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                      West Sacramento Redevelopment Agency
                   Request for Proposal-Market Feasibility Study for
                           Technology Business Incubator

                                       Scope of Work

The purpose of the study is to conduct a feasibility study for a technology business
incubator in West Sacramento. The definition being used for a technology business is:
An organization that pursues commercial application of science-based
innovation; employs a high percentage of technicians, engineers or scientists; or
extensive R&D to produce new products or services.

The study will evaluate West Sacramento and its surrounding regional market area to
determine the ability of a technology-focused business incubator to generate new high
skill, high wage jobs, and foster new knowledge-based small businesses in West
Sacramento. The definition of a Technology Business Incubator is:
An entity promoting the development of technology-based companies by
providing access to financing; technical support; market research, management
consulting, shared office equipment and services, access to professional service
providers, and flexible physical space.

Scope of Work

1. Market Feasibility Study. The consultant shall assess market demand for incubator
   space and services. This assessment should include surveys, interviews, and
   evaluation of regional economic, entrepreneurial, and intellectual property activity
   and employment growth. The assessment of market demand should at a minimum,
   address the following:
   • Geographic “market area” to be served by a West Sacramento business
   • Types of businesses and/or industry sectors likely to benefit from an incubator
      capitalizing on the resources present in West Sacramento and the Sacramento
   • Types of programs and services needed to support the identified industry sectors
      and the availability of those programs/services to be leveraged for this project.
   • Projected demand for incubator space/services based on regional market
   • Competitive forces that may influence the success of the incubator;
   • Incubator space configuration and facility specifications including, but not limited
      to, total facility size, facility configuration (e.g., office, industrial, wet or dry labs,
      administrative), and other features (e.g., parking, security, etc.);
   • Incubator space lease-up projections for the first five years of operation; and
   • Projected level of jobs to be created by the incubator for the first five years of

    Note: Prior to submitting proposals, consultants are advised to peruse a report
    entitled “Clean Energy in the Capital Corridor”, a Needs Assessment that evaluated
    demand for, and resources needed, to develop a clean energy incubator in the
    Sacramento region. The report describes the entrepreneurial community in the
    Sacramento region and numerous resources relevant to this request for proposal.
    The report may be found at

2. Economic Development Purpose. The consultant will determine the role of the
   incubator in supporting West Sacramento’s broader economic development
   objectives and assess the impact the project will have in helping the city meet these
   objectives. The consultant should review the city’s targeted industry clusters and
   verify which sectors the incubator should address, including any other promising
   industry sectors that this assessment identifies. The consultant is requested to
   conduct a Technology Business Incubation Information Session covering the basics
   of Business Incubation and its role in a comprehensive economic development
   strategy. The information session will be conducted at a meeting of the Economic
   Development Advisory Commission. Members of the business community, public,
   West Sacramento Chamber and other community stakeholders will be invited to

3. Community and Stakeholder Support. The consultant will evaluate and describe
   the level of local community and regional stakeholder support for the incubator and
   suggest strategies to increase community and stakeholder support and its expected
   impact on the overall success of the project. The consultant should identify likely
   champions, both individual and institutional, who can assist with garnering support
   and suggest local and regional contacts for an Incubator Task Force. The consultant
   should also determine the strength and diversity of the services needed to support
   businesses in the industry sectors identified and their willingness to support the
   project. Identify potential funding sources, including likely partners, sponsors,
   investors, as well as partnerships and alliances necessary to garner state and
   federal support.

Work Product

1. Market Analysis Report. Market research and community outreach should
   culminate in the preparation and finalization of a draft and final market analysis
   report. The report should fully explain why the incubator is or is not feasible from a
   market standpoint and should address the identification of critical “go/no go” criteria.

2. Final Report and Public Presentation. The results of the study and a description of
   the individual tasks and activities conducted by the consultant will be included in the
   final report to be provided to the Agency in written and electronic format. The final
   report will identify the next critical steps for Agency staff and stakeholders, should the
   market feasibility study prove positive. Included in the final report will be a projection
   of new job creation and the Target Income Group 1 benefit identified through the
   Study. Copies of survey results, interview transcripts and other work materials
   generated by the consultant shall be provided to the Agency with the final report.

 Target Income Group is defined as members of households whose income is 80% or below the
median household income for Yolo County, adjusted for family size.

3. Meetings and Presentations Consultants will be required to visit the area to
   familiarize themselves with West Sacramento and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in
   the Sacramento region. At a minimum, consultant visits will be required as follows:

   Anticipated Site Visits & Meetings:

   •   Project Inception – Meeting with Agency Staff
   •   What is Business Incubation? Presentation/Community Tour/Interviews
   •   Study Midpoint – Meeting with Agency Staff
   •   Final Presentation to Agency Staff, EDAC
   •   Final Presentation to West Sacramento City Council

Interview/Survey of Approximately 40 Potential
Participants/Partners/Researchers/Business Leaders/Development
Agencies/Developers/Civic Leaders/Elected Officials:

   •   Need/Level of Interest/Support
   •   Technology Incubator Configuration

Agency Provided Assistance

Agency staff will assist in arranging and scheduling meetings, making community
introductions, touring the area, coordinating site visits and community meetings and
distributing materials throughout the City. The Agency will provide a partial list of key
contacts within UC Davis, SARTA, and other relevant business development


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