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Cut (PowerPoint download)


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Patricia McCormick
        15 years old

   „Average Teenager‟
What is “Average”?
     About   Callie:
        2 Parents
        1 Sibling

        Runs Track
      Gets sent to a
Residential Treatment Facility
                What is a
      Residential Treatment Centre?
   A residential treatment center (RTC) is a live-in
    facility providing therapy for substance abuse,
    mental illness, or other behavioral problems.

 RTCs for adolescents provide behavior
modification for patients who present a variety of
conditions, ranging from drug abuse to violence to
sexual behavioral problems.
 Why might someone go to a
Residential Treatment Facility?

   What kind of problems or difficulties might
             they be experiencing?
              Others are there for
               problems such as:

                  Eating Disorders
                  Substance Abuse

           Why    might Callie be there?
Cuts Herself
    15 year old
teenager engages in
   Callie says she cuts, not to kill herself, just
              to take away the pain.

   What kind of pain might she be experiencing?
          Callie Gets Sent To

         Sea Pines Treatment Centre

   Known as “Sick Minds” by the patients
Callie does not want
   to open up or
interact with others in
Callie is described as…
          Self-destructive

          Unresponsive

          Withdrawn
Why might Callie
  not want to
share in therapy or
   with others?
Amanda Arrives in Treatment

      Calliebegins to open
       up in group therapy

    What might have brought
   about this change in Callie?
 Does this sound like
 a book you would be
interested in reading?
      Why not?
   This book has been banned in some areas.

   Did you know that there was such a thing a
    banned book?

   What’s your opinion of banning books?
        Reader Review of Cut
   This is one of the best books I have ever read! It was very
    moving and opened my eyes to see the danger of what
    some of my friends were doing to themselves because they
    thought it was cool. I think that this book should be read by
    every teenager. It's a book to make people look at
    themselves in a good way and not in a bad way. This would
    totally open people's eyes up and prove to them how
    terrible some of the things that they are doing to themselves
    can be.
                                              - Michelle, Age 14
                     For more reviews click here
           As you read, continue
        thinking about a few things
   What is „average‟?

   Why might someone cut themselves?

   Did you enjoy this book? Why? Why not?

   What‟s your opinion about banning this book? Why?
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