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Askari Board of Directors
Army Welfare Trust                  4

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Askari Commercial Bank Ltd.         6

Askari Leasing Ltd.                 7

Askari General Insurance Co. Ltd.   8

Askari Cement                       9
Askari Pharmaceuticals              10
Askari Mobil Lubricants Ltd.        11
Askari Shoe Project                 12
Askari Sugar Mills                  13
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Askari College of Entrepreneurs

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Listed Companies
   Askari Commercial Bank Limited.

   Askari Leasing Limited.

   Askari General Insurance Co. Limited.

Askari Projects
   Askari Cement

   Askari Pharmaceuticals

   Askari Lubricants Limited.

   Askari Shoe Project

   Askari Sugar Mills

   Askari Woolen Mill

   Askari Aviation (Pvt.) Limited.

   Askari CNG

   Askari Guards (Pvt.) Limited.

   Askari Information Systems Limited.

   Askari Real Estate

   Askari College of Entrepreneurs

   Askari Securities

   Askari Farms
Managing Director's Message
My goal for AWT is to be the leading group of companies in
Pakistan. We enjoy a long tradition of integrity and
Dependability, and the name of the army adds to the
confidence of the local and foreign investors. An
institutionalized system of decision making has helped
establish our credibility in the corporate, industrial, and
financial sectors.

I have always regarded the task of providing welfare and
rehabilitation to the families of our martyrs as being
sacrosanct. With the unrelenting efforts of my team, we
have successfully accomplished this sacred task and will
continue to keep doing so.

As the leader of AWT, I have a special responsibility to
ensure that we keep up the pace of our ongoing ventures,
and look forward to an even more prosperous and fruitful
future, so we can keep playing our part in consolidating
Pakistan's economy.
Committee of Administration
   Adjutant General, Pakistan Army              Chairman

   Chief of General Staff, Pakistan Army        Member

   Quarter Master General, Pakistan Army        Member

   Chief of Logistic Staff                      Member

   Managing Director, AWT                       In attendance

   Secretary, AWT                               Secretary

Board of Directors
   The Board comprises of Directors, and Managing Director, AWT as Vice Chairman

   with Adjutant General as Chairman.
Army Welfare Trust
                     Askari Group of Companies enjoys a
                     unique and proud history that has
                     established its reputation as a leader in
                     the corporate sector. Today, we stand
                     at a dazzling height of success and
                     glory. It is a story of perseverance,
                     innovation, business acumen and
                     going    beyond    the   frontiers     in
                     agriculture, cement, pharmaceutical,
                     leasing, insurance, banking, energy,
                     Information Technology and many other
                     diverse fields.

"To be one of the leading business houses employing best
business practices"

                  "To undertake safe and profitable commercial activities in a
                  manner that portrays AWT's image as a respected market leader
                  while generating maximum funds for meeting the welfare
                  requirements of the Army."

  Core Values
We have an unwavering commitment to being a good partner
focused on building productive, collaborative, trusting and
beneficial relationships with governments, other companies,
our customers, our communities and each other.
 Askari Commercial Bank Ltd.

Askari Commercial Bank commenced its operations in April
1992, and has since expanded into a nation wide presence of
over a 100 branches, comprising commercial and Islamic
banking branches, connected online and supported by a
network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Askari Bank
also enjoys an offshore banking unit in Bahrain. Over the years,
Askari Bank has proven its strength as a leading banking sector
entity with ever increasing commitment to its clients, through a
strategic investment in electronic technology. Askari Bank has
A1+, the highest possible credit rating, for short-term obligation,
and AA+ for long-term rating. In addition to the day-by-day
banking solutions, Askari Bank has a wide range of Corporate,
Consumer, and Islamic Banking products.

  Askari Leasing Ltd.

Established in September 1993, Askari Leasing is the leading
leasing company in Pakistan with a total asset base of Rs. 10.8
billion. It is actively engaged in leasing of equipment, machinery
and consumer durable products. Askari Leasing introduced the
concept of auto-lease in Pakistan and its brand names 'Askar'
and 'AsKlife' are synonymous with auto leasing and consumer
product leasing in the market. Askari Leasing's focus on
establishing the Small & Medium Enterprises provides an
impetus to growth for the country's economy.


Askari General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Established in October 1995, Askari Insurance Co. Ltd. stands
tall, notwithstanding its age. Today, it occupies an important and
distinguished place, enjoying the confidence, trust and support
of major business houses, important financial, non-financial
institutions and banks. Leading world insurers have time and
again shown faith and confidence in the professional
managment of the company is co-sponsored by Askari bank
and askari Leasing and is registered in Karachi, LAhore and
Islamabad Stock Exchanges.
   Askari Cement

   Askari Cement, being the jewel in the crown of AWT, paved its
   way into the field of heavy industries, and has, since then,
   contributed greatly towards the socio-economic uplift of the
   Country. Under the umbrella of Askari Cement, two state of the art
   cement plants, namely the Nizampur Cement Plant and Askari
   Cement Wah, were acquired in 1996. The Nizampur plant has
   installed two production lines with a total production capacity of
   5000 tonnes per day. The Wah Plant has atotal production
   capacity of 3600 tonnes per day. Both the installations are ISO
   9000 & 14001 system certified. Askari Cement, being a leading
   name and a synonym of quality, is not only used by most nation
   wide projects, but is also exported to Afghanistan.

Askari Pharmaceuticals

Askari Pharmaceuticals was established in 1996. With
state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at its Plant near Lahore, it
aims to be among the leading national companies in secondary
manufacturing. The Company's product line includes Paracetamol,
Aspirin, Pyrazinamide, Ciprofloxacin, Norfloxacin, Piperazine
Citrate, Magnesium Stearate and Parabens. The quality of the
products fully conform to BP/USP standards. Glaxo SmithKline,
Reckitt and Benckiser, and Wyeth are its prime clients. Askari
Pharmaceuticals (formulation division) has established three
manufacturing sections (General Tablet, Liquid section and non
penicillin Antibiotic group), and plans to ass more facilities for
Injectables, Dry Suspensions, Capsules filling and Dermatology

 Askari Mobil Lubricants Ltd.

Established in December 29, 1996. Mobil Askari Lubricants Limited
is a joint venture company of ExxonMobil Corporation and the Army
Welfare Trust. ExxonMobil Corporation is the largest Oil Company
in the world, operating in over 200 countries. ExxonMobil is a leader
in almost every aspect of the worldwide petroleum and
petrochemical business. It aims to archive superior financial and
operating results, while achieving to the highest standards of
business conduct.
Askari Shoes
Askari Shoe project was established in May 1990. Since then, the
Company has been marching forward with superior quality military
boots and shoes. Today, the Askari Shoe Project is one of the
largest manufacturers of Directly Moulded Shoes (DMS) boots in
Pakistan. The Plant also produces safety shoes with steel toe, civil
shoes, jungle boots and desert boots. Apart from the open market,
the main clients of these products are the Armed Forces of Pakistan,
Police, Cement factories, heavy machinery handler etc. The
continued reliance of the Armed Forces on Askari Shoes is a
testimonial to their superiority. These products are also being
exported to other countries.

     Askari Sugar Mills

Askari sugar Mills was established in 1984 in district Badin, province
of Sindh. Being a pioneer in sugar industry, the company has
provided stability to the farmers and suppliers alike. The Company
has been employing various Balancing, Modification and
Replacement (BMR) techniques, and has a crushing capacity of
4000 tonnes per day. The mill has provided jobs to 600 families in
the backward areas of Sindh. It owes its success to the excellent
efforts put in by the workers, the staff, and also the full cooperation
recieved from the sugar-cane farmers.

  Askari Woolen Mills

Askari Woolen Mill has founded in March 1990. Aiming at ensuring a
consistent supply of quality/nylon yarns to the Armed forces and
civilians alike, the Company has come a long way since its
inception, and continuosly expanded its manufacturing line. It
producesjerseys, socks, cap comforters and gloves for the Armed
Forces, the Armed Forses being its major client. Their dependence
on Askari Woolin Mill speaks volumestor the Company's high quality
products and reliable supplies.
Askari Aviation

Established in July 1995, Askari Aviation is engaged in providing quality
aviation services of helicopters for adventure trips, safaris, rescue
operations, crop dusting, cargo transportation and policing, and executive
transfers. In addition to an integral fleet of helicopters and aircrafts, the
company also enjoys the backing of Pakistan Army Aviation. It has also
started flying international charter both passenger and cargo. The
Company's vision is to be the prevalent charter aviation company in
Pakistan by providing unparalleled services in the field of charter Aviation.
It claims to propel helicopter flying into vividly significant areas of
application by the systematic growth of general aviation industry in the
civil sector. Developing tourism by establishing reliable aviation services
for tourist is an important element of its agenda. Askari Aviation also
provides Ground handling services at the Islamabad International Airport.
It seeks to encourage private investors to invest in the feild of aviation.

     Askari CNG

Askari Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Project was launched in 2002.
The project’s vision is to provide safe, efficient and reliable CNG to its
valued customers, thus environment. Askari CNG is one of largest
standalone CNG distribution project in the Country. Presently, the project
is engaged in developing its CNG distribution network countrywide. As of
today, the project has commissioned 12 CNG stations and is planning to
construct 20 CNG stations every year for the next 5 years thus achieving
a market share of approximately 30% within the Country. This expansion
in the business will bring an influx of CNG.

        Askari Guards Pvt. Ltd.

Askari Guards Private Ltd. (AGL) was raised in May 1996 to provide
re-employment opportunities to ex servicemen and to meet the security
requirements of AWT business units. Comprising about four thousand
five hundred guards, AGL is engaged in provisioning of security services
to its national and multinational clients throughout the Country. The
Company is operating through a command structure having its Head
Office at Rawalpindi, and regional offices in Islamabad, Lahore and
Karachi with Sub Regional Offices Peshawar, Multan, Sukhur and Quetta.
Askari Information Systems Ltd.

Askari Information System was established in 1998. Being a
progressive IT company with an impressive portfolio and an inspired
team of highly qualified professionals, it aims to become a major
contending force in the IT industry. It offers high quality products and
services in both domestic and international markets at affordable
prices. Key services include Bespoke Software Development,
Technical System Design, Business Process Re-engineering,
Management Information System Consulting, Networking and security
solutions, Cross Platform Integration, and Facility Management
including Onsite Operations Support, Software Maintenance and
Enterprise Resources Planning solutions.

  Askari Real Estate

Askari Real Estate Unit was established in 1990 with the sole aim of
developing sustainable real estate business to meet the challenges of
the housing industry. To that end it has so far developed, and is
presently developing many lousing and commercial projects. Some of
the housing project include: Defence Road Housing Scheme, Lahore
(Phase-I), Assal Lakhowal Housing Scheme, Lahore (Phase-II),
Islamabad Housing Scheme (D-18), Badaber Housing Scheme,
Peshawar and Adiala Housing Project, Rawalpindi. The commercial
projects include: Blue Lagoon Complex, Rawalpindi and AWT Plaza

  Askari College for Entrepreneurs

  Askari College for Entrepreneurs was established in July 1997 at
  Rawalpindi with the technical assistance of United Nations, was
  citied as a success story by United Nation Industrial Development
  Organization, and has been commended by commonwealth team in
  1999. It is co-sponsored by Experts Advisory Cell (Ministry of
  Industrial and Production) and affiliated with National University of
  Modern Languages (NUML) for the Entrepreneurship programs.
  The objective of this venture is to assist retired/retiring military
  officers and civilians in rehabilitation through establishment of their
  own          small           and           medium          enterprises
Askari Farms & Seeds
The three Askari Farms and seeds, namely Army Farms
Rakh Baikunth, Army Stud Farms Probynabad and Boylegunj
are trendsetters in crop varieties, ever-increasing yields and
innovative methods of organized farming. Askari Farms aims
to usher in an era of booming profitably for the Army
agro-based projects and modern farming techniques, its
objective is to give a high rate of per acre profitability, hence
expanding rapidly to maximum manageable limits. Askari
projects like Dairy Farming, Cattle Farming and Hydroponics.
Contact Details
Army Welfare Trust                       ASKARI PROJECTS                         Askari Guards (Pvt.) Ltd.     Askari Shoe Project
AWT Plaza, The Mall                                                              13, Tameez-ud-Din Road        Kot Lakh pat, Lahore
Rawalpindi                               Askari Cement                           Rawalpindi Cantt              042-5150880
Tel: 051-9272400-4                       Tel ACL Wah: 051-9272434-5              Tel: 051-5517131    
Fax: 051-9272394                         Tel NCP: 051-9272439-41 AWT             051-5562427-8                      Plaza, The Mall Rawalpindi              Fax: 051-5519716              Askari Sugar Mills
                                                     Email:    Badin, Sindh
LISTED COMPANIES                                                                   Tel: 0297-861205
                                                                                 Askari Information Systems    Fax: 0297-81733
Askari Commercial Bank Ltd.              Askari Aviation                         2nd Floor, Evacuee Trust      Email:
AWT Plaza, The Mall                      21, Chaklala Scheme I,                  Complex,
Rawalpindi                               Rawalpindi                              Sector F-5/1, Agha Khan       Askari Woolen Mills
Tel: 051-9272150-54                      Tel: 051-5505760-2                      Road,                         Kot Lakh pat,
051-9272170-75                           Fax: 051-5590414                        Islamabad                     Lahore
051-906300                               Email:        Tel: 051-9208991-3            Tel: 042-5115467
Email pk                                           Fax: 051-9208998              Fax: 042-5115467
                                         Askari Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.)Ltd.       Email:
Askari Leasing Ltd.                      Phool Nagar (BhaiPheru)
AWT Plaza, The Mall                      Tel: 049-4510189-92                     Askari Mobil Lubricants Ltd   Askari College of
Rawalpindi                               Fax: 049-4510191                        D-46, Block 5 KDA Scheme 5,   Entrepreneurs
Tel: 051-9272368                         Email :askaripharma@askaripharma. com   Clifton, Karachi UAN:         308-A, Peshawar Road,
Fax: 051-9272148                                                                 021-111-840-840 Fax:          Rawalpindi
Email:                 Askari CNG                              021-583103, 5830082,          Tel: 051-5476602-3
                                         AWT Plaza, Rawalpindi Tel:              5372178                       Fax: 051-5476604
Askari General Insurance Company         051-9272388 Fax: 051-9272394                                          Email :ace@isb.comsats. net. pk
Ltd                                      Email:                 Askari Real Estate
Tel: 051-9272425-7                                                               AWT Plaza, The Mall,
Fax: 051-2279566                         Askari Farms & Seeds                    Rawalpindi
Email: dba            129, Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt.         Tel: 051-9272400-4
                                         Tel: 042-6602639                        Fax: 051-9272394
                                         Fax: 042-6602984

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