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					PhD thesis topic proposal
Marie Curie Early Stage Training in the FP6 Human Resource programme WARTHE

Topic: Monitoring/analysis of patients with motion disorders


   •    Prof. Vaclav Hlavac,, Czech Technical University in Prague,
        Czech Republic
   •    Dr. Christopher Nugent,, Ulster University, Newtownabbey,
        Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


The health and well-being of a person can be inferred from their bodily movements.
Monitoring these movements automatically would enable an elderly person to live in their
preferred environment outside a care institution, and thereby contribute significantly to their
quality of life. The medical partner will be Professor Evzen Ruzicka, the Chairman in the
Department of Neurology, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague. Experimental
trials will be conducted mainly at this neurological department.


The PhD student develop a novel hybrid system for monitoring and interpreting bodily
movements based on visual and mechanical motion sensing, using a network of wireless
cameras positioned within the home and accelerometers attached to the body. The PhD
project should bring together state of the art technology in computer vision, sensor
networking, and mechanical motion sensing, together with recent developments in machine
learning, to provide a robust and general solution.

Although the system will be generally applicable, evaluation will focus on movement
disorders associated with neurological disease, including tremor, myoclonus, chorea, dystonia
and other dyskinesias. Such disorders can be fatal to the patient, leading to injuries, fits, or
loss of consciousness. Within this context, the system will record movements, automatically
recognize a problem and call in urgent help if deterioration of motor status occurs. It will also
be used clinically to monitor the severity of symptoms and the response to treatment.

Expected qualification, knowledge, skills of a candidate

   •    MSc. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc.
   •    Knowledge of computer vision, pattern recognition, signal analysis, artificial
        intelligence. Skills to research and development work, ability develop research
        software, conduct experiments. Development is likely to be in MATLAB, C/C++.
   •    Good English.

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