political agenda that the School is contributing to. The first project is
                              looking at reconfiguration of hospital services across the Pennine Acute
                              Hospitals NHS Trust.        Salford has been asked to undertake an
                              independent review to ensure that due process has been followed
                              throughout the consultation. The second two projects are similar, involving
                              East Lancashire NHS Trust and the final project is looking at mental health
                              across Lancashire in-patient services and rationalisation of these to meet
                              modern mental health services undertaken by the PCTs. The report
                              shows that expertise in delivering this type of project is growing.

                     (2)      that an advanced class on personality disorder, mostly attended by Clinical
                              Psychologists, was very successful and evaluations are in the process of
                              being collated.

                     (3)      that Jean Parnell has made a successful bid to the VC Enterprise Fund. It
                              was noted that this will have workload balance implications for the

         Agreed      to accept the report as presented.


         Received             a report on partnerships and collaboration activities presented by the
                              Strategic Lead – Partnerships and Collaboration (Document SC/06/18)

         Noted       (1)      Student Evaluations – alternative methods of collecting evaluations are
                              being explored, particularly an online version. A Learning Technologies
                              funding proposal looking at on line student placement evaluation reports
                              which could be adapted for any professional group is to be submitted. If
                              the bid is unsuccessful then there could be cost implications for the School
                              to take this forward.

         Resolved that if the bid is unsuccessful, the School would invest in the project subject to
                  financial considerations.

         Agreed      to accept the report as presented.


         Received a report on lifelong learning issues prepared by the Strategic Lead – Lifelong
                  Learning (Document SC/06/19)

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\65cfb53a-e72b-45a2-a907-114afe0112cd.doc                                  Page 5 of 6
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        Noted        (1)      that it was thought there was approximately 80% uptake on the CPD
                              contract. Any surplus would be offered to other Trusts and it was noted
                              that the mental health Trusts need to be encouraged to increase their
                              uptake. Usage of study days has been good but is very labour intensive
                              administratively. Overall the study days evaluate well. No penalty is
                              applied if a delegate does not attend although the cost of attendance is set
                              against the Trust’s allocation of modules.

                     (2)      Work Based Learning – that School Executive approved continuation of
                              the project to develop a programme likely to come on line in September

                     (3)      Managing CPD – a Faculty steering group chaired by the Head of School
                              (Nursing) with representation from Academic Enterprise, Teaching and
                              Learning and CPD leads or equivalent from the three Schools. The group
                              is looking at a cross-Faculty strategy for CPD and is hoping to report in
                              June 2006.

        Agreed       to accept the report as presented.


        Reported (1)          that the programme for the Staff Development Day on 19 May 2006 will be
                              published by the end of the week. All academic staff are encouraged to
                              make every effort to attend. The day will commence at 9.30am -10.30am
                              with School Congress.

                     (2)      that this would have been the last meeting attended by Joanne Denny,
                              student on the part-time BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies programme, and on
                              behalf of School Council she was thanked for her regular attendance and
                              input to meetings and was wished continued success in her nursing career.

                     (3)      that Phyllis Dickinson wished to thank all staff for their assistance with
                              room bookings and central timetable information requirements.


        Noted        that the next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 5 July 2006 at 9.30am in
                     Room AD111, Concourse Level, Allerton Building, Frederick Road Campus
                     (Faculty office suite)

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