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									                 KSD Social Studies – Information Literacy Unit (Grade 2)
                                       Businesses in the Community

                                                                                    Date              August 2004

Unit Overview
Title                                Businesses in the Community

Unit Summary                         This unit is built around Episode 3 in the Storypath Market Place. Students
                                     explore the local business community. They develop a business and reflect
                                     on its role in the business community.
Essential Academic Learning Requirements:
       Social Studies Frameworks:
   2.1 Recognize that both buyers and sellers participate in voluntary trade because both expect to gain.
   2.3 Understand that prices in competitive markets create incentives that influence the choices of buyers
   and sellers.
   1.1 Use and construct maps, charts, and other resources to gather and interpret geographic information
       Social Studies Inquiry and Information Skills:
   1.1.1d Locate particular facts in social studies documents, identify the main idea
   1.1.1e Locate data into graphic organizers
   2.1.1a Communicate own feelings and beliefs; listen to viewpoints on social studies issues
   2.1.1b Identify roles of different members of a group, serve in different roles in a group
   2.1.1c Identify appropriate people to gain needed information, ask relevant questions, record answers
   Critical Thinking Skills:
   3.1.2c Compare advantages and disadvantages, suggest solutions, decide appropriate course of action
   3.1.2d Investigate cause & effect relationships & their impact on people, environments, & economic systems
KSD Curriculum Frameworks (or SLOs):
     Writing Focus:
   Realistic Fiction: business plan
   Explanation: determining profit
Information Literacy and Technology Literacy Focus (Super 3)
      Plan: Decide what type of community business you will own, which goods and services you will
   provide and what is the best location in the community for your business.
      Do: Make a sign or advertisement for your business.
      Review: Share your business plans and sign or advertisement with the class.
KSD Technology:
        Student Tech Standards:
       Use the mouse
       Begin basic keyboard awareness
       Insert information into a template
       Type text into a word processing document
       Utilize basic paint, text, and graphic tools
       Print (optional depending on the activity chosen)
                KSD Social Studies – Information Literacy Unit (Grade 2)
                                   Businesses in the Community

Learning Outcomes
        Explain how local businesses provide goods and services that they think consumers want.
        Explain how people in a community make choices in the marketplace.
Social Skills:
        Plan and make decision while completing a chart, model, or sign to represent a business.
Critical Thinking:
        Organize ideas about businesses in new ways to create a project.

Essential Question(s)
           How do communities decide costs and benefits when making decisions that affect the whole
           What goods and services do communities provide?
           How does advertising influence people’s choices in the marketplace?
Evidence of Learning
           Student business plan portfolio
           Conference with the teacher or presentation to the class on their business plan

Unit Implementation – Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction
  Instructor        Instructional Activities         Time         Grouping      Scaffolds     Assessments
Classroom         Local Business Activity         30 min.        Whole                        Put graph in
Teacher           Class Discussion on local                      class                        student
Or                business in their community.                                                portfolio
Library Media     Have students do a class bar
Specialist        graph of the local businesses
                  that he or she has visited in
                  the past week.

                  Book Connection:
                  Grandpa’s Corner Store
                KSD Social Studies – Information Literacy Unit (Grade 2)
                                   Businesses in the Community

Classroom         Survey New Business              Intro 15       Individual   Put survey in
Teacher           Introduce activity to class.     min.           Shared       student
                  Students informally survey                      Finding –    portfolio
                  friends or neighbors and bring   Share          varied
                  data back to class to discuss.   Findings 20    groupings
                  Proposal For A New                              Proposal –   Put proposal in
                  Business                         Proposal       small        student
                  Take the top four new            and            groups       portfolio
                  business choices from the
                  survey, divide the class into    I hour
                  four to five groups and ask
                  each group to present a
                  proposal to the class on why
                  their groups’ new businesses
                  should be chosen to add to
                  the community. The fifth
                  group could be panel of
                  students that the other groups
                  present their proposal to.
                  Book Connection:
                  Kennedy, Frances.
                  The Pickle Patch Bathtub
                  Lindsey, Kathleen.
                  Sweet Potato Pie
                  *Classroom extension
                  Survey other same-grade or
                  cross-grade classes and
                  compare and discuss results.
                  *Community extension
                  Have students write or
                  illustrate ideas to your local
                  city planning commission. Or
                  invite a guest speaker from
                  the city planning commission.
Classroom         Favorite Fast Food Survey        1 hour         Whole        Put graph in
Teacher           and Line Graph                   Broken in      Class        student
Or                Discuss local fast food          to                          portfolio
Library Media     establishment in each            segments
Specialist        category.
                  Survey the classroom and
                  then survey another different
                  grade classroom and/or
                  community members.
                  Book Connection:
                  Murphy, Stuart.
                  Less Than Zero
                KSD Social Studies – Information Literacy Unit (Grade 2)
                                          Businesses in the Community

Classroom           Determining Profit/Loss                  15 minutes   Whole                     Put profit
Teacher             Have students calculate the                           Class or                  activity in
Or                  profit and loss math problems                         Small                     student
Library Media       for a lemonade stand and                              Groups                    portfolio
Specialist          popcorn sale.
                    Book Connection:
                    Ling, Bettina.
                    Lemonade for Sale
                    Hall, Margaret.
                    Hall, Margaret.
                    Your Allowance
                    Adams, Barbara.
                    The Go-Around Dollar
                    Leedy, Loreen.
                    Follow the Money
                    Brown, Marc.
                    Arthur’s TV Trouble
                    SchoolKiT ActivBook #E540
                    “Using Your Senses”
                    Make sensory observations while
                    popping popcorn. Students use their
                    five senses to qualitatively observe a
                    simple experiment.
Classroom Teacher   Building A Local Business                1 hour or    Whole      Where We
Or                                                                                   Live, Work,
                    Community Map                            more         Class      and Play:
Library Media
                    Discuss what makes a                                             Businesses
                    community and discuss                                            (12:07) –
                    important parts of a                                             United
                    community. Plan a                                                Video
                    community together focusing
                    on the parts and their                                           All About
                    locations.                                                       Neighborhood
                                                                                     s (10:00) –
                    *A list of community businesses                                  Streaming

                    Book Connection:
                    Day, Alexandra.
                    Frank and Ernest
                    Axelrod, Amy.
                    Pigs go to Market
                    SchoolKiT ActivBook #E590
                    “Build A Community”
                    Students use a map, legend, and
                    location clues to build a community.
               KSD Social Studies – Information Literacy Unit (Grade 2)
                                        Businesses in the Community

Classroom Teacher    Chart of Goods and Services          30 minutes   Individual                    Put chart in
Or                                                                     or partners                   student
                     (Storypath pg. 30 option 1)
Instructional Tech                                                                                   portfolio

Classroom Teacher    Visual Display                       30 minutes   Individual                    Put visual
Or                                                                     or partners                   display in
                     (Storypath pg. 30 option 2)
Instructional Tech                                                                                   student
Classroom Teacher    Design A Business Sign               30 minutes   Individual                    Put business
Or                                                                     or partners                   sign in student
                     (Storypath pg. 30 option 3)
Instructional Tech                                                                                   portfolio
                     *Business Sign Activity directions
                     are typed in hidden text                                        See hidden
                     How to use hidden text:                                             text
                     First open the document,
                                                                                        at left.
                     then, select (click on)     on
                     your standard toolbar. The
                     directions will appear. After
                     students have completed the
                     activity click on the    icon
                     again to hide the directions.
Classroom Teacher    Radio Commercial                     30 minutes   Individual                    Put written
Or                                                                     or partners                   commercial in
                     Write and record a radio
Instructional Tech                                                                                   student
                     commercial for the business.
                     *Technology extension                                           To Edit:
                                                                                     Right-click >
                     Create a TV Commercial                                          Presentation
                     using digital video                                             Object > Edit
Classroom Teacher    Scrapbook or Classroom               On going     Whole         Kids and        Put scrapbook
Or                   Bulletin Board                                    Class or      Community       page or picture
Library Media                                                          Individual    Scavenger       of bulletin
                                                                                     Hunt            board in
                                                                                     Scrapbook       student

Accommodation Options
ELL / IP Students                    Pair up with a classmate and use visuals for businesses
Highly-Capable Students              Extension Activities Listed Below
Cinquain Poem              
                KSD Social Studies – Information Literacy Unit (Grade 2)
                                    Businesses in the Community

Crazy City Stories      

Lemonade Stand          
Prerequisite Information/Skills
Materials and Resources Required for Unit
Adopted Print Materials: Storypath Main Street
Adopted and other Audio/Visual:
Supplemental Resources (including Internet resources):
BOOK LIST                                                  TECHNOLOGY ACTIVITIES
Adams, Barbara. The Go-Around Dollar
Alder, Katie. For Sale: One Sister – Cheap!                Clicker 4 Grids :
Axelrod, Amy. Pigs go to Market                            Local Area (CGFL, Geography, Localities)
Axelrod, Amy. Pigs Will Be Pigs
                                                           People At Work (CGFL, Geography, Localities)
Berenstain, Stan and Jan. Trouble with Money
Brown, Marc. Arthur’s TV Trouble                           People At Work 2 (CGFL, Localities)
Cosby, Bill. Money Trouble                                 Shopping 1 (Math, Problem Solving)
Day, Alexandra. Frank and Ernest                           Shopping 2 (Math, Problem Solving)
DiSalvo-Ryan. Grandpa’s Corner Store                       Story Directory 1 (Language Arts, Reading
Hall, Margaret. Money                                      Comprehension, Comprehension)
Hall, Margaret. Your Allowance                             Story Directory 2 (Language Arts, Reading
Kennedy, Frances. The Pickle Patch Bathtub                 Comprehension, Comprehension)
Leedy, Loreen. Follow the Money
Leedy, Loreen. The Monster Money Book                      Bus Schedule 1 (Language Arts, Reading
Lindsey, Kathleen. Sweet Potato Pie                        Comprehension, Comprehension)
Ling, Bettina. Lemonade for Sale                           Movie Show Times 1 (Language Arts, Reading
Maestro, Betsy and Giulio. Dollars and Cents for           Comprehension, Comprehension)
McMillan, Bruce. Jelly Beans for Sale                      SchoolKiT EDclass modules:
Mollel, Tololwa. My Rows and Piles of Coins                Visit the Country and the City – Book # E571
Murphy, Stuart. Less Than Zero
                                                           Goods and Services– Book #E587
O’Neill, Alexis. Estela’s Swap
Schwartz, David. If you made a Million                     How Things Are Made– Book #E586
Wells, Rosemary. Bunny Money
Whelan, Gloria. Jam & Jelly by Holly & Nellie

Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed.)
   Computer(s)                         VCR                        Projection System
   Printer                             Video Camera               Camera
   Digital Camera                      Scanner                    Video Conferencing
   Television                          Laserdisc                  Other
Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)
   Word                                FrontPage                  KidPix
   Excel                               Internet Explorer          Inspiration
               KSD Social Studies – Information Literacy Unit (Grade 2)
                                Businesses in the Community

  PowerPoint                      ActivBook               Clicker 4
  Publisher                       Encarta                 Image Blender/Photo Editor
  eLibrary Elementary             eLibrary                Proquest
  United Streaming Video
Teacher Notes


     Name                      Email                    School                       Role
Amy Bateman    Sawyer Woods Elem.      2 Grade Teacher
Jane Gardner   Jenkins Creek Elem.     Librarian

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