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									The Rd eYe oF ReCoveRY:
The 3
3 Years post-Katrina, and the Gulf Coast is still defined by Fema trailers, tent cities, and the echoes of people yearning to return home. Learn what you can do to help bring civic works projects, and with it, economic and social justice, to the Gulf Coast. a CommuniTY FoRum wiTh
Sally Lieber, CA Assembly Speaker pro Tempore Katrina Survivors CC Campbell-Rock, Amber McZeal and Charles Arthur Student Activists, SJSU Gulf Coast Civic Works Project

anniveRsaRY oF KaTRina
sPonsoRed BY: san Jose state University Gulf Coast Civic Works project san Jose/silicon valley NAACp and the Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of silicon valley

sunday, august 31, 2008

3:00pm dr. martin Luther King, Jr. Library, 2nd Floor 150 e. san Fernando st., san Jose
Rsvp: diane@jvalley.org or 408.357.7504

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