Job Description for Executive Vice President of Sales

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									This is a comprehensive job description template for an executive vice president of
sales position. This document contains the information that should be included in a job
description when a company is seeking applicants for a position. It describes the
available position, provides contact information, and includes a job description and
desired skills. This should be customized to fit the specific needs of the user.
Employers seeking job applicants for a vacant position should use this template.
Description of Company
Worldwide Enterprise Sales, an industry leader in project outsourcing, is seeking applicants for the
following position. Interested candidates may submit their summary of qualifications to the HR Contact
listed below.
Please include three professional references with your submittals. Your reference information must
include an email address and/or other relevant contact information that is current.

 Job Title:                       Executive Vice President of Sales                 Job Category:           Marketing/Sales

 Department/Group:                International Marketing and Sales                 Job Code/Req. #:      EVP-S         HR-15467

 Location:                        London Office                                     Travel Required:           Moderate

 Level/Salary Range:                E-2      $125,000 - $145,000 annually           Position Type:              Full Time

 HR Contact:                      Sandra Lockhart – HR Specialist                   Date Posted:             July 17, 2009

 Will Train Applicant(s)          Yes                                               Posting Expires:         July 31, 2009

 External Posting URL:            TBD

 Internal Posting URL:            TBD

 Applications Accepted by:
 Fax:              (345) 774-4489                                         Mail:   Sandra Lockhart – HR Specialist
                                                                                  Worldwide Enterprise Sales
                                                                                  PO Box 1234
 Subject line:     Attention: HR Department – Please                              New York, NY 10001
                   reference Job Code and Requisition #

Job Description
 Role and Responsibilities:
 Oversees international direct sales and marketing efforts by managing staff and maintaining corporate
 sales goals and projections.
      Accomplishes desired outcomes by communicating performance expectations.
      Plans and monitors staff progress; reviews and evaluates performance results.
      Initiates appropriate disciplinary proceedings.
      Coordinates and enforces system policies and procedures.
      Maintains appropriate sales response operations by establishing work schedules; assigning employees,
       and providing back-up.
      Maintains quality customer service by designing and enforcing standards, training representatives,
       monitoring performance; surveying sales approaches, and evaluating outcomes.
      Maintains workforce processes by training sales representatives, preserving reference manuals and dialog
       guides; furnishing current industry information and answering questions.

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      Maintains workforce process flows by facilitating information and training requirements with related
       operational departments; and by participating with and providing resources to business improvement
      Appraising management through the formulation of reports and presentations for the purpose of
       interpreting industry information and submitting appropriate recommendations.
      Maintains equipment by facilitating requirements with telecommunications and information services
       departments; and by
      Stays abreast of state-of-the-art technology; recommends systematic upgrades as necessary.
      Oversees installations of new equipment and technology; ensures appropriate personnel are adequately
      Augments professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing
       professional publications, establishing personal networks, benchmarking state-of-the-art practices and
       participating in professional societies.
      Contributes towards the team effort by accomplishing related results that are in accordance with
       corporate practices and policies.

Desired Skills
      Customer Service                                             Quality Focus Management
      Conflict Resolution                                          Sales and Marketing Experience
      Financial Planning and Strategies                            Strategic Sales Planning
      Motivational Practices                                       Supervision
      Presentation Skills                                          Technical Understanding of Equipment and Processes
      Process Flow Management

Qualifications Sought
      B/A or Masters Degree in Marketing or Sales

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