Does Your Child Need A Computer

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					Does Your Child Need A Computer?

                                                 Your child is three years old, but he is already beginning
                                                 to crawl on mother’s knees when she sits at the
                                                 computer. Kid use buttons and keyboard and is
                                                 sincerely glad to any bright icon that appears on the
                                                 monitor. This situation today is very common among
                                                 today’s families with young children.

                                                     Own Toy

                                                         It takes very little time, and the kid begins to
                                                        acquire the own computer games. Of course,
                                                        initially it’s just pulling your mouse cursor and
admiration of a computer mouse which runs briskly on the monitor, but by 6.5 years the child begins to
quite understand the computer the deeper. For seven years, usually in families begin to show situations
in which a child can not pull from the computer – the parents begin to scold the kid, he begins to resent
them. But that’s not all, because even after a couple of years old, the child develops self-World Wide
Web, and then he does not already persuaded that the computer is his enemy. At such times, many
parents begin to fear that a child is locked in a virtual world and estranged from his family.

Most unnecessary fear in the parents suggest publications that shout out loud that the computer is a
malicious machine that can lead to disease damages the eye, and indeed, your child turns into a zombie.
On top of the budget begins to beat subscription service computers at prices that are not always small.

At such times, many parents are willing to just throw it, but do not hurry up, because you can look at the
situation from the other side.

Computer is a good thing

The main thing is that you can say for PC – interactivity. Children who are still very small may even be
friends with the computer, like a normal toy, but at the same time, this toy teaches children to think and
develop his memory. Computer entire childhood, can remain a source of information for the child to
such an extent that he could hardly find so quickly with books.

Children who have reached school age even today must know the basics of operating computers. Many
schools today, from the first class, offering children to learn computer science, computer skills because
the child is committed to opening a new level of understanding of information, and to confess, this
version is much better than many others. In addition, if the child has learned to work early with a
computer in the future he will be able to link their lives with information technology, that today is a
much needed type of service.

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