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					                    District 60 Toastmasters – Conference Workshop Proposal
                              CONFERENCE THEME – The Hero in You!
                              April 8 – 10, 2011 Crowne Plaza Airport

           Deadline for receipt of proposals: ___January 15, 2011______________________
Proposals MUST be submitted in the format below. All sections must be completed in order for your proposal to be considered. (Use
separate pages for additional information, if submitting a handwritten form.)
     Send only completed forms to the Education Chair:
Deadline for receipt of proposals                                Jan-31-2011: Notification of successful applicants
                                                                 Feb-15-2011: Deadline for receipt of photos

Presenter Name(s)
Phone Information
Club Name, Number, Area, Division
TM Designations e.g. CC, CL
Brief Biography Summary
( must be less than 50 words)

Workshop Title (must be less than
10 words)
(What will the participants gain?)
Synopsis for Program Booklet,
Registration Flyer &/or Website
(must be less than 50 words.)

Relevant Track (use )                 Leadership          Improve your                  Personal               Club Excellence
                                                              Speaking Skills               Development
Detailed Description
(Approx. 200 word max.)

Previous                              e.g. Presentations at District Club Officer Training, Division Training, District Conferences
Toastmasters Presentations            If you have not done any, enter “None”
Outside of Your Club

References (Toastmasters):            List two Toastmasters who could comment on your skills as a presenter and the proposed
Include Names, Contact Info and TM    presentation’s suitability for the conference.
Designations                          1
References (Non-Toastmasters):        List two non-Toastmasters who have heard you speak before and could comment on your skills
Include Names, Contact Info           as a presenter

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                      District 60 Toastmasters – Conference Workshop Proposal
                                CONFERENCE THEME – The Hero in You!
                                April 8 – 10, 2011 Crowne Plaza Airport

Equipment (A/V)                          Will you be supplying an overhead projector?  No  Yes
  Educational Workshop
                                         Will you be supplying a laptop and digital projector?  No  Yes
  presenters must supply their
  own overhead projector or              Check the items below you will require:
  laptop and digital projector.
                                          Flip chart & markers         Lectern          Table           Power bar           Screen
Microphones                              Microphones will be supplied for the larger workshop rooms at the discretion of the committee.
                                         Do you need audio?  No  Yes
PC Sound hookup                          If a special hook-up is required to tie your PC into the hotel sound system for audio/video clips or
                                         background music, the presenter must inform the Education Chair at the time of the application
                                         and the presenter will be responsible to pay any cost incurred in advance of the conference.
                                         Do you require, at your expense, a special hook-up for PC Sound?  No  Yes
Conditions: I understand that if I am offered a workshop slot and I accept,
 I agree to not compete in the Spring 2011 contests.
 I agree to register and pay for the Workshop Portion of the conference at a minimum.
 I agree that as a workshop presenter I will not attempt to sell books, CDs, DVDs or other products in or after the workshop and that I
   will only sell these items through the District Bookstore at the conference.
 I agree that I am not allowed to discuss or promote product sales during the presentation, but can make a short announcement about
   product availability at the close of the presentation, and that the speaker is solely responsible for any defective products.
 I agree to provide an 8” by 10” colour photo for promotional purposes by the above stated deadline (if submitted electronically, the
   image should be 8" x 10" at a minimum of 300 dpi, or must be suitable for enlargement to that size for printing – hint: the file should
   likely be over 1.0 MB in size.) Any paper photos submitted will be returned following the conference.
 I agree to the requirement that as a workshop presenter I cannot be a District Officer Candidate at the time of this
   conference regardless of when the announcement of intention to run for District office 2011-2012 is made.
 I further agree that as a workshop presenter I cannot accept a nomination from the floor at the business meeting.

Please type in (or write) your response acknowledging the above conditions:

Other Comments – If you wish, you may include other SPECIFIC comments or details that you feel would support your application.

Introduction (for Activator to introduce Workshop Presenter – Please provide information here for your introduction or submit your 30-40-
second introduction on a separate sheet or in a separate.doc or .rtf file.)

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