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									Request for Proposals
TIGER II Application Trails and Streetscapes Cost Benefit Analysis
June 3, 2010

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. seeks proposals from qualified firms to complete a cost-benefit
analysis in support of a TIGER II grant application to USDOT to fund three BeltLine
multi-use trail segments and associated streetscape and sidewalk improvements.

BeltLine TIGER II Trails
The package of projects that are the subject of the cost benefit analysis includes the

Trails and Streetscapes on Connecting Facilities
• I-20 to Washington Park
• Freedom Parkway to Bill Kennedy Way / Glenwood Avenue SE
• University Avenue SW to Lawton Street SW

Streetscapes Connecting to Existing Trail Segments
• Lawton Street SW to I-20
• 10th Street NE / Monroe Drive NE to Freedom Parkway

These projects along with preliminary analysis of how they satisfy the TIGER grant
selection criteria are shown in the PowerPoint presentation attached as Exhibit A.

The available budget for this analysis ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.

The milestone schedule for the study is as follows:

•   Consultant Proposals Due to Atlanta BeltLine, Inc – June 14
•   Award of Contract – June 16
•   Technical Memorandum on Methodology – June 21
•   Client Approval of Methodology – June 23
•   Draft Cost Benefit Results Memo, TIGER Cost Benefit Submission – July 16
•   Final Cost Benefit Results Memo, TIGER Cost Benefit Submission – August 6
•   Final Submission of All Materials Including Back-up – August 20

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                               6/3/2010

The TIGER application is due to USDOT on August 23, 2010, so the consultant
must submit the deliverables on or before the dates noted above.

Submittal Requirements
The consultant shall submit 5 hard copies and one electronic copy of their proposal to
complete the work to Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. The submittals shall be directed to:

        Nate Conable
        Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
        86 Pryor Street SW, Suite 200
        Atlanta, GA 30303

Submittals must be provided by 3:00 pm on June 14, 2010. Late submittals will not be

The proposal shall be provided by the consultant in the following format:

1)   Proposed Modifications to Scope of Services
2)   Proposed Modifications to Schedule
3)   Previous Experience
4)   Resumes of Key Staff
5)   3 References for Work of a Similar Scope
6)   Cost Proposal Showing Proposed Fee and Staff Hours Broken Down as Follows:
     a) Task 1
     b) Task 2
     c) Task 3
     d) Task 4
     e) Reimbursables and Travel

The body of the proposal shall be a maximum of 20 page faces not including insurance
information, resumes or the cost proposal.

ABI strongly encourages participation by MBE/DBE and FBE entities in all contracts
issued by ABI. ABI anticipates that as a part of a responsive submittal that MBE/DBE
and FBE participation will be included by all vendors. There is no set maximum limit on
the amount of MBE/DBE or FBE participation for ABI contracts.

MBEs, FBEs or SBEs must be certified as a MBE or FBE and be registered with the City
of Atlanta Office of Contract Compliance’s M/FBE Register, or the Georgia Department
of Transportation, or the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council.

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                             6/3/2010

Prospective bidders are strongly encouraged to submit inquiries regarding this RFP by
email, in writing to Nate Conable at All inquiries must be
delivered by 5 p.m., June 8, 2010. Responses to inquiries will be sent via email to all RFP
participants by June 10, 2010. Only inquiries received in writing will receive a response.
All respondents to this RFP will be provided access to or a copy of all received written
inquiries and ABI’s responses to those inquiries.
Selection Criteria
ABI will select the consultant based on the following criteria:

•   Previous Experience and Staffing Plan - 35 points
•   Cost – 25 points
•   Proposed Scope and Schedule Modifications – 20 points
•   References – 20 points

The bidder with the highest total Selection Criteria points whose bid meets the
requirements of the RFP will be selected to enter into negotiations.

Scope of Services
Task 1 – Development of Alternatives
The consultant will develop a baseline alternative for the cost benefit analysis that will
establish what conditions may be expected if the proposed projects are not constructed.
The baseline alternative shall include all existing and funded bicycle and pedestrian
facilities within the project limits including the interim hiking trails along the BeltLine
railroad segments.

In addition the consultant shall develop the build alternatives for analysis paying special
attention to the issues of independent utility of the proposed trail segments and how the
benefits should be distributed between the proposed trail segments and the already
existing trail segments to which these connect.

Task 2 – Cost-Benefit Analysis
The consultant will develop a separate cost benefit analysis for each trail segment, as well
as a summary evaluation of the entire package. These analyses will determine the net
present day value of each segment in dollars based on an assumed discount rate and
depreciation over the useful life of the trail facility. The reference for the analyses is the
impacts within the United States, rather than benefits to the City of Atlanta that would
occur at the expense of surrounding areas or other parts of the nation. The evaluation
will quantify benefits in the categories of Livability, Economic Competitiveness
including job creation, Safety, State of Good Repair and Sustainability. The analyses
will be conducted consistent with the following guidance:

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                                6/3/2010

•   Notice of Funding Availability for the Department of Transportation’s National
    Infrastructure Investments Under the Transportation, Housing and Urban
    Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for 2010 – as published in
    the Federal Register on June 1, 2010

•   Federal Office of Management and Budget Circulars A-4 and A-94

Quantification of costs and benefits will require impact analyses related to economics
such as net increases in property values that can be attributed to the project and job
creation; and transportation including reduction in VMT due to mode shift and travel
time savings. Care should be given to ensure data is not double counted as explicitly
stated in the TIGER II Cost-Benefit Analysis Workshop held by USDOT and referenced
in documents located at

As part of the quantification of benefits, the consultant will use a recognized
methodology such as the Transportation Research Board’s National Highway Research
Program Report 552 to estimate the number trail users for each new segment. As part of
this effort, the consultant will collect available data on existing trail system usage in the
Metro Atlanta area and for other similar facilities in urban areas nationwide for use as a
reference point in validating the results of the trail usage estimation. ABI must approve
the methodologies prior to their use.

Availability of Data
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. will provide the project development cost estimates including
design, right-of-way and construction for all trail segments and streetscape projects to the

Limited data to support some portions of the cost benefit analysis is available from the
ongoing BeltLine Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement, the BeltLine Subarea Plans
and the market analyses produced for the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.

Task 3 – Deliverables
The consultant will produce an interim technical memo concerning methodology prior to
completing the economic analysis that includes the following:

1) Project Summaries for Each Segment per the NOFA
2) Definition of Alternatives
3) Cost Benefit Evaluation Methodology
      i) Review of Trail Usage on Peer Projects
      ii) Trail Usage Estimating Methodology

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                                 6/3/2010

Within this memo the consultant shall provide its recommendation to proceed with the
full cost benefit analysis based on its opinion as to whether the trail segment’s benefits
will outweigh project costs per the NOFA guidance.

The consultant will also produce a final technical memo and an electronic file that can be
incorporated into the grant application that details the results of the cost benefit analyses.
This deliverable will comply with the NOFA by providing transparent and reproducible
detailed calculations and simple summaries of all pertinent data and cost benefit
calculations in a single table. The final report will follow an outline as follows:

•     Purpose of the Evaluation
•     Description of Projects
•     Methodology
•     Results

Terms and Conditions

1.     All submittals and supporting materials as well as correspondence relating to this
RFP become property of ABI when received. Any proprietary information contained in
the submittal should be so indicated. However, a general indication that the entire
contents, or a major portion, of the proposal is proprietary will not be honored.

2.     From the date ABI receives a bidder’s proposal through the date a contract is
awarded to the winning bidder, no bidder may make substitutions, deletions, additions or
other changes in the configuration of bidder’s proposal or members of bidder’s team
without ABI’s consent.

3       This Request for Proposal may be canceled or any or all bids or proposals may be
rejected in whole or in part when it is in the best interest of ABI or when funding is not
available for completion of the services requested under this RFP. Notice of cancellation
shall be sent to all businesses who submitted a bid.


The successful bidder shall be required at all times to maintain insurance policies
consistent with and in full compliance with the following requirements or their equivalent
(the "Insurance Requirements").

(a)     Statutory Worker’s Compensation Insurance
               Employers Liability:

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                                 6/3/2010

              Bodily Injury by Accident
              Bodily Injury by Disease
              Bodily Injury by Disease

(b)    Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

       1. $1,000,000 limit of liability per occurrence for bodily injury and property
          damage and $2,000,000 in the aggregate
       2. The following additional coverage must apply:
                 1986 (or later) ISO Commercial General Liability Form
                 Dedicated Limits per Project Site or Location (CG 25 03 or CG 25 04)
                 Additional Insured Endorsement (Form B CG 20 10 with a
                 modification for completed operations)
                 Blanket Contractual Liability (included in 1986 or later forms)
                 Broad Form Property Damage (included in 1986 or later forms)
                 Severability of Interest (included in 1986 or later forms)
                 Underground, explosion, and collapse coverage (included in 1986 or
                 later form)
                 Personal Injury (deleting both contractual and employee exclusions)
                 Incidental Medical Malpractice

(c)    Auto Liability Insurance
       1.     $500,000 combined single limit of liability per accident for bodily injury
       and property damage
       2.     Commercial form covering owned, non-owned, leased, hired and
       borrowed vehicles
       3.     Additional Insured Endorsement

(d).   Contractual Liability, subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

(e)    Professional Liability Insurance – Professional Liability Insurance Limit
       $1,000,000 per Claim/ $2,000,000 per aggregate.
       1.     (Insurance company must be authorized to do business in the State of
       2.     Additional insureds on the Commercial General Liability and Auto
              Liability Insurance policies shall be shown as: Atlanta Beltline Inc., The
              Atlanta Development Authority and the City of Atlanta.

3.      The cancellation provision should provide 30 days notice of cancellation (10 days
notice for cancellation due to non-payment of premium).

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                                6/3/2010

4.     The insurance Company, except Worker’s Compensation carrier, must have an
A.M. Best Rating of A-6 or higher. Certain Worker’s Comp funds may be acceptable by
the approval of the Risk Management Division. European markets including those based
in London and domestic surplus lines markets that operate on a non-admitted basis are
exempt from this requirement provided that the Consultant’s broker/agent can provide
financial data to establish that a market is equal to or exceeds the financial strengths
associated with the A.M. Best’s rating of A-6 or better. Insurance Company must be
authorized to do business by the Georgia Department of Insurance.

5.     Certificates of Insurance, and any subsequent renewals, must reference specific
bid/contract by project name and if applicable, project/bid number.

6.      The successful bidder shall agree to provide complete certified copies of current
insurance policy(ies) if requested to verify the compliance with these insurance
requirements. The General Liability and Auto Liability Insurance policies required to be
provided by the successful bidder will be primary over any insurance program carried by
ABI, ADA or the City of Atlanta.

7.      The successful bidder shall require all policies of insurance that are in any way
related to the Work and that are secured and maintained by the successful bidder all
subconsultants to include clauses providing that each underwriter shall waive rights of
recovery, under subrogation or otherwise, against ABI, the City, ADA, their respective
officers, officials, employees, separate consultants, and subconsultants.

8.      The successful bidder waives all rights of recovery under all insurance policies
against ABI, the City, ADA, their respective officers, officials, employees, separate
consultants, and all subconsultants which the successful bidder may have or acquire
because of deductible clauses in or inadequacy of limits of any policies of insurance that
are in any way related to the Scope of Services and that are secured and maintained by
the successful bidder.

9.      The successful bidder shall require all subconsultants to waive their rights of
recovery (as aforesaid waiver by the successful bidder) against ABI, the City, ADA, their
respective officers, officials, employee and volunteers, consultant, separate consultants,
and other subconsultants (including subconsultants of separate consultants).

10.     The successful bidder shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation against ABI,
the City of Atlanta, ADA, their officers, officials, employees, and volunteers from losses
arising from work performed by the successful bidder for ABI.

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                             6/3/2010

11.     The successful bidder shall make available, through its records or records of their
Insurer, information regarding a specific claim. Any loss run information available from
the successful bidder or their insurer will be made available to ABI upon their request.

Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                              6/3/2010

                                              Exhibit A


                                                                         TIGER Package
                                                                B        Westside Trail
                                                                         Eastside Trail Streetscape 
                                                                G        Eastside Trail Extension South
                                         Stree ts ca pes        I        West End Trail Extension
                                                                         Trail complete or under 
                                                                         construction Fall 2010
                                                                         TIGER II Trail Project

                                                              Trail projects include connecting 
                                            G                 streetscapes & sidewalk upgrades
                                                              Aligns well with TIGER evaluation criteria
                                                              Based on existing control of right‐of‐way 
               I                                              Avoids areas where trail final alignment 
                                                              remains uncertain at this time
                                                              Geographically equitable

       Request for Proposals TIGER II Cost Benefit Analysis                               6/3/2010


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