Katrina Anniversary Agendadoc by jcpainfo


									3:00-3:15 *Welcome and Reflection* Rev. Jeff Moore, president SJ/SV NAACP [Jeff will welcome everyone, welcome any special guests, and provide a moment of reflection on the people who perished, the elderly and children who were abandoned, and provide a remembrance from the perspective of those of us watching the disaster.] 3:15-3:50 *Two Survivor Stories: Then and Now* Two Katrina survivors living currently in the Bay Area will share their personal journey, from the moment of the disaster to the struggle to rebuild. 15 minutes for each person Amber McZeal, Poem about America & personal story CC Campbell-Rock

An Advocate’s story: African-American/Jewish Coalition: Diane Fisher, CRC of the Jewish Federation (5 minutes)

3:50- 4:35 *Real Solutions: Legislation and Coalitions* Legislation that can Work--HR 4048: Harry Adams, for Sally Lieber, CA Assemblywoman (15 minutes) The Power of Coalition & A Call to Action: Scott Myers-Lipton & student speakers Latu Tapaatoutai and Roberto Garcia-Ceballos from SJSU GCCWP (15m for Scott, 15m for students)

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