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									                                                                                                                                       July 2010

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■ Division Planning is
                              50th Annual Golf Outing is Great Success
                                  It started out looking like a miserable
What training programs
should TRMA offer this
                              day with a lot of rain in the forecast, but
fall & winter? What           except for a brief shower in the morning,
speakers should be            the rain held off and TRMA’s 50th annual
featured at the division      golf outing went off without a hitch
meetings? This is your        at the Morris Country Club. In all, 176
opportunity to have           people attended to play golf, enjoy lunch
input in the selection        or dinner or all three.
and scheduling of the
programs for the next
                                  Everyone attending received a prize,
12 months. Planning           ranging from golf items to tools to gift
is underway by each           cards. Let’s thank our sponsors for pro-
of the TRMA divisions         viding the funds to purchase all the gifts              Above: Team Industrial Foursome, winners of the
(Safety, Environmental,       and prizes for the event winners.                       low gross. Upper photo: Participants select a prize at
Maintenance and HR) for                                                               the end of the event.
2010-2011 training and        GENERAL HOLE SPONSORS
programs. If there is a
                              Aker Construction               Civil & Environmental          Flint Hills Resources        MECCON Industries
program or speaker that
you think would be of         Amex Construction                Consultants                   Fluor Operations & Maint.    MKD Electric
interest, please contact      Atlantic Plant Services         CL Coatings                    Furmanite America            Oxbow Midwest
Jerry Caamano at jerry.       Aux Sable Liquid Products       CAWGC                          Hayes Mechanical             Scheck Mechanical or at        Berlinsky Scrap                 DePue Mechanical               IMTT Illinois                Stepan Company
815.774.6070                  Block Electric                  Eagle Services                 KPMG                         Superheat FGH Services
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                                                               Technologies                  Manta Industrial
■ Safety Milestone
                              DONATED GIFTS
Congratulations to
                              Catalyst Services               Civil & Environmental          ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery   Kelly Services
employees and con-            Chicagoland Drug Testing         Consultants                   Furmanite America            KM Plant Services
tractors working at                                           Erie Insurance                 J-M Printers                 MKD Electric
the ExxonMobil Joliet
Refinery. On June 22nd,       HOLE EVENT SPONSORS                                           BEVERAGE CART                 LUNCH
the refinery contract         Apollo Colors                    Heritage Environmental       KM Plant Services             STARCON International
workforce achieved 365        CITGO Petroleum                  Imperial Crane               Kelly Services
days of injury free perfor-   D Construction                   Priority Staffing            Stevenson Crane               DINNER
mance. The refinery has       DISA                             Stepan Comapny                                             ExxonMobil Joliet Refinery
worked over 2,200,000
man-hours and continue        HOLE EVENT WINNERS
to climb towards being        Longest Drive on #1, Jeff Nielson         Low Score Scramble Team                  Yellow Ball Contest
the first ExxonMobil site     Closest to the Pin on #2, Kevin Moss      Team Industrial                          Atlantic Plant Services
in the U.S. to achieve 12     Longest Putt on #4, Mike Richey           Rick Furman                              Bruce Carlson
months of injury free per-    Straightest Drive on #10, Curty Slipke    Barry Hennegan                           Joe Lohmar
formance for employees        Longest Drive on #18, Gary Podesta        Matt Helm                                John Placher
and contractors.                                                        Gary Torkelson                           Mark Staack
New Fire-Related Contractor Training Opportunities at Safety Center
    Three Rivers Safety Center (TRSC) is finalizing new training anticipated   contractor employees to execute the stringent procedures developed
to begin in July for contractor employees working as fire watches or           by the host manufacturers for ensuring the safety of people working in
confined space entry attendants at TRSC member manufacturers. The                                                                     confined spaces.
training will initially be scheduled once or twice a month, according to                                                              Examples are
Doug Gladden, safety center manager.                                                                                                  process vessels,
                                                                                                                                      railroad tank
   “The Three Rivers Safety Advisory Committee felt that contractor                                                                   cars, enclosed
safety at member plants could be enhanced by offering this training,”                                                                 storage areas
Gladden explained. “Our member manufacturers rely upon the safety                                                                     for hazardous
center’s consistent, high-quality training to assure continuously improving                                                           materials, or
contractor safety performance.”                                                                                                       any area with
                                                                                                                                      limited entry
    Fire watches are required whenever hot work—welding, cutting or                                                                   or exit. The
grinding, for example—is performed at a plant. The fire watch’s job is to                                                             training includes
make sure that the work site is safe for hot work and to standby with a                                                               establishing
fire extinguisher while the work is performed. The fire watch also remains                                                            rescue
onsite for at least 30 minutes after the job is complete. The fire watch                                                              procedures for
needs to have the proper extinguisher for the application and know how                                                                workers who
to use it.                                                                                                                            are overcome
                                                                               or injured in a confined space.
   Fire Watch with Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Training does just that
by providing hands-on fire extinguisher practice using a simulator called          The two-and-a-half hour Fire Watch with Hands-on Fire Extinguisher
the Intelligent Training System. Developed by the BullEx Company, the          Training course is $65. The Confined Space Entry Watch Training course is
system varies the flames by sensing where the trainee aims and sweeps          $25 and will be approximately one hour. All training will take place at Three
the extinguisher. The course also covers the responsibilities of the fire      Rivers Safety Center. Contact Doug Gladden at or
watch, OSHA requirements, and the use and applications of various fire         at 815.744.3884 for more information.
   The second course, Confined Space Entry Watch Training, prepares               Training at the Three Rivers Safety Center is monitored by the Three
                                                                               Rivers Safety Advisory Committee. The committee meets quarterly and
                                                                               is comprised of contractor safety coordinators of member plants plus
                                                                               representatives of independent industrial contractors.

                                                                               OSHA’s Severe Violator Directive Effective
                                                                               June 18th
                                                                                   OSHA announced that the Severe Violators Enforcement Program directive
                                                                               is effective June 18th. The agency announced in April that it was implement-
                                                                               ing the program to focus on employers who continually disregard their legal
                                                                               obligations to protect their workers.

                                                                                   OSHA’s SVEP focuses enforcement efforts on employers who willfully
                                                                               and repeatedly endanger workers by exposing them to serious hazards. The
                                                                               directive establishes procedures and enforcement actions for the severe violator
                                                                               program, including increased inspections, such as mandatory follow-up inspec-
                                                                               tions of a workplace found in violation and inspections of other worksites
                                                                               of the same company where similar hazards or deficiencies may be present.

                                                                                   The directive explains that the SVEP is intended to focus enforcement
                                                                               efforts on employers who have demonstrated recalcitrance or indifference to
                                                                               their OSH Act obligations by committing willful, repeated or failure-to-abate
                                                                               violations in one or more of the following circumstances: a fatality or catastrophe
                                                                               situation; in industry operations or processes that expose workers to severe
                                                                               occupational hazards; exposing workers to hazards related to the potential
                                                                               releases of highly hazardous chemicals; and all egregious enforcement actions.

                                                                                  Visit the Severe Violator Enforcement Program directive for more details.
Proper Use of Fall Protection Saves Lives                                                                                              DIVISION UPDATE
   The way Brian Sebastian tells it, the lives of two                  “The people who attend these courses are more aware             First Aid, CPR &
workers could have been saved last year when they and               than the average person about the need for safety and the
three others toppled from the bridge they were working              use of fall prevention equipment,” Rahilly said, “but we           AED for Industry
on some 275 feet above the Detroit River.                           have found that the message is more apt to stick the more          Red Cross certified
                                                                    often it’s repeated.”                                              instructors will provide
    One worker fell to his death because his safety gear was                                                                           training on first aid, CPR
not properly secured. The other choked to death while                  Sebastian’s portion of the training was held in the safety      and automated external
suspended because the cross strap on his safety harness was         center parking lot in front of the Miller Fall Protection          defibrillators (AED) for
fastened too close to his throat, Sebastian said. The three         Road Show trailer, which features a small scaffold, a hoist        the industrial sector on
survivors were suspended for three hours until responders           and numerous safety lines. The trailer also packed enough          Tuesday, July 27 at Three
were able to rescue them.                                           safety harnesses for all 40 attendees to buckle up.                Rivers Safety Center.
                                                                                                                                       Registration is from 7:15
    The clear message, said Sebastian, is that the failure to          Sebastian explained the importance of ensuring that each        to 7:30 a.m. and the
properly inspect and utilize appropriate safety equipment           harness has proper documentation, so near and dear to the          training runs until 4:30
is the reason that accidental falls remain the leading cause        Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA),              p.m. Upon completion of
                                                                                                                                       all skills outlined in the
of work-related fatalities. And that’s why TRMA schedules           how to inspect harnesses for wear and tear, and how to
                                                                                                                                       course and scoring a mini-
scaffold safety and fall prevention refresher training year         securely fasten the harnesses to a variety of safety tackle.
                                                                                                                                       mum of 80 percent on the
after year at Three Rivers Safety Center.                                                                                              written exam, participants
                                                                       One demonstration suspended two students above                  will receive Red Cross
                                               Sebastian, a         ground. Another showed what happens when a weighted                certification cards valid
                                           fall prevention          bag (foregoing a live human) was dropped while secured             for one year for AED/CPR
                                           specialist with          by various methods.                                                and three years for First
                                           Miller, an                                                                                  Aid. The cost for TRMA
                                           international                Sebastian warned that OSHA is more aggressive these            members is $99 and $120
                                           m a nu f a c t u r e r   days about looking for violations, especially in the general       for non-members. The
                                           of fall safety           industry, construction and residential arenas. He said that        fee includes all materials
                                           gear, and John           OSHA hired 100 new field agents who are encouraged to              and the certification card.
                                           Rahilly, senior          forge relationships with local inspectors to serve as eyes and     For additional information,
                                           instructor at the        ears for the agency. Sebastian also said that a current proposal   contact Kathy Ament at
                                           Chicagoland              in Congress would levy a minimum $250,000 fine for any             815.774.6071.
                                           Safety Council,          infraction of OSHA standards and regulations.
                                           provided the
                                           training at the             Rahilly said the Chicagoland Safety Council is receiving        Safety Division
                                           most recent              more and more requests for scaffold safety and fall
                                           refresher course         prevention training. Combined with stiffer enforcement             Chellino Crane provided
                                           for TRMA                 and more awareness, contractors and industrialists want            a crane for the Crane &
                                           members held             the training because workers unfortunately are “still doing        Rigging Safety Awareness
Above, Chris Limbers participates in a                                                                                                 training conducted last
demonstration while Brian Sebastian, to    May 13, 2010.            the same thing” when it comes to lax attitudes about safety.
                                                                                                                                       month by the Safety
his right, conducts the training                                    New Fire-Related Contractor Training Opportunities at
                                                                                                                                       Division. The instruc-
                                                                    Safety Center
                                                                                                                                       tor discussed inspec-
   Ask Jerry Caamano:                                                                                                                  tion requirements and
                                                                                                                                       documentation for cranes
                                                                                                                                       and rigging devices.
   Q: How are local manufacturers fairing in the                    demand curves are more balanced.                                   Participants examined
   economic recovery?                                                                                                                  hooks, wire ropes, slings
                                                                    Uncertainty about government policy at the                         and other devices that
   A: Our members are seeing a modest increase                      federal and state level is another concern for                     were in good condition as
   in demand for their products. The question that                  many. We need to foster an environment where                       well as showing signs of
   remains to be answered is whether the uptick                     manufacturing in the U.S. can compete in the                       wear. Critical lifts plans
   in demand is a correction for the depletion                      global economy. America’s manufacturers are                        and hazards associ-
   of inventories or a reflection of substainable,                  at the heart of our country’s economy, providing                   ated with working around
   higher demand by consumers.                                      good-paying jobs for millions of Americans                         cranes were highlighted.

   Higher demand has not resulted in better                         The National Association of Manufacturers
   profitability for many manufacturers as global                   (NAM) issued recently a comprehensive
   supply continues to exceed demand depressing                     strategy for U.S. manufacturing calling “for                       Notice:
   prices. This is a good thing for consumers in                    policy action that includes corporate tax                          Information from this
   the short term but manufacturers are delaying                    reductions, tort reform and easing of regulatory                   publication may be
   capital projects and hiring until the supply/                    burdens.”                                                          reproduced, without prior
                                                                                                                                       permission, if the Three
                                                                                                                                       Rivers Manufacturers’
                                                                                                                                       Association is credited as
                                              Three Rivers Manufacturers' Association
                                              116 N. Chicago Street, Suite 101                                       PRSRT STD
                                              Joliet, Illinois 60432-4204                                           US POSTAGE
                                              Change Service Requested                                              PERMIT #190
                                                                                                                      JOLIET IL
T hree R ivers M anufacturers’ A ssociation

  2010 Golf Outing
  New Fire-Related Contractor
  Training at Safety Center
  OSHA’s Severe Violator
  Proper Use of Fall Protection

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