We put your proposal in front of 350 000 ANGEL INVESTORS WORLDWIDE Company has secured access to 350 000 private and partnered cash angel investors i by ird11347


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									                     We put your proposal in front of 350,000
                         ANGEL INVESTORS WORLDWIDE.

Company has secured access to 350,000 private and partnered cash angel investors in the
USA/Canada/Europe/Israel/Saudi Arabia, Far East, United Arab Emirates, and Central & South

                       Client does not need any personal credit or cash

                      To obtain funding from interested Angel Investors

We will put your project in front of all the right people (350,000 Private Cash Investors who want to
review fresh projects worldwide) for their potential investing or buying of your project. We do this by
some faxing, and/or some emailing, and/or some calling, and/or some online postings in our
partnered/affiliated database websites. We will help you with advice and executive summary proposal.

In short…we do ALL the work so the Investors can contact YOU direct.

This is not a spam operation. These are bona fide proven, pre-screened CASH investors who signed
up to be notified of all new projects. Therefore, they welcome your emails for their reviewing of your
fresh projects or businesses for sale.

Company” offers the “Client” herein a written guarantee of receipt. It is the full responsibility of the Client
to negotiate and/or accept said interested investors proposals and or offers.

Company shall submit Clients full business plan or one executive summary to Investors and they
can/must contact Client directly to start any negotiations, loan process, and/or funding; Client must also
initiate contact with said Investors if given the opportunity with the provided data.

 Agreement is valid for the period of one year from date signed by Client. Company cannot legally
offer Client any guaranteed date by which Client might be funded. However Company will continue to
help Client until Client obtains funding.

Company guarantees Client will receive 1 to 10+ bonafide funding offer(s)
,with a subsequent closing within 30 days of submission of executive
summary to the global network. If closing does not occur, Company will
refund 100% of service fee to Client. Client is free to keep any Investor
contacts generated during the 30 day period,with no further obligation to
WHEREAS, Client fully understands all interested Investors in Clients project shall contact the Client
directly with freedom and without limitations or blockage by Company and vice versa in which Client
must contact said Investors directly. The Client and the Investors will work together on any agreements,
time limits, terms, ROI and conditions.
WHEREAS, it is mutually understood that the said Investors have cash and/or assets so they
can fund Clients business project(s) if they desire in as little as (3) days if they decide. The Client
is fully responsible for the time limit to close any and all funding and negations.

Company does not charge any extra fees or cost if Client needs more than one Investor or if Client has
more than one project that needs funding.

Why should you use our Investor Submission Program?

1. You will reach a very LARGE Network of Cash. Trillions of Dollars are available on hand cash with up
to 350,000 private cash investors RWA to fund your projects or purchase your items for sale. Our vast
resources and connections can solve your funding needs. Take advantage of our ability to help you
close your project and business deals in spite of others faltering in this market.

2. Our partners have funds on hand so it is possible that your project funding can happen very fast.
Generally, like anything else, Investors fund deals that are viable, reasonable, comfortable (feeling
assured it will succeed), and solid ROI. It must make sense and at least be reasonable.

3. You DO NOT need personal credit and it does not matter where your project is located. You do
not need any collateral and 100% financing is capable for all business and all real estate
projects in all industries and areas (Worldwide). We believe we can help provide you with the
financing/funds you need for your project.

4. The very best benefit is that, as a result of these contacts, you have now obtained your own, personal
private database of wealthy investors for ALL your future funding needs. Your contacts are YOURS to
keep. This alone could be worth millions of dollars in future deals both for you, and, your partners as
well. Once and for all you can take yourself OUT of the nightmare of conventional funding, endless bank
red tape, and unrealistic loan qualifying criteria.

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